The Best #demthrones Tweets (Spoiler Alert)
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The Best #demthrones Tweets (Spoiler Alert)

GOT fans gone wild

As if our favorite Sunday night show could get any better, the Twitterverse has ignited a new viral hashag, #demthrones, which is no less than fire.

Spoiler Alert: If you watched the last episode of Game of Thrones, these tweets basically re-tell the episode. Hella spoiler alerts below.

Read on for the best #demthrones tweets.

When Sansa unleashes the starved hounds on Ramsay

The moment that RL coincides with GOT

That feeling when you realize you're in deep shit

When you are overcome with emotion because all of the hard work paid off

When politics and GOT are one in the same.

When you realize that Sansa is basically Bey

Slid into those DMs like...

*Eats popcorn and smirks* finally

Girl, bye

When you realize karma is real

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All's Quiet at the Finals

There were no fireworks to be had in Game 1.

The opening game of the Finals proceeded as if it was a midseason contest, not the start of a series that features the sport's ultimate prize. Warrior's coach Steve Kerr felt the indifference. When asked how he could spark his team he responded, "Remind them it's June" during his courtside interview. Remind them he did.

The role players showed respect for Kerr's wrath and it was reflected in buckets. Barbosa's magic potion was in full effect tonight as he pitched in with 11 points. The max money version of Harrison Barnes came to play notching double digits in the scoring column. The Cavaliers were once again acquainted with Iguodala's soon to be patented swipe block.

Quick question, what are the odds on Shaun Livingston winning the Finals MVP? The answer is a rather resounding Not Available for most venues. After his performance in Game 1, expect that to change. It felt like every single of his 20 points came off a lackadaisical (in appearance only) pull-up.

The Dub's big three weren't the forefront tonight. Draymond Green was a presence again after ghosting through the last series. His shenanigans are one thing that carried over from the conference semifinals with a nice bicycle kick to Kyrie Irving early in the fourth.

The splash brothers took a backseat to the role players, scoring the fewest combined points during any game this season with just 20 on 8-for-27 shooting. Steph Curry and Klay Thompson will be back, but it was nice to see some wily vets shoulder the burden to take home the victory.

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The Penguins Won The Stanley Cup

Sidney Crosby cemented his legacy as one of the greats.

With so much going on in both the world of sports and outside the bubble of sports, many things from the weekend may have slid by the wayside. Late Sunday night, the Pittsburgh Penguins won their fourth Stanley Cup in franchise history after taking down the San Jose Sharks in six games.

Sidney Crosby, whom many consider the best player in the NHL, won his second cup of his illustrious career. The Penguins are a polarizing team, but there were many congratulatory messages to be had on the internet.

Of course, there were some funny tweets about both the Penguins and the Sharks in the aftermath of the game.

During a weekend of so much heartbreak and sadness around the country, the city of Pittsburgh has something to celebrate.

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What To Watch For In Sports This Week (6/13)

After the Finals, it's all about the US Open.

All's not lost.

Well, maybe for LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, it is. No team in NBA Finals history has ever survived a 3-1 series hole, especially when that requires a trip to Golden State -- a place that has seen three losses all season -- for a win or go home Game 5.But all's not lost for you -- the sports fan.

Despite the likelihood that the NBA playoffs come to a screeching halt following Monday night's ominous matchup (not to mention the impending NHL withdraws after Pittsburgh's championship win over the weekend), there is still plenty on the slate to make this a great week to watch a diverse amount of greatness on TV.Here's what we've got for the week of June 13:

Monday, June 13

NBA: Cleveland at Golden State, Game 5 (9 p.m. ET, ABC)
It all comes down to this moment for James and company. Golden State, which enters the game as a 5.5-point favorite (seems low?), just needs to be the better team again for 48 more minutes -- something it did 88 times to this point.

Meanwhile, what would another Finals exit mean for James' legacy? Critics would say that a 2-5 record on the game's biggest stage isn't what the greatest player in the world does; supporters would point out that the Cavaliers' depth is comparable to that of an AAU roster.

But tonight there are no excuses. Win and take it back to Cleveland for a winnable Game 6, or lose and guarantee that the Warriors enter the conversation for the best NBA team of all time.

Thursday, June 16 - Sunday, June 19

US Open Golf Championship
If you think saving par is a good score, then this is the tournament for you.

This year's U.S. Open -- golf's second major of 2016 -- will be played at Oakmont, and recent history suggests that every shot will be earned. (You can read more about that here.)

"This is arguably the hardest course in America," said last year's winner, Jordan Spieth, per the Kansas City Star. "It's normally the hardest U.S. Open, at least what history shows."

Jason Day (+600) enters the contest as the odds-on favorite, according to Odds Shark, while Rory McIlory (+650) and Spieth (+800) aren't too far behind.


Soccer: Copa America (Mon-Sat)

Even if you're not a soccer fan, the United States plays Ecuador in the quarterfinals on Thursday night. After fighting off Paraguay while a man down for much of the second half on Saturday night, the United States has a chance to make some noise in the tournament.

Soccer: European Championship (Mon-Sun)

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Nationals and Cubs Provide Another Thrilling Night of Baseball

The best player taking on the best team? Yes, please.

Bryce Harper. Kris Bryant. Albert Almora Jr. Ryan Zimmerman. Joe Maddon. Dusty Baker.

If this isn't what you would call an entertaining night of baseball, I'm not sure what you would.

Out of all the games the Cubs and Nationals play this season, the seven games between the teams have the most hype. Why?

Well for starters, the manager of the Nationals, Dusty Baker, is a former Cubs manager.

There is also an incredible amount of offense on the team. The Nationals have Bryce Harper, Daniel Murphy, and Ryan Zimmerman, who bat third, fourth and fifth in their lineup that create a crazy amount offense. On the Cubs side, Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Ben Zobrist hit in those same spots who also can create also get hot and stay that way.

The last time the Nationals and Cubs met, the Cubs swept the Nationals in a four game series. Bryce Harper was walked a record number of times.

Last night, the Nationals took game one, but tonight, the Cubs came back to win all thanks to Albert Almora Jr.

Lets rundown the game:

First, before the game, Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant put on a show.

Then John Lackey put down his mitt and put his bat to work in the 3rd.

This inning also included an intentional Kris Bryant 2-out walk, which would eventually end the inning on Anthony Rizzo strikeout.

Then Jayson Werth and his hair got the Nationals on the board in the bottom of the 3rd.

But David Ross decided to hit a few minutes later and stretched the Cubs lead to two runs.

The Nationals came back and tied it in the 8th on a Bryce Harper walk that eventually scored.

But then in the top of the 9th, some magic happened on the field. Albert Almora Jr., the outfielder who came up from Triple A Iowa Cubs to replace Jorge Soler, scored Addison Russell on a base hit.

It was pretty exciting:

To some, this was just another night of baseball. To the Cubs, it was a win. And to Albert Almora, it was his first Major League game-winning hit. What a way to wrap up his first week in the Major Leagues.

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Euro 2016 Produced Fireworks, Literally

As if it wasn't exciting enough already.

Soccer fans are passionate. That's one of the universal truths of this world. It's a fact.

But the fans at the 2016 UEFA Euro (basically the European championships) have been a little too passionate. The game between Croatia and the Czech Republic that took place recently had Croatian fans throw flares in the MIDDLE OF THE GAME!

Leading by a score of 2-1, Croatia fans threw at least a dozen flares onto the field at around the 85th minute. The game had to be stopped until security can calm the fans down.

If it was bad enough, the Czech Republic managed to tie the game up with a penalty in the 93rd minute of the game, ending the game in a draw. The draw gave both teams one point in their group and Croatia now faces the possibility of being eliminated when they face off against Spain.

The win would have gotten Croatia into the Knockout Stage of the tournament, which many soccer fans consider the second biggest tournament after the FIFA World Cup.

This isn't the only time that fans have disrupted games at the 2016 Euro due to extremely inappropriate behavior. This is not even the first time Croatia fans have gotten in trouble at the tournament.

UEFA had already opened a disciplinary case against Croatia after a fan ran onto the pitch following a goal in the 1-0 win against Turkey at the start of the tournament. That case will be judged by a disciplinary group on July 21.

During the qualifying rounds for the tournament, Croatia was ordered to close a section of their grounds for a game as punishment for fans' racist behaviour and crowd trouble -- including setting off fireworks and throwing missiles -- at a game in Italy.

In a sport where fans have been accused of spewing racist language towards players and have a history of violent rioting, this kind of behavior is completely unacceptable. Just as the United States have finally started to pay a lot of attention to soccer, the biggest soccer-crazy continent rears its ugly head to the world.

Look, we get it. You want your country to win and it's soccer. I love soccer, but as a fan, this is extremely shameful. I just hope that one of these days one of these players goes to the stands and just knock some sense into these people.

One of these days, a soccer version of the Malice at the Palace where a player will just charge at a fan they think is disrupting the game.

UEFA is looking into discipling the Croatia national soccer team and it is a shame that it has to come to this. Here's to hoping the actions of a few do not further disgrace this great game.