When Road Rage Strikes
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When Road Rage Strikes

Why are they stopping? The light is green?

We all have our good qualities, and we all have our flaws. What's one of my (many) flaws? I have road rage. But like, lowkey road rage. So, when I'm driving alone and someone on the road upsets me (which is quite often) I go full throttle, but if I'm with someone else in the car, I'm able to externally contain myself... but internally I will be BOILING.

Here are some reactions you might have if you have slight (or severe) road rage:

1. When you're going over the speed limit and some idiot behind you is tailgating you.


2. Or when you have somewhere to be and the person in front of you is going 42 in a 55.


3. Or when someone's going 55 in a 55... like, you should be going 60.


4. When someone cuts you off on the highway.


5. When it's backed up during rush hour and you're trying to switch lanes, but nobody is letting you in.


7. When someone doesn't use their signal in general... where did you learn how to drive?


8. When you have the right of way, but some impatient asshole goes before you.


9. When you and another car arrive at a four-way at the same time, and both of you are waiting for the other to go... then you give them the signal to go, and then they give you the signal to go, so you start to go, and then they start to go...


10. When the light changes to green and the person in front of you won't go.


11. When some dumbass runs across a busy street and you have to slam on your brakes.


12. When someone randomly slams on their brakes right in front of you.


13. When you're trying to turn onto a busy road but the traffic just won't stop.


14. When you're trying to turn onto a busy road and the traffic just won't stop and the person behind you honks at you.


15. When someone honks at you in general.


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Here's Some Rape Math in Light of the Stanford Case

If you're looking for a trigger warning, this is it.

FlockU Presents is a new vertical we've launched for longform pieces about topics you care about - everything from sex and body shaming to the history of beer pong to how terrorism affects you as a college student.

If you ask a college student if they know a rapist, don't be surprised when they say yes.

"I am positive that most college students know a rapist," a fellow, recent University of Michigan grad told me, "Even if they aren't aware. There are MULTIPLE people who even I am not totally sure if they are rapists [or not]. Like, I've heard stories, and I can't even really decide what to think. It's everywhere."

When we got into a conversation about the Stanford rapist case he told me, "I am scared to think what would have happened to this case if they were found in a bedroom. He was caught IN THE ACT in the back of a building behind a dumpster, and was given six months, possibly weeks, with good behavior."

I personally know three rapists - one of them being my own - all graduates of the University of Michigan.

I personally know a dozen survivors, and this is just a matter of people who have chosen to confide in me.

Those are personal statistics. These are the University of Michigan's. In June 2015 it was estimated that, "more than 20 percent of University of Michigan female students have been sexually assaulted on campus."

Ready for some math?

43,625 students attend the University of Michigan.49.1 percent of U of M students are women.21,420 students at U of M are women.20 percent of those women have been assaulted.

That's 4,284 assaulted women in one year at U of M alone.

I can't even name 4,284 people.

"Unlike the very black and white crime of shooting someone or robbing a bank, there are ways for them to avoid that classification in their own heads with these lame justifications of 'I was sure. It was blurry. It was a misunderstanding.' Assault is one of the only crimes that the assailant, even when faced with evidence, can claim total ignorance of," my friend scoffed.

Could you imagine if 4,284 women were murdered at U of M each year? It'd probably decrease the assault stats because there would be less women around because, you know, they'd be murdered.

This past year U of M's Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC) released 97 balloons, each representing 50 survivors assaulted at U of M this year. (Oh, and here's the math on SAPAC's site of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence report for 2007).

Their estimate was closer to 4,850 women, so just slap an extra 500+ assaulted women on my math for 2016.

You know what? I'm terrible at math. I'm not even 100 percent sure that I did that math correctly. I probably didn't. Let's say I screwed it up. Let's say I'm off by a hundred - hell, let's say I'm off by a thousand. Let's just go easy and say at least 3,000 women are assaulted every year at the University of Michigan.Good, just 3,000. The relief I feel... there's just so much of it.

By now we've all seen this, this, and this article about one of the rapists at Stanford (I promise you there are more), and this deserving, powerful letter from the survivor. Everyone has been appropriately freaking out because of his slap-on-the-wrist sentence, and the way he's been treated in headlines. I'm not going to sit here and recap them all, you can read them for yourself.

If a case with as clear of evidence as this has failed to see appropriate justice, what hope do the rest of us survivors have coming forward?

In her letter she states, "I am a human being who has been irreversibly hurt." Irreversible means there's no going back. This is not something that happened. Rape is something that is happening. That's present progressive tense people. Rape lives on through PTSD. It does not leave you. It's irreversibility is what makes it truly horrifying. Being raped is contracting a sexually transmitted mental disease.

Let's do some more math, yeah? Let's do some Stanford math.

Stanford's math is a little trickier. They released this delightfully descriptive campus climate survey in Oct. 2015 (the same time U of M's). They filled their results with fancy, narrow definitions.

According to Stanford:

Sexual assault "[includes] a nonconsensual sexual act - involving intercourse, digital penetration, oral sex or penetration with a foreign object - accomplished by use of force, violence, duress, menace, inducement of incapacitation or knowingly taking advantage of an incapacitated person."

Sexual misconduct "includes nonconsensual penetration or oral sex that occurs without the condition of force, violence, duress, menace or incapacitation that is involved in a sexual assault under state law and Stanford policy. Sexual misconduct also includes acts of sexual touching without consent and some acts of clothing removal without consent."

I'm going to go ahead and say both of those definitions are describing sex crimes, even though Stanford ran around being like, "Look at all the rapists we don't have cause we chopped up the statistics!"

Here's the breakdown:

16,136 students attend Stanford.1.9 percent of students (male & female) reported sexual assault.14.2 percent have additionally reported some other form of sexual misconduct.That's 1.9 percent sexual assault + 14.2 percent sexual misconduct = 16.1 percent of students have been assaulted (by my calculation after digging through their bullshit.)

That's 2,533 sexually assaulted students in one year at Stanford.

There are conflicting statistics out there too, that think these numbers are wildly inaccurate. Wait, here's some more.

That's not even all the math that's out there. This is just a math appetizer, or a mathetizer per say.

This is math without the other math. The other math that includes every student - not just the ones who took the surveys - the math we'll never get that includes all the survivors out there who will not speak up - especially on a school-administered survey - and the math that doesn't accurately include male survivors.

I wish if you were a criminal and committed sex crimes you'd immediately turn blue. I wish that survivors never had to tell their stories in the pursuit of justice and progress, so that we would never be humiliated and shamed. As a society we'd just have to say, "look that guy turned blue, get him boys!" and a couple of British cops from the 30s would pop out of nowhere singing in four-part harmony. Then, with wooden police batons, they'd bonk the blue people on the head and haul em' off to prison forever and ever.

But rapists aren't going to turn blue, and we're going to have to keep speaking up.

I'm so tired. I'm exhausted. I don't have an answer today. Today I just have math (math, and some terrific imagery of British cops).

If you're looking for more information, please visit http://www.seeactstop.org/act/ or your school's sexual assault prevention center.

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McDonald's Worker Strikes Back

Sweet tea isn't always sweet.

Look, if you're gonna intentionally be a douche, expect people to get angry. Especially if the person you're going to be a douche to is: 1) handling your food, and 2) probably already hates their job.

Check it out above, and take notes, because if you're gonna prank someone, you should probably take a little precaution.

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Pack Light, Travel Hard

Let's go to the beach, let's go get away.

Tis the season for vay-kay! Some people are traveling around the world to enjoy the tropical, sunshine weather and others are roadtripping to the nearest beaches! It's the best time of year for tanlines, Ray Bans, and drinks garnished with paper umbrellas.

There's so much to plan and do over the summer that you don't want to stress too much about packing. You don't need to bring your entire wardrobe with you to feel summertime fine.

When it comes to deciding what to bring along for the trip, there's really no need to complicate it. By the time you get there, the only things you'll be worried about are the unlimited drinks and hot lifeguards on the beach. Planes charge crazy amounts for overpacking and the trunk of your car is only so big. Allow us to do the packing for you.

Bathing suits, duh!
Keep in mind you won't need a bathing suit for every single day you're there. If you are staying for five days, all you'll need is two, no more than three, suits. The only thing that matters is how you're rockin' em. Don't use this rule with underwear, please wear a fresh pair of those daily.

Little Black Dress
Decide on one night that you'll go to a fancy restaurant on the beach and enjoy a night of elegance. Other than that, your "going out" clothes should be more day-to-night casual.

Ah, the nightmare of packing. I always think I'll need every pair in my closet, which usually means an entire extra suitcase. Keep it simple, one pair of flip-flops for the walk to the beach, a dressy pair of sandals, and a pair of heels. If you plan on actually using the gym at the resort or doing adventure activities, one pair of tennis shoes will do it. Tip: black or nude will compliment any outfit.

Most of the time you'll be in your suit, so don't overthink this one. One pair each of jeans and shorts will suffice. One to two sundresses are easy day-to-night attire, two for one.

Night Time
You've already got your shoes, sundress, and little black dress, so you're pretty much covered. Add in a couple nice tops to go with your jeans and you're basically finished.

Add in your makeup, hair products, and bath essentials last. Find out what your hotel offers, such as a hair dryer, shampoo, and toothpaste, so you don't over pack those items! Sporting your glow will be gorgeous enough, so keep the jewelry simple. You want to look summer-y!

I always wear my comfy clothes, tennis shoes, light jacket, shades, crossbody and hat to travel in, so I don't have to worry about packing those items. Throw in a bralette, night gown, and phone charger and the packing is complete! Safe travels, xoxo.

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Alabama Separates Itself From the Rest of the Country

There is no stopping the Tide.

Every year during college football season the same debate is made: Could Alabama beat the Browns? While the answer is no, it seems like there is no collegiate team that could take down the Crimson Tide.

If you haven't already, go check the box score of the Alabama game and see how destructive their 49-10 victory Saturday afternoon. Tennessee isn't overrated; Alabama is just that damn good.

With Alabama's huge win against Tennessee, it marks its 10th win in a row against Tennessee and its largest regular season win against an AP top 10 team. Alabama, as a whole, looks unstoppable and unbeatable this year. Bama has not been vulnerable since week three of the season when it pulled off a comeback victory against Ole Miss.

While many people thought that Tennessee would be Bama's toughest test of the season, we all saw how that went. Freshman Quarterback Jalen Hurts was the star of the day. While he is only a freshman, it looks like he's a senior based on his reactions and decisions he makes on the football field.

Even though Alabama is ranked number 1 in the polls, no matter who is ranked second, they are still very far behind the Tide. There have been jokes already on what the college football playoff should look like after this decisive victory by the Tide.

It really isn' fair how good Alabama is. If you didn't think the Tide were ahead of the pack before today, I hope you realize that it is now. The Tide still have to play Texas A&M and LSU in Baton Rouge, but who knows if those teams will compete with them. No matter who is on the other side of the field, Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin always find a way to destroy them.

Like every year, it won't be a surprise to see the Tide win the National Championship and then lose half of its team. Most of the starters right now didn't even play last season. It just shows how good Saban is at recruiting and coaching. But also don't be surprised to see Saban holding up yet another trophy in January.

Hopefully, Alabama will find some competition down the road and possibly look weak against some teams. But, if the Tide keep blowing out their competition like this every week, it'll be hard not to imagine them winning the title again. Nick Saban may be on his way to being the most hated coach in college football, but if that means winning year after year I'm sure he'd be ok with it.

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What Goes Around Comes Around For Seattle

The one yard line strikes back.

Well, well, well. It looks like everything really does come full circle in sports. First we see Cleveland ridicule a city over a blown 3-1 lead, only for it to come right back around, thanks to the Cubs. Tonight was just another example of the funny ways in which sports works.

We're no strangers to Super Bowl 49 between the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots. In what was one of the better finishes to a Super Bowl we've seen, Seattle had the ball on the one yard line and instead of electing to run the ball to powerhouse Marshawn "Beast Mode" Lynch...

The Seahawks threw the ball. It didn't turn out well.

Tonight the two squared off on Sunday Night Football, and boy was it a battle. We watched a seemingly sloppy Patriots team hang around all game, through Tom Brady's first interception since last season, and a fumble from Julian Edelman. The Seahawks led 31-24 late in the game after a touchdown and a missed two point conversion. The Patriots powered down the field on the final drive, and a crucial catch from Rob Gronkowski brought them near the goal line with just seconds on the clock.

A few attempts are shut down by the Seahawks defense, and suddenly it's 4th and goal for the Patriots. It's all set up... show 'em how to handle this situation correctly, right Belichick? Wrong!

What goes around comes around, New England. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, a pissed off Tom Brady is bad for just about everyone.