What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like (Video)
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What Social Anxiety Really Feels Like (Video)

"Get your phone out, look busy!"

In this video, Katie from CollegeHumor perfectly shows viewers what it is like to go out when you have major anxiety issues. She is shown trying to maneuver around a small party, with her twin, "Anxiety" who trolls her at every move, reminding her how awkward she is.

Even if you are a social butterfly, chances are, you've definitely echoed one of the phrases during a night downtown.

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This Dog Recognizing His Owner Will Give You The Feels

Must be allergies.

Well if this doesn't brighten up your day and put a smile on your face, you must have never been born with serotonin or you just hate being happy.

This owner narrowly avoided death after spending five long weeks in the hospital due to the flu. He shed 50 pounds, and looked nothing like he did prior to becoming ill.

Upon his return home, his dog had no idea who he was, and is noticeably scared at the appearance of what he believes to be an intruder... until he catches a sniff. Check out the amazing reaction below!

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Five Things That Are Always Awkward

I just want to look cool.

One of the most important parts of being a college student is never looking like an idiot. You need to seem like you have your shit together. It's how you get confidence, it's how you get friends, and it's how you get laid.

Trevor and Rudy are back at it again, this time showing you the situations where it's impossible to look like anything other than an idiot. Their loss is your gain, boys and girls.

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What it's Like to Have Anxiety in College

...it's just there, always there.

I'm a college junior and I have anxiety.

It can be debilitating some days and it subsides on others. It came quickly and in waves, or slowly creep up on me like a change in temperature. That variation is scary and it's difficult to pair with my chaotic college lifestyle.

I want explain to people who don't have anxiety in college what it is like--and let those who do struggle with it know that they are not alone.

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues on college campuses today, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Battling with anxiety of any sort can cause tasks that should be simple into nightmares. Things like introducing yourself to the class on the first day, or simply going out to dinner with friends can cause discomfort to a person with anxiety.

It's hard to explain to my friends why I want to stay in some nights and avoid dinner. It's hard show something intangible, how my heart beats fast at the thought of making conversation with someone I don't know. How I feel dizzy and sweaty at the thought of speaking up or being in a crowded room.

Or how I feel nervous sometimes, for no reason at all. That's probably the worst part.

"You don't seem nervous or awkward" is something I get a lot when I tell people that I have anxiety. That's because people with anxiety learn how to manage it over the course of their lives. I believe that people don't suffer from anxiety; they push through anxiety.

No matter how it occurs, or when it hits you, what's important to remember is that you are not alone, and there is nothing to be ashamed of. People will understand.

There is also a stigma around not only recognizing anxiety, but being medicated for it. If you have anxiety and take medicine on a daily basis to cope with it, you are not the only college student who is doing so. According to the 2014 National College Health Assessment survey, almost one in every six college students have been diagnosed with, or treated for anxiety.

The meds don't make you a zombie or change you--they can help you. They help me.

These four intense years are challenging for anyone, and having to take anxiety meds to cope with the day-to-day college routine does not mean you're weak. It means you're smart enough to realize what you need to make you healthier and happier.

Whether it is pushing through social discomfort at parties and talking to people I don't know, speaking up in class, or going to a crowded setting with my friends, I push through.Not always, but I do it now more than ever, because I have help.

I know that not everyone will understand and that's OK. But never push someone to do things they aren't comfortable with, because they could have anxiety and are pushing themselves everyday to do things that you consider simple. Be compassionate, be a calming force, and don't judge.

If you do have anxiety, remember that you are more than a stigma, you are more than a statistic. You are a warrior. Keep pushing on.

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Drunk Heroes Are The Best Heroes (Video)

Unless they steal your shit and don't give it back.

Out at a party or the bar, you reach into your pocket for your wallet, it's there. You reach into your other pocket, and it's empty. Then it hits you-- HOLY F*CK WHERE DID I PUT MY PHONE?! We've all been there.

Some of us are lucky, and find it right away. Others are not so lucky, and it's gone for good. Some are found, *sigh* shattered. Some get returned the next day with a nice text! How kind!

Not everyone finds their phone again after some drunk kid picks it up and records you a motivational speech that would make Herb Brooks' speech look like preschool gibberish.

Well, thanks for the speech, Rob. Time to go run through a concrete wall and wrestle an angry grizzly bear.

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Trump Might Not Know What Brexit Is (Video)

He should have googled it like everyone else in the UK.

It should be well understood by now that anything regarding the 2016 Republican nominee, Donald Trump, will catch fire faster than a burning building. In this recent video segment from John Oliver, it is revealed that Americans aren't the only people fascinated by Trump's media takeover.

However, the most terrifying part of this video doesn't involve Trump, shockingly. It's actually the fact that the most googled phrases in the UK after the British exit from the EU were, "What is the EU" and "What does it mean to leave the EU." Yikes.