Best Eats at Boston University
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Best Eats at Boston University

Boston is the best.

College isn't college without two things: food and beer. So why not embark on a mission to figure out what the best food is and where to find it on different college campuses? These are the best places to grab a bite at BU.

Nud Pob

Students are raving about this quick Thai food joint. It must be monumental. It's the perfect combo of large portions and fast service. It's relatively cheap, too, as most dishes are between $6-$8. Their particluarly well-known for thi Indonesian Fried Rice.

The Salty Pig
Quality food at a decent price. This place is actually known for its cheese. Seriously. They specialize in aging cheese, which tops their signature sandwiches and pizzas. Students love going here for lunch, which is when it tends to be not as busy.

Otto Pizza
You can never go wrong with pizza. And here, they make nearly any dinner meal into a pizza. A few of the random toppings include cranberry, zucchini, and even mashed potatoes. This place gets bonus points for their fair prices.

You can eat in or takeout at this inexpensive Italian food joint. Their salad, pizza, and calamari are the most popular items on their somewhat pricey menu ( $11+). Nonetheless, students love to gather at this adorable Italian restaurant. FYI: it is a bit small in there, so don't forget to say "MeScoozi."

Live Noodles
A relatively new restaurant in West Campus, this place is known for their amazing homemade Chinese noodles. Depending on what you order, it can be relatively expensive, but there are some $6 dishes on the menu.

Nothing more pleasing than brunch, and this place puts a twist on it. They've got breakfast sandwiches, regular sandwiches, bagel sandwiches, and even sweet croissants! Talk about 11:30 a.m. food heaven.

At Boston University's campus, most of the best spots are on Commonwealth Ave. That makes it easy to jump from restaurant to restaurant each night of the week, which is perf. Food is a wonderful thing.

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Best Places to Eat Drunk at Penn State

So... drunk... must... eat....

Everyone has the same thought when their alcohol- and dance- filled night is coming to an end. You've been drinking for around five hours, haven't eaten in about seven hours, and you're probably dripping from dancing in a sweat box for a few hours. What better way to finish your night than with some goodness to put in your stomach? Here's the best at Penn State.

1. Jersey Mike's
The only restriction on this is that it's gotta be your post-daylong food, because it isn't open when your late-night cravings kick in. However, it's a must. Whether it's their chipotle cheesesteaks or a simple hoagie (especially if you get it Mike's Way), your hunger will be more than satisfied as you slip into your drunken nap.

2. Wings Over
No delivery fee, and open until 1 a.m.? It's a Penn Stater's dream! Anything from bone-in and boneless wings to wraps, and of course, waffle fries, are worth ordering from this late-night hot spot. And with their wide range of flavors such as sweet chili, seven pepper dry rub, honey BBQ, and cruisin' altitude, you really can't miss.

3. Are U Hungry
The name itself begs the question. If you're eating here, you must be STARVING. Open until 2:30 a.m., Are U Hungry has wings, fried mac-n-cheese bites, wraps, and of course their famous "Fat Sandwiches" such as the Fat Bitch, which has steak, american cheese, a chicken finger, mozzarella sticks, mayo, ketchup, and french fries on it.

4. Gumby's
If you don't feel like walking, Gumby's should be your pizza go-to. Their famous Pokey Sticks are essentially cheese sticks with any and every dipping sauce you could imagine. If you're walking, however, and on a true college budget, Canyon Pizza's dollar slices are your way to go. When it comes to pizza, these are your best options.

5. Penn Kebab
Feeling adventurous? Penn Kebab has American-ized all of your Middle Eastern food cravings. They've taken falafel and amped it up with meat like ground beef, steak, or chicken, (and added french fries too). If you're making the journey to Penn Kebab, you really are THAT drunk. Kudos to you.

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Best University of Buffalo Restaurants

Buffalo wings for the win.

New Yorkers, where you at? New York food is usually incredible, and it's no secret that college students know the best places to eat on their campuses. In Buffalo, there are tons of restaurants near and far to the campus of University of Buffalo.

Stroll down Elmwood Ave. and wander into this amazing Greek diner. This nearby restaurant offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Be prepared for true Greek food, including the gyros (of course). The prices are fairly decent, too, ranging from $8-$15.

Bow down to probably one of the most popular college foods: WINGS. Duff's is a unique wing joint in Buffalo, and it gave rise to a few others of its kind in NY. This restaurant has been an iconic favorite for UB students for years. They love the variety of sauces the most, and the wings are apparently big and meaty.

Mighty Taco.
Better than Taco Bell but still fast food, this awesome taco joint in Buffalo is the place to get your fill of Mexican food. It's very affordable, all prices are under $10. And they've got a thing for sour cream, which is fine with me.

Amy's Place.
UB students love this place, and you would too if you went there. It's known for it's amazing breakfast, and, get this; you can get a full stack of pancakes for just $5.99. That's insanely awesome. They also provide an abundance of vegetarian and vegan options.

Besta Pizza.
You cannot do college without pizza. This place might look like it can't serve up a good slice, but trust the students, it can. The prices are fabulous compared to mainstream chains, offering a large pizza for just $14. They also sell subs, wings, and even tacos. This place is perhaps the best-a.

Aside from loving the state of New York all by itself, their food never disappoints. Students at the University of Buffalo are very lucky that they have so many great options to choose from. I would never go hungry on that campus.

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Best Hofstra University Restaurants

Because the dining hall gets old after the 2,962nd time.

Tucked away in Hempstead, New York, Hofstra is a private university that enrolls about 10,000 students. Although the campus may be small, the restaurant selection is not (Hallelujah). I love New York, so let's see if their food can stand up to my expectations.

King Umberto
Quality Italian food is my thing. While you might think you're paying for the ambiance, the food is never second best. This beautiful Italian joint offers a variety of pizzas, including gluten-free or wheat crusts, along with fancy seafood platters, pasta dishes, and even veal.

Sushi dates are a must on every college campus. Luckily, this place offers some of the best. Their prices are really awesome, maxing out at $13 for a full sushi roll. They also offer hibachi steak or seafood, which causes the price to climb a bit more. Nonetheless, the sushi is where it's at.

5 De Mayo
Nearly a 5-star restaurant, 5 De Mayo offers truly genuine Mexican food to those near Hofstra University. They have the freshest guacamole and the best Swiss Enchiladas. Who wouldn't go here to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?! It's got to be the ultimate place.

The St. James
Just 15 minutes away in Mineola, NY, this restaurant is the ideal place for burgers and wings. You can tell by the name that the restaurant has an Irish element to it, so they're also serving up a lot of beer (what a perfect combination!). With $8 wings and $10 burgers, you can't beat this spot for lunch or dinner.

Your Mother's House Kitchen and Bar
Not quite your mother's, but you get the idea. This contemporary restaurant offers brunch, lunch, dinner, AND happy hour. You can enjoy mother's meatloaf, nachos, or chili. There's so much variety, they even offer pizza! If you go there, you apparently have to try to the banging popcorn shrimp.

Since Hofstra is so close to Queens and Manhattan, the prices of these restaurants are higher than what college students are used to. But then again, if you go to a private school in NY, I'm sure you won't have any trouble paying for your food.

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Best Places to Eat on Campus at The University of Alabama

Nom nom nom.

Other than parties, food is one of the best parts of college. UA already has one of the best football teams in the country, so it's okay that they aren't ranked #1 in food options. You'll probably miss your mom's cooking a few weeks in, but Tuscaloosa still offers some good options to satisfy your hunger.

1. Burke Dining Hall
One of the all-you-can-eat restaurants on campus, it will definitely satisfy your southern-comfort-food cravings. It also has one of the biggest salad bars on campus, and there are nine televisions to give it a homey feel. PS, the pizza is to die for.

2. Buffalo Phil's
This one's for the people who don't mind getting a little messy, and for the foodie who can appreciate the art of good wings. I mean, there's no better combination than wings and beer, am I right? It's not technically located on campus, but it's super close and they accept dining dollars so you don't have to worry about spending your booze money.

3. The Bistro
For the coffee lover who likes to spice things up a little bit, The Bistro brews Starbucks coffee as well as their own specialty drinks. They also offer snack foods to satisfy your sweet tooth during your study break. Coffee shops are a necessity in college, and I promise you'll love this one.

4. Greens to Go
For those who are trying to watch their figures (good luck), this is the perfect healthy option. Greens to Go is a salad and wrap bar that was introduced last year to give students more healthy food choices. The student body asked for healthier options, and this is just that.

5. Lakeside Dining Hall
Lakeside is the biggest all-you-can-eat dining hall at UA, and they have a ton of options for you food lovers out there who have a hard time picking just one thing to eat--burgers, pasta, sandwiches, salads, etc. You might get tired of it, but it's always a good option. Make sure you wear your stretchy pants here...and watch out for the Freshman 15.

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The Ultimate Taco Travel Bucket List

Definitely hit up one of these places.

Fun fact about me: I actually love tacos more than anything in this world, literally. Tacos understand me, we get each other and if I could marry a taco, I would. I also love to travel, so I've created the ultimate taco travel bucket list. I've researched the best taco places all over the country and have compiled a list of the tastiest tacos in the coolest places, you're welcome.

El Rey del Taco- Atlanta, GA
At El Rey del Taco, the owner cooks everything to order and even gives you the option of having HANDMADE tortillas (for 25 extra cents). So worth it. This taco joint carries the traditionals like chicken and steak, but also has options for your more adventurous taste buds like tongue or cow cheek- yikes.

Los Torres Taqueria- Dallas, TX
This family-owned Mexican restaurant is known for it's carne adobada, which are soft, marinated pork nuggets. I wouldn't necessarily choose to put pork and nuggets in the same sentence, but I like pork and who doesn't love nuggets, so why not? They're also known to have some killer salsas.

These "bar tacos" are great for many reasons, but especially because they're cheap and available late at night, which makes a great midnight snack. All ingredients are fresh and the tacos are made to order with your choice of chicken, chorizo, steak or shrimp.

NanaTaco- Durham, NC
Being from Raleigh, I'm fortunate enough to live only 20 minutes away from this mouth-watering, amazing taco joint. NanaTaco not only has amazing tacos, burritos, and nachos, but they also have incredible margaritas and sangria selections. This is the perfect laid-back hangout spot with indoor and outdoor seating.

Guerrilla Tacos- Los Angeles, CA
This isn't your average taco place, in fact it's a taco truck! This is owned and operated by Wes Avila, who focuses on quality and freshness while adding a unique twist to his tacos. This high-demand taco truck business started out as a two person street cart in 2012. The menu changes weekly in order to offer guests something new and exciting every visit.

Cabo Wabo- Las Vegas, NV
Cabo Wabo is located on the strip of Vegas, and is known for its delicious carne asada tacos. They even have their own tequila, the "Cabo Wabo tequila" that's known to make you wobble. Vegas, baby.

So there you have it my fellow taco fiends, a list of just some of the best taco places in the country. Although there are many, many more, these are the ones that especially stuck out to me. Happy taco hunting and traveling!