The Bulldog of Perseverance and the Tabby of Success (Video)
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The Bulldog of Perseverance and the Tabby of Success (Video)

A lesson in trying your hardest

Buddy the bulldog is giving a big old fuck you to cardio day.

Clearly, the poor dog just wants to pop a squat and be left in peace. Like all good animal videos, though, this one contains a valuable learning opportunity. Buddy wants to get off the treadmill, yet he doesn't. Every time his laziness brings him to the brink of failure, he wills his tiny little legs into motion like a modern day Sisyphus.

Buddy is a hardcore procratinator. We feel you buddy. If he waited just one second longer to get his act together, he'd be on the floor... but so what? According to Psychology Today, twenty percent of people procrastinate chronically. What matters most is perseverance in the face of adversity. If you're a procrastinator, then take a page out of Buddy's book. It's okay to sit on your ass for a while, but you need to rally like a champ for big deadlines.

Some people aren't like Buddy, and that's okay. Maybe you chip away at life diligently and responsibly. If so, then you can glean inspiration from this clever kitty instead. This cat is a 'front row of class' cat. He's asking for extra credit.

Woodhouse the tabby knows how to get stuff done. He can operate a cat door like nobody's beeswax, but he refuses to limit his abilities. He's a dreamer, always striving for greatness. There's simply no door too large for the inspirational Woodhouse. We challenge you, therefore, to think of him the next time you're about to turn in an uninspired "cat door" type of assignment. Your pride and your grades will thank you for aiming higher.

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Why Dogs And Cats Are Equally Great

Two is better than one.

For some reason we have decided that we can either be a dog person or a cat person, not both, but why? These animals are both adorable and share such unique and different qualities that it is hard to imagine choosing between the two. Here are 10 ways that dogs and cats are both the best:

1. Dogs are always happy to see you.


When you come home from work or school, you are guaranteed to be greeted by an excited and happy dog on the other side of the door.

2. Cats love to cuddle.


They may not always greet you at the door and they may find you boring at times, but when you're sitting on the couch or laying in bed, you can count on your cat to be the one cuddling up on your lap waiting for attention.

3. Dogs will comfort you.


If you're going through a bad breakup or just having a bad day, your dog somehow will just know something is wrong. You can count on them to be right there trying to cheer you up.

4. Cats can fit into anything.


Their curiosity lead them to end up stuck in a box or lounging in a bowl leaving you shocked and amused.

5. Dogs are extremely photogenic.


I mean just look at them, they put in no effort to look that adorable.

6. Cats will be lazy with you.


Whether you are binge-watching Netflix or sleeping in until noon, cats will lay in bed with you and embrace your lazy day.

7. Dogs love the simple things.


Whether it is going for a walk through the park or a drive through town, dogs are up for anything and will be excited to do anything as long as they are with you.

8. Cats show all of their emotions.


Whether they're annoyed, happy, or scared you'll always know how they're feeling.

9. Dogs will protect you.


Though at times their excessive barking may get annoying, they're only looking out for you and making sure that you are safe.

10. Cats are funny.


They will never cease to entertain you, just look at all the YouTube videos of cats just being themselves.

Whether you agree or disagree that dogs and cats are equally amazing, what is undeniable is how both animals will love you unconditionally.


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A Cat Cafe Is Opening In Chicago, And It Sounds Purr-fect

Coffee and cats? Sounds amazing!

For lovers of both cats and caffeine, a place where you can both get a cup of coffee and see some adorable cats is paradise on Earth.

In Chicago, Illinois, such place is becoming a reality. Tree House Humane Society, which is an organization dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming cats, recently built a brand new shelter, which includes the cafe!

Cat Cafes aren't a new idea, but it is to Chicago. They originated in Taiwan in 1998, but the idea quickly spread to Japan, where the idea blossomed. Since then, Cat Cafes have popped up in Asia, Europe, and, most recently, North America.

While the idea of a cat cafe might seem silly to some, it's actually a brilliant idea. Because the cafe is located within a shelter, the cats that customers would get to hang out and pet would be actually up for adoption.

A lot of cats that desperately need good homes might find their new owner because of this initiative. Plus, the not-for-profit organization will be able to make some money to continue to help out the cats, so it's a win-win for everyone involved.

The shelter and cat cafe are set to have their grand opening on July 28. If you're in the area and plan to go, prepare for long lines as cat lovers flock to the site! If you're not in Illinois, check to see if there's a cat cafe near you.

There are several in New York, as well as other cities throughout the country. You might be able to sip some coffee with adorable cats as well!

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Dutch Man May Inspire You To Eat Better (Video)

But you have to give up sugar and alcohol...

Eating healthy in college is hard. Beer's freaking great; unprocessed food is expensive; dorm kitchens are nasty. The struggle is real, but, unfortunately, poor diets are a massive problem for students
According to the CDC, obesity-related diseases like type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and elevated blood pressure are on the rise among college-aged Americans. The organization claims colleges need to act "sooner not later" to put extensive campus-wide wellness initiatives in place. If not, matters will almost certainly worsen. Campuses should probably get on that. Well, here's the catch: the CDC recommended action in 2007, but serious reform has yet to gain widespread traction. So, if you haven't already, you might want to take matters into your own hands.
While nobody expects you to cut all booze from your diet or drink your coffee black, this video might inspire you to eat a bit better. Sacha Harland, a 22-year-old Dutch man, went a month without processed foods or added sugars. Check out his results above.
Even on a less extreme version of Sacha's diet, you'll probably see a smattering of positive effects: decreased blood pressure and glucose levels, increased energy, sharper focus, deeper sleep, and better hydration. Who knows, if you hit the gym a little, too, then you could end up looking as cut as this other group of northern Europeans:

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Getcha (Skinny) Drank On

How can I get drunk without consuming 5,000 calories? Ugh, my life.

One of the hardest parts about adjusting to college is avoiding the dreaded Freshman 15. You can commit to working out and eating healthy, but who really wants to give up 3 a.m. drunk eats like bacon pizza or mac 'n' cheese? Also, chugging beers and chasing shitty vodka with sugary chasers isn't helping your diet whatsoever. You also don't really have the funds to spend a ton of money on Skinny Girl margaritas, so cheap drinks are kind of a must.

While it's hard to avoid calories when consuming alcohol, you can mix drinks with low-calorie juices or soda water, or even find a light beer you love. Our No. 1 tip? Don't waste money on the actual alcohol, but more so what you'll be drinking it with.
Read on for our fave "skinny drinks" that might just help you avoid packing on the pounds.
Beach Mixy
  • Malibu coconut rum
  • Sprite Zero
  • Light cranberry juice, poured over ice
Hard Iced Tea
  • Plain Absolut vodka
  • Diet Arizona iced tea
  • Wedge of lemon

Source: Addie Jonas
Skinny Tequila Sunrise
  • Jose Cuervo
  • Trop50 orange juice
Festive Fall Cocktail
  • Fireball whisky
  • Half a Bud Light

Source: Addie Jonas
Lemon sorbet
  • Smirnoff Sorbet light lemon vodka
  • Minute Maid light lemonade
  • Club soda
Sparkling Grapefruit
  • Andr? champagne (for the cheap college kid)
  • Light Ocean Spray Ruby Red Light 50 Grapefruit Juice
  • Splash of Sprite Zero
So there you have it, the six best "skinny drinks" that won't break your budget--or your diet.
Source: Addie Jonas
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Who Has The Best Bulldog Mascot?

No mascots were harmed in the writing of this article.

Bulldogs are the most popular school mascot. But not all mascots (or dogs) are created equal. Which mascot will win best in show?

Lousiana Tech has an urban legend centered around a bulldog. As Lousiana legend has it, students adopted a stray bulldog. They brought this homely dog into their shared home.

Not long after the dog entered their humble abode, the place got lit. As in lit with fire, not weed.

Supposedly the dog's barking alerted the students to get out of the house. Somehow these morons forgot to grab the dog who saved their lives. (This just reaffirms my belief we don't deserve dogs.) It's been said the dog's body was recovered and was then buried on-campus.

Since 1930, the school has had a live mascot named Tech. Just so we're clear, this is not the same dog. The school's mascot has been named Tech ever since the first dog. Lousiana Tech is down to Tech XX. (For those who can't read Roman numerals, that's 20. Tech 20.)

Mississippi State has a less than creative name for its costumed and live mascots: Bully. OK, we get it. Bulldogs are terrifying mean creatures. But that's only if they don't get enough sleep or food. (In all seriousness, bulldogs are some of the least threatening dogs out there.)

Interestingly, the live mascots have been around longer than the costumed one. The two-legged suited one has been around since the mid-1960s. As for the dogs? Try 1939.

In a similar tradition, the University of Georgia has their own Tech. Except the live mascot's name is Uga. Their costumed school spirit animal? Oh, that's Hairy Dawg. But back to Uga.

Like Tech, the position of Uga has been passed down from bulldog to bulldog. Unlike Tech's legendary dog, at least this school commemorates all of the former Uga dogs. Seriously. Their cremated ashes are tucked away in vaults circling the entrances of Sanford Stadium.

If you're ever at a home game, you might wonder why there are so many flowers around the stadium. Every home game, people put up flowers in honor of all past Ugas. There's even a documentary about the Tombs of the Ugas. It's kind of a big deal.

The real champion here, though, has to be Drake University's bulldogs. I'll admit I'm a little biased, but there's an annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest. I mean, a contest dedicated to the beauty of these slobbery snorting beasts. There's a lot of love there. Drake has two mascots: Spike, the bipedal bulldog of school spirit. Then there's Griff, the live mascot.

Griff's done a lot of good in his two-year reign as live mascot. For example, he's the face of a dog food drive.

If that looks like a lot, you're right. But Griff and his family brought in a truckload of donated dog food. Yes. A truckload.

Go bulldogs.