Winter Break Blues
01.05.2017 | College Life Source: @jacquiecooks

Winter Break Blues

The truth about coming home.

At first coming home for winter break seems exciting. Let's face it. You missed eating real food, having your own room, and not having to fear you'll catch the Bubonic Plague every time you take a shower without shoes. What we forget is that coming home means reentering the world of parents. You'll be sure to encounter the following on your break this winter.

1. The sober curfew.
Goodbye to the nights of stumbling into your dorm room drunk off your ass at 3 a.m., and hello to the sober midnight curfew.
For those of you with overprotective parents like me, I send my condolences to any wild social life you thought you'd have over break. My parents will actually stay up until they know that I have safely returned to the premises.
Heaven forbid they find you even slightly inebriated. You'll wind up hearing the whole, "We trusted you" spiel. Do yourself a favor and sleep over at a friend's house if you plan on being anything but DEAD sober.
2. The sharing of amenities.
Don't even get me started on sharing (cars, bathrooms, the TV). It's all very tragic. You come home expecting your car to be sitting there, waiting for you... until you realize your younger sibling got their license while you were away, and now they've claimed your damn car. Lovely.
Whatever, you'll just watch TV instead. Think again. Someone's decided they're going to re-watch Grey's Anatomy and they've claimed the TV.
You get upset and decide to take a shower. Haha! The bathrooms occupied. I used to think sharing was caring, but sharing is tearing this family apart.
3. The unwelcomed welcomed guests situation.
Lastly, your interactions with those of the opposite sex become quite different. Gone are your late night hallway conversations, random hookups, and sleepovers. You'll be expected to leave your door unlocked or even open if you plan on bringing a boy or girl home.
Inevitably, around 11 you'll get a passive aggressive text from your parent asking when your "friend" is leaving. It's strange, really, going from total freedom to parental lockdown.
Eventually the Winter Break Blues will hit. You'll find yourself feeling a little down and a sense of homesickness which is all very confusing because you're pretty sure you are home.
This is when you know that you chose the right school. You miss your dorm, your friends, and your college. You have a new home now.