Why Pokemon And Everything Like It Are Still Relevant
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Why Pokemon And Everything Like It Are Still Relevant

Or at least, it is for mega-dorks like myself.

How could anybody possibly forget hearing the iconic theme song for Pokemon for the first time as a kid, or loadin' up that old Gameboy to play Pokemon Red or Pokemon Blue for the first time and being like, "Woah this is so sick, I'm gonna catch six Caterpie, I'm the best at this game. Wait, why did I lose this gym battle?" (Can't relate, wasn't allowed to play video games 'til Ruby and Sapphire were out, but I know some of y'all did this).

I distinctly remember the moment I was watching 4Kids and it came on for the first time. I was like, "WOAHHHHH, what is this? What is this yellow mouse thing? Is that a dragon?" I was sold. That was the beginning of the end for me as the Pokemon kid (another story for another time, though).

Rinse and repeat reactions with slightly altered character descriptions for Digimon, YuGiOh, Cardcaptor Sakura and Monster Rancher. I was obsessed with monster shows and games. It was bad. However, so was everybody else at the time, albeit only with Pokemon and YuGiOh, mainly (had I but a dollar for every kid who told me that it's time to "d-d-d-d-duel").

Anyways, you know how it went. We grew up, people lost interest, the diehards kept playing, and anything involving collecting monsters was quietly shuffled back into the shadows.

Or, at least, so we thought.

I've shamelessly played every core Pokemon game and watched it grow from "small child stops crime syndicate" to "small child saves world" and now to "small child saves world and other people." In the same way that Disney aggressively marketed to our generation and imprinted itself on us forever, Pokemon did the same thing, and similarly has grown alongside of us while still appealing to younger kids.

The plots are more complex, deal with more serious issues and things that we can relate to even as young adults. Not to mention that they had some killer marketing with Pokemon GO's popularity.

With that being said, it turns out all those other franchises I mentioned (except Monster Rancher, RIP) are still alive and kicking, too. Digimon was probably my second fav, and a sequel film series to the OG one, called Digimon Tri, started airing in late 2015. Naturally I watched it, and I... cried?

The original characters from the late 90s are about to graduate high school, and suddenly dealing with things that are relatable for our age group - not to mention the Digimon nostalgia hits hard.

Not only is it, like, teen angst, but the characters are suddenly so much more aware of and actually struggle with their actions and the damage they cause, which is such a change from everything just blowing up all of the time with no consequence in the original.

Side note: They also put out a PS4 game last year called Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth that was low-key my favorite game that year (and it's getting a sequel).

I won't go too deep into it so I don't continue this dweeb ramble for too long, but it's fascinating that these franchises that were so cool and important to so many kids has chosen to re-route and grow alongside of us, rather than simply try to stick to a younger demographic. It doesn't feel like anybody's trying to cash in on the nostalgia, either, but give something that the kid in us wants to see and the adult in us can appreciate.

They might not be at the forefront alongside of Pokemon anymore, but they're all still thriving and sticking with their fanbase the same way that Disney has.

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Pokemon GO Is Here to Stay

Augmented Reality > Reality.

Some of my fondest memories are long car trips in the back seat of my mom's minivan, doing my best to conserve the final moments of dying sunlight projected onto my gameboy screen as I play through gym leader after in gym leader on Pokemon Red.

I still remember getting my first copy of Pokemon Blue, which my brother sold to our neighbor Chris for bootleg fireworks (fuck you, Davide). I still have my Shaq binder I got at the scholastic book fair in elementary school, filled with holographics.

Memories like mine are not uncommon. Pokemon is so ubiquitous that everyone probably has some memory associated with it, even our parents, who might just remember it as the game that got us to shut up for a few hours.

But what I remember most of all from my childhood is how badly I wished Pokemon were real. To be able to go outside and encounter a Pikachu would be my version of childhood nirvana.

As of yesterday, that dream has finally been realized - kinda.

PokemonGO, a free app available for both iOS and Android devices, is the newest installation in the Pokemon universe. And it's doing something no other major video game franchise has done before, incorporated augmented reality into the gameplay.

Augmented reality basically uses your phone's camera to project graphics onto what's actually there. Take this picture for example.

That's me catching a Bulbasaur at my desk at work (pls don't tell my boss. Just kidding, she doesn't care.)

PokemonGO also uses GPS, to magnificent effect, as the map for the entire game. The world is literally where the game takes place. You can find pokemon anywhere you walk around, as long as you have the game open.

Just this morning I caught a Pidgey on the way to work.

The game amazingly even recognizes landmarks near you (i.e. murals, churches, fire stations) as "pokestops" which are places where you can replenish your pokeballs and other in-game items.

The catch is you have to be physically near these places to use them, which require a lot of walking IRL. (Calling it now: PokemonGO ends the obesity epidemic).

Players all over the world are split into three different colored teams corresponding with a "gym" of that color. Gyms are where all the fighting happens.

The point is to takeover gyms (for example if I'm on the yellow team, I want to beat the blue gym and turn it yellow), and defend them. This has the incredible effect of making you allies with neighbors you don't know, battling for virtual turf that nobody can see.

It's really, really cool.

This game has incredible staying power. I've had it all of one day and it's already changed my routine. I took a different route to the train today just to pass a couple extra pokestops.

Also, did I mention the game is free.?

My favorite part about this whole thing? The memes.

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Pokemon Go is Spilling Into Sports

Gotta catch 'em all!

Unless you're a technophobe (in which case, how the hell are you reading this?), you've probably heard of PokemonGo.

People all over the world are picking up their phones, exiting their houses and searching around towns in an attempt to get every Pokemon they possibly can. Pokemon video games took over Nintendo consoles, the animes took over televisions, and now Pokemon are taking over the world.

And the sports world is even feeling it. Yes, we can now add put our Pokeballs next to our baseball, footballs, and basketballs.

Multiple NFL stadiums are reporting that Pokemon have been infiltrating the fields.

What's even better is that Twitter wars are going down between teams, all sparked by this one simple, yet viral, game. Absolutely zero chill.

The social media accounts of the teams are not alone. The players are also getting in on the Pokeaction.

Not even this week's MLB All-Star Game festivities were safe from the creatures. (FYI: Pokemon, which is short for "Pocket Monsters," the name the series gets when translated from Japanese. Just in case you didn't know what the heck a Pokemon was until now.)

Even Vince McMahon, the chairman of WWE and former XFL mastermind, is talking about it, and he's one of the last people I'd expect to care about the game.

This craze has become such a phenomenon that certain places, including Memorial Stadium at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, are opening up the stadium exclusively for players of the game. If that doesn't tell you how much people, both kids and adults, love this game, I'm not sure what will.

Now, there's more I'd like to say, but I see an Ekans coming my way. I got to channel my inner Ash Ketchum (or Red for you classic Pokemon game lovers) and go catch 'em all.

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What Does 30 Days Of Trash Look Like?

Surprise, it doesn't look like you.

They say New York is dirty, but humanitarian Rob Greenfield takes the meaning of the term "trashy outfit" to a whole new, and literal level. To properly illustrate how much trash the average human being creates per day, Greenfield decided to take the physical burden upon himself to prove his point on Cheddar Life.

Check it out here.

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Spooktacular Halloween Playlist

You can rest assured there is no god-awful Monster Mash on this playlist.

Ahh Halloween... by far one of the best excuses in college to go all out dressing up and partying for multiple nights in a row (and eating reckless amounts of candy and pumpkin flavored-anything).

As much as I love this holiday, I swear that every single year it sneaks up on me. The combination of trying to find the perfect costume while also trying to cram for midterms and make the perfect halloween playlist for a party is an absolute nightmare. While we may not be able to brew up a magic potion that ensures you pass all your exams, we do have you covered on the playlist front. Hey, it's something.

While the list obviously has the classics like Thriller, it isn't your typical Spooky Mix from the Party Store. Sorry, can't really enjoy myself listening to Tubular Bells.

The list has a range of vibes from ghoulish chilling to some killer dance songs that could wake the dead. Think songs that have to do with monsters, witches, demons, and zombie apocalyptic-type shit. But you know, stuff that actually sounds good. You can rest assured that there is no god-awful Monster Mash on this playlist. That song could make anyone roll over in their grave.

Now that you're set with a spooktacular playlist, make sure you have a great costume to match.

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Would You Rather? (Quiz)

Are you wild like Miley Cyrus or tame AF like Kristen Stewart?

Next time you're pregaming with your friends, take this quiz to find out who the craziest one is out of your group. Don't forget to share your results!