Your Dad's Favorite Bar Songs Playlist
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Your Dad's Favorite Bar Songs Playlist

Perfect for singing along with friends.

There is nothing better than a good tipsy throwback jam sesh, and the best songs for that are the ones that everyone knows. I don't know about you, but growing up my dad played strictly classic rock while he drove me to ice skating practice and I grew to absolutely love it.

As I've gotten older, I have even more appreciation for these classics. I find myself wanting to listen to the songs I grew up loving on so many different occasions, so I threw them all together in a playlist.

These are songs you can listen to driving down the highway with your best friend, while you're doing your science homework, or screaming while you're blackout drunk at a frat.

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(Not) Going Through A Middle School Phase Playlist

It's who I am, mom!

We all had the skate shoes, the embarrassing MySpace pictures, and every argument with our parents seemed like the end of the world. For some reason, when times got tough (i.e. your parents didn't let you go to the local Catholic school Friday night dance) we turned to some really heavy punk pop and rock to soothe our angsty little souls.

This is a playlist for those nights, but also for when you get in that occasional angry mood and become a little nostalgic about how much you used to overreact.

Obviously, there are staple bands like blink-182, Fall Out Boy, and Green Day, but more importantly, there are tons of bands you might have let slip through the cracks as you grew up. Included are AFI, Cute Is What We Aim For, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and plenty others for your dark filled night!

Grab a Monster energy drink, turn it up as loud as you can, and let the tears fall!

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The March Madness Pregame Playlist

It's that time of the year!

With 67 games and 68 teams, March Madness appeals to almost every college basketball fan. Whether it's your bracket, alma mater, local school or upset special, the NCAA Tournament reigns supreme on the heart. This playlist is designed for the tournament banger, the bracket confidence-booster, the pregame rituals, and overall sense that March basketball is back.

This playlist features everything, from heartbreak in the tournament to a cinderella story. Featured artists include rap artists Future, Eminem and Kanye West ... to traditional jams from Queen, Metallica and AC/DC. Lose a bit of cash in your bracket pools? Not to worry, Daniel Powter's "Bad Day" is included as well. Good luck!

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The "Evolution Of Rock" Playlist

From Muddy Waters to Radiohead.

From Robert Johnson to Nirvana, rock has evolved so much over the years.

Organized chronologically and starting in the 1950's, making its way to the late '90's and early 2000's, this playlist will give you a sense for just how far rock has come. Listen to how the genre changed and evolved, and learn something about the history of the music that pissed off a lot of old people in the 50's.

This playlist is best paired with a good Wikipedia page binge.

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Pregame Crowd Pleasers Playlist

Bangers for everyone.

Let me set the scene for you. You're having a pregame at your house before heading out to a party or bar. You've worked hard to curate a playlist for the handful of hours before going out where you and your friends will slug Nattys and get too drunk too early.

Halfway into the third song some girl hijacks the music and puts on Ignition Remix.

While impossible to avoid, this inevitability can be delayed by making a shuffle-proof, all banger playlist. This is that playlist.

This is two and half hours of crowd-pleasing hits spanning EDM, pop, and hip hop, bound to buy you at a solid 45 minutes before some drunk friend of a friend puts on The Chainsmokers.

It's got some established radio bangers by artists like Jojo and DJ Khaled, and emerging, soon-to-be bangers like Hungover by Emmalyn.

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The Feels Playlist

Embrace the emotion.

Honestly, this playlist was completely unintentional.

I was feeling pretty mellow today, which lead to a lot of Majid Jordan and Roy Woods, two of my favorite artists. While lying there I decided I might as well be a little productive and jumped on Spotify to make a playlist and spread the love a little.

I really didn't have a clear vision for what this playlist was going to be. I just wanted to put together a list of songs that you could really get into. At first I thought maybe this was a breakup playlist or a playlist to listen to when things just weren't going right, but that's not what the songs were about.

While these songs are definitely a little more on the emotional side, they're not sad songs. These are songs to vibe out to and songs to light some candles to. These are songs for when you're in the mood to embrace all your feels.