What You Need to Know About the RNC (Recap)
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What You Need to Know About the RNC (Recap)

Or, how the Zodiac Killer trolled the entire Republican party.

The Republican National Convention in Cleveland has provided a whirlwind of new memes and shocking references. Who knew that RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer was a total Brony?

While the majority of us expected drama to unfold because, well, it's Trump, and because that's just politics, the top headlines don't typically inform us as to, you know, the information that is relevant to us

But fear not, I'm here to break it down so you can continue to read your news feed for all the best digs at Ted Cruz, and still feel like an informed voter.

Day 1: The primary speakers were Trump's Wife, Melania Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and a number of other Republican candidates and celebrities.

In addition to highly praising Trump, which makes sense, Melania discussed the importance of "work[ing]" hard for what you want in life," and her primary goal as first lady, to ensure that everyone has an education. Which is ironic considering she and her speechwriter forgot the "plagiarism isn't OK" lesson from elementary school, copping parts from a previous speech of Michelle Obama's.

She should have used Turnitin.

Rudy Giuliani brought up the emotional, pressing issue regarding the recent violence affecting this country, stressing the need to "Make America Safe Again." A seemingly good starting point, yet throughout the convention it was made clear that this safety agenda was not for minorities. Sheriff Clarke Jr. labeled Black Lives Matter an "anarchy" (and previously, a "hate group").

If that wasn't bad enough, Steve King outright questioned the value of non-whites in America, stating "I'd ask you to go back through history and figure out where these contributions that have been made by these other categories of people that you are talking about?"

Yes, all on live TV.

Day 2: The biggest takeaway from this night? Trump officially clinched the Republican nomination. The main speakers were former candidate and current suck-up Chris Christie, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr, and *eek* NRA executive director Chris Cox.

Overall, this night was primarily an attack against Hillary; most notable with Christie screaming "GUILTY" in reference to the emails, with the occasional discussion of jobs and the economy.

While Trump's ego has clouded the image of "family man" for the entirety of his campaign, his children's speeches painted a "considerate" and "supportive" side of Trump that many of us have not seen. Donald Jr.'s speech in particular was the highlight of the night, referring to Trump's business success as a foundation for putting "Americans first" in economic development.

Cox ended the night by shooting himself in the foot, but not literally. But after all the recent tragedies, talking about protecting the "right to own a gun" was ill-timing.

Day 3: The primary speaker was supposed to be VP candidate Mike Pence, but Ted Cruz stole the show, insuring that this would be the most dramatic night of the convention.

Wednesday marked the first time Pence spoke solo as he lauded Trump's moral character, coining him the "candidate of change" in this election versus the "stale agenda and the most predictable of names."

A safe, nice speech in comparison to Cruz. Cruz began by tugging at heartstrings, and as he congratulated Trump it seemed possible that he was finally putting up a white flag to the previous vicious rivalry.

OH, no. Instead, he told Americans to "vote your conscience," and proceeded to be booed. BOOED, AT THE CONVENTION, which was on LIVE TV.

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Newt Gingrich attempted to save Cruz's butt, stating "Ted Cruz said, 'You can vote your conscience for anyone who will uphold the Constitution. In this election there is only one candidate who will uphold the constitution." But it was to no avail - the boos surely left Lyin Ted a Cryin Ted.

Gingrich proceeded to promote Islamophobia with extreme fear tactics, stating that the danger our country faces is "even worse than September 11th." Using a lot of numbers, he essentially equated a vote for Hillary as a vote to endanger the US. So there's that.

Even after rips to his character, Cruz told CNN he still refuses to endorse Trump. I'll be honest, I thought, and still think, that Cruz is terrifying, but I have to give him credit for sticking to his beliefs unlike the other candidates (who all at one point labeled Trump unqualified). He highlighted the fact that we should be voting for someone in this election, not against.

Now that you're caught up on the important stuff, you can turn back to catching up on all the entertainment.

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What Clinton Supporters Should Know About Benghazi

Basically, what everyone should know as the 2016 election approaches.

This past week while car shopping with my Poppop, I learned a lot about the 2016 elections, especially about "Crooked Hilary" and the Benghazi scandal. I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not overly into politics, but I do follow along so I can chime in if I feel like it.

However, my family is not as laissez faire as I am.

So, I sort of sat there in the car, nodding where I felt it was appropriate, as Poppop started to get quite LIT over Clinton and the way in which the Obama administration handled the events that occurred in Benghazi.

If you are as clueless about Benghazi as I was (what the hell happened??), or you're a Clinton supporter who feels like he's missing the facts, then this article is for you.

The events that occurred at the American embassy in Benghazi have garnered a lot of speculation and opinion. Four years later, people still wonder if Obama and his administration, in addition to Clinton, handled the events that occurred on September 11, 2012 appropriately.

What you need to know:

Islamic militants started to protest outside of the American embassy in Benghazi. Shortly afterwards, gun fire began once militants reached the inside of the compound.

U.S. ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, a State Department information management officer flee to the main building. After getting there, militants follow and set the building on fire. Stevens and Smith were later found dead, as well as two navy seals.

The last time an ambassador was killed in the line of duty was 1979.

Suspects in regard to Benghazi have since been arrested.

Clinton sent emails to her daughter from her private email account, clintonemail.com, of information that was not yet to be released to the public.

Here's how the nickname, "Crooked Clinton" came to fruition:

An hour after vaguely announcing that Americans were killed during the attack in Beghazi, Clinton sent this email to her daughter: "Two of our officers were killed in Benghazi by an al Qaeda-like group: the ambassador, whom I handpicked, and a young communications officer on temporary duty with a wife and two young children. Very hard day and I fear more of the same tomorrow."

This email account was used during the entirety of her term as secretary of state. This, millennials, is why many are outraged with Clinton. It's not about her style choices, the fact that she is a woman, or even the stances she takes on hot button issues.

People are enraged because while holding an esteemed position in the United States government, Clinton purposely continued to send 55,000 pages worth of emails to associates, including her daughter, from a personal email server. That's a lot of "top secret" information to be shared with people who were not meant to know that information in the first place.

The other issue is whether or not Clinton's private email server was breachable because it was not a .gov account or an account at Yahoo! or Google mail. Now, if Clinton had used a Yahoo! or a google account, it could've been argued that their teams are just as good as those who monitor .gov emails.

But, that's not the case, Clinton's email was on her own domain, meaning that she only had access to her own personal resources to monitor it. In fact, her Clintonemail.com email account was able to be hacked as later revealed by celebrity hacker Guccifer in 2013.

Since those emails were discovered, Clinton has been under investigation by the FBI, who agreed that, "Some of the materials in her private inbox were classified at some level" and that there may have been, "possible mishandling of sensitive information." But, as of July 5th, the FBI recommended that Clinton not be found guilty, even in they did find that she sent emails of the highest classification while in hostile territory abroad.

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Five Reasons Politics Are a Waste of Energy

Can't we all just get along?

1. People get riled UP.
When it comes to American politics, the people get enraged. They get so heated and so hot-headed that it's impossible to have a friendly, nonchalant conversation about it. Friends are lost and family is disowned when opinions differ. It's ludicrous. Believe what you want to believe, but chill the f#@k out, and go get a massage or something.

2. Nobody listens to each other.
No matter what, Americans will not change their mind about politics and the opinions they have. There's no debate to be had, no grand epiphanies, and no sudden agreements on controversial political issues. It's a losing battle.

You can go ahead and scream at the top of your lungs and print articles out as to why affirmative action is absolutely necessary for this country to succeed, but your racist grandpa isn't going change his mind. Sorry about it, but people are stuck in their ways.

3. People make You feel ashamed for what you think.
It's actually super sad the way people treat each other during election season. If your values differ from someone else's, it doesn't mean they're wrong or you're right. Just because people's fundamental values are different doesn't mean they're terrible people.

4. Politicians are liars anyway.
It's no secret that they have professional speech writers who feed them what to say, not to mention a team of professionals who tell them how to act. Combine that with the fact that their main objective is to appease members of their political parties so that they have support. It's no wonder people don't trust them, they have no reason to!

5. The Facebook posts.
During election years, Facebook is always popping with annoying, self-righteous political posts. I mean, everyone feels the need to post every thought that comes to their brains about the election and their political views as if we give a shit!

Seriously, why would I care that my 8th grade math teacher thinks that Hillary is the answer to our nation's problems? Also, why am I even friends with him in the first place.

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Here's What You Need to Know About Gary Johnson

For those that can't stand Clinton or Trump, there's still hope.

For all those college voters who loved Bernie and hate the two frontrunners, Clinton and Trump, there is technically another option: Gary Johnson. He is a Libertarian party candidate who is rapidly gathering support and for good reason.

The Libertarian Party is founded upon one main principle: personal freedom. A super condensed description of the Libertarian party can be broken down to fiscal matters and social matters.

Libertarians are fiscally conservative, focusing on a balanced budget, lower taxes, and a reduction in government spending. Socially, Libertarians frankly don't give a shit what you do as long as you aren't hurting others.

That argument about gay marriage? They don't care. Marry whoever you want, as long as you are not harming anyone.

Gary Johnson is running alongside William Weld, and both are former governors of primarily Democratic states. Both were re-elected based on their ability to balance budgets and appeal to all voters, not just a certain party.

He has generated a lot of support from the 18-30 year old voter group because he preaches tolerance, is all about the legalization of marijuana, and realizes that the government needs to be more responsible in terms of money.

Honestly, the guy is kind of a badass. He has finished 75 triathlons, climbed Mount Everest, and climbed the highest US mountain while his broken leg was still healing. He has also been able to raise $1.4 million dollars as a third party candidate off of private donations alone, which is no small amount.

Despite publicly calling Trump a pussy, they do see eye-to-eye on certain issues. They both agree on avoiding foreign intervention, prefer smaller government, and a balanced budget.

He sides with Clinton on abortion, believing it's a woman's unrestricted right. He also sides with Clinton on gay marriage, because he strongly believes it should be allowed. Moreover, he agrees with Clinton that the idea that stricter punishment will reduce crime is untrue. Lastly, he and Clinton both believe there should be a pathway for illegal aliens.

If you're as fed up with the two party system, like most Americans are right now, consider Johnson.

Although it has been shown that third parties just don't cut it, throwing him into a debate with Clinton and Trump could shake things up. This election is already wild, having a man with his head screwed on straight debate two people with awful approval ratings could at the very least be interesting.

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Republican Isn't a Dirty Word

Being a Republican does not make you a bad person.

Let me begin this by saying, I am not a registered Republican. I do not support Donald Trump at all. I am a political science major, however, so I care about politics and facts.

It has become increasingly frustrating to hear day to day conversations slandering someone's political choice and opinion. Being a Republican does not make you a bad person. It does not automatically mean you don't care about gay rights. It does not mean you are automatically against abortion. And it does not mean you do not care about helping people in need.

It is genuinely baffling for me to watch people my own age preach kindness, acceptance, and tolerance yet as soon as another person mentions they are a conservative they are bashed for their beliefs.

There are older white guys who are hardcore Republicans and are absolutely nuts. To actually think gays can't get married and abortion is even the government's business at all is truly astonishing.

Yet, these people make up the minority of the party. Most of the party just recognizes this country is in insane amounts of debt, and that there are issues with immigration that must be addressed (NOT by building a wall - let's clarify this again).

Paul Ryan, the speaker of the Republican party, refused for a good amount of time to even endorse Donald Trump because what he stands for isn't the Republican party. His ideas are somewhat based on the basic party platform, but the way he presents himself as well as his idea about building a wall does not fall in line with your typical conservative.

I cannot stress enough, being a Republican and favoring lower government spending and more traditional values does not make you a bad person. People are allowed to support whatever party, candidate, or ideas they would like. If you do not agree, you can either be an adult and shut up or have an adult conversation based on actual facts and not strictly opinion.

This election has the whole country exasperated, the two candidates are genuinely painful to watch and accepting that one will run this country is nothing short of heartbreaking. There is no way around those facts, but as citizens of this great country it is important to respect one another's beliefs.

If someone says they are a conservative, there is no reason to automatically assume they hate gays and immigrants. If someone says they are a liberal, there is no reason to automatically assume they enjoy a huge amount of debt and want marijuana to be legal.

We need to be grown ups.

Listen to what people have to say, consider it, and if you disagree present them respectfully with your own opinion. This isn't rocket science, and everyone needs to realize that both parties are enduring a lot of change and corruption right now.

Stop hating on people who don't agree with you, learn from their opinions and let that strengthen your own.

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What You Need to Know About the DNC

Philly is blue af.

The Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia comes to a close today and there is a lot to be said about the divide in the party, as well as the plea for unity. Here is the lowdown on all three days of the convention to keep you an informed college voter.

Day One

The DNC kicked off with Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz getting booed off stage and announcing she would be taking a backseat for the rest of the convention. She made this decision in order to "make sure we can start the Democratic Convention on a high note."

Shit went down with Schultz when it surfaced that the Democratic Party had favored Clinton during the primaries. Ouch. This angered everyone across America, and Schultz offered a formal apology to Sanders in hopes to smooth the whole thing over. She announced Sunday that she will be stepping down.

Bernie Sanders took the stage at the DNC and pleaded to all of his supporters that they cast their vote for Hillary Clinton. Bernie supporters booed him following his statement.. probably not the reaction Bernie was hoping for.

Michelle Obama also took the stage during day one, making a groundbreaking speech endorsing Hillary Clinton, with the focus being on her daughters addressing the fact that they are America's future. She also honed in on the fact that the outcome of this election has the potential to be very damaging to America's youth.

Day Two

It was formally announced that Hillary is the Democratic Presidential Nominee.

Former president Bill Clinton gave a speech in support of his wife, stating that Hillary is ready to make changes for our country going forward. He and his wife tried to rid the public of the traditional view of "crooked Hillary", and instead perceive her as someone willing to do whats right for this country through reforms.

The other big discussion this day was Donald Trump's friendliness with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Terry McAuliffe, governor of Virginia argued that giving a man power who's friendly with (basically) a dictator and has access to US nuclear weapons is a horrendous, possibly devastating plan. It was also stated that Putin is in support of Trump winning... yikes.

Day Three

Obama, Biden, and VP nominee Tim Kaine took the stage for day three. Obama offered support for Hillary in his speech, which was optimistic. He urged the public to realize how dangerous electing Trump would be. He stated that Hillary has a similar view for the future of the country as he does, and that Democrats should band together and support her. See a common theme?

Tim Kaine, Hillary's running mate, who is fairly moderate and has experience in the political ring, took the stage and tried to address Republicans who were dissatisfied with the shape of the current party.

Current Vice President Joe Biden also gave a speech, and tried to gain support from the middle class of America. He argued that Trump is absolutely unfit to lead a nation through the world at this time. People love Joe, which isn't too hard to understand.

*Biden lowers hand*

Overall, the DNC can be deemed a success because with the amount of scandals in the Democratic Party surrounding this election, anything less than a riot is a success. This election is definitely about to make history - for better or for worse.