Why You Should Take a Gap Year
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Why You Should Take a Gap Year

There's no time like the present.

YOCO. You only college once. You only have four years of undergraduate schooling to make lifelong friends, drink cheap beer, and be a young and free adult. What happens after college? You get a job or an internship and start working while you work your way up in the industry until you retire 50 years later.

OK, maybe that was a bit dramatic, but in a sense, it's true. Once you are done with college, unless you go back for graduate school, you almost always get a job and that's where your fun, carefree life full of Natty Light and rooftop parties begins to come to a halt.

But is doesn't have to be that way. This is the time to do all those things that you have always wanted to do. Stop saying, "Oh I'll do it someday when I'm older." Chances are it won't ever happen if you keep saying that.

Before you take that internship that you don't really want, or before you take that job that doesn't really interest you, think about what you really want to do in order to make yourself happy and the places you've always wanted to go.

Graduate with your class, go party with your friends, and take a gap year. A lot can happen in one year, and you can discover unimaginable, beautiful things about yourself. We have our whole lives to work. Why not just take one year for us?

Why not travel to California and see the Hollywood sign if that's what you've always wanted? Why not buy a ticket to go to London and see Big Ben? Why not visit Belize or Panama? Why not bike across the United States? Why not? We are so young. Why not do these things now?

I spent four months studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark, and that was all it took for me to understand how important it is to make your dreams a reality. You learn things that cannot be taught in a classroom; you learn things about yourself that you didn't even know existed; and you discover what it really feels like to live and be free.

Go see the world. There is too much out there for it to be left unseen.

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Should You Do Honors College?

Just another one of those college decisions to make.

Applying to be a part of Honors College is one major decision college students make. Being apart of your school's Honors College can help you tremendously throughout your college career but there are also drawbacks.

Whatever the case, there are many things to consider before deciding whether or not to be a part of Honors College.

Do You Meet The Entry Requirements?
Every school's Honors College is different, but most require at least a 3.35 GPA and less than 72 college credit hours. There may be slight differences between colleges, but basically, you've got be a relatively good student in terms of academics.

If you're a freshman trying to enter your school's Honors College, factors like your SAT score, your GPA, and a possible essay question come into play when trying to meet the requirements of the Honors College.

Can You Handle The Requirements?
Once you're in Honors College, there are things you've got to do to keep your place in Honors College; earning Honors credit. Honors credit is credit you get for doing things in the Honors College. Things like taking honors courses, studying abroad, doing an honors thesis, etc.

It's important that you make sure that you can handle the requirements that not only regular college demands, but also those that the Honors College demands. Because while Honors College is rewarding, it's also a lot of work.

Do You Think It Will Be Beneficial?
Let's be honest, no one wants to do something that won't help them in some way. So that's why there are perks to being in the Honors College. At my school, those in the Honors College get to register for classes first, get tickets to events, can live in the Honors only dorm, and the Honors College class size is smaller.

Besides these perks, being in your school's Honor College can help you intellectually by stimulating discussions and furthering your thinking. So if you think that the Honors College will benefit you, definitely try for it.

Do You Want To Do It?
This is the most important question to ask before applying for your school's Honors College. Is this something you really want? Ultimately, it will be you in the Honors College fulfilling the requirements and reaping the benefits.

So before you apply, make sure you are wanting to do this for you, and only you. If pressure is coming from outside sources to be a part of the Honors College, don't allow it to make a decision that you aren't fully sure about. Choose to do the Honors College because you want to, not because anyone else wants you to.

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Six Habits to Break Before You Graduate

Some things will fly in college, but not in the real world.

Whether you're graduating next semester or in three years, it's never too early or late to start working on preparing yourself for the real world after college. While we're in school, most of us end up developing some bad habits that might fly during your undergrad years, but will be totally unacceptable when you're a #realadult with a real job.

1. Going to work or class hungover or still drunk.
It's totally normal to see your classmates hungover af in a Thursday morning class, but once you get out of school, that's just a bad look. Save your heavy drinking for Friday and Saturday nights, when you don't have anywhere to be the next morning.

This doesn't mean you can't go out on weeknights, just reel in the drinking so that you aren't a zombie the next day!

2. Leaving all your work 'til the night before it's due.
Pulling an all-nighter is so symbolic of college life, and it's best to keep it there. In the real world, if you procrastinate doing all your work until the last minute, it will show, and it will reflect poorly on you.

3. Not networking.
A lot of college students ignore their professors' office hours, don't make strong connections with the bosses and co-workers at their internships, etc. This is crucial in the real world though--it's all about who you know!

If you start networking in college, you'll have good practice to prepare you for schmoozing at office parties later!

4. Not putting effort into your work.
I'm SO guilty of this in school--I don't put enough work into my assignments and projects, giving only enough to get a B or so. It's definitely not a good idea to be lazy and passive about your work when you land a real job, so kick this habit ASAP!

5. Being uninformed about politics, news, etc.
College sort of feels like its own little bubble, where you're shielded from the real world. But once you graduate, that bubble pops, and you're part of a real adult society where you should be informed about what's going on in your country and around the world.

Obvi you don't have to be an expert, but it's smart to start reading or watching the news. My favorite news source is TheSkimm, a daily newsletter emailed to you that gives an overview of the day's biggest headlines.

6. Eating out all the time.
So many college students have dining plans with meals and points, so they don't pay attention to how much they're spending on convenient food. But that shit adds up!

Cooking meals at home will save you SO much in the long run. A $50 grocery bill feels expensive in the moment, but that'll last you at least a week!

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St. Patrick's Day Drinks You Haven't Tried Yet

No time like the present.

Raise your glass to one of the most fun holidays of the year! The Irish sure know how to drink, so it's no surprise we celebrate them by spending all day boozing on March 17th.

There is going to be lots of witty tank tops, beer bongs, and green. A nice cold Guinness may be everyone's go-to, but why not get a little creative this year? Whether you're hosting a party or hitting the bars, there are much more fun. festive ways to put a spin on your holiday drink.

1. Shamrock Sipper
-2 parts SkinnyGirl cucumber vodka
-1/2 part fresh lime juice
-Club soda to top off for extra fizz
-Muddled mint leaves
-Shamrock shaped cucumber garnish


2. Kiss Me I'm Irish
-2.5 oz VOGA Sparkling
-1 oz Midori Melon Liquor
-1 oz vodka
-1.5 oz lemonade


3. Pot of Gold (Margarita)
-1.5 cups silver tequila
-2 cups Midori Melon Liquor
-1 cup fresh lime juice
-Lime wedges and melon balls to garnish


4. Black Velvet (Mimosa St. Paddy's Style)
-1 Part champagne
-1 Part Guinness


5. Irish Moscow Mule
-1.5 oz Irish Whiskey
-Ginger Beer


6. Guinness Bloody Mary
-2 cups Bloody Mary mix
-1 pinch garlic powder
-1 pinch black pepper
-1 pinch cayenne pepper
-1 oz vodka
-3 oz Guinness
-Garnish with celery salt, dill pickle, pepper jack cheese, and olive


7. Drunken Leprechaun
-1 oz Guinness reduction simple syrup
-1 oz fresh lemon juice
-1.5 oz honey simple syrup
-3 oz Jameson
-4 mint leaves
-Guinness to top off


8. Green Apple Sangria
-1 Bottle of white wine
-12 oz ginger ale (Champagne Optional)
-Green apple slices


Feel free to deck your drinks, and yourselves, out in clovers, gold, and green! Aside from these creative cocktails, you can't forget the classics... Irish Car Bombs all around! Happy drinking, my friends. Have fun and stay safe!

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What it's Like to be Single in Your Last Year of College

Who am I going to take graduation pictures with?

Okay, so you're a senior now. You know the best bars in town. You know which restaurants to avoid. You know which frats throw the best parties. And you probably perfected a hangover remedy.

You just have to finish one more year of school. But, there's one thing you forgot about. You are single as hell!

The first few weeks usually aren't too bad. You meet up with your roommates. You catch up with your buddies from the past years. You tell yourself that a relationship isn't needed.

I mean, relationships are stressful and time consuming anyway. You are a freakin senior, you don't need any more pressure right now.

But then it gets chilly out, you've already seen every single movie on Netflix, and those weekends start to drag. And that's when you start to doubt your ability to be single.

It's only been a month, but you're in full desperation mode. You might send a risky text to an ex, who definitely isn't in a relationship right now, right? Wrong! Their Facebook always shows you much more than you need to know.

So, plan b comes into play. You now start to do what every single college student does: you download Tinder, then look away in disgust as the app installs.

You end up swiping right for about 30 minutes straight. You get one or two matches then celebrate. However, you meet up with your matches and find yourself regretting ever telling them your real name.

Seeing all your cuffed up friends doesn't help. You feel genuinely happy for your friends but you always thought you'd be the one to be in a relationship first. Now, they basically are married to somebody.

Your friends always seem to notice when you're feeling lonely too. They say cliche lines like, "I wish I was single sometimes too" or "Just try to focus on you for now." Then they say their favorite line, "There's somebody out there for you, you just gotta put yourself out there".

If you had a dollar for every time you heard that line, you'd be able to drop out and build your own damn college. Just thinking about how single you are sometimes makes you sad and makes you feel like you are going to be alone for eternity.

You start to question life. You start to question everything about yourself. You start saying things like, "Am I ugly?" or "Maybe I should change my style up". But do not let these thoughts overwhelm you.

Focus on your life and take advantage of your college experience. Those four years fly and you always have to make the best of all four of them. So, go to that movie theater by yourself. Go to that local diner for a meal. Enjoy your life. Nobody can complete you like you. You never know, your soulmate might be at that diner too!

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Crying Through My Senior Year

Is college seriously almost over??

I did't realize that I was dreading my senior year until the day that it happened and it hit me pretty hard. My time in undergrad is coming to an end and it makes me want to curl into a ball and cry and wish that my tears could turn back time.

I realized I envied the little freshman, a thought I never thought I could have. They have four whole years left. They still enjoy staying up late, and the novelty of frat parties hasn't worn off for them. They are fresh from orientation and ice breakers and are so ready for the next chapter in their lives, while I on the other hand am reluctantly getting to the end of one. Serious bummer folks.

The worst part about it is that while I'm crying about leaving school, I simultaneously need to look for big-girl jobs and adjust to paying my own phone bill (yikes). After graduation I have to make new friends and I will have to seriously cut back on my Netflix binges (double yikes).

I have no idea how taxes work or how do something that isn't school. I need to start actually paying for my education, which means I will continue to be a broke human, but it isn't as acceptable as it is when you're a college student. I sincerely have no idea how to be an adult.

This year will of course be fun, but it will be a year full of lasts. My last first day, my last homecoming football game, my last Halloween that I can dress a little slutty while it's still appropriate.

I have nine months to live it up and do everything that I wish I had done in the past three years. I have this weird feeling that I want to go to more parties while also feeling like I'm a little too old for them. IF THIS IS WHAT BEING A SENIOR IS THEN I WANT NO PART OF IT.

But what can I do? Literally nothing. I guess if you need me you can find me in my bed crying until graduation. At which point I will put on a cap and gown, get my diploma, and then continue crying as I enter the workforce and (try to) become a functioning adult.