When Your GPA Just Ain't What It Used to Be
12.26.2016 | Classes Source: Tatiana Popova (edited)

When Your GPA Just Ain't What It Used to Be

So long high school 4.0's and Straight A's, now I just hope I pass

We all joke about it during finals. We all see the memes about crashing GPA's. But most of us secretly know that our GPA will never actually fall all that low. We know we will pass our classes, keep that pristine GPA and move on to stress again next semester.

Or, at least, you know that until you check your grades and suddenly, your GPA is a whole point lower than it has ever been.

And frankly, that's pretty common when it comes to college.

College is tough, tougher than high school ever made you believe (preparing you for college, my ass). But the thing is, grades and GPA don't define you anymore. So here are a few things to do after your grades don't live up to expectations.

Give yourself some time
Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you did the best you could. Pour yourself a shot or two or twelve. Maybe throw a little funeral for your GPA. Do whatever it is you usually do to make yourself feel better.

You can cry and scream and hide in bed, let yourself be sad. But only for a bit, your grade point average is not something to wallow on.
Ask why
Did you not do well in your classes because:

A) they were hard as f**k for everybody (Organic Chemistry where you at)?

Or B) you hated the class and never put any effort into studying?

If your answer is A, then chill. You are fine, you are taking difficult classes and chances are good that your grades look pretty similar to that of your peers. But if your answer is B, maybe it is time to think about heading a different direction. Take classes that actually interest you, or even think about switching majors.
Change how you study
Did you put everything off until the last minute? Stop. Did you spend countless hours in the library until you went a little stir crazy? Leave. Did you stay out until 2 AM the night of your midterm? Change!

It took me awhile to realize that I hated studying in the library. I much prefer to study in the corner of a cozy coffee shop. I'm so much more productive in that environment than if I were to spend 12 hours in the library. Studying for college classes is all about finding what works for you and managing your time efficiently.
Don't, and I mean DON'T, panic.
Yeah, your grades weren't up to par this time around. But don't lose all hope, because, well, it happens to everyone at one point or another. It is really important to pick yourself up, fix your habits and go in fresh once classes begin again.

So, whether bad grades to you means a 3.8 or a 2.0, this semester didn't go as planned. Just prepare to work harder and smarter next time around. And also know that in the real world, no one will really care about one semester's GPA.