The Struggles Of The Grammar Nerd
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The Struggles Of The Grammar Nerd

Take a look it's in a book.

1. When someone uses the wrong form of your/you're.

2. Or the wrong form of they're/there/their.

3. When someone doesn't use the Oxford comma.

4. When you post something on social media/send a text and accidentally misspell something or use incorrect grammar.

5. When you really want to correct your friend's grammar but you also don't want to be that person.

6. When people speak in text lingo.

7. When someone doesn't use proper punctuation.

8. When your friends always ask you to proofread their papers...

9. When someone uses a double negative...

10. When someone doesn't know the difference between affect and effect.

11. When someone doesn't use an apostrophe when signifying that something is possessive.

12. Or, when someone uses an apostrophe to make a word plural.

13. When you're listening to a song and the singer uses incorrect grammar.

14. And finally, when somebody tells you that you're a grammar nerd.

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Three Major Things Professors Look for in a College Paper

If your professor read your paper back to you aloud, would you be embarrassed?

Every professor evaluates papers differently. Some are looking for creativity and don't care if your paper has a couple typos. Others are sticklers for grammar and spelling, and take off points for a misplaced comma.

In almost all cases, however, there are a few common factors that you can pretty much assume any professor will want to see in a paper.

1. Did you understand the assignment? Read the assignment carefully as soon as you get it. Make sure you completely understand it. If you're unclear, ask your professor questions right away. Also, pay attention to verbs, because they tell you what to do. There's a big difference between "summarizing" and "comparing," for instance. Understanding the assignment is super basic, but can be easy to screw up.

2. Did you make an original argument and support it? Nearly all college papers need an original argument (or thesis) and evidence that supports it. Welcome to college writing life. Professors want to see that you can formulate an opinion and use research to back it up. Your mission is to convince your professor of your way of thinking.

3. Did you show that you learned something through the assignment? A writing assignment is a learning experience. Professors create writing assignments because they want you think about something in a certain way--so, use your head. Your paper should be thoughtful and informative. It should look like you spent time on it; and didn't throw it together three beers deep.

You'll be in good shape if your paper hits all these points. That being said, this list is not a foolproof strategy. Your professor might want to see other things, as well. The better you understand your professor's requirements, the less confusing (and painful) writing can be.

Word to your flocker.

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5 Things I've Learned From Working In Corporate

It's not like "Beauty and the Briefcase".

At the beginning of the summer, I was ecstatic to have two part-time internships at established companies. I felt like I would be the next Andrea Sachs. I loved thinking about decorating my desk, strutting into the office with a Starbucks in hand and getting those biweekly direct deposits.

Four weeks later, and I'm looking forward to the end of my internships, because I'll have time to be a nineteen year old college student during the summer--free of a forty-hour work week commitment. With that said, I'm grateful for the experience. I've learned a lot, made mistakes and discovered some aspects of what I do and don't want as a career.

If you're interning this summer, you can probably relate to these five things I determined from working in corporate:

It's not as glamorous as it appears on television.

Movies and TV shows have the tendency of making the office environment seem very appealing and enticing with hot men and women, classy outfits and exciting drama. However, I've quickly realized that this image distorts reality (like many things on screens do these days). Eight hour days are not my definition of "fun". Unpaid 30-minute lunches are a high luxury. Most days, I'd rather be rocking my classic college look. And no, I've never heard of any steamy office hook ups.

It really is all about money.

I never understood how important money is to people and companies until I worked a job in corporate. Numbers are super valuable, and I'm not talking about the low ones in my bank account. Revenue, profit, debt, etc. are what's on people's minds constantly in corporate. Nearly every decision made in any company happens with money at the center of attention. It doesn't seem right, but I suppose that's just how it is for businesses to thrive and people to make a living. I don't think anyone has the power to change that.

You can't escape the hierarchy or cliques.

You may have tricked yourself into thinking that middle school, high school and even college cliques would magically disappear post-college graduation. I hate to break the news that they won't. In corporate, I've concluded that most workers in each department stick to themselves; there's not a lot of integration among company workers on the whole. Plus, the sense of hierarchy is palpable in the office. People talk to higher-ups differently than they do to those below them or equal to them. Someone from senior management who treats people working under them with respect is one of the best things you can find in a working professional. I wish we could find them more frequently.

Interns don't have much say.

I agree that you get out of it what you put into it when it comes to internships, but I also think that corporate companies over all don't care too much about what interns have to say. They say they want fresh voices and innovation, yet simultaneously don't want to change their ways or take risks. It's been rewarding seeing some of my ideas implemented, but, at the same time, it's also disappointing, because I want to contribute more and feel like I'm incapable of that.

There's no rush.

Working in corporate gives me a smack in the face as to this is what I will most likely be doing for 40 years plus after college. That terrifies me. We're in a world that tells kids to not grow up too fast, but to also do things to prepare them for the "real world". I honestly think squeezing lemonade and waiting tables prepped me almost as much as working in corporate has. I may take a break from it next summer and do something more fun and exciting, for there will be countless office days in the further future. Enjoy being a student while you can!

Everyone's different. You may discover you love working in corporate and that it's your dream. You may find a company that treats their employees very well. As for me, I'm starting to brainstorm freelance opportunities and earning money through genuine passions of mine that don't involve a stuffy corporate environment.

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7 Apps That Will Improve Your Writing

Basically, how not to make your writing suck

Let's face it - writing is hard as hell for a lot of people. Even if you are a decent writer and don't tremble with fear at the thought of a research paper, you're still going to mess up sometimes. As a writer myself, I definitely have had my fair share of writer's block and cliches. But I have found some amazing apps to help improve my writing and they can help improve yours, too.

Manage your writing drafts more efficiently with this app. It has many user-friendly features. Collaborate with others without letting them overwrite your master copies. Approve or reject changes they make to documents. Compare drafts of previous work at the same time and see your progress. Use the built-in analytics software to generate reports about reader activity. Getting feedback on your writing from a staff of reviewers is also possible with Draft.

Writer's block is no match for this app. ILYS helps users avoid the urge to over-edit. The goal is to write first and edit later. In addition to using a timer, you are only allowed to type and see one character at a time before the clock stops. Then you view what you have written and make changes. This helps ease the stress that often hits writers before beginning a writing assignment. Just go with the flow, and write whatever comes to your mind. This app can help you churn out more words than usual, too.

Plotbot is a good app specifically for those who want to write movie scripts or things of that nature. You can create and work on private screenplays by yourself, or invite others to get involved. If you are open to a wider collaborative team, share your screenplays publicly, and build a lot more connections. Leave all your formatting worries behind with this app - it takes care of everything. Now you can focus more on telling awesome stories with friends to help you along the way.

Cliche Finder
As tempting as it is to use cliches in your writing, they only sound fluffy, not innovative. No one likes stale writing. Get rid of overused phrases with Cliche Finder. The platform is simple to use. Just add your writing to the text box and click "Find Cliches." All cliches will be bolded for easy identification and removal.

Hemingway App
This beloved app is arguably one of the best online editors out there. Its main purpose is to make your writing more readable. It checks for the complexity of your words and sentences. Adverbs and passive voice are also identified. Questionable areas of writing are highlighted and color-coded to fit their assigned categories. You can write and edit within the Hemingway App. A reading grade level will be given to you once you switch over to the editing process.

Word Counter
The previous app does count words, but the Word Counter app goes further. It counts words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, syllables, and more. Make your writing SEO-friendly by using the built-in keyword density checker. Its talk-to-type feature allows you to type words as you say them into a microphone. Edit your work by using the proofreader feature to hear your writing read out loud.

When it comes to writing college papers, you know how much hassle citations can be. Save yourself time and effort with BibMe, an automatic bibliography maker. It auto-fills essential elements for complete citations. You can cite sources in APA, MLA, Chicago format, and more. This app even allows users to check for plagiarism, scanning millions of sites and papers online.

You don't have to settle for mediocre writing with these apps. Do yourself a favor and start downloading.

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3 Fitness IG Accounts That ACTUALLY Teach You About Fitness

#fitspo #fitness #fitchicks #instafit #bootygains

The "fitness" industry has taken Instagram by storm... and has unfortunately become swamped with athletes posting pictures of their butts, displaying a conveniently placed supplement product in the background and repeatedly telling you to use their 15 percent discount code when buying said supplement.

Because that's obviously related to a picture of their butt. #fitness

With the rise of one sport, bodybuilding, there are also millions of competitors out there documenting extreme lifestyles, diets and competition preps on their accounts. Their extremely lean bodies are built for the stage, and their lifestyles are great for bodybuilding competitions, but are NOT maintainable for everyday life.

Filtering out the fitspos can be tough, but there are certain athletes, coaches and experts with accounts that are dedicated to actually providing you with beneficial, science-backed information that you, a normal college human, will legitimately be able to implement into your lifestyle. Here are three great ones.

1. Sohee Lee, BA, CSCS, CSN (@soheefit)
Sohee Lee's page is dedicated to providing you fitness content for lifelong results. She posts a TON of informational content, workouts (that aren't batsh*t crazy), maintainable diet information, exercise tutorials... this chick also backs everything up with science and recently spoke at the International Society of Sports Nutrition conference.

She's legit. And she's dedicated to helping you.

?How to Feel Good in Your Skin? Many of us have spent far too long feeling uncomfortable in our bodies and picking ourselves apart. ? Here are 6 ways to feel good in your skin: o ?Wear clothes that fit you NOW. Don't squeeze yourself into jeans and tops that are too small for you. Don't be afraid to go up a size or two and wear outfits that flatter your physique - and flaunt it! o ?Focus on what your body can do. Celebrate that you can walk up several flights of stairs or carry all the groceries into your home without extra help. Need help? No thanks, I've got this! ? o ?Stop comparing yourself to others. Comparison is the thief of joy - we all know this! Keep your eyes on yourself and focus on making improvements over time. o ?Stop apologizing for the way you look. No one is perfect. What are you sorry for? Embrace your flaws; they make you unique. o ?Spend time around supportive people. You should be with people who lift you up, not break you down. Surround yourself with those who believe in you. o ?Repeat daily self-affirmations. You give power to your thoughts, and you tend to believe what you tell yourself. "I am strong, kind, and intelligent." "I can do anything I set my mind to." o There are enough insecurities and negative self-talk in this world. Fewer put-downs; more love. ? #feelgoodinyourskin #loveyourself #eatliftthrive

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?Grams of Protein, Carbs, and Fats in 100 Calories of Different Foods? Arranged in order from most protein to least protein per 100 calories, here's a sampling of different foods and their macros. ?A quick glance at the chart will give you a pretty good idea of what the predominant macronutrient is for each item. ? o If you're looking for excellent sources of protein, the foods on the left side ? of the graph are examples that fit the bill. ?Those on the right side should by no means be avoided, but keep in mind that they also contain a decent amount of carbs and fats. Note in particular how much fat peanut butter has relative to protein (I bring this up because some people mistakenly believe that peanut butter is packed with protein). ? o All of the above foods have their place in a well-rounded, nutrient-dense diet... but not all are great sources of protein! ?? #protein #eatliftthrive

A post shared by Sohee Lee (@soheefit) on

Tried out a new gym today with @bradschoenfeldphd @bretcontreras1 @team_gorman @leslie_teamgorman. We were blown away by the facility. Gotta love that! Full body pull day for me. Stuck to higher reps of everything and tried out some machines as well. Stiff-legged deadlift 100lbs x 10, 100lbs x 10 Tall-kneeling 1-arm cable pull-in 30lbs x 15ea, 30lbs x 15ea DB back extension 45lbs x 15, 45lbs x 15 Machine mid row 45lbs x 15, 45lbs x 15? Glute kickback machine 50lbs x 15 EZ bar pause hip thrust 70lbs x 20 Band pull-apart 30, 30 The row machine was... fun! And felt surprisingly smooth ?Wasn't crazy about the glute machine; felt it in my quads too much - but was good to try anyway. Next week, I'll bump up to 3 working sets of exercises. Trying out a higher volume block this time and really enjoying it so far. ? #eatliftthrive

A post shared by Sohee Lee (@soheefit) on

2. Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness)
Syatt is a world record-holding powerlifter and wildly successful coach, and his bio informs us that he's a 27th-Degree Black Belt in Chugging Coffee. This guy provides a TON of comical infographics about everything from food information and maintainable fitness strategies to goal setting and strength.

He's also a Harry Potter fan... and completely hilarious. He's incredibly knowledgeable and responds to any and all questions that his 138K followers have. Check this dude out.

?HOW TO DO FITNESS RIGHT? - ?The scale is a fickle, prickly, devilishly manipulative little goblin. If you aren't careful it can control your emotions over seemingly insignificant things (like random numbers it spits in your face that could mean anything from you've gotta poop to you ate a bunch of salt). - ?The thing doesn't have to control your emotions. It shouldn't. It's a stupid, stinky, hairy little goblin that doesn't know the difference between a toad and an owl and has no business dictating how you feel. - ?Doesn't matter if the scale goes up or down or left or right or smacks you in the face. The scale is a scale and the numbers it spits out should be used as a tool - not a definitive marker of progress. - ?See, I think people run into trouble when they associate their weight with how well they're doing. When they look at the numbers as a ? or ? depending on what direction they moved from the day prior. Logically you know you shouldn't think like this. But emotions aren't logical and it's easy to let them get the best of us. - ?Listen. I know it's easier said than done but I want you to actively and consciously try to disassociate your emotions from the scale. I'm not saying to toss it out altogether (though, you can if you want to). But what I am saying is to keep the numbers on the scale separate from your emotions regardless of whether they go up or down. Acknowledge them for what they are - numbers - and move on to focus on other, more important, markers of progress. - ?How you look in the mirror. How your clothes fit. And, especially, how you feel. Because that's the most important of all. You can be the lightest you've ever been but feel like poop. And, let's be honest, what's the point of that. - ?Focus on you. How you feel. How you perform. What makes you happy and healthy and how to do it consistently over and over again. Because once you can do already won. - #health #healthyfood #healthyeating #fitness #fitspo #fitfam #fitspiration #iifym #ifitfitsyourmacros #flexibledieting #weightloss #weightlossfood #weightlossmotivation #fatlossmotivation #fatloss #mindset #nutritioncoach #alwaysoptimal #syattfitness

A post shared by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

?ACTIVATE YOUR GLUTES? - ?Most problems in this world can be solved by a cup coffee and/or a great tush. So I figure, I can't give everyone a hot a mug o'joe but I might ass well (see what I did there) toss some ideas out on how to build a hell of a tush. - ?Glute bridges and hip thrusts are great, but they don't hit your "side butt" very well which can keep your butt from getting as strong and defined as you might want. That's why I like these, Advanced Side Lying Clams. Because they force your butt to work in the "frontal plane" which lights the hell outa your glute medius (aka side butt) and hits your butt in a way most lifters neglect entirely. - ?You can do these anytime you want (warm-up, superset, cool down, rest day, etc). I prefer to do them as part of my warmup (2-3 sets of 5-8 per leg is plenty) and on rest days as well. Either way, several sets of 5-12 per leg is more than enough to strengthen the hell outa your bum while getting it more defined. Just remember, quality over quantity. I'd rather you do fewer reps with perfect form than more reps with "eh? form. Always. - ??I hope this helps and, as always, max any questions let know. - #butt #buttworkout #leg #legs #legday #lowerbody #lower #workout #workouttime #lifting #liftheavy #girlswholift #strengthcoach #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #fitspiratiom #fitness#alwaysoptimal #syattfitness

A post shared by Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) on

3. Carter Good/Envision Being Thin (@cartergood)
If you want valuable fitness information, this guy's page is a goldmine. He posts infographics about any and everything related to sustainable fitness. Calorie comparisons. How to measure intake. How to spot fitness scams. How to track your progress. Just. Follow. Him.

Here's an excellent post by my good pal, @syattfitness. # Jordan and I have very similar views on fat loss nutrition--whole foods & patience are key. His description of the original post is spot on too... # FROM JORDAN: "When it comes to fat loss there is NOTHING you can buy -- no pill or powder or potion or doodad -- that will accelerate your fat loss more than the 4 things outlined in this post.?-??It's not sexy or fun or exciting or marketable because it's nice to *hope* there's a little known, powerful pill in the back corner of GNC that's going to burn the extra fat off your body once and for all...but, unfortunately, it doesn't exist.?-??Keeping in mind, if it did exist I would be all over it. If I could pay $99 for a bottle of fat burning pills you better believe I would. And as much as the supplement companies want us to believe there is a quicker, faster, easier way...there isn't. And the sooner we embrace that the sooner we can stop wasting money, time, and hope on useless supplements and start making real progress.?-??Fruits & Veggies >> I don't need to explain myself here. These are obviously important for fat loss and anyone who says otherwise (let's check comments section) is an ignoramus.?-??Fresh Protein >> A few posts back I explained the top 3 reasons why protein is king for fat loss. It keeps you full, helps build muscle, and has the highest thermic effect of all macronutrients. Go check that post for a detailed explanation.?-??Coffee >> because there's never a bad time for coffee. And it can, actually, blunt hunger and has a thermogenic effect.?-??Patience >> the most important of all...because you will NOT reach your goals in a week, month, or probably even a year. It takes a hell of a long time (and a metric ? ton of effort) to get where you want to be. So prepare for the long haul and get ready to enjoy the journey...because if you're just looking for the quick fix you're setting yourself up for failure." # Know someone who would benefit from this? Tag 'em Below! ??? # . . . #envisionbeingthin #weightloss #weightlossfood #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightwatchers #weightlosscoach #weightlosscommunity #weightlosssupport

A post shared by Envision Being Thin (@cartergood) on

Here's a template I use with myself and clients for crafting quick, easy, healthy & filling weight loss meals! ?? - I'm all for having flexibility with diet ???, but I ALSO value simplicity... - As you probably know, losing weight is all about calorie balance consistently being in a calorie deficit ??... - Heck, you could follow a diet consisting of chocolate cupcakes & Mountain Dew, and STILL lose weight if you take in few enough calories! - But just because you CAN do that, doesn't mean that you SHOULD ?... - You see, there are other pieces to the diet puzzle--such as food quality, macronutrient ratios, micronutrient density, fiber content, fullness factor, and enjoyment--which all play an important role in a successful fat loss nutrition plan. - That's why I like to keep things simple 80-90% of the time and use this meal template. The only things I change are the specific foods I use for Carbs, Protein, & Veggies ? - When I'm using this template, I know without a doubt I'm getting plenty of protein, fiber, and micronutrients--all of which keep me full, happy, and satisfied ?? - Start using this meal template and I guarantee you'll have a much easier time dropping fat ? & creating weight loss friendly meals ? - Know someone who would benefit from this post? Tag 'em below! ??? - . . . #envisionbeingthin #weightloss #weightlossfood #weightlosstips #weightlosshelp #weightwatchers #weightlosscoach #weightlosscommunity #weightlosssupport #weightlossinspiration #dietmotivation #weightlossjourney #diet #dieting #dietfood #dietplan #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #flexiblediet #flexibledieting #calories #caloriecounting #healthydiet #fit #fitspo #fitfood #fitnessfood #fatloss #losingweight #healthyhabits

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Honorable mentions: Alan Aragon (@thealanaragon), The Prehab Guys (@theprehabguys), Dr. Jacob Harden (@dr.jacob.harden), William Grazione (@wgrazifpapro)

This is not a comprehensive list, and there are a ton of people out there who dedicate their lives to delivering real fitness content. Don't be intimidated by the millions upon millions of flawless-looking athletes repping six different fitness brands. Just learn the real stuff, and find a lifestyle that works for you and your college life.

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When Fear Of Alcoholism Ruins The Party

Recognizing you have a problem ... before there's a problem.

My mom has been an alcoholic for as long as I can remember. Currently, she's sixty years old, and I'm twenty-one. Now is the most socially acceptable time for me to drink, and I'm already realizing that I have a problem.

Moderation doesn't always come easily to me. One drink turns into two, which snowballs into six. I'm a pleasant drunk, so my friends have no reason to call me out. I haven't royally fucked up by getting a DUI or anything like that, but my inability to pace myself has recently become a red flag. It's possible that alcohol and I are a bad mix.

Heavy drinking is sort of like smoking cigarettes. It looks cool when you're young and attractive, but as you age, the negative effects on your health can sully any inkling of glamour. When it comes to alcohol addiction, we often don't recognize the problem until it's too late. I don't want to wait until I destroy my liver before realizing there's a problem. Despite what movies, TV, ads, music, and college culture itself have said about people my age, I am not invincible. So what is a college student with a love of partying and a family history of alcoholism to do?

Source: CollegeMagazine

Get over the fear of socializing while sober. When you're sober and you walk into a room full of drunk people, you may feel obligated to start chugging drinks. I've convinced myself that I can't function in these settings without a few drinks, but that's just not true. If you allow those first few minutes of awkwardness to pass, letting your sober self get settled in, you may actually enjoy yourself more than if you were drunk. I've tried this out a couple times and found that sober me is just as fun as drunk me. Not to talk down alcohol, but you don't need it to have a good time around drunk people. In fact, sober you is more perceptive of your friends' debauchery, so be sure to take plenty of pics!

College life and heavy drinking seem to go hand-in-hand. But when an individual with a family history of alcoholism lives in a culture that over-normalizes drinking, there may be a problem. Just because something works for other people your age, doesn't mean it's right for you. Time will tell how I'll manage my problems with alcohol. I'm seeking counseling to get advice on how to deal with this, and I would encourage any one else in my situation to do so as well. If I learn to pace myself, that's great, but I think it's best for me to stop drinking altogether.

When it comes to any lifestyle choice, do what's right for you. Understand your risk factors before they become a problem. Have as much fun as you can while also taking care of yourself.

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