Why Kim K's Tweet About Weight Loss Is Problematic
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Why Kim K's Tweet About Weight Loss Is Problematic

Eating disorders are not a joke.

I can't lie, I am a big fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and following all the drama and escapades of that outrageous family. I don't think they're always the greatest of role models, but they are entertaining and for that reason have garnered a huge following.

That said, I am incredibly disappointed in Kim's latest distasteful tweet about weight loss tips.

The tweet has since been deleted, but it said that the flu was an amazing diet, and helped her drop six pounds before the MET gala. She followed up with this:

She immediately received a ton of backlash on twitter and with reason, which we assume is why she later deleted the tweet.

For one, it's absolutely horrible to glorify getting an illness as a way to lose weight, particularly from someone who is followed by millions of young girls and women. It is very likely that girls will see this as inspiration to catch the illness themselves, following in West's footsteps and down a destructive path to eating disorders.

That may seem like an outlandish statement, but when you consider the facts it's sadly realistic. The United States has an alarming rate of eating disorders, with 20 million women and 20 million men having a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their lifetime.

These are only the reported cases, which are estimated to be much lower than the actual total. Women in particular are affected, with girls as young as age six admitting concerns about their weight or becoming fat, and up to 60 percent of all elementary school girls admitting the same.

Even if Kim wasn't directly telling her followers to "go out and get the flu", the way she casually discusses weight loss only contributes to the obsession our society and the media has with body image.

The fact that she adds "lol" to the end of the tweet shows her attempt at poking fun at the situation, but eating disorders are not a joke. An off-handed comment can be triggering to the many individuals who go to extremes and harm themselves in order to lose weight.

Despite the frequency of cases, eating disorders are in fact considered a mental illness. I can say from personal experience that having an eating disorder isn't something you can just talk yourself out of.

While it's taken me years to get to a point where I actively try to live a healthier lifestyle and am less critical of my appearance, there are still days when I hate how I look and am unkind to my body. It's impossible to know what will set off these feelings, but the media and thoughtless tweets like Kim's sure don't help.

Part of the issue is how much we've normalized these conversations focused on weight and appearance, making it seem almost customary to have an eating disorder or try out different weight loss fads.

However, as stated by Lauren Smola, director of helplines services for the National Eating Disorder Association, "Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, so unintentionally causing more suffering can have deadly results."

At the end of the day, we all have a responsibility to change the conversation surrounding weight and appearance. It should start with celebrities like Kim who have the power and following to spread these messages.

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Weight Loss Tips For 2017

Get ready for the slim-down!

It can't get much worse than 2016, so there's no where to go but up! Most New Year's Resolutions circle around fitness.

The New Year comes right after the holiday season where we chow down on pie and get a little too comfortable in our winter bods. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, five pounds, or just turn some fat into muscle, I have some tips for you!

Make sure you aren't taking adderall, skipping meals, and simply hoping for the best. This will not keep the pounds off permanently! In fact, it may even pack them on later.

Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and won't give you the long term results you want. In 2017, start exercising, eating healthy, and putting in the work.

Here are some ways you can help aid the process:

At least eight glasses of eight ounces every day.

2. Cut back on alcohol.
Choose red over white and lose the sugary mixers.

3. Do a cleanse.
Tea-Toxes are my favorite!

4. Speaking of tea...
Drink more green tea on the daily!

5. Turmuric.
It supports natural weight loss, aids muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation.

6. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning!
It's gross, but it works.

7. Flaxseed Oil.
It supports natural weight loss and fights cellulite.

8. Eat flat tummy foods.
Almonds, asparagus, blueberries, oatmeal, salmon, spinach are all great for that.

9. Never Skip Breakfast!
Ever ever ever!

10. Eat Throughout The Day
Six little meals are better than three big meals.

11. L-Carnitine.
It regulates how the body metabolizes fats and carbs.

12. Hit the gym.
Go at least three times a week & never go three days without it.

13. Mix up your workout.
Try boxing, cycling, pole dancing, etc.

14. Add lemon to your water/tea.
It makes it taste better without any extra calories.

15. Avoid processed foods.
This should be obvious.

16. Whole grains are your friend.
Avoid white bread, white rice, and potatoes.

17. Crank up the cardio.
The more sweat, the more pounds you lose.

18. Enjoy your food.
Eat slowly!

19. Get enough sleep & reduce stress.
You'll be happier all-around, also!

You have to start now, keep your goals in mind, and remember that it won't happen overnight. It will be a happy new year indeed!

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Eight Summer Treats That Are Actually Good for You

Eat well, live well.

In the summer, we want something refreshing. Something that tastes sweet and something that won't make us bloat for the next 40 hours. Although ice cream is still tempting as fuck, here are eight treats that are will help you stay fit while feeding your cravings.

1. Protein/BCAA Popsicles
If you take your protein shake and freeze it in popsicle makers overnight you get protein popsicles. They have the texture of a fudgesicle but actually provide your body with nutrients.

Another way to make popsicles is with BCAA's. BCAA's come in a powder form just like protein but its less milky and tastes more like juice. BCAA's are important to have after a workout to preserve and build muscle. Try putting your BCAA's in a popsicle mold with some fruit for a more traditional popsicle flavor.

2. Banana Chocolate Ice Cream
Frozen banana's make the best consistency for ice cream. If you freeze them overnight and blend them up the next day, it makes actual banana ice cream. Crazy. I usually add chocolate PB2 which is chocolate peanut butter in powder form.

3. Strawberries and Cream
Ugh. This one is bomb. Take some fresh strawberries and make your own coconut whipped cream to dip them in. Coconut whipped cream is vegan and a lot better for you than regular whipped cream is.

4. Sweet Potato Fries
OK this one isn't really a frozen or dessert treat but it's still delicious in the summer, or anytime for that matter. Sweet potato fries are my go-to snack because they're easy to make and they're so good for you. I dip them in organic ketchup or sometimes I sprinkle them with Truvia's brown sugar blend for a sweet snack instead of savory.

I just found these cookies recently and I'm not going to lie, I've been having them daily since I discovered them. They have 16g of protein per cookie. They're also vegan, kosher, soy free, non-gmo, and don't have any artificial sweeteners.

5. Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie
I just found these cookies recently and I'm not going to lie, I've been having them daily since I discovered them. They have 16g of protein per cookie. They're also vegan, kosher, soy free, non-gmo, and don't have any artificial sweeteners. You might be thinking OK, then they must taste like shit. Wrong. They taste like a real cookie .

They're so good you'll feel like you shouldn't be eating them. They have chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, birthday cake, peanut butter, and even a pumpkin spice cookie. I highly, highly recommend these.

6. Bai Slushie
Another one of my go-to's is Bai. These drinks are actually unreal. They have 2g of carbs and 10 calories per bottle. They're sweetened with stevia and they taste like regular juice that's packed with sugar and chemicals. I love to pour these into an ice cube tray, leave them overnight and then grind up the Bai cubes into a slushie (which you don't have to mix with alcohol but you can if you want). You might have to add some water to thin it out but these taste fucking amazing. A perfect drink for after the beach.

7. Frozen Hot Chocolate
If you miss drinking hot chocolate in the summer then this is great because it's cold but still tastes like a regular hot chocolate. Take a cup of hot water, add a splash of almond milk (to your preference), a tablespoon of stevia and a tablespoon of cocoa powder and put it into a mug. Let it cool for 15-20 minutes until it's near room temp. Then add ice and enjoy it. This recipe is vegan and taste so freakin good especially in the morning if you're not a coffee person.

8. Frozen Grapes
This is nothing new. If you freeze grape they taste 10 times better than room temperature grapes. Who knows why but they're addicting af. These are awesome to take to the beach with you in a cooler or just to have when it's hot and you want something to snack.

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Five Ways to Avoid the Freshman 15

How to fight off the weight and feel good.

We have all heard the dreaded words upon entering college: the freshman 15, the transfer 20, the list goes on. Seldom do we realize when we have become victims to this monster ourselves.

Can you really blame us? All you can eat cafeterias, late night cafes with excellent chocolate croissants, and ungodly amounts of alcohol on the weekends are some of the most enjoyable parts about being in college!

But then it hits you: you can no longer fit into your favorite jeans, you're out of breath just by walking to class, and if you can't see it, you feel it on the inside by experiencing terrible acid reflux.

That was how I experienced it, at least. But I changed all of that my senior year.

Had I known what I know now, I would have avoided the freshman 15 all together (I actually gained the freshman 50). I guess you live and you learn. I can at least show some of you how you can fight off this extra weight, and how to lose it if you want to. I hope this article helps anyone struggling with weight loss, body image, or an eating disorder.

Number one: don't justify eating whatever you want with your studies or stress level
You won't feel any better by eating terrible food late at night. In fact, you will feel less stressed if you choose to eat fruits and veggies over muffins and mocha fraps.

Number two: cafeterias are great, but super markets are better
Granted, you might have purchased a meal card and that's fine. But take some time to go to your local farmer's market on the weekends and purchase some real food. You will not regret it.

Number three: cut back on the alcohol
This might be the hardest one to do for many of you. Give it a shot (literally and figuratively) and see how you feel after cutting back.

Number four: use your school gym
Even if you don't like going to the gym (I personally didn't) your school probably has an outdoor track, and numerous exercises clubs like boxing, jiu jitsu, and rock climbing. Utilize them! Not only will you stay active, but you will also make friends in the process.

Number five: love yourself
I don't want to get all lovey dovey, but too many college students rate themselves by the grades they get or how many times they go out on successful dates. This results in how we treat our bodies. If you want to feel good, you need to make sure you're treating your body right, and you treat your body right when you love yourself.

It's not about looking good; it's about feeling good.

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Kanye Made an Insta!

Can you just imagine the shit he will post?

Yeezy fans around the world have something to celebrate! After years of refusing to create an Instagram account, the King caved late Saturday night, causing thousands of fans to quickly follow his verified account. Even without any posts until Sunday afternoon, people were going crazy on social media for this new Kanye development. As an artist who has both a unique media presence and a family that slays the selfie game, you'd think he would've joined a while ago. So this prompts us to ask, why now?

Not that we are complaining about Kayne's Instagram account, but was it created by peer pressure from his social media maven family? Did he join to try to become even more Famous? Is that even possible? Back in March Kanye did make it clear that this move would be entirely up to himself, but we also know how much he loves his wife and would do anything for her.

Last I checked, Instagram is mostly used on phones... But Kayne, who recently got rid of his phone, I guess you are a God, so I won't question it. I'm a dedicated follower of all things Kanye (and admittedly a borderline addict to Keeping Up with the Kardashians), so I'm really interested to see how his Instagram will play out.

Will he follow in Kim's footsteps and achieve a following of over 82 million followers, or will his account break all the traditional rules of Instagram? Currently it's looking to be the latter, as his account has no profile picture and follows zero accounts, not even Kim. (This is so her rn.)

Oh, and his first post? A still shot from the 1990 Schwarzenegger movie, Total Recall. No caption (which is really risky), just a slightly eerie pic of a car in the dark. It's not even a photo of Saint/North/Yeezy Fashion/selfie, yet he still got over 300k likes.

A photo posted by Kanye West (@kanyewest) on

Honestly, that family could post a picture of a toilet and they'd get thousands of likes. Oh wait, Kris Jenner already did...

I love my new @TOTOUSA NEOREST 750H #HighTechToilet

A photo posted by Kris Jenner (@krisjenner) on

Sigh. I will never understand fame. (That is, until I'm famous... Hurry up Kanye and make it happen already.)

Regardless, the fact that his Instagram is so unexpected and confusing makes it all the more Kanye.What can I say Yeezus? You've left us all emotionally bound to following your account and hoping that maybe one day we'll finally understand your Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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Why I Stopped Counting Calories

What I thought was healthy turned out to be so unhealthy.

When I was counting calories, I measured out everything I ate, ate only healthy things, and felt like a morally inferior person when I went over my allotted amount of calories for the day at all. While trying to be healthy, I was doing something unhealthy for my mind and self-esteem, and I realized it about a year into this habit.

I would weigh myself every day and then get frustrated when I gained any weight whatsoever. It was so bad sometimes that I weighed myself at least three to five times a day.

Sure, I did lose weight while doing it, but then I started comparing my stomach to other girls at the pool or wherever else a girl showed her belly. I started to work out so I could cut even more belly fat, but while doing that, I would overwork myself. And then eat some food. And then be sad about eating food.

Just a few weeks ago, I stopped counting my calories. I wouldn't even look at calories on the stuff I was eating anymore, and it was liberating. Have I gained weight again? Yeah, a few pounds, but I'm still in the BMI average and I still work out. I still eat healthy because it's good for you (and peas are the best!), but I don't feel guilty if I have a cheeseburger anymore.

Whenever we would go out to eat, I would be sure to get the healthier thing I could find, even if it wasn't my favorite thing. Now I get what I want, and sometimes, that may still be a salad. Honestly, I feel like I can enjoy food more now that I'm not worried about how many calories are in it. I can look at my belly and think it's cute rather than a beastly abomination.

With all that said, girls, you are lovely as you are. Do NOT feel like you need to have that perfect super model body to be perfect yourself.

I got to my goal weight of around 110. I still have a little belly and my fiance thinks it is adorable. You can still see the abs I've got, and I have belly rolls when I slouch. It gets bigger when I eat. Here's a secret: even if you are flirting with the line of being underweight like I was, you will always have a teeny pooch, and that is normal!

You have two choices: you can either be miserable about your imperfections, or you can stand up and admire what you've got. Would it be nice to have that perfect body? Let me tell you something, who says what the perfect body looks like anyway? I will never be that super skinny blonde bombshell with a C cup and huge ass, ok? I am a beautiful short brunette with a muscular frame and yes, I've got a tiny belly.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a snack now because I'm hungry. Peace!