What It's Like To Be A Model On The Clock
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What It's Like To Be A Model On The Clock

It isn't quite what you think.

Many people have preconceived notions of what exactly models do when they are on the clock. Some might think of something like this. But what many don't know is that what goes on behind the scenes, or what a day on a magazine shoot or campaign is like, is nothing more than merely waiting around.

Yes, that's correct, we don't get trailers or have people waiting on us for our every need. Hell, I once had to go behind a building and change into clothes in the middle of a shoot in broad daylight because the photographer couldn't afford studio space.

Nevertheless, every job is different; straight down the line from the photographer to the other models involved. It's honestly a crap shoot, I've been on jobs where the entire crew were friendly and we had a great time talking and getting to know one another... and then there were times where everyone sat around for nine hours on their phones, not saying a word to one another. That's just how it goes.

Also, there's the problem of not being the main model of the shoot, which is always the worst. You are basically a background model to the actual model or "star" of the shoot. You then have to wait around for hours for your turn to shoot, and when you actually do, there's no guarantees you will end up in the final product.

For example, in the beginning of my career when I was still in high school, I spent an entire Sunday onset waiting to be shot for this weird Russian fashion magazine. As every model showed up after me, they were quickly dressed and shot, while I sat like a sap on a uncomfortable leather couch in a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, wearing itchy makeup and hair extensions that made me look like an androgynous mess.

When my turn finally came, at approximately 10 PM, they literally took three photos of me and then had me sent on my way. To top it off, not only did I not get paid for this job, but I also did not even make it into the editorial. To this day, I still have not seen a picture from that damn job. But I did get some justice, I immediately texted my agent about the ordeal, to which he then gave the clients a good chewing out, destroying them over email for their lack of professionalism and wasting his model's time. That's why you need representation people, to protect you from this shit.

Usually though, jobs are overall fun. I've met many of my modeling friends on jobs while working together. You kinda have to, because if you don't feel comfortable around one another and you are taking pictures together, it's going to show, and it's gonna come out awkward and not genuine in the photos. I always try to get to know the models I'm working with, whether it's a guy or girl, 'cause you can't fake realism.

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The Truth About Being a Model

It's not all glitz and glamour.

Modeling seems glamorous and exciting and fun, and it is sometimes, but there's more to it. I modeled for four years of my life and eventually gave it up because pancakes are *really* good, but I learned a lot about models along the way.

They're not (all) rich.
Models don't always make a ton of money. A couple are super successful, but the average model finishes her career without significant amounts of money in the bank, and many find it hard to make rent. The average annual salary of a model is $26,000. It's not much more than someone making minimum wage working a 40-hour work week.

Their schedules are crazy.
Schedules are sporadic and crazy, and it's never clear when a job will come up. Notice can be minimal, and models are expected to drop everything and go. Not only that, but once on the job, the hours can can be very long.

They starve.
It's a thing. It doesn't have to be and it shouldn't be, but so often, it is. Two thirds of models are told to lose weight, and they often do so in unhealthy ways.

Their mental health suffers.
Up to 70 percent of models suffer from anxiety or depression.

They can be super smart.
Models aren't stupid. In fact, many go to great schools. They can be unintelligent, just like any other random human being, but they don't have to be. It's a very annoying assumption people make.

They're not even pretty.
I'm just kidding. Models are gorgeous. They're not the stereotypical beautiful image they're made out to be without the hair, makeup, and airbrushing though, and that's important to note. In many cases, they look just like any other girl.

They can't get every role.
It's all about the role, and the specifications for a certain position are usually very specific. For a Victoria's Secret Angel, the height requirement is exactly 5-foot-9, and the size requirements are 34-24-34. Some people, no matter what they do, just won't make the cut, and it's hard to accept that there's nothing one can do about it.

They get scammed.
So many young girls dream of modeling that they easily give up to thousands of dollars to go to so-called modeling schools or join so called agencies with promises of making it big. Unsurprisingly, many are illegitimate and the jobs never come.

They often deal with abuse.

Especially because models can be so young and are in a position of less power than their employers, they often face abuse of all kinds in the adult world of sex, drugs, and alcohol. About 30 percent of models have been inappropriately touched at work and 28 percent have been pressured to have sex.

People make modeling out to be glamorous, and seeing the results at the end of the job definitely can be, but getting there often isn't. It's important to know what you're getting into if you decide to pursue modeling.

If you or someone you know is dealing with an eating disorder, there are resources that can help.

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Guy Caught Sleeping While Driving Tesla Model S on Autopilot

Seriously, People? Already?

Semi-self driving cars haven't been available for long. The first affordable one, the Tesla Model 3 only came out a few months. So, it's no surprise that people are already abusing the autopilot feature of these electric cars.

This guy figured out a way for his car to do all the work (and somehgow, scarily, to get around having his hands on the wheel).

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10 Times My Liberal Self Agreed with Trump

Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Source: K.C. Uthus | FlockU

So a good liberal is definitely not supposed to agree with Trump. That's like the number one rule of being liberal. I just couldn't help it though. Don't get me wrong-I don't endorse the Donald. His racism, sexism, and every other -ism one can attach to his campaign are a serious issue and they're more than enough to prevent me from supporting him. But that doesn't mean I don't agree on some things.

Health Insurance Reform: Trump thinks health insurance vendors should be able to sell plans across state lines. That's a much more effective business plan than limiting vendors to one state, and it gives consumers more options. He also thinks health insurance should be tax deductible for individuals rather than just for businesses. I'm behind that too; it makes health insurance more affordable.

Healthcare Transparency: Why am I paying thousands of dollars for a 10 minute ride in an ambulance? Why does my Ibuprofen pill cost $20 when I can buy it at Walmart for $2? I have so many questions about healthcare cost, but no one seems to have the answers. We need to demand answers, and Trump's plan to increase transparency does that.

Allow Pharmaceutical Drug Imports: What if I need a drug that's not sold in the United States? What if the drug I need is much less expensive somewhere else in the world? Importing drugs increases options and decreases price for consumers, so it's a win-win.

Tax Corporate Income Earned Abroad: American companies should not be able to defer taxes no matter where they make their money.

Stop Supporting Chinese Businesses with lax Labor and Environmental Standards: This problem isn't unique to China, so I wish he'd apply this to all businesses, but it's an ethical way to bring jobs back to America and raise standards for the businesses we work with. It also equalizes the playing field of business competition by ensuring all companies that want to be players in the global market meet the same conditions.

Female Veteran Health: Trump is the last candidate I expected this from, but he argues that the Veterans Administration should meet women's healthcare needs. From his website: "The fact that many VA hospitals don't permanently staff OBGYN doctors shows an utter lack of respect for the growing number female veterans."

Veteran Mental Health: The VA needs to do that too. This includes funding PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and suicide prevention resources.

Veteran Healthcare: Under Trump's plan, veterans would be able to use their Veteran ID to go to any healthcare provider that accepts Medicare.

Rural Veteran Healthcare: Trump wants to build satellite veteran health clinics to ensure healthcare is accessible everywhere.

Planned Parenthood: Trump has threatened to cut off funding from Planned Parenthood if they continue abortion services, even though abortion services make up only 3 percent of services, and federal dollars are not used.

But he acknowledges the importance of Planned Parenthood: "But millions and millions of women-cervical cancer, breast cancer-are helped by Planned Parenthood. So you can say whatever you want, but they have millions of women going through Planned Parenthood that are helped greatly."

So no, Trump isn't who I'll be voting for. He's not who I'm supporting. He's mocked a disabled voter, supported a Muslim database (let's not forget how the Holocaust started), and called public breastfeeding "disgusting". None of that is excusable and nothing he said or did would change that. But as for his actual policies? They don't seem all that bad.

Except for his immigration policy. That one's bad. Notice the lack of mention above. No Trump, Mexico should not pay for a wall.

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Tips for Getting an Internship in Fashion

The Devil Wears Prada?

The fashion industry is ROUGH. I mean, really rough. It's hard enough to learn about it in school with all-nighters and studio classes, none the less actually live it when it's time to be a real-life adult. It's a difficult field to enter, and to anyone up for the challenge, I salute you.

I study fashion design and merchandising, so I'm learning both the creative and business sides to the industry. My school requires us to participate in a "co-op," which is essentially a six-month internship at the business of our choice.

I just began the application process, and was not sure how to get a college internship, or how to get college jobs. As soon as I started applying to places, I realized how tough the application process can be. Finding the right job in the fashion industry is difficult, not to mention extremely competitive, especially if you are wondering how to get a job in college.

One of the hardest parts about applying for fashion internships is getting your name out there. You need to build yourself up as much as possible whether it's through a retail job, social media, etc. You also need to apply to the right section of the industry, whether it's e-commerce, styling, graphic design, or merchandising. Here are few tips on how to make your internship application process a little less stressful and actually land a college internship.

1. Check online for companies that are hiring.

Believe it or not, some companies use websites to post their applications. I know when I started to look, I didn't know how to get a college internship, let alone where to find one. I ended up using FreeFashion Internships.com because new jobs are posted almost daily!

2. Amp up your LinkedIn.

If you don't have one, get one. Nowadays, so many companies are using LinkdIn as a source to find new employees, and we can use it to find them! You can "search" for your company of choice, and get in touch with people who already work there. It's also helpful to send other interns a message and ask them advice on how to apply.

Believe it or not, companies actually use them as a resource to learn more about you. Make sure yours is updated and looking good when you start applying! This is the easiest way to find college internships!

3. Do a social media clean up.

Your parents and teachers constantly nag you not to have inappropriate photos on your social media, and they're right. Even though you're not applying to the average business, suit-wearing internship, it's still a good idea to delete the pictures that may be questionable.

4. Stand out from the rest of the applicants.

Do something that makes you unique! Add a pop of color to your name on your resume, or create an online portfolio of all of your work through PortfolioBox.com. You're not applying for just any job, so it's OK to get a little creative. You can also create a fashion blog, or give your employer the link to your Instagram page if you think that will help you.

5. Always include a cover letter with your resume.

A lot of people forget this step, but it's extremely important to show your potential employer your level of interest in the job. It can't hurt you, and it can provide more personal detail than your resume will.

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What Elle Woods Has Taught Me About Being BOSS In College

15 years later, she's still my idol.

If you haven't seen Legally Blonde, then just leave. But if you have, then you know how timelessly classic it is and how powerfully it transmits the message that anyone can do whatever the flock they want to do with their lives. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman, if you're preppy or down to earth, or if you're Boston or LA. We've learned a lot thanks to Elle Woods.

Beauty and brains do exist simultaneously. Though her role suggests she's just a blonde, sorority, fashion icon, Elle Woods proved her wit when she got into Harvard Law School. Us blondes aren't always "stupid".

Whether a man or woman, you need an education for YOURSELF. Because contrary to popular belief, college isn't about finding a spouse to hold the weight for you for the rest of your life. Do well on your own.

And you don't need no man. Really though. Make whatever you do in college be for yourself, ladies.

You shouldn't change just for a guy. Also relevant. If a guy is switching schools or going to a particular grad school, that doesn't mean you have to change your path and follow him. Actually, you SHOULDN'T do this. Ever.

Hard work matters. Clearly! Elle proved it when she was studying every weekend while her frat peers were doing keg races.

Things don't need to be perfect in order to end perfect. Despite being dumped on the night she thought she was getting engaged, and then being in the same law classes as her ex and his new fiance, things ended up way better for Elle than she even expected. And she made it all happen herself.

Being knowledgeable in your own shit comes in handy. Because hello, Elle avoided being tricked into buying an out-of-season dress, and she won a murder trial because she knew the details of a perm.

You're awesome whether you're a 'Jackie or a Marilyn.' Don't let a man convince you that you won't be successful because of a stereotypical appearance. Take it from me; I'm blonde but I'm also a 4.0 student. Does that make me Jackie AND Marilyn?

Your girls are always there for you. Number one thing that should be taken from this: hold onto your girlfriends because they will be there for you during the best and worst moments of your life.