Why I'm Quitting Alcohol
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Why I'm Quitting Alcohol

Moderation doesn't exist in my vocabulary.

I've never been a fan of moderation-- I'm an all-or-nothing type of girl. Unfortunately though, my extremist attitude does not spare alcohol.

Don't get me wrong-- I don't need to drink to have fun. I'm perfectly content to spend a night in with my friends and eat pizza while we laugh at stupid shit on the internet.

But when the plans involve alcohol, whether it's to go to a party/bar/club, I want to be drunk... and not just that buzzed "I can now talk to boys and dance with ease" feeling. More like the "tripping, head hung over the toilet, struggling to remember the details of the night before" type of drunk.

It began my freshman year of college with my equally insane best friend. We'd pregame hard (shitfaced by the time we left our dorm) and then go out and proceed to get even more wasted.

The next day we'd wake up still slightly drunk and laugh about the moments of the night we remembered, and joke about what could've happened during the parts we blacked out. We were "living it up," just being "young and dumb."

The cycle continued for a while, and was all fun and games, until these nights began to only cause shame. My drunken behavior was embarrassing, dangerous, and just downright stupid.

Predictably, I'd never even remember it. Either my friends would inform me the next day, or worse and ridiculously frequently, it'd get back to me through word of mouth.

I'd somehow become a sweet, mild-mannered, intellectual writer by day who transformed into a rambunctious, reckless, sloppy partier by night. It didn't matter how great of a person I was sober; the most important impression a person can make is the first one, and I was a perpetual fool throughout most of mine.

It's never been a matter of not knowing my limits. When alcohol is in my body, no matter how much or how little, all I want is more. I've tried the whole buzzed thing, and it's just never been fun; all I can think about is getting my hands on more alcohol to take me to that next level.

So for now, I'm better off by simply abstaining. The cons of drinking most definitely outweigh the pros, and I'm thankful I realized this before something irrevocably horrible could happen to me.

I'm taking my extremism to the complete opposite end of the spectrum. I have enough crazy stories to last a lifetime and I know I'll be incomparably happier and healthier from now on as Sober Sally.

I'm sure in a year when I'm finally legal, I'll drink a glass of wine in a restaurant, or pop open a beer at a barbecue, but at that time I won't be drinking for the sole reason of getting fucked up. I'll enjoy the alcohol for the taste, the experience, and for creating unforgettable memories with people who matter to me.

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How To Stay Safe At Parties

It's all fun and games 'till someone gets hurt.

Going to parties seems to be packaged into the "college experience". It's something every college student is expected to be doing at least a few times a semester. Partying can be fun, but it can quickly turn dangerous. Safety is a must, so these are some tips to help keep you safe at parties.

Go to parties with a group of friends.
Parties can be a great way to socialize and meet new people, but it's important to have a trusted group of friends there with you. There's always safety in numbers, but it's even more important to go with people you know well. Going to a party with someone you met only a few days before can potentially be dangerous. Going with close friends can provide you with a security blanket.

You can still meet new people and socialize at the party and close friends will take notice if you suddenly disappear or begin acting strangely. They will keep an eye out for you, and you can keep an eye out for them. This is something you especially want to do if drugs or alcohol may be involved at the party.

Know you don't need alcohol or drugs to have a good time.
Going to a party doesn't mean you are required to drink, smoke, or do drugs. Drinking and doing drugs can impair your senses and make you more vulnerable. You can still have a good time while being completely sober.

If you are underage and caught drinking you could receive fines, probation, and community service, all depending on the state. If you are of legal drinking age, you can still receive fines for distributing alcohol to minors. It can be a lot easier simply not having to worry about it.

If you are going to drink, drink in moderation and guard your beverages.
People will drink at college parties. It happens often. If you want to be one of them, make sure you drink in moderation and never leave your drink unattended. Always refill your own drink and if you lose sight of your glass, get a new one.

Trust your gut and always play on the safe side. There are even drink testing kits available that are desecrate and easy to use. Make sure that you have a preplanned designated driver set within the group you come with. Any alcohol or drugs can impair your abilities to drive, so it is safer to have a planned driver ahead of time.

Get an Uber or call a friend if you have to.
If your designated driver falls through or you ended up drinking after not thinking you would, do not risk getting behind the wheel. Don't be afraid to call someone or an Uber to come pick you up.

It would be better to mildly inconvenience a friend than put yourself and the people around you at risk. Do not get in a car with someone you suspect has been drinking or doing drugs.

Always be alert and ready to defend yourself.
You never know what can happen, and it's always safer to be prepared rather than taken off guard. Pepper spray is small and can fit into pockets, can be easy to buy, and can come in different shapes such as pen-shaped and lipstick-shaped.

Carrying pepper spray can make you feel more secure because you know you will have a way to defend yourself if things go south. Stay close to a group of friends so you will be less likely to find yourself in these types of situations to begin with.

If you feel unsafe, it's ok to leave.
Do not let anyone pressure you into staying in a situation you do not feel safe in. It is OK to leave the party early if you feel uncomfortable.

However, if you want to leave make sure you are able to make it home safely. Your safety is always top priority.

Even though every party is not dangerous, there is always a chance. It is important to stay alert and have your best interest at mind. If you are going to party, party safely. Have fun and be safe!

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These 10 Majors Actually Exist

They're real majors at real schools and I'm real about them.

For a hot second in college, I was a philosophy major. I loved the classes- deciphering Plato and debating about whether we might be living in an actual Matrix- but I did not love fielding the questions about it.

"What are you going to do with that?" Any relative over 55 years old would inevitably question. Law school or business school or any type of graduate school? Basically any kind of job that requires logic and good communication skills?

"Oh, so you like to smoke weed?" Kids my age would question with accompanying side eye. Does wanting to think deeply and form logical arguments really imply I like getting high, though?

My sophomore year, however, I switched into an independent interdisciplinary program, with a major I created to study altruism. I spent my undergraduate years getting a degree to explore why people help people. So, yeah, the questions never stopped coming.

If you think my altruism major is weird though, you should take a look at some other majors you can select around the US. These are real majors at real schools and I'm real about them.

Craft Beer Brewing at Colorado State University
This B.S. in Fermentation Science and Technology prepares students to work and run craft beer breweries. More than that, though, the major provides a background for any person interested in a career having to do with fermented beverages and food, like cheese, bread, pickles and wine. We might just call this the "everything that is good in life" major.

Hip Hop Studies at McNally Smith College of Music
A degree that guides students toward a career as an artist, producer or influencer within the hip hop industry. Meanwhile a hip hop minor at the University of Arizona offers an academic concentration on the cultural roots and implications of the hip hop genre.

Hotel Management at Cornell University
Housed in the College of Business, students can pursue study in hospitality management to prep for a career managing hotels, or, more generally, in real estate, finance, entrepreneurship, and the food and beverage industry. This program offers one of Cornell's most popular (and failed courses) Introduction to Wines, where students learn about wines by way of taste-testing lectures.

Puppetry at University of Connecticut
This is not the imagination of Jason Segel's character in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. UConn provides a B.F.A. for students interested in the theatrics and production of puppet drama. Elmo gives it a thumbs up rating.

Cannabis Cultivation at Oaksterdam University
With classes offered like Dispensary Operations, Cultivation Law, and Breeding and Genetics, this course of study prepares for the burgeoning field of marijuana from a variety of angles. Be warned though, you'll have to do a lot more than puff, puff, to pass.

Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences at Texas A&M University
The major that we can only assume Leslie Knope would fully endorse. Courses in this major guide students to more than just the Parks & Rec Department though; this major equips students to work in places like state and national parks, the airline industry, cruise ships, museums, youth camps, and travel and recreation agencies.

Sexuality at Ohio State University
Let's talk about this sex major, Baby. In addition to learning about gender and sexual orientation, students explore sex through a variety of focuses. Sexuality major students can earn credit towards their degrees in classes like Love, Sex, and Relationships, Sexualities and Citizenship, and The Philosophy of Sex and Love.

Wine Making at Cornell University
The program, more officially called Viticulture and Enology, teaches the ins and outs of cultivating grapes into wine. Basics involved in getting grapes to wines to bottles include breeding grape varieties, honing trellis development skills, managing crop pests, and fermenting wine. I'll toast to that.

Packaging at Michigan State University
MSU brings to life a program that immerses students in the science and art of packaging. Yes, we are talking the packaging of goods. Topics of concentration within this major include areas like compression, fragility, environmental factors, and shock. The degree, however, will take you longer than 3-5 business days.

Pop Culture at Western Kentucky University
This is a major that has you learning more about areas we humans find interesting: sports, movies, television, architecture, art, music, books and more. It'll give you a little bit of this and a little bit of that to better understand the consumption of culture.

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The Cinco De Drinko Game

A muy caliente drinking game to celebrate Cinco De Mayo.

Drinking tequila, margaritas, Corona, and Dos Equis to celebrate Cinco De Mayo is fun. Drinking it all to a Cinco De Mayo themed drinking game is funner.

Get into the spirit of Cinco De Mayo (and all of the wonderful parts of the fifth of May) by following along the rules to The Cinco De Drinko Game. I don't always do drinking games, but when I do it's this one. So, you should too, mis amigos.

1. Drink every time someone corrects another person for pronouncing pi?a "pee-na" instead of "pee-ny-ah."

2. Take a shot every time someone reminisces about Spring Break in Mexico.

3. Take a sip whenever someone mistakenly believes Cinco De Mayo is Mexico's Independence Day.

4. Cheers anyone who pronounces Mexico as "Meh-he-coh."

5. Drink anytime someone starts a tangent about the worm in the tequila bottle you can eat.

6. Drink any time you watch someone do a tequila body shot.

7. Finish your drink whenever you watch someone do a "Man Tequila Shot."

8. Drink if you hear someone refer to Jose Cuervo as just Jose. Take another shot if that person refers to Jose as their boyfriend. Take yet another shot if this person is wearing a shirt that refers to Jose, of Jose Cuervo, as their boyfriend.

9, Everyone drink if two non-native Spanish speakers are able to maintain a five-minute conversation all in Spanish.

10. Drink whenever someone brags that they have the absolute best Mexican food back in their hometown. Take a shot if they use "dankest" to describe it.

11. Take the drink out of anyone's hand who uses this holiday as an opportunity to joke about Trump's Wall, explain why it's not funny, and then call them an asshole. If you watch this happen, buy the person who called out the fool a drink.

12. Take a drink anytime someone says "tilde", referring to the accent mark.

13. Sip anytime you watch someone double dip in the guacamole. Take a shot if you spot actual fingers in the guacamole. Make the double dipper sip and the finger guy take a shot too.

14. Drink anytime you watch a girl ask for a photo of her drinking Corona for the Insta.

15. Take a large gulp whenever you see someone with a fake mustache. Take a shot for anyone who groomed a real mustache for the occasion.

16. Drink anytime someone complains because they got lime juice or salt in their eyes or a cut.

17. Toast to anyone who calls out a person for being racially insensitive.

18. Drink anytime someone says "Cancun" or "Pi?ata".

19. Take a sip anytime someone shortens margaritas to "margs".

20. Demand a drink from anyone who pronounces gracias "grath-ee-us" and then shout, "We're celebrating Mexico, not Spain, you try-hard!"

21. Drink anytime you hear someone talk about playing FIFA with a Mexican player.

22. Drink anytime someone tries to pass off casually saying their numbers in Spanish (and in a non-ironic way).

23. Drink whenever someone references Once Upon a Time in Mexico, Machete or Nacho Libre.

24. At each hour on the hour, take a sip for every sombrero you see.

25. Take a drink anytime you hear someone complain that Chipotle isn't real Mexican food.

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Reasons Drinking Abroad Is Better

And no, it's not just the drinking age...

I've never really enjoyed drinking in college. It could be that I hate when people are sloppy and rude, and brush it off with alcohol as their excuse.

It could also be that I'm the complete opposite of a lightweight, so I need to drink a lot before it hits... which can lead to some problems that I'm sure you've all seen or experienced -- one too many nights spent on the bathroom floor.

However, now that I'm living in Europe I've grown an appreciation for the drinking culture that exists and is promoted here. Granted, every country does have it's own culture and practices, but in general there are definitely some distinct differences that overall make drinking abroad much more enjoyable than in the States. And no, it's not just the drinking age...

End Goal
In the US, I find very often the goal is to drink in excess, forget your problems, get shmacked and black out. If you don't remember the majority of the night, that probably means you "had a great time".

In Europe, drinking is used to socialize, have fun, and dance the night away. People don't get sick often, and the ones who do are almost always Americans.

A drinking staple in the US, and definitely my go to for getting the job done [see end goal].

Meanwhile, I've had European friends (who studied abroad for a year or two in the US) absolutely laugh at the idea of taking shots. They'd rather chug a beer to match instead of throwing back some vodka.

The simple breakdown:
USA: Can't have a party without 'em!
Europe: What's a chaser?

This is one thing I really do miss. I loved being able to compete with Beer Olympics, Chesties, Rage Cage, Kings, etc. All things that just aren't played in Europe... UNLESS it's an American themed party.

Yes, it exists. I can't tell you the number of ads I've seen with good ole' Beer Pong as the "special event". Don't even get me started on the novelty and awe that they have for Solo Cups.

source: ticketa.com

House Parties
Things are guaranteed to be destroyed in the US. I hosted a grant total of three, and ended up with three holes in the wall, two broken chairs, endless beer cans, and a vomit clogged sink. No thanks??

In Europe, many of the apartments are just too small to host many people, and there are enough clubs in the cities that everyone makes that the final destination. Speaking of clubs...

Most clubs or bars are closed by 3 AM, probably because we're too trashed to keep going any longer.

In Spain, most the clubs close at 6 AM. People don't even get there until 2:30 AM. There's something to be said for pacing!!

While I'm still not a huge fan of alcohol, I think we Americans could take a few lessons from the Europeans when it comes to drinking and open our eyes (and mouths and livers) to new experiences.

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8 Creative Party Ideas

For when you're tired of the same old song and dance (floor make out).

Periodically, college makes me restless. It's not that I'm completely over the raucous games of Kings (that always turn into Never Have I Ever and then into people just listing their proudest sexploits), the frat bathrooms breeding MRSA, or that one friend who always cries when she's drunk.

I'm just a little bored with the predictable and monotonous routine of it all. Pregame, party, bars, after hours, repeat.

Alright, so day-to-day and weekend-to-weekend there is some spontaneity and exciting events to look forward to, but for the most part, a college routine can easily fall into a pattern.

When I start feeling restless, I rustle up my friends and plan something a little different. An alternative plan for the evening, I find, is often the catalyst for new friendships and suitors, memorable experiences with good friends, and a layer of excitement about the unknown night about to unfold.

For those of you who also get tired of same old song and dance (floor make out) or are just looking to spice up your nights, here's a list of eight creative party ideas. They'll keep you laughing, on your toes, and cheersing. So what do you have to lose... since, if you're like me, you're dignity and fake ID are probably long gone.

Folk Night
Prep Time: Minimal.
Ideal Time of Night: Pregame or main event of the night.
Ideal Group Size: 10-15 people.
Drunk Level Expected: Depends on partygoers.

Invite friends and tell them to prepare something to share with the group. Teach a dance, read a poem, sing a song, share a magic trick, showcase your weird talent, teach the group how to taste whiskey -- anything goes.

Once everyone arrives, put everyone's name into a hat and pull names to take turns showcasing what you've brought to the party. Meanwhile, drink as you wish as the night goes on.

Prep Time: Moderate to significant
Ideal Time of Night: Main event of the night
Ideal Group Size: Four teams of eight people each
Drunk Level Expected: Very Drunk

Gather friends into teams of eight, ideally with an even split of boys and girls on each team (either by assigning group or having friends recruit their own teams). You should also recruit a few judges for the evening.

Each team should have a 30 rack, handle of liquor, large pizza, and joint (all of comparable size/kind/alcohol content) and a similar puzzle with a low difficulty level (could be the same one).

Once everyone arrives, the judge will say go, and the teams have to finish the beer, liquor, pizza, and joint. After the team finishes, the members must solve the puzzle. The team that finishes first wins.

Optional add-ons: Teams can choose to dress up; remove the smoking from the task; adjust the amount of alcohol (so members can compete safely).

Set-Up Date Night
Prep Time: Minimal to moderate.
Ideal Time of Night: Pregame or main event of the night.
Ideal Group Size: At least 20 people (10 date pairs).
Drunk Level Expected: Depends on partygoers.

Figure out a group of friends and ask them if they'd like to be included in a party where each friend must set up another friend. Once you have confirmed everyone who wants to be included, assign each person someone to find a date for. Find a date for that person and have them come to a pregame, potluck dinner, party, or any kind of event.

Optional add-ons: Have everyone keep who they have to set-up and who they recruit as dates a secret; have everyone set-up, even if they have a S.O., for the sake of meeting new people and making friends.

Beer Olympics
Prep Time: Significant
Ideal Time of Night: Main event of the night.
Ideal Group Size: Ideally five teams of four or six people.
Drunk Level Expected: Drunk to very drunk.

Invite friends to form groups (or assign them yourself) of four or six people, ideally with an even split of boys to girls. Also, recruit a few people to act as judges. Have each team claim a country and encourage them to dress up to represent their nation (in a politically correct and tasteful way). Make sure to tell each team it's BYOB.

Before the evening, decide on the events that will take place (i.e. shot gun relay, beer pong, survivor flip cup, civil war, or really anything). Decide on a way to score each event and set up a bracket with random team match-ups (perhaps have the judge do this).

On the night of, have the judges act as the officials; they can preside over the national anthem at the start, make calls on the games, disqualify players who make elicit moves, keep score, and just make sure everyone is healthy and safe.

Favorites Party
Prep Time: Minimal
Ideal Time of Night: Pregame or main event of the night.
Ideal Group Size: Any size.
Drunk Level Expected: Depends on partygoers.

Invite friends and tell them to bring their favorite snack, favorite bottle of wine or six pack of beers. Also, have each person send the names of their five favorite songs for the party playlist.

From this basic setup, partygoers can easily add or specify favorites (i.e. bring your favorite cookies) or add to the outline of the night.

Pot Luck Dinner
Prep Time: Moderate
Ideal Time of Night: Pre-pregame and pregame
Ideal Group Size: As many people as can comfortably fit to hang out
Drunk Level Expected: Depends on partygoers, but generally low

Invite friends via email to a potluck at your place at least a few days in advance. On the email, include a shared GoogleDoc with a spreadsheet where everyone can input what they'd like to bring (i.e. apps, main dishes, side dishes, desserts, drinks, utensils). You might consider telling everyone it's BYOB so that everyone can focus on food.

As the event gets closer, send out a reminder and include any items you feel are essential that have not been claimed yet. On the day of, figure out what essentials are still missing and gather it all. Then, enjoy mingling with old and new friends at a grown-up like fun function.

Date Dash
Prep Time: Minimal
Ideal Time of Night: Pregame or main event of night.
Ideal Group Size: At least 20 people (10 date pairs).
Drunk Level Expected: Depends on partygoers.

Send out an invite (ideally around noon) to a bunch of friends telling them to recruit a date for an event that night - a pregame, dinner, party, or some kind of activity like laser tag or a wine tasting.

Tour De Franzia
Prep Time: Moderate to significant.
Ideal Time of Night: During the day, pregame, or main event of night.
Ideal Group Size: Four teams of four people.
Drunk Level Expected: Drunk to very drunk.

Recruit friends to form teams (or assign them yourself) and have them coordinate team outfits. Use these rules and have an awesome fucking time.