What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like (Video)
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What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like (Video)

"Get your phone out, look busy!"

In this video, Katie from CollegeHumor perfectly shows viewers what it is like to go out when you have major anxiety issues. She is shown trying to maneuver around a small party, with her twin, "Anxiety" who trolls her at every move, reminding her how awkward she is.

Even if you are a social butterfly, chances are, you've definitely echoed one of the phrases during a night downtown.

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Five Things That Are Always Awkward

I just want to look cool.

One of the most important parts of being a college student is never looking like an idiot. You need to seem like you have your shit together. It's how you get confidence, it's how you get friends, and it's how you get laid.

Trevor and Rudy are back at it again, this time showing you the situations where it's impossible to look like anything other than an idiot. Their loss is your gain, boys and girls.

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I look for armless people in my S.O. too

Ever had a crush on someone who just isn't into it? Same. But in the words of the highly anticipated, yet unfortunate box office tank, Popstar, "NEVER STOP NEVER STOPPING." They'll crack eventually... right?

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Drunk Heroes Are The Best Heroes (Video)

Unless they steal your shit and don't give it back.

Out at a party or the bar, you reach into your pocket for your wallet, it's there. You reach into your other pocket, and it's empty. Then it hits you-- HOLY F*CK WHERE DID I PUT MY PHONE?! We've all been there.

Some of us are lucky, and find it right away. Others are not so lucky, and it's gone for good. Some are found, *sigh* shattered. Some get returned the next day with a nice text! How kind!

Not everyone finds their phone again after some drunk kid picks it up and records you a motivational speech that would make Herb Brooks' speech look like preschool gibberish.

Well, thanks for the speech, Rob. Time to go run through a concrete wall and wrestle an angry grizzly bear.

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Basketball is Worth the Wait (Video)

This Nike advertisement gives us ALL the feels.

This Nike ad, which has gotten over 5 million views, shows the Cavaliers latest win against the Warriors, which secured them the title of the NBA champions. This short video shows the faces of emotional Cavs fans as they watch the final seconds of the game, and gives us all the feels.

I'm feeling hella motivated after that, so please excuse me while I go and run a half marathon.

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This Guy Played Music For a Dancing Stranger on the Street

He was dancing without any before that.

A guy driving by noticed a man dancing outside without music, so he stopped and turned his car stereo up. The entirety of this video is this man breaking it down, whipping out one fire dance move after another.