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A Flocker is a student writer that contributes to Flockers come from every college and university in the country; they are journalists, writers, photographers and those who aspire to be. Anyone who has a fresh voice is welcome to submit.

We cover every topic - nothing is off limits. We believe college is a microcosm of life and our content reflects that. Our writers are smart as hell, charming and fun. They are your roommates, teammates, drinking buddies and best friends. Experiments, personal essays, cultural critique and research pieces are welcome. Photos, videos and new ways of communication are encouraged; we're a platform for you. We love knowledgeable explainers on new topics and fresh takes on old ones.

Send us your story and and our team of editors will work with you to get your work web ready.

FlockU is a place where students can create the site that they want, with help from some of the best digital editors around. Get published & get experience.

Keep In Mind

If you don't hear back from us, that doesn't mean we did not accept your story. In most cases, we will get back to you with edits within five days.

Every fact stated in your story must be cited and hyperlinked to a credible source.

400 words is a good ballpark for length.

You must have the legal rights to publish any work, as well as photos and videos.

You can submit any material you have the legal rights to, like a personal blog. You can include a line at the end about where the piece originally appeared.


We pay our writers based on performance. You can make anywhere from $0 to $60 per article, depending on how many people read it. Here’s how it’s broken down:

Tier One - $60
The cream of the crop, your article is stellar and got a ton of traffic.
Tier two - $25
An excellent article,
just not as good as Tier 1.
Tier three - $10
A decent article,
but something is missing.
Tier four - $0
The article didn't do too well, possibly because of the topic, or just not that many people saw it.

You get paid (or don’t) one week after your article is published, so it has time to gain traction and get noticed.

Please reach out with any questions to We can't wait to read your story.