Winter Break Blues
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Winter Break Blues

The truth about coming home.

At first coming home for winter break seems exciting. Let's face it. You missed eating real food, having your own room, and not having to fear you'll catch the Bubonic Plague every time you take a shower without shoes. What we forget is that coming home means reentering the world of parents. You'll be sure to encounter the following on your break this winter.

1. The sober curfew.
Goodbye to the nights of stumbling into your dorm room drunk off your ass at 3 a.m., and hello to the sober midnight curfew.
For those of you with overprotective parents like me, I send my condolences to any wild social life you thought you'd have over break. My parents will actually stay up until they know that I have safely returned to the premises.
Heaven forbid they find you even slightly inebriated. You'll wind up hearing the whole, "We trusted you" spiel. Do yourself a favor and sleep over at a friend's house if you plan on being anything but DEAD sober.
2. The sharing of amenities.
Don't even get me started on sharing (cars, bathrooms, the TV). It's all very tragic. You come home expecting your car to be sitting there, waiting for you... until you realize your younger sibling got their license while you were away, and now they've claimed your damn car. Lovely.
Whatever, you'll just watch TV instead. Think again. Someone's decided they're going to re-watch Grey's Anatomy and they've claimed the TV.
You get upset and decide to take a shower. Haha! The bathrooms occupied. I used to think sharing was caring, but sharing is tearing this family apart.
3. The unwelcomed welcomed guests situation.
Lastly, your interactions with those of the opposite sex become quite different. Gone are your late night hallway conversations, random hookups, and sleepovers. You'll be expected to leave your door unlocked or even open if you plan on bringing a boy or girl home.
Inevitably, around 11 you'll get a passive aggressive text from your parent asking when your "friend" is leaving. It's strange, really, going from total freedom to parental lockdown.
Eventually the Winter Break Blues will hit. You'll find yourself feeling a little down and a sense of homesickness which is all very confusing because you're pretty sure you are home.
This is when you know that you chose the right school. You miss your dorm, your friends, and your college. You have a new home now.
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Finals Week as Told by Hamilton


It's that time of the year again....I'm not referring to the holiday season (I wish I was...), but rather to the not-nearly-as-merry finals season. Students across the nation are preparing themselves for never-ending biology cram sessions, for 10 page APA essays, and for breaking the world record for most consecutive hours without sleep, caffeinated or uncaffeinated.

As a fun little study break, which in my mind is crucial in order to remain sane during exams, I've compiled a list of finals week moments that you'll undoubtedly experience or witness in the coming weeks....told exclusively through Hamilton gifs.

You stayed up until 4 a.m. studying for your 9 a.m. Bio exam, you're in need of caffeine in order to begin functioning, and the Starbucks line is out the door, down the street...

When you finally realize the extent to which you procrastinated on literally everything leading up to the end of the semester.

When there's that one freshman in your Advanced Stats lecture that somehow has the highest grade in the class and you ask them how on earth they've been doing so well, when you understand exactly nothing.

When you thought you were being proactive by starting your American Lit final essay early, but the professor changes the requirements after you've finished writing half of it.

That feeling when the professor says, "We won't be having a final during exam week."

When Einstein's in the library is closed and you feel personally betrayed by the one place that has always faithfully carbed up your study sessions.

When you're tutoring a failing student for their upcoming history exam, they STILL don't understand anything you've taught them, and you're slowly losing your patience and your mind.

When your Stats grade is posted and you see that your hard work actually paid off for once. #WORK

When everyone else is done with their finals and you have a test on the last possible time slot the Friday of finals week.

And when it's finally all over, you're going home, and you have no academic obligations for a whole month...

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Things To Do During Winter Break

There is always something...

As I sit home already bored and already missing school, I think about how many things I could be doing rather than sitting on my couch eating a sleeve of Oreos. Although winter break is that awkward long time home, there is so much to do and before you know it you will be back at school drinking your liver away.
Here are some things to put on your To-Do List when your home snuggling with your puppy.
1. Intern or apply to internships.
This is a perfect opportunity to get on top of applying to any internships you are interested. As it can be stressful and overwhelming this is perfect because you do not have to worry about doing school work and filling out an application and getting your resume in order.
2. Get a job.
Money. Money makes the world go round and it will definitely keep you busy if you find a job that pays well. Working at a restaurant is a really easy way to make quick cash fast. Doing anything you can to put some more bills in the piggy bank for the bars will help our so much.
3. Take an online class.
As much as class sucks, online classes don't suck that much. If you're bored, you might as well get ahead and take care of some credits in the meantime. Some online classes offer two week sessions. It can be super easy and will save you from having to take extra credits later on
4. Get holiday presents for your family.
Hit the mall and go shopping for your grandma and mother. There's no better time than the mall during the holidays (actually it sucks trying to find a parking spot), but you're going to have to buy them presents eventually.
5. Go to visit your city with your friends.
Taking advantage of the city closest to your home is important. See a show, go to happy hour, go ice skating. There are so many things to do the list is endless. Get a crew together and make it happen
6. Catch up on sleep.
Sleep is definitely not for the weak. Sleep in as much as you can and catch up on all the Z's you missed during finals week.
7. Get a haircut.
I see those dead ends, go get a fresh cut you know you can't get at school because you don't trust the people that work there. You will feel good and fresh as new.
8. Go to bars with your friends at your local town and see all the daddies.
Why not go to your local bar and see every single person from high school??? Could be fun and an opportunity to get super wasted.
9. Go to all those food places you see on Buzzfeed.
You know you want to, and you know how many friends you tag in those gooey desserts you drooled over in your dorm room. Go find those food places on BuzzFeed and go.
10. Start a new Netflix show.
I highly recommend Shameless or Westworld, but hey up to you. Great chance to finish some seasons in the month you have home.
11. Visit your college friends.
You know how much you miss them, plan a date with your homies from college and get together.
12. Join a gym and workout.
Start your New Years resolution and get in shape like you said you would ever Sunday morning after being hungover and contemplating your life. Join your local gym- no excuses.
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Winter Storm Jonas: FlockU Drinking Game

Everybody has a car thermometer; no one cares what yours says. Literally, no one.

Choose one person's Facebook newsfeed and throw it up on the Chromecast.
Scroll through it for 15 minutes and drink up for every post that includes:

1 Sip: a reference to the Jonas Brothers and or Joe Jonas

1 Shot: pic of a car thermometer

2 Sips: pic of legs wearing "cute" socks

3 Sips: pic of coffee mug or artful hot chocolate drink

2 Sips: nasty-looking snow day meal

1 beer bong: pic of a grocery store line/empty shelf

3 Sips: video of a dog freaking out

2 Sips: sledding pic/ snowman pic/ snow penis pic

3 Sips: people wearing inappropriate clothing (tanks, bikini)

1 Shot: complaints about shoveling/ pics of shoveling

2 Shots: video of anyone falling

1 group shotgun: basic shitty photo of snow with no value added

Group waterfall: photo of someone who lives somewhere warm humble bragging

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UnboxABLE: The Hidden Fees of That Winter Break Trip (Video)

How to YOLO on a budget

Your friends are planning a ski trip this winter break. Unfortunately, you're ballin' on a budget. They're just ballin'. We've got your back.

Presenting UnboxABLE, the series where we unpack all the hidden fees you're likely to accrue when you're busy having fun, and how to cut costs along the way.

Get to skiing, Flockers!

Directed, shot and edited by David Estrada
Post by Taylor Henderson

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The Definitive Stages of Winter Break

...I even miss my roommate, who I hate.

Exams are finally over, and you can actually chill for the first time in four months. It's winter break and you have four weeks of uninterrupted binge watching Netflix and swiping through Tinder (turns out your old high school Algebra teach is on it?! And you matched?!). However, is this break really the winter wonderland of holiday cheer it claims to be? Here are the definitive stages of winter break.

The End of Finals

You've just taken your last final. The vast land of holiday freedom lays in front of you like an unexplored new world. These four weeks offer so much promise--old friends, beer, Netflix, home cooked meals, more beer--nothing can bring you down from this natural high. Until you realize you still have to pack.

The Initial Homecoming

Your body doesn't know how to function without leftover pizza for every meal, so you lay on the couch like the dead potato you are. You've forgotten all the joys of home. Full sized showers, 24/7 pantry access, and a bed actually fit for a full sized human.


After two whole days of nothing but eating and Netflix, boredom sets in. No problem, you'll just call up a high school friend. But, it turns out, nobody else is going to be home until next week. Suddenly, the word feels like a sad, lonely place.


Finally, the holidays act as some relief from the boredom! Unfortunately, that relief comes in the form of your great aunt asking you why you aren't in a relationship yet, and if you know what you want to do after college. You consider strangling yourself with your napkin to end the misery.


The world seems even bleaker after the holidays. There's nothing to look forward to now. You recently re-discovered how lame your high school friends are, and suddenly you long for nothing more than the chaos of your dorm hallway. You even start to miss your roommate who hates you.


You didn't think you'd ever be this excited to live in a tiny square of a closet/dorm again. You know you aren't going home for spring break, that's for sure.