10 Times My Liberal Self Agreed with Trump
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10 Times My Liberal Self Agreed with Trump

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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So a good liberal is definitely not supposed to agree with Trump. That's like the number one rule of being liberal. I just couldn't help it though. Don't get me wrong-I don't endorse the Donald. His racism, sexism, and every other -ism one can attach to his campaign are a serious issue and they're more than enough to prevent me from supporting him. But that doesn't mean I don't agree on some things.

Health Insurance Reform: Trump thinks health insurance vendors should be able to sell plans across state lines. That's a much more effective business plan than limiting vendors to one state, and it gives consumers more options. He also thinks health insurance should be tax deductible for individuals rather than just for businesses. I'm behind that too; it makes health insurance more affordable.

Healthcare Transparency: Why am I paying thousands of dollars for a 10 minute ride in an ambulance? Why does my Ibuprofen pill cost $20 when I can buy it at Walmart for $2? I have so many questions about healthcare cost, but no one seems to have the answers. We need to demand answers, and Trump's plan to increase transparency does that.

Allow Pharmaceutical Drug Imports: What if I need a drug that's not sold in the United States? What if the drug I need is much less expensive somewhere else in the world? Importing drugs increases options and decreases price for consumers, so it's a win-win.

Tax Corporate Income Earned Abroad: American companies should not be able to defer taxes no matter where they make their money.

Stop Supporting Chinese Businesses with lax Labor and Environmental Standards: This problem isn't unique to China, so I wish he'd apply this to all businesses, but it's an ethical way to bring jobs back to America and raise standards for the businesses we work with. It also equalizes the playing field of business competition by ensuring all companies that want to be players in the global market meet the same conditions.

Female Veteran Health: Trump is the last candidate I expected this from, but he argues that the Veterans Administration should meet women's healthcare needs. From his website: "The fact that many VA hospitals don't permanently staff OBGYN doctors shows an utter lack of respect for the growing number female veterans."

Veteran Mental Health: The VA needs to do that too. This includes funding PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and suicide prevention resources.

Veteran Healthcare: Under Trump's plan, veterans would be able to use their Veteran ID to go to any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare.

Rural Veteran Healthcare: Trump wants to build satellite veteran health clinics to ensure healthcare is accessible everywhere.

Planned Parenthood: Trump has threatened to cut off funding from Planned Parenthood if they continue abortion services, even though abortion services make up only 3 percent of services, and federal dollars are not used.

But he acknowledges the importance of Planned Parenthood: "But millions and millions of women-cervical cancer, breast cancer-are helped by Planned Parenthood. So you can say whatever you want, but they have millions of women going through Planned Parenthood that are helped greatly."

So no, Trump isn't who I'll be voting for. He's not who I'm supporting. He's mocked a disabled voter, supported a Muslim database (let's not forget how the Holocaust started), and called public breastfeeding "disgusting". None of that is excusable and nothing he said or did would change that. But as for his actual policies? They don't seem all that bad.

Except for his immigration policy. That one's bad. Notice the lack of mention above. No Trump, Mexico should not pay for a wall.

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The Double Standard Of "Stealthing"

Yes, men can be victims, too.

"Stealthing" is a term commonly used to describe a practice of sexual assault in which a man secretly removes the condom during sex, despite agreeing to wear one, without the woman's knowledge or consent. This form of deceptive sexual assault is disgusting, and violates women as well as their trust for their partners. This form of assault can cause serious emotional and physical distress from the victim. "Stealthing" has unfortunately become a revolting trend that targets mainly women.

Stealthing has been condemned by Rape Crisis as a sex crime, and it was recently added to the definition of rape in the state of California. However, there is another form of stealthing that isn't as publicized.

If a man agrees to have intercourse with a woman as long as she is taking birth control methods, and she secretly stops taking them, is that not just another form of stealthing? It violates trust and can also be viewed as a form of sexual assault, because the man did not consent to sex without contraceptives. While not as common as secretly removing a condom, it is still possible for women to attempt to "trap" men by secretly trying to conceive a child.

While stealthing is becoming illegal and prosecutable for men, women who lie about birth control are completely free to do so, as they won't face any consequences for it. Both are deception and both are forms of stealthing, yet only one is considered to be truly illegal.

Another comparison is that both can potentially cause pregnancy. Sabotaging or removing a condom and lying about birth control could both lead to unwanted pregnancy, or at least unwanted on one side of the relationship. If a woman is a victim of stealthing that results in pregnancy, they have the right to decide whether or not to have an abortion or to take an abortion pill.

Male victims, however, do not have the right to decide whether or not the woman should have an abortion. After all, it is her body and her decision. Men can't force their partner into having an abortion for obvious reasons. Men will have to pay child support for their unwanted child that resulted from stealthing, as well as not being able to obtain any real form of justice.

Women can be victims of stealthing. Men can be victims of stealthing. Anyone can be victims of stealthing, and it's about time we started talking about it.

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Beware The Trump Bus

Paul Ryan, you're next.

With healthcare being one of Trump's top agenda items and all the chaos that has surrounded replacing Obamacare, it's no surprise that the press has been covering the process intensely, as it should be! We're talking HEALTH care, you know, a basic life necessity. But one that millions still are forced to live without...

While most of the coverage can be a dull or downright painful process to listen to, Trevor Noah lightened the mood for everyone last night with his take of the health care chaos. Well, everyone except Speaker of the House Paul Ryan...

To brief, Yesterday Ryan stated his proposal for The American Health Care Act, which was written with Trump. Seems like an okay statement, given the President himself said it was a "a big, fat, beautiful negotiation."

However, Trump gave his support BEFORE the Congressional Budget Office, a non-party affiliated group of analysts, hit us with the facts on the new plan. Like 14 million without insurance by next year! And higher premiums for old folks! How could you do that to the old folks?!

Given the current disapproval of the bill, even by Republicans, we can only see some future angry tweets and finger pointing from our president elect. Or worse, a full on Regina George style bus trample by the Trump Bus himself, as Noah was quick to note.

"We all see what you're trying to do, Speaker Ryan. You know your ObamaCare replacement bill is crap, and now you're trying to throw Trump under the bus -- but you don't realize that's not how it works with Trump, because Trump is the bus."

Watch this video and guaranteed it'll make you laugh away any political woes [and be grateful that we are in our YOUTH].

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Candidates on the Issue: Women's Rights

Equal pay for equal work, amirite?

This presidential election is a big deal for women's rights. Sure, women can vote, get an education, and do many other things that wouldn't have been possible without the powerful Suffragette and Women's Rights Movements, but there's still a lot preventing us from having full equality.

We still only make about $0.79 for every dollar a man makes. We still have more male CEOs named John than female CEOs. We're still more likely to be victims of severe domestic violence, experienced by 1 in 5 women.

We need a president who knows there's a problem and is going to be dedicated to fixing it, so I've outlined the good and the bad of each frontrunning candidate's approach to women's rights.

Donald Trump.

I promised to say something good about every candidate. It's basically like in elementary school when the teacher made you say something nice to the kid you were mean to. So, a good thing Trump did was he put a woman in charge of his construction project in the 1980s, which was a pretty big deal considering women are still underrepresented in construction. Gold star for Trump. But what I really want to talk about:

Enough said. That's just the tip of the iceberg though.

Ted Cruz.

This took a lot of research, but I found something! He defended the Texas Sexually Violent Predator Civil Commitment law, which confines sexually violent predators from society in a facility that offers mental and psychiatric care. That's important for women's rights.

Women are more likely to be victims of sexual violence and rape. Cruz's college roommate has been tweeting about him since 2012 though, and he doesn't think this accomplishment makes up for everything else he's done.

So why is he such an asshole? He voted against the Violence Against Women Act. That's pretty indefensible. The only other individuals to vote against it provided reasoning that the act didn't do enough to expedite testing of rape kits, but he had no such comments. He also called drafting women "nuts" and told voters they could "spank" Hillary for lying about Benghazi, just like his daughter would be spanked for lying.

John Kasich.

He expressed concern about an anti-abortion bill that did not make exceptions for rape or incest. These exceptions are so important to fighting victim-blaming and giving victims the freedom they deserve. He's not all sunshines and butterflies in regards to women's rights, though.

He attributes part of his success to an "army of people and many women who left their kitchens to go out and go door to door and to put yard signs up." I'm down to help out with a political campaign, but I won't be coming from the kitchen, personally. I'll most likely be coming from an engineering class, or dorm room, or job. It's unlikely to be a kitchen. I mean thanks for acknowledging the role women play in your election, but no thanks.

It's not just his words though. It's also his actions. He cut Ohio Planned Parenthood funding by $1.4 million, severely decreasing access to healthcare for women. And he can't make this about his anti-abortion stance (which is a whole other problem). Planned Parenthood funding doesn't even go towards abortions, and really, it can be argued that Planned Parenthood has one of the biggest roles in preventing abortion by providing so much sex education and contraception resources.

Hillary Clinton.

She'd be the first female president ever in the United States of America, and that's an awesome way to show people females can be powerful leaders. She's also a leader in a lot of women's rights issues.

Equal pay? She's on it. She "championed the Paycheck Fairness Act and co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act." Unjust punishment of feminists abroad? She's calling that out too. She "criticized Xi for speaking at a women's conference in New York while jailing feminists at home."

But hold on. Her record isn't perfect. She accepted millions of dollars from regimes that are oppressive to women for the Clinton Foundation. There's a little irony in that, especially because she denounced the gender equality efforts in the very countries she accepted money from. Oops.

Bernie Sanders.

He supports the Paycheck Fairness Act. I can get behind equal pay for equal work. It sucks that female engineers and architects make $65,000 a year on average, while males make $79,000 doing the same work.

He also supports the Violence Against Women Act and the Equal Rights Amendment. Violence against women is bad. Having a vagina doesn't make me less human, so I and other females should have human rights. So I guess you can count me in on his side for these issues too.

He's not always the perfect feminist though. He, too, is prone to brosplaining and mansplaining, like the time he told Hillary Clinton "all the shouting in the world" is not going to keep guns out of the wrong hands, or the time he told Clinton, "Excuse me, I'm talking" and "Can I finish? You'll have your turn."

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Bernie Supporters: 5 Times Trump Agreed with Bernie

Bernie supporters, Trump might be your next best bet.

Bernie supporters are finding themselves caught between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now that Bernie does not has the Democratic ticket. The obvious choice for many is Clinton, but others argue that Trump aligns more closely with their liberal beliefs. Here's what Sanders and Trump have in common:

We have a "Yuge" Problem
They say huge the same way because they are both from New York. It's hard to tell which one is speaking sometimes, but they both agree we have a yuge problem and need to make America great again.

Planned Parenthood
We almost couldn't believe it, but in Trump's very own words: "Look, Planned Parenthood has done very good work for many, many -- for millions of women." Standing by Planned Parenthood is not the most Republican position to take, but he did it anyway. "I'm going to be really good for women, I'm going to be good for women's health issues, it's very important to me. Very important to me."

Good job Trump. This isn't to say he fully agrees with Bernie on everything Planned Parenthood related; he still opposes abortion funding and affordable birth control, but it's a step ahead of most Republican candidates.

Infrastructure + Jobs
They both think unemployment is a real issue, and infrastructure is a real issue, so they're simultaneously targeting both by creating jobs to fix and expand infrastructure.

Campaign Financing
This is a YUGE issue for both candidates.Sanders and Trump both oppose the power that rich donors and super PACS have on politics, so they funded their campaigns mostly independently. Seventy-five percent of Trump's campaign was self-funded thanks to his millionaire status, and 86 percent of Sanders' campaign was funded by individual donors thanks to his focus on small donors pooling together to make big change.

Increased Access to Healthcare
They both agree that healthcare is a right, even though they'd go about expanding access to healthcare in different ways. Of people in need of care, Trump says, "you can't let 'em die in the streets," and he claims to stand by that even if it loses him votes. He's also supporting stronger transparency, drug imports to lower prices and sale of health insurance across state lines.

Target Income Inequality
Trump and Sanders would go at this issue in very different ways, but they both address it. For households making less than $50,000, Trump would lower taxes to $0. Sanders' plan, on the other hand, is to increase taxes all around and use it for social programs like federally funded college.

At first glance, Trump and Sanders are exact opposites. Trump has said some pretty racist, sexist, and everything-ist things, and Sanders has dedicated himself to social justice, for one thing, but looking more closely at their actual policies suggests they're not all that different. No matter who you decide deserves your vote, it's important to choose someone you believe in, whether that's Trump or Clinton at this point.

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Going To A Liberal School As Somebody With 1950s Values

I need my chastity belt.

I feel very out of place among the student population sometimes.

They support things like universal healthcare and marriage equality, and I just don't agree with that. They'll ask you why, too - I can't even believe it. How do I explain that I don't see how it benefits me without seeming like a total asshat?

If you, like me, were raised on red-blooded American values that haven't changed since the 1950s, then a liberal school probably isn't the school for you. Take it from me, I go to one (I won't say the name, the SJWs might be reading this).

I love my school and all, but sometimes I sit there and wonder what direction America is heading. I mean, people having casual sex? What next, they'll try to legalize marijuana? Oh, wait, they're trying to. I like to think of myself as pretty open-minded, but these leftist social stances are a little much for me.

I'd rather be at war.

OK, well, maybe not at war myself, but I'd rather our country be at war, you know? What's more American than that? Direct all of my tax dollars there, please!

People of the same gender holding hands just make me really uncomfortable, and I don't think everybody needs marriage equality. Just look at my parents! It's been 25 years since they got married at 18, and they hate each other! Exactly as it should be. All is right in America when nobody marries for love.

Don't even get me started on how weird it is that there are women in my pre-med classes. My "Donald Trump Is My President" Facebook group will sort them out and put them in their place.

Among weed-smoking, sexually fluid and promiscuous students with access to healthcare who aren't like me, I just feel like I don't fit in at my liberal school. However, my president is going to make sure that I feel safe and punish them!