What To Know About The March For Science
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What To Know About The March For Science

Mark your calendars.

What Is It?
The March for Science is a march celebrating science and a call for everyone to "respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world" according to the march website. Basically, the march wants to bring attention to science and all the good that it does, especially now under a Trump presidency where science is being challenged.

When and Where Is It?
The March for Science will occur on April 22, a Saturday. Meeting at 8 AM, the actual march will start at 9 AM. The main march, like the Women's March in January, will be happening in Washington, DC on the National Mall. And like the Women's March, the March for Science has sister marches planned all over the country and world. Check out this list to see if there's a sister march near you.

Why April 22?
April 22 is Earth Day. Since climate change is such an important issue in the scientific community as well as a controversial issue in politics, it makes sense to hold a march celebrating science on Earth Day, a day that is all about helping the earth by recycling, planting trees, etc.

How Can I Lend Support?
The best way to support the march is to attend either the main march or a sister march. But another really great way to support the march is to educate yourself about the issues people are marching for. And of course, you can always support by donating to the march or purchasing from their store.

Why Should I Lend Support?
Science is really important for everyone. From vaccines to research to medicine, you're impacted by science every day. So even if you don't believe everything that science says, you should still want to support scientific endeavors because science impacts everything from medicine to food to the environment to even the cosmetics you may use. So supporting science is just a great way to show your appreciation for all science does and continues to do for everyone.

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Hanger: A Myth or An Actual Thing?

Don't mess with me when I'm hungry.

Hanger is a feeling we have all experienced in our lifetime. An amalgam of hunger and anger, it is a monstrous beast that takes over our brains. Some are more affected by this phenomenon than others, and I'll be honest, I am severely affected by hanger.

When I don't have food, my mood takes a serious dive and it's like I'm genetically programmed to be a huge bitch to everyone I encounter that day. It's like word vomit, I just can't help but be super defensive and straight up mean.

For some, attributing your bad mood to being hungry has become a reflex, and we don't often think of the complexity behind this seemly overused/mythical justification. Turns out, there's some pretty concrete and fascinating science behind the ever-present hanger beast.

According to Stella Volpe, PhD, RD, Chair of the Department of Nutrition Sciences at Drexel University, your mood is very directly correlated to not only what you are eating but when you are eating as well. As Dr. Volpe explains, "Your brain and central nervous system need glucose for energy. Likely, if your brain is not getting the energy it needs, your mood will be affected."

So if you do not eat, your blood sugar will drop, and your body will not be able transport the blood sugar to your brain or central nervous system. Hello, bad mood.

Dr. Volpe has also illustrated a significant distinction: hanger does not arise when you feel hungry from "external cues" (like when you crave food after watching recipe videos on Facebook), but rather from true, physiological hunger.

You may be thinking, well, people are in control of their emotions and they choose to let themselves get angry if they haven't eaten in a couple of hours. Wrong. According to Brenda Bustillos, M.S., R.D.N., L.D., a registered dietitian with the Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, "in a brain lacking glucose, it's harder to control signs of anger. Acute bouts of hunger trigger the release of stress hormones which makes it harder to manage our anger and irritability."

Basically, when we get hungry, our self control goes out the fucking window.

Of course, this all depends on each person's body type. Someone with a fast metabolism (like me) might be more prone to hanger than someone with a slower metabolism, and there are other biological factors as well. But all in all, hanger is a real thing, so eat your damn food and don't beat yourself up if you can't control your emotions. Just try not to be too mean.

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There's A Petition To Make March Longer

Make March great again.

What we all witnessed last night was special, that's for sure. Kris Jenkins' shot to propel Villanova to its first National Championship since 1985 was one of the best championship games, if not THE best, ever.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the game had all the elements of March Madness... yet it was in April.

April doesn't have the same ring to it, right Jon?

Lucky for us, a dude named Beau Morrison created a petition to make the month of March longer so the championship game takes place before April. Bold.

The post says, "We can keep the same amount of calendar days, 365 if you did not know, but take away from the other less important months. I think we can shorten April or maybe even January. February is already too short in my opinion."

As of 1 p.m. on Tuesday, it has four signatures. I know college basketball junkies might sink their teeth into this when they get ahold of it.

It's something I can get behind. Sure, maybe it's never going to happen, but you can't knock the hustle here.

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Power To The Pussyhat

The hat-making project every women's rights activist should participate in.

Nope, that's not a typo. There's a real project called the Pussyhat Project, and it's absolutely amazing in every single way.

The Women's March on Washington is coming up on Jan 21. It's an event where women, and anyone who considers themselves an activist of human rights, can come together and march through the nation's capital.

Many celebrities have already acknowledged that they will be attending, including Cher, Scarlett Johansson, and Amy Schumer (to name a few). The date of the event coincides with Trump's first day in office, and as many are aware, Trump has said/done many things that are questionable towards women's rights, especially their reproductive health, as well as said many derogatory comments towards the working women he's met during his campaign.

Thanks for the @p_ssyhatproject hat! See you at the March!

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But what exactly is the Pussyhat Project? According to their mission, the hats are to provide the people who attend the Women's March "a means to make a collective visual statement which will help activists to be better heard," as well as those who cannot be at the March to physically show their support and to represent themselves as women's rights activists.

You can knit, sew, or crochet a pink hat for the March. Many people have already made hats and had them registered or donated, so those who attend the March can pick them up in a designated location and see, first hand, why this movement is so important to people.

Good morning! #Pussyhatproject creator @kristasuh is ready to dig into her stash and start making! How's it going for you? ??

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While there are only a few days left until the Women's March on Washington, you can still create hats (or have your awesome grandma make you one, if you are awful with knitting or crocheting like I am) to wear around during the March, or even after! You can also find a drop-off point and drop off any hats you made so they make it in time.

We're mouthing off on day 17 of our countdown to the Women's March!? Are you marching in DC, but don't know how to knit, crochet, or sew? We want you to have a hat too! ?Try asking a friend who already is decently versed in these skills to help you make your Pussyhat. There is also a list of locations on our official website that can guide you to places where you might find assistance in creating your own hat! Our original knitting pattern was made with beginners in mind! ? We have also seen various makers post on their own Instagram accounts that they are making hats and would like to send them directly to folks who will be marching! Find them (search #pussyhat or #pussyhatproject) and let them know you're interested! You can also post on your own account that you are hoping to wear a hat at the march. Use those hashtags and perhaps a knitter/crocheter/sewer will find you! ? We hope you'll give creating your own #pussyhat a try, and as usual, tag us so we can see!

A photo posted by Pussyhat Project (@p_ssyhatproject) on

If you are attending the March, stop by any pick-up locations and grab a hat if you're not creative, or you can make yourself one as well before the big day! All drop-off and pick-up locations are found here.

And of course, spread the word for this awesome movement by taking a picture and uploading it to social media and using the hashtag #Pussyhat or #PussyhatProject.

Hopefully, this isn't the end to the Pussyhat Project movement! You can follow them on Instagram for more updates after the Women's March on Washington concludes (@p_ssyhatproject).

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Animals Screaming On Planet Earth 2 Is Something You Need To See


Planet Earth is one of the best shows out there. Our awesome world shown like we've never seen it, and the coolest parts about it.

Naturally, someone had to make it hysterical, and what better way than humanizing some of the animals? Never gets old. Laugh your ass off below!

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Here's What to Know About A Day Without Women

Women's rights are human rights.

Following the successful march, the organizers of the Women's March are planning another event to bring recognition to women and women's issues. However, this upcoming event also recognizes not just the economic and of women, but women of color, the LGBT community and gender nonconforming people.

What Is A Day Without Women?
A Day Without Women encourages women to take the day off work - whether unpaid or paid to highlight just how important women are to society, economically and domestically. It also encourages women not to shop unless it's at small, women and minority owned business and to wear red in solidarity.

A Day Without Women was inspired by other similar protests, such as the "Bodega strike" in NYC and the Day Without Immigrants that happened in the US recently.

When Is A Day Without Women?
This protest will be happening on March 8, but that doesn't mean you should forget the message of this event. Even though this is only happening for one day, you should continue to fight for equal rights, not just for women, but for the LGBT, transgender and gender nonconforming communities everyday.

Why March 8?
March 8 was chosen because it is also International Women's Day. The theme of this International Women's Day is #BeBoldForChange and there are tons of events happening around the world and around the US.

On the International Women's Day website, you can search for events and there are resources for you to help support International Women's Day.

How Can I Lend Support?
The main way to lend your support is to wear red. Even though you may not be able to take off work, wearing red still means you support this event and the message it's trying to spread.

And as always, volunteering or donating to organizations that help women and other marginalized communities is another great way to support the cause. Men can support this event by helping women with child care if possible and voice their support for things like equal pay and family leave in the workplace.

When March 8th comes, spend it wearing red, supporting women and bringing attention to the gender discrimination that comes in all forms everywhere.