Pizza Girl Wins Kiss Cam
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Pizza Girl Wins Kiss Cam

I feel like we should be friends.

If you're like me, and you only go to sporting events for the Kiss Cam, mascot races, and the hot dogs, then it's your lucky day, my friends, because this chick just slayed the kiss cam, with just two pieces of pizza and sheer creativity.

As for the pizza-loving chick in the vid, I really feel like we should be friends. Your friend in this video clearly does not appreciate your talents. Are you on Bumble BFF?

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Things I Don't Understand About Girls on Tinder

Why does having a dog in your picture make such a difference?

Although I've been using Tinder for about five months now, I haven't actually met anyone in person yet. I feel like there are unspoken practices regarding the app that I'm still having trouble grasping.

For example, I first downloaded Tinder when I was traveling around Mexico. While I was there, I just had to message a girl, "Hey. How are you?" or, "Hola, amiga!" and we were conversing. Now, back in New Hampshire, all of a sudden I have to jump through hoops just to initiate a conversation with a girl. I feel like they don't want to converse like normal human beings. I always assume that they want me to throw my best line at them, which either makes them laugh or makes them designate me a total creep.

Here are a few other things that I'm having trouble understanding on Tinder:

-Girls who put their height in their bio, but then say that they aren't looking for hook-ups. This makes me think that these people all have neck problems and don't want any of the lifelong friends that they make through Tinder to be taller than them.

-Girls that write in their bio that they don't use Tinder often. I mean, it's very considerate of them to put that in there, but my question then becomes, "Why the fuck are you even on Tinder to begin with?"

-Girls that only swipe right for a guy's dog or pizza. I don't really understand the latter, but it makes me think that I need a photo of myself with a dog in one hand and a slice of pizza in the other; maybe feeding the dog the pizza?

-Girls whose heads get cut off in the first picture. Maybe this is meant to entice me to look into the matter further?

-Girls who don't specify who they are in the group photos, or girls who may have changed their hair color or lost weight from photo to photo. I wouldn't know that though, because they all look like totally different people!

-Girls who say that the age on their profile isn't their real age, but can't understand why it's like that. Why does Tinder always seems to mess up the profiles of the girls who are under 18?

-Girls who, for whatever reason, only chat with me for the length of a night. How do people lose their attention span before we've even exchanged five basic messages? And, not to go off on a rant, but these girls never unmatch with me later on; they just linger there, which leaves me wondering, "Are we playing the game still?" and, "Would it be a sign of weakness to message this chick a week after we last chatted?"

Through all the stuff I don't understand about Tinder, there are a few things that I feel I do understand. One of those things being that I think a lot of people I see on Tinder need to lower their standards, at least on Tinder, because it's only making it harder to use an app that is supposed to make it easier for people to meet.

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Why Long Distance Friendships Are Harder Than Relationships

30 valid reasons and counting.

Being away from your best friend in college is no doubt much harder than being in a long distance relationship with your S/O. From binge-eating pizza nights to spontaneous adventures, here are 30 reasons why long distance friendships are so much harder:

1. Conflicting schedules make it hard for you to talk about everything in one FaceTime sesh.
2. As soon as something happens, you have to wait what feels like ages to inform your BFF.
3. You literally count down the days until you can hit your fav pizza place together during breaks.
4. Not having the same spring break is borderline heartbreaking.
5. Having to post #TBT Instas until you're back together.
6. Only being able to communicate through like, a million texts all day, every day.
7. No more sharing each other's meals :(
8. FOMO when your BFF finds a new friend at school.
9. Being wicked jealous of your BFF's new friend (you wish it was you)!
10. Missing your BFF's birthday and having to celebrate months later.
11. Spending mad money (even though you're broke) on care packages for one another.
12. Having a really good story to tell your BFF then forgetting it by the end of the day.
13. Getting ten missed FaceTime calls 'cause you were in class...
14. Forever wishing your roommate was instead your bestie.
15. Being salty because someone calls your best friend their best friend (unacceptable).
16. Being drunk "together" via Snapchat story.
17. Putting a temporary hold on your brunch dates.
18. Realizing you'll have to make up for lost time during spring break.
19. Not being able to have in person crying seshes anymore.
20. Suffering through time differences.
21. Not getting daily fashion advice.
22. Needing to find a new party buddy that will suffice.
23. No more sharing clothes, shoes, jewelry or anything for that matter.
24. Forever wishing you both attended the same college.
25. Feeling a whole different kind of homesickness without your BFF.
26. Not being able to gossip over a really shitty dinner from the dining hall.
27. Constantly checking Find My Friends to make sure your BFF gets home safe after a night out.
28. Not being able to binge watching the same Netflix show together.
29. No more late night drives through town trying to find a late night pizza joint.
30. Excessively counting down the days until you both are reunited!

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    Confessions Of A Former Cam Girl

    Hustle for the tokens.

    I'll set the scene for you: a broke college student who needs to put food on the table, with a schedule so swamped that it's hard to set aside hours outside of classes, schoolwork, internships and campus work studies to work a part-time job while at school.

    Would love to quickly say: believe me, we tried getting those jobs, but even meager four hour shifts is a lot of time out of the day if you're super busy always.

    Anyways, fast forward past some agonizing over my bank account, deep research and talking to my friends who are cam models, and I decided to make an account on a cam site and become a cam model.

    "What's a cam model?" you might be asking. A cam model is essentially somebody who gets naked on cam for money, and depending on the "donation" (as they're called), will do various things on the cam. As I've said before about other forms of sex work, not really a big deal.

    On most cam sites, a model will go live in a big chatroom, be on cam and talk to viewers and perform when they've made their donations. There is typically a list of set prices for different things, and many models are very clear on their boundaries, though they are sometimes open to off-list requests if things are within those boundaries.

    The website that I initially registered for was different, being very one-on-one. You would message or chat with people solo, and do only private cam shows for an agreed upon price per minute and time. You could also easily sell pics and videos. It really was a good deal. For reasons I will disclose later, I chose to leave the website and register elsewhere on a site with the big chatroom style.

    As I crawled my way towards the finishing line of undergrad, I decided to quit camming and snooped about for freelance work (that's another story for another day), and I probably won't ever go back. The money was great, and I didn't hate the work itself, but it just wasn't for me and I wasn't happy to go live on the site anymore.

    However, I did learn some really interesting things about the camming world, about life in general and even about myself while being a cam girl:

    People love to waste your time and/or try to rip you off.
    If I had gotten a dollar (or some tokens) for every time somebody said they'd pay me for something (it is a general rule to pay the cam model before they do anything for you) and then vanished, I'd never have to work again in my life.

    There's plenty of people on those sites who are general time-wasters, which makes little sense to me when they're already agreeing to pay somebody, but whateverrrrr.

    Some users of these sites will also absolutely read your prices and try to haggle with you. Every so often I'd be a little lenient if they really seemed like they'd come back to buy more (proceed with caution due to above), but most of the time you just gotta put your foot down and say, "These are my prices, and they are not changing."

    That person will probably not buy, but there's always somebody out there who will.

    It was definitely super annoying though, and on the first website I was on, other models began selling content for so cheap that nobody was willing to pay prices that were even slightly higher, so I ended up leaving and moving on to the second site (people thinking a dollar a minute for a ten minute show is a good offer are out of their minds).

    People are gross.
    Nobody who will be paying you on that site is into vanilla stuff. I will tell you that right now. Nobody. Not even a little bit.

    This all makes sense, and it isn't like nobody knows this, but it can totally be startling to a new model who may not have begun to fathom the depths of depravity lurking on those sites. Obviously you can state boundaries, but there are people looking for some wild content on there.

    Nothing is off-limits as long as it is within the site's rules (because the sites do indeed have their own regulated boundaries, thank god).

    An example: I once had to record a video of myself peeing. Just peeing, nothing more. It was definitely weird but I was like, "Money is money" while totally wondering why people are paying for that.

    I won't get too graphic, but people will ask for unconventional use of toys, things that can substitute as toys, lingerie or things totally wilder than can be said even on here (geez). You either just gotta step up and pretend you enjoy it for that cash, or quickly and firmly set the boundary. Needless to say, you learn about what makes you uncomfortable fast.

    People are annoying.
    Like in all service jobs, you must be nice to the customer (with a little more leniency since you're in charge here, hotshot), and that gets difficult. Between the people who are just downright rude (I'll get to them later) and the people who for some reason are trying to wife you up and/or meet up in real life (NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS, NOT EVER), sometimes you'll go online and just be thinking "you are damn annoying" the entire time.

    For some reason, they all think they're perfect gentlemen (or gentlewomen) on there.

    Unfortunately, customers like nice people, so you have to slather on your biggest smile and play nice. Somebody's messaged you five times in a row asking if you're online?

    Hi, how are you? Someone keeps pestering you to meet up and be their "plaything"? As great as that sounds, you don't do meet-ups, sorry! Someone relentlessly sexting you on there and you aren't into it? Ooh, you're bad, I want to...

    Gotta brush up on your acting skills here.

    Regulars are amazing.
    With all that being said, juxtaposed to annoying, gross time-wasters are people who can't give you enough money. I wish this was a problem I had all of the time (but with no work in return for said cash).

    These people are the best. Usually they're very sweet, respectful and want to throw money at you because they think you're hot and/or want to see you do stuff they like. They also, like... talk to you about stuff and actually care? It's wild.

    Always proceed with caution, naturally, but accept that ego boost, baby, they'll make you feel like a million bucks (and hopefully give you lots of money to start working towards having a million).

    You must be devoted to your craft and have a thick skin.
    Another part of the reason I ended up leaving the cam world was that I ended up not really having the heart for it. To be successful on there (as in, make salary income on there), you have to be devoted. You have to be designing pro pages, bundling up content and doing whatever you can to make money and keep people coming back.

    Sex work is way harder than most people realize, like, all facets of it. You have to actually try, and I ended up so annoyed and disillusioned that I was over it.

    Part of this is because you have to have thick, thick skin to be on there. I'm not really the type of person to take things strangers say to heart too often, but there's totally the occasional person on there who will harass you. Everybody is hiding behind a mask of anonymity: the customer and especially you yourself (stage names and fake locations, people!), so naturally, humans say, "I can be a total garbage can and get away with it."

    I didn't really want to be told about people's fantasies of assault against me, or about anything that was blatantly not OK to say to another person. It only happened twice in my six-month run, but it was twice too many times.

    I am much more confident now.
    I've spent a lot of time dwelling on the negatives of camming, but I learned a lot about myself through it. Aside from being more comfortable with myself, I've seen how it's changed how I function in the real world, too. I was a push-over before, but now I'm not as meek, I'm less willing to be pushed around, will put my foot down more and I just feel more confident overall.

    A lot of the negative things I've noted here are super distorted versions of real-life situations too (minus any sexual factors, probably). When aren't people trying to waste your time or rip you off? When aren't people annoying? You should probably work hard at your job, and having a thick skin is kind of necessary in this day and age.

    By learning how to deal with the extremes on cam sites, I feel way more up to handling the much, much, much tamer real life scenarios.

    Being a cam model may not have ended up being for me, but I don't regret a thing.

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    French Tennis Player Banned For Trying To Kiss A Reporter

    What did he think was going to happen?

    After his French Open loss to Pablo Cuevas, 21-year-old Maxime Hamou was interviewed by reporter Maly Thomas. The video is in French, so some of us might not learn anything from what they are saying; however, just by watching you can see a perfect example of how not to act during a post-match interview, or even just in life in general.

    For some reason, Hamou decided to try to kiss Thomas. When he went in the first time, Thomas pulled away and continued on with the interview, then did the same thing after his second attempt to kiss her.

    When Hamou went in for a third time, he also took it upon himself to grope her, and that was when she fully pulled away and the interview ended. It was very clear that she wanted no part of that, but she did handle the situation very well.

    Because of his childish PDA attempts, the French Open revoked Hamou's accreditation, banning him from the tournament. I don't feel bad for ya, Hamou..

    In college, I studied Journalism so I've had my fair share of interviews, but, luckily, I have never been kissed or grouped during one! Thomas handled the situation just as a reporter should have.

    However, after the uncomfortable unfolding of events, Thomas told reporters, "If I hadn't been on air, I would have punched him." Same, girl.

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    When Your Best Friend Is Abroad as Told By Mac and Charlie

    They just get you and it sucks without them.

    Having your best friend go abroad is a huge struggle for so many reasons: the time difference, not being able to text them, and overall just not being with them. I have no one to hit up at midnight to go get pizza with just because I'm mildly hungry and really bored.

    I have no one to go out with and have to find plans because I don't automatically have them. It sucks, and no one understands the struggle of missing your other half like Mac and Charlie - attached at the hip, savage best friends from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

    You have no one to tell your sketchy sexcipades to
    That boy you really shouldn't get with, but do anyway and feel guilty telling anyone about but your best friend. The fact that they aren't there to pry you off of him for the hundredth time. There are some things that you can only tell your best friend, like when he did something really weird in bed, or worse when you did something really weird in bed.

    Not having your bff around to console and laugh with you flat out sucks, and Charlie and Mac get that more than anyone. Between Mac who is stuck in the closet and Charlie who stalks the woman he "loves" but doesn't know her full name (he calls her The Waitress), these two get each other's weird sexcipades just like you and your best friend.

    There is no good dating advice around
    No one helps you with significant others like your best friend. Even if she hates the person you're with, she still will give you advice regardless of if she wants to punch them in the face or not. She gets that even though they're mean 99.9 percent of the time, that 0.01 percent keeps you holding on.

    She loves you anyway, just like how Mac loves and supports Charlie regardless of his irrational love of The Waitress.

    No one else understands and appreciates your weirdness
    It's pretty hard when the only person who gets your irrational hatred of ranch dressing and can understand what you're trying to say when you're speaking straight gibberish isn't around. It can be tough to not have the person who just gets you with no questions asked.

    Charlie and Mac are two peas in a really effed up pod, just like you and your bff. Charlie is illiterate, and Mac accepts him for that and even throws him a party to celebrate him. Mac even makes all of Charlie's sketchy drawings into real life things (denim chicken).

    Waiting for someone to appreciate your favorite memes and your sense of humor to come back can really suck.

    You have no one to go out with
    Going out with your best friend just works, she gets that blackout you needs pizza in between the pregame and the party if you're gonna make it out alive. She gets that you just can't dance, and since she can't either it just works.

    She knows what boys you can and can't text, and she knows if she takes your phone you will just scream at her. She gets it. Charlie and Mac are the same way, they get blackout together and just fuck around. Having your bff out of the country makes going out a really wild experience.

    One thing is for certain though, as soon as your best friend makes her return, your life will be complete and you will wreak havoc on your college town once again.