Why Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Is So Controversial
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Why Attorney General Pick Jeff Sessions Is So Controversial

He doesn't support the Voting Rights Act, for one.

Today marks the day that confirmation hearings begin for President-Elect Trump's attorney general pick, Jeff Sessions. This is a big deal, with sitting senators Cory Booker and John Lewis testifying against him. With their testimony, it is the first time in history sitting senators will testify against another sitting senator for a Cabinet position.

This is why Jeff Sessions is so controversial and why senators are creating history to stop him from getting confirmed.

He called the Voting Rights Act a piece of "intrusive legislation".
This is a big deal. All the Voting Rights Act does is protect an American's right to vote, specifically a minority American's right to vote. In calling it "intrusive legislation", he showed that he does not believe that all Americans deserve the right to vote, especially minority Americans.

The right to vote is a constitutional right protected by the Fifteenth Amendment of the US Constitution. It's very telling that Jeff Sessions doesn't really support the Voting Act, which, in a way, turns into him not really supporting the Fifteenth Amendment of the US Constitution either.

He prosecuted civil rights activists for registering black voters.
This is another big deal. Albert Turner was a civil rights activist that, after the passage of the Voting Rights Act, became known as "Mr. Voter Registration" for all his work in helping African Americans get registered to vote.

In 1985, when Jeff Sessions was the US attorney for the Southern District of Alabama, he charged Turner, his wife and a fellow activist Spencer Hogue with 29 counts of mail fraud, altering absentee ballots, and conspiracy to vote more than once.

This case and Turner and Hogue are known as the Marion Three. A not guilty verdict was the outcome of this case, but the fact that Jeff Sessions willing tried to convict civil rights activists for registering voters is concerning for obvious reasons.

Voted to defund Planned Parenthood and against the "Violence Against Women Act".
As a college student, Planned Parenthood is one of the best resources for health screenings, birth control and STD testing. Jeff Sessions voted to defund Planned Parenthood.

Voting to defund Planned Parenthood isn't too controversial, as numerous politicians voted with him, however it isn't a good thing that he treats women's health with such little regard.

In another strike against women, Sessions voted against the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, which was changed to include gay men, lesbians, and undocumented immigrants who are victims of domestic abuse.

Even if Sessions disagreed with the LGBT and immigrant inclusion included in this bill, the entire bill is to protect domestic abuse victims, which Sessions voted against.

He doesn't think Stop-and-Frisk is racist.
Stop and frisk was controversial because of the disproportionate number of blacks and latinos being targeted - 87 percent of stop and frisk targets were blacks or latinos. A federal judge acknowledged that when she ruled it unconstitutional in 2013.

Jeff Sessions - along with Donald Trump - still believes that stop and frisk is not unconstitutional, that it is in fact constitutional. This is troubling because stop and frisk was racial profiling. It targeted blacks and latinos considerably more than whites.

It doesn't bode well when the nominee for attorney general stands and supports a racist procedure that was ruled unconstitutional.

Jeff Sessions is a very controversial pick for Trump's attorney general. His record, his views, and his standings are very conservative and troubling for the whole of America. The fact that sitting senators will create history in order to testify against him speaks volumes.

And all of this culminates into why Jeff Sessions isn't the best pick for attorney general and why it is so controversial that he is.

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To All the Independents, Bernie or Busters, or People Refusing to Vote in General

Fuck your ideals.

I've heard a lot of people say that they don't want to or can't vote for "part of the system". Basically, what they're saying is that they can't abide another cog of the establishment and they would rather throwaway their vote than support the lesser evil.

Yeah. Fuck that.

Your ideals do not stop anyone. Feeling good about yourself politically does not change anything. A throwaway vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, or refusing to vote, accomplishes nothing beyond a smug sense of superiority. Independents don't win. Your political idealism does not keep anyone warm at night. Ideals are all well and good, until "idealism" is actually just an excuse for passivity.

Historically, independents just don't win. The last time one came in second place for presidency was 1912. You can insist all you want, but it's never happened before, and with as strongly as people feel about Trump and Clinton, it is highly unlikely. Often an independent vote divides a bid for presidency and it can make the lesser evil lose at times. But that's it.

If you support independents, great, vote for them in congressional elections, vote for them on the school board, vote for them as your state representative. But, right now, it's a little too late to do that for president.

I'm not saying I like this. I'm not saying any of the candidates are honest, likable people who should be a leader in the free world. I am heavily disappointed in the outcome of the primaries and I think some shady stuff happened. But, I also think the consequences of the other party winning are bad enough that I am willing to support the lesser evil. As much as I like one of the third party candidates, I don't think they can win.

I am not voting for character. I am voting for, "who would put the least destructive supreme court judges on the bench or who would be willing to pass legislation that is important to me?"

You may hate the system. I hate the system. But, guess what? We still have to live in the shitty system.

Unless you plan on leaving the USA and starting your own island of politically perfect individuals; or maybe fighting literally the most powerful military in the world - you're stuck in this system, and the only way you can make it better is by being active politically. It sucks. But I want my vote to matter, even if it's just a little bit.

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The Simpsons Take On the Election

Homer's choice is just what you thought.

It was only a matter of time before cartoons started to get involved in this year's election, and, of course, The Simpsons were the ones to give their opinion (they've seen quite a few elections).

Shots were fired at both Hillary and Trump, but Homer and Marge made it pretty clear who has their vote this year, with a little dig at the DNC for Homer's decision. Check out the video above!

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Why the Hell Do We Care Who Celebrities Are Voting For?

Form your own opinions!

Seriously. Why do we give two shits who celebrities are voting for?

It seems as though politics has become more about pop culture and less about the core issues, especially when it comes to the 2016 presidential election. Sure, you could say it has something to do with Trump, who aside from being a businessman, was also a reality-tv show host. But, it goes far beyond that. I mean, Trump's made it this far, he obviously knows a thing or two about politics.

My problem isn't with celebrities having an opinion per say, it's about celebrities imposing their opinions onto others. I mean, Lena Dunham really needs to chill with the ultra feminist Hillary shit and Brad Pitt needs to quit it with his medical agendas and get back to filming Oceans 14. Until Kanye decides to follow through on the whole "running for president" thing, Hollywood and politics should stay in their own lane.

Hollywood is no doubt extremely influential, even more so to some than others, however the influence of celebrities should extend no further than what to wear to a festival or how to rock boots in the summer. These people are entertainers, not political scientists (and certainly not medical experts).

Your political opinions and choices should not be influenced by anyone you could possibly see on E! News. But what's the fascination? Why are younger generations letting their favorite celebrities influence their political opinion?

A couple of months ago, I asked one of my friends, a Hillary supporter, why she was voting for Clinton. Even though her views are completely different that mine, I was genuinely interested in hearing her educated and respectable response.

Unfortunately, the only answer I got back was, "because Anna Wintour is and she's a bitch." *Insert 800 question marks and confused face emojis* This troubling answer quickly prompted me to ask other friends and even take to social media and the internet to see what political pieces the rest of my friends were sharing and it all circled back to celebrities.

Hollywood is being more vocal about this election than any prior election. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we have two very opinionated and unique candidates and maybe it's for the pure fact that social media is far more than it was four years ago.

We've become so fascinated and wrapped up in what the upper echelon is doing that we've begun to let them influence our views and opinions and that is absolutely not OK. I'm not saying you're wrong for voting for Hillary and I'm not saying you're right for voting for Trump. All I'm saying is you shouldn't be making that decision based off of the shit Anna Wintour wore to fashion week or the post Emma Watson put up on Instagram.

Read an article or two about the actual issues and then make your decision based off education.

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Who Are You Voting For?

Crooked Hillary or PR nightmare Donald Trump?

This coming November will undoubtedly be groundbreaking for the United States, and for me, too. After years of following politics from the sideline, I will finally be able to take part more actively this November, as I cast my vote for the 2016 presidential election.

Of course, with that comes the nagging question, "who are you voting for" from literally everyone: family, friends, coworkers and randos passing by on a casual Sunday morning coffee run. But, to be honest, I still have no idea. I am literally stumped. But, here's what I know so far:

To the right, is heavy-weight, nickname-aficionado, Donald Trump

Some of my friends think he has some good ideas, and I see where they're coming from. Here are the aspects of Trump's campaign positions they were referring to: fewer undocumented immigrants, more gun security, more jobs for Americans and reformed healthcare. Those ideas sound great, and even a little bit promising.

But, for me, the hold up isn't his campaign positions necessarily. My problem with Trump is the man himself that Americans have come to know. To me, he appears selfish. I mean, he's a man who accepted congratulations following the tragic Orlando shooting for being "right on radical Islamic terrorism."

He has also said that a pregnant woman is an "inconvenience" in the workplace. The man who called for a "total and complete shutdown" of Muslims entering the US. The man whose blatant racism is rampant. Who remembers the infamous Cinco de Mayo taco bowl tweet? I shuddered - I gagged - when I saw that one. It couldn't have been for real. But, it was.

I feel as though I could go on and on. People tell me things like, "Well alright, what if he didn't say those things? Would you vote for him then?" The fact of the matter is that he DID say those things, and that he WILL continue to say those things. People who think that presidency will "change" Trump are sadly mistaken, in my humble opinion.

So, naturally, I look to the left, where Hillary, Sander's new BFF sits.

Hillary Clinton is definitely not similar to Trump, which actually seems to be a valid argument for some people. The highly ambivalent #GirlIGuessImWithHer trend on Twitter took off, as celebrities continued to stand with her. But, is that necessarily a good thing? Let's look at some aspects of her platform.

When it comes to foreign policy, Clinton opposes sending US troops to Syria and Iraq to combat ISIS, which, to me, is a pro. I, however, can't ignore that she voted in favor of the Iraq War while senator, which many would argue fueled the rise of ISIS.

She wants to keep Obamacare in place, which seems practical, until you look at the 33 million who still don't have health insurance. She's got a cool idea about allowing college kids to attend school without having to take out loans. Hell yeah, but it's wildly unpopular with the GOP and will therefore probably not pass.

Oh, and you may or may not have heard about the FBI investigation of Hillary's email server, which she has been cleared of. Interesting.

So, now what? On the one hand, I have a sexist, xenophobic, misogynistic, homophobic racist who maybe has some good ideas until you look at the fact that, OH YEAH, he's a sexist, xenophobic, misogyn... I don't need to repeat myself. You get the idea.

But on the other hand, I have a Democrat whose ideas seem well and good, for the most part, until you realize she has this nasty tendency to lie, as well as engage in shady behavior worthy of a full-scale FBI investigation.

What am I supposed to do? From my perspective, there are positives to both candidates, but those positives don't cancel out the negatives. Do I ignore the grotesque comments and find the positives in Trump's policies? Or do I ignore the FBI investigation and go for Hillary, her platform, and the fact that she's very simply not Trump?

Do I vote for the racist or for the criminal? I hate to boil it down to such simple terms, because there is certainly more to both candidates than what these labels suggest. I'll say it again, as I'm sure I'll say it several more times: I don't know what I'm going to do in November. And I'd better figure it out soon.

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Trump Hosted a Reddit AMA

Conveniently during the DNC...

I hate to say it, but I have to give Trump credit for getting more young people involved in the election by hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) last night, which is where anonymous members of the Reddit community can field questions to the celebrities (or in this case, politicians) who participate in the AMA.

To say this Reddit forum was a sophisticated interaction with voters would be far too kind.

To be fair, there were set rules and comments monitored for racism... but they also banned "Dissenters or SJWs," aka "Social Justice Warriors"- an offensive name for people with progressive views.

The rules also mandated any Bernie fans wishing to be involved "MUST Assimilate", providing a link to The Reformed BernieBots Guide on Assimilation. Considering Trump is trying to gain Bernie supporters, the bluntness was pretty shocking. To give you a taste:

"The Trump Train may have no breaks, but it does have rules. The rule is: YOU MUST ASSIMILATE!! This is not a merge, this is you joining us. We will not change our culture. You must change yourself."

Talk about welcoming! The Guide proceeded to be extremely explicit and derogatory of the former democratic candidate, and Trump himself said in one AMA response that Bernie "has given up on his revolution," a far cry from the truth. To any former Bernie fans: I truly question your choice in switching to Trump.


Typically, Reddit prides itself on allowing an "open forum for the free exchange of ideas," but Trump's AMA allowed users to censor "unwanted comments". Olivia Nuzzi of The Daily Beast asked about releasing tax returns, and within 15 minutes, her post was deleted. Because who needs the First Amendment anyway, amirite Trump?

Your chances of actually speaking to "the-realDonaldTrump" were limited, for he only responded to twelve of the 24,000 questions. Therein lies the convenience of Reddit- Trump could pick the "best" questions and provide some real, filtered answers (unlike his normally brash on-air responses).

Even if he had provided decent answers, it was incredibly difficult to follow given the unnecessary commentary from Reddit users, primarily MAGA (Make America Great Again) and ludicrous commentary digging at Democrats and Hillary. I will say I got a kick reading this one user's angry chicken nugget fiasco.

In regards to Trump's response, yes, these are important issues for young voters, but a brief explanation of his plans to reform the education system and create these "millions of new jobs" would've been nice.

As much as he "trumped" up the AMA to be a "HUGE" event, it was pretty lackluster. Yes, I'm biased, but for someone who went to Wharton, you'd think he could come up with a more sufficient answer to "Mr. Trump, what is your plan for reducing or removing the influence of money on politics?" than "Keeping Crooked Hillary Clinton out of the White House!" Also, can you be any more original than just repeatedly calling Hillary "crooked"? Talk about sad!

Ultimately, if you didn't make it to the Reddit AMA, you did yourself a favor. Here's to hoping that regardless of your views, you decided to be a more informed voter!