J-Music: Playlist from the Far East
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J-Music: Playlist from the Far East

Be it Old or new, they're still good

We all know and have heard of K-Pop (I hope). Unless you are fluent or are learning Korean, you don't really understand what the artists are singing about unless you're looking at a translated lyric page you're following as the song plays. However, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music? Be it EXO-K's "Overdose", BTS' "Blood Sweat & Tears" or PSY's "Gangnam Style" for that matter, you want to listen to it, bounce to it and dance to it with your friends over and over.

But K-pop certainly isn't all there is when it comes to modern Asian music. Look further to the island country east of Korea: Japan, the nation with the second largest music market in the world. They have their fair share of great music from the genres of J-rock, J-rap and, of course, J-pop. Obviously these are sung in Japanese, with the occasional English speckled here and there, but, again, when has the language barrier ever stopped us from enjoying music?

For those of you who want to expand your already (somewhat) eclectic tastes in music as well as the diversity of international friends, give these a chance to be your first steps.

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9 Asian Men You Should Be Obsessing Over

White guys aren't the only "sexy" ones.

As an Asian-American I'm offended by the stereotype that Asian men aren't attractive. I think men of any ethnicity are totally capable of being sexy, it's just that the Western media chooses to focus on European features as the attractive ones. A narrative that harms all people of color, not just Asians.

I went to Vancouver once -- the city outside of Asia with the most Asians -- and was totally blown away with the amount of Asian representation they had on their billboards and in their ads. It was unbelievably refreshing to see Asian men portrayed as "sexy" and honestly, it was kind of a relief to not see blonde, blue eyed "hunks" everywhere.

In an attempt to increase awareness of Asian mens sex appeal, here are a few Asian men that I personally find attractive.

Kim Jong-in
Going by the stage name Kai, this 23-year-old has gained notoriety for his dancing skills and the heart-stopping ability to be simultaneously cute and sexy. A member of the popular K-pop group Exo, this guy is constantly striving to improve.


Gong Yoo
After a series of stints in South Korean dramas, the 38-year-old proved he could lead a film with his starring role in the zombie flick Train to Busan (one of my favorite zombie movies to-date). Besides being utterly adorable he's also an amazing actor.


Park Chanyeol
This talented powerhouse is another member of K-pop group Exo. Don't let his babyface fool you, Chanyeol is 24, and an amazing rapper, drummer, guitarist and painter. Are you impressed yet?


Christian Yu
This former musican founded Dream Perfect Regime (DPR), a Korean indie group, and is now their visual director. Since he now works behind the scenes it's harder to find him, but he's super active on Instagram -- either posting unbelievably sexy selfies or his hardcore workout routine.


Ross Butler
Ross Butler's casting in 13 Reasons Why was an incredible achievement for the Asian-American community. While the character he plays is a huge douche (a refreshing casting choice for an Asian actor) Ross is far from it. He's a total dork, which makes him all the more charming.


Yuya Shibusawa
The least famous person on this list, Yuya is my Asian crush. The 19-year-old is half Japanese and half American, but has spent most of his life as an aspiring actor, he most recently starred in the reality TV show, Terrace House, where I couldn't help but root for his current relationship while I stared at his face.


Manish Dayal
This charming gentleman has been in quite a few TV shows over the years, but his most recent gig is the one I'm most excited for. He'll be starring in The Resident, a new medical drama that's sure to impress. He doesn't play the typical accented Indian character, instead he's a nervous intern with an Ivy League diploma. Another win for diversity here!


Sota Fukushi
This Japanese actor has been featured in a variety of TV shows and movies in his home country, but he's still relatively unknown. For now at least. With a live action film based on the manga series Bleach in the works, with Sota in the starring roll, he's sure to become a huge star.


Booboo Stewart
Booboo being onscreen isn't only important for Asian men, but also Native American men. He has Japanese, Chinese and Korean ancestry on his mother's side and Blackfoot ancestry on his father's. What a mix. You may recognize him from the Twilight films, but he more recently starred in Disney's Descendants series.


How do you feel about Asian men now?

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Make A PB&J For Grownups With This Wine-Flavored Jelly

A not-so-basic sandwich.

Do you hear that? It's the sound of thousands of adult-children (aka college kids) jumping for joy.

A California-based company, Drunk Jelly, has recently made waves on the internet for making a sweet spread that the drunk in mind but young at heart will be able to enjoy. The creators of wine jelly came up with their brilliant idea whilst enjoying a picnic in the park. Their picnic included a charcuterie board (fancy meats and cheeses) and wine, so the only thing they were missing was wine jelly.

Since both jelly and wine are made with grapes, it seems like a pretty obvious creation, no?

The company sells jellies in a variety of flavors. There's the ever-popular but never basic rose, a hearty merlot, a sweet moscato and even a light chardonnay. Don't know your wines? Just get one of their "wine flights" and pick out three you'd be interested in giving a whirl.

Enjoy the spreads on bread, with meat or cheese or, better yet, use it to make a fancy PB&J.

Unfortunately, all of the jelly is nonalcoholic, but what goes better with wine than more wine?

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Justin Bieber Actually Got Banned From China

This is not a joke.

You read that right. Canadian singer Justin Bieber is actually being banned from performing in China.

When a Belieber in China asked the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture why the artist wasn't allowed to have any of his Asian tour dates in the country, they responded in a translated message that "Justin Bieber is a talented singer but also a controversial young foreign singer". They continued on, citing "bad behavior" and "public dissatisfaction". As a result of this, the Bureau determined that Bieber just shouldn't be allowed to perform in the country.

The Biebs isn't the only artist to be banned from the country. Bjork, Maroon 5 and Oasis has all been banned from performing for a variety of political reasons. They can all still enter the country, but while within its borders they can't perform anywhere, which sort of defeats the purpose of a popular musician visiting.

Some examples of Bieber's past bad behavior include a past DUI, being rude to his fans and using racial slurs. While the pop star has been relatively tame in 2017, his past behavior was still enough to get him banned from China. It'll take a lot of time and future good deeds for the singer to possibly be able to perform there again.

In the meantime, he's touring several asian countries, such as Japan, the Philippines and Singapore.

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A Gentleman's Guide to International Hook Ups

Language barrier or not, you can do it.

If you find yourself overseas, you still want to make sure you're getting as much dick/vagina possible. But negotiating new cultures and new private parts can be a daunting task. With a few tips, you will be fucking your way across the globe like a weirdly sexual Magellan.

Exploit the expats.
OK, OK. No one wants to travel to exotic places in the world and then just fuck Americans. But you need to walk before you can run, and this a good way to get your sexual bearings.

You also have a huge advantage because some people will be so homesick that any American will look good to them. It's the same reason McDonald's isn't as gross in Asia; it reminds you of the USA. God Bless America.

Tinder up.
The social media app for banging is available in countries all over the world. The language barrier will still exist, but you know that they liked your goofy face enough to swipe right.

Have your pocket dictionary at the ready and type some flirty phrases. I would suggest inviting them to drinks and dancing, because bumbling your way through a dinner conversation in another language could be rough.

Ask them on a date.
This might seem obvious, but sometimes in college you don't need to be explicit in order to hook up: you can just kind of tell. These cultural nuances could get lost in other countries, so you can't really afford to be too subtle.

I mean, don't ask them if they want to fuck, but asking them on a date works. Or maybe ask them to fuck? Who knows.

Bring a wingman.
Being a stranger in a new place kind of makes you look creepy. No one wants to invite a total rando back to their bedroom, but if you have a friend it eases some worries. People think that at least one person likes you enough, how terrible can you be?

It also will be advantageous to talking to a group of the opposite sex (or same sex!) because you'll have back up.

Get out there!
You're not going to find anyone unless you go out there and try and meet someone new. Go to bars at night, go to museums during the day, learn some key phrases in the national language, and just have fun. Traveling is a great experience, and getting to have sex in a new place just makes it that much better.

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Weekly Entertainment Recap: 10/16

The good, the bad, and the ugly. Celebrities, amiright?

So this week was the week of ladies, in my estimation. Let me break it down for you.

First, Taylor Swift revealed to the world that she learned a huge lesson after that whole Nicki Minaj Twitter debacle.

In an interview with NME, Taylor Swift said, "I send text messages now. If there seems to be some kind of misunderstanding, I go to someone's management, I get their number and I text them. It's an important lesson for anyone to learn in 2015."

Like I've always said: Celebrities! Stay the hell off Twitter when you're angry. Thank you Tay Sway for finally listening.

And since we're on the topic, Apparently Taylor Swift also wrote a novel when she was 14 called A Girl Called Girl about a mother who wanted a son but instead got a girl.

Okay, T. Swift. I see you.

But the REAL news of the week is Jennifer Lawrence's essay about the gender pay gap in the film industry, published in Lena Dunham's newsletter, Lenny.

In the essay, J. Law talks about how after the Sony hack revealed the payroll for her movie American Hustle--and how her male co-stars were paid considerably more than her and her fellow female co-stars. Worried about looking "spoiled or difficult" she said, she didn't stand her ground in negotiations. But after seeing the payroll, she realized that her male co-stars didn't really give a shit if they looked spoiled.

You go Jennifer Lawrence; four for you Jennifer Lawrence.

Even better, Bradley Cooper voiced his support for J-Law and other women in the negotiation process, saying that he would negotiate with his female co-stars from now on.

"I don't know where it's changing otherwise but that's something that I could do," Cooper told Reuters.

Ughh, AMAZING. Love him.

While, it totally was a week for the ladies, there was also some bad news this week.

Lamar Odom, of Lakers and Kardashian fame was found unconscious in a brothel suffering from what appears to be drug overdose. He is currently in a coma.

I'll update you on the deets next week. Until, then Flockers!