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Welcome to FlockU! FlockU is a media outlet providing college students information about what campus life is all about. As the only media outlet for college students, we have articles written by college students, for college students. Everything from college dating to picking your college major, FlockU has it all. Our users come to FlockU for the raw truths about campus life and what really goes down on a college campus. We are different from any other platform because we are not your everyday blog where just anyone can post, no. We staff a full editorial team who review all articles from our loyal Flockers so you know only the best of the best get approved. This is how we ensure and maintain our high quality content and product for our customer – college students.


College students across the nation receive their daily college news right here at FlockU. What are the craziest college stories where some kid ended up in the emergency room? What’s the best college music to blast to really get that party going? Our writers have an up-close and personal view to give some of their insights and share their ridiculous experiences. We know what campus life is really all about. This isn’t stuff your tour guides share with you but are absolutely must-knows as far as campus lifestyle goes.


FlockU is a space that allows for college students to read, write, and create content about the most important things to them. We encourage our followers to defend themselves against all the millennial haters. You know those haters; the ones who think this generation is the laziest, most entitled, and worst generation ever. The fact is that only college students understand what it’s like to be in college right now. Who better to speak as an expert on the subject then college students themselves?


Our Flockers are student writers who come from all colleges and universities across the country. They come in all different forms of writing including journalists, writers, photographers, videographers, and everything in between. No topic is off limits at FlockU. If you want to write about all the ridiculous drinking games you played with your RA, we encourage it! As a platform for you, we welcome anyone and everyone with an original and refreshing voice. You’ll be reading from authors who are your roommates, teammates, drinking buddies, and best friends.


Welcome to FlockU and Flock on!