Serena Williams Engaged To Reddit Co-Founder
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Serena Williams Engaged To Reddit Co-Founder

What better way to announce the news than through....Reddit?

Finally, something to celebrate and be happy about in 2016... tennis legend Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian announced their engagement while on vacation in Rome. If you're not already in love with this story, then I'm sorry, I don't understand you.

The two had been a couple since the fall of 2015. Ohanian surprised Serena with a romantic trip to Rome, which is where they actually first met. Props to him for pulling the adorable and classic "take-her-back-to-where-we-first-met-and-propose."

The two have kept their relationship quiet and off social media, for the most part, which in my opinion is something we should all consider. (I'm talking to you, cutesy Instagram couples.....) This big news, however, definitely warranted a message to the public.

What's even more adorable is the way in which Serena decided to announce the news: in the form of a poem....on Reddit!

I said yes from isaidyes

Comment from discussion I said yes.

Reddit's "r/isaidyes" feed blew up (understandably). The few photos that Serena had of she and Ohanian on Instagram exploded with comments and congratulations. Ohanian also shard Serena's poem on his Facebook, which elicited an even bigger reaction.

And honestly, who wouldn't be excited? Serena Williams is considered one of the greatest tennis players in the world. She recently won the Wimbledon women's singles title and is looking to regain her #1 world ranking. She's going for her seventh Australian Open title next month. Ohanian obviously co-founded Reddit... he's had a bit of success there I'd imagine.

This news ended 2016 on a much-needed, very adorable high note. Congrats to the newly-engaged power couple, who we're hoping will dominate 2017. Now excuse me while I go gush over the r/isaidyes Reddit feed.

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Venus Seizing Opportunity In Serena's Absence

Wimbledon may cement her legacy.

As the youngest member in a family of four children, comparisons to siblings can be tiresome, almost all of the time. So imagine being Venus Williams, the best female tennis player in the world at an early age. She was a phenom before she was legally allowed to drink the champagne champions usually have poured on their heads.

Fast forward to 2017 and Venus is being surpassed by her younger sister who is currently the greatest female tennis player of all time and one of the greatest athletes in North American sports history.

Now the sisters seem really close and it's always nice to see them cheer each other on professionally. Still, with the unmatched success of Serena, we sometimes forget how dominant Venus was at her peak. Venus has won seven Grand Slam titles, 11th all time (going 2-7 against her younger sister in title matches) and has won three gold medals in the Olympics in 2000, 04, and 08.

But now that Serena has taken a hiatus to focus on her personal life after winning her 23rd Grand Slam title, Venus is the only Williams sister on the tour for the first time in more than two decades. Venus is definitely the most well known player in the field, but she is ranked 10th for a reason.

Her last victory in a Grand Slam was at the 2008 Wimbledon. She turns 37 later this month, which is ancient for the professional tennis world.

And on a personal note, Venus has been in the headlines for being involved in a car accident that took the life of the other driver last month. After the initial police reports said that Venus was at fault, video evidence released yesterday contradicted the initial police findings and they retracted that report.

Venus broke down in tears when asked about the accident in a media session at Wimbledon.

All that being said, the weight of her personal life has not stopped Venus from performing outstandingly over the past two weeks in England. Hopefully, Venus will be able to swipe this title and potentially one more in the next few months in order to cement her legacy as one of the greatest in her profession.

And seeing that she has taken down her competition with great haste at Wimbledon, this might be one of her best chances to do that.

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Serena Williams is Sick and Tired of Gender Stereotypes


As Maria Sharapova is making headlines for being suspended for two years by the International Tennis Federation for doping, Serena Williams is making headlines for the right reasons.

In this video, the amazing Williams uses her tennis skills to get out some frustrations she has with the present day issue of gender inequality. She is a frickin beast. I mean, what woman wouldn't love to pelt tennis balls at a sexist dude who basically just shits on women?

Keep on being amazing Serena! And, Sharapova, best of luck.

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Reddit: Your Go-to Website for Well, Everything

Nothing is out of the realm of Reddit.

You know how you spend hours browsing the App Store for something good to play? Or annoying amounts of time Googling for homework help? What about finding new ways to procrastinate?

Reddit is sort-of comparable to a gigantic App Store full of mindless entertainment and answers to the universe.

Here are a few "subreddits" (organized mini-forums within the website that focus on a certain topic) that you may find interesting and [maybe] even beneficial to your academic career. Each subreddit directly follows the homepage's URL (link) beginning with /r/.

1. /r/freebies
Starting the article with everyone's favorite thing: free shit. /r/freebies is a subreddit dedicated to finding and sharing the latest freebies on the web. With over 350,000 subscribers, there is plenty of content being shared, ranging from a free bag of dicks or glitter bomb to send to your "friends", to a mini first-aid kit that can fit into your purse or backpack. Many new items are posted every day, so feel free to send off for a bunch of random things you'd never use.

2. /r/GetMotivated and /r/GetStudying
I'm tossing these two subreddits together because they mesh so well for college students. /r/GetMotivated is made up of advice, ideas, and inspirational quotes and sayings to get you out of that slump and ready to start again. When you feel frustrated and hopeless and ready to give up on something, take a peek at /r/GetMotivated instead of going to sulk in front of the TV.

This connects with /r/GetStudying by giving you a resource to regain some of your drive to get your work done. /r/GetStudying is full of methods and tricks to help you concentrate and succeed in your courses, as well as a plethora of resources you will find helpful in your studies.

3. /r/relationships
Don't know how to relate to your significant other's family? Need advice on how to get your coworker to stop bombarding you with personal questions (beyond telling them to fuck off?), /r/relationships is full of people waiting to help you.

It doesn't just cover romantic relationships, but also family, friends, and even random strangers who won't stop annoying you--any type of relationship. I can say from experience that they're (usually) helpful, and it's nice to get an unbiased opinion on your situation.

4. /r/forhire
This subreddit is a little smaller, but it's really cool. Employers (primarily from North America) post openings for their companies, both online and offline. Those searching for employment can also post threads that include their qualifications and the type of work they are looking for. Many employers and hopeful employees seek each other out every day, and the subreddit is very active.

5. /r/[YourSchool]
Finally, you should search for your school's subreddit. They are usually created by students and are a great source of information as well as another place to socialize with your classmates. My school's subreddit, /r/IndianaUniversity, has a little over 2,000 users and is a fairly active community.

If you've never been to Reddit, give it a try. You may find you've added a new way to procrastinate to your list.

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6 Celebrity Pregnancy Pics That Are Too Beautiful For Words

AKA: what I wish I looked like after a burrito.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. A woman's body goes through countless changes--both good and bad--all in the hopes of raising a strong and healthy baby.

For the average woman, being pregnant means trying to stay sane when out in public, but for a pregnant celebrity, it means staying sane in front of one thousand cameras.

Luckily for us, these cameras also provided some of the most beautiful shots of pregnancy that we may not have gotten to see otherwise.

1. Serena Williams.
Serena's pregnancy was perhaps the biggest shock the sporting world has had in years--especially after it was discovered that she won the Australian Open while she was several weeks along.

After accidentally announcing her pregnancy on Snapchat, the athlete has talked about her pregnancy on multiple occasions. In an exclusive interview with Vanity Fair, she talks about her engagement to Reddit co-founder and her hopes for the future.


2. Beyonce Knowles.
Beyonce's announcement that she was expecting twins was perhaps one of the craziest moments of 2017--so far. After experiencing trouble getting pregnant with her first child, Blue Ivy, her fans couldn't have been more overjoyed to hear about her second, and her amazing maternity shoot was just the icing on the cake.


3. Demi Moore.
As one of the most iconic and recognized photos of the early 90s, this maternity shoot practically created the billion dollar pregnancy photo business. Shot by Annie Leibovitz (who also took Serena Williams' pregnancy photos), this photo made pregnancy sexy again.


4. Milla Jovovich.
This gorgeous shot of Milla was taken while she was eight months pregnant with her second child. Looking both elegant and sensual, she's really proving just how beautiful motherhood can be.


5. Natalie Portman.
Natalie not only took a series of photos while pregnant, she also starred in a music video. Shot elegantly in black and white, the video even shows the baby kicking in Natalie's belly, something I never thought I'd see.


6. Candice Swanepoel.
With a successful career as one of Victoria's Secret's sexiest models, Candice's pregnancy came as a surprise. She gave birth to her baby earlier this year and is already in even better shape than I'll ever be.


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Hunny of the Week 12/15: Serena Williams

Hunny /[huhn-ee] / noun: a badass bitch who's not just hot: she's funny, smart, strong, and\or ambitious.

Besides being a general BAMF and kick-ass professional tennis player, Serena Williams can now add Sports Illustrated's 2015 Sportsperson of the Year to her repertoire. Williams is the first individual woman to win the honor since Mary Decker in 1983.

This comes on the heels of an impressive run for Williams: 21-time grand slam winner, winning 53 of 56 matches this year, posing for this year's Pirelli calendar shot by Annie Leibovitz, even chasing down some asshat who tried to steal her phone, who sheepishly returned it.

I think I speak for us all when I say #lifegoals.