Our Generation Doesn't Know How To Date
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Our Generation Doesn't Know How To Date

What happened to dating?

Our generation doesn't date. We "talk"," hangout", "Snapchat", "Netflix and chill", but we don't date. Today, if you are interested or attracted to someone there is very little face to face interaction.
You might follow them on one or more social media platforms, like their photos and posts, and possibly slide into their DMs, get their Snapchat, or get their phone number... as opposed to just going up to them and asking them out. Of course, that can be very nerve-racking and awkward, and rejection always sucks. However, it's genuine, and can absolutely work in your favor.
That type of dating is normal, and it's the way it used to be before this wave of new technology we have today. Why? Because you had no other choice! There wasn't a constant stream of communication. You could call someone, but other than that you were face to face, and we should go back to this.
There are many problems that arise with our non-dating generation. People will be "talking", which is a title or status now, as opposed to just dating. "Talking" is exactly what it sounds like, though-- people talk over text and Snapchat or whatever it may be, and they rarely hang out.

The problem is, you don't really get to know someone too well until you're together in person several times, and even then it's questionable. After that, you start to get the sense of who they really are and whether you like them or not.
The issue is if you don't like them, which is totally fine and normal, you're an asshole. You apparently led them on, and shouldn't have started "talking" to them in the first place. But how are you supposed to know whether you like someone and want to be exclusive until you really get to know them?
People are attracted to each other, it's human and only natural. But that doesn't mean you're soulmates and meant to be together. That's why people date, to better get to know the person. Maybe things will work out, and if they do, that's awesome, but if they don't, it's not a big deal. You just don't click on that level and that's fine.
We need to go back to dating. It doesn't have to be some big extravagant, well planned date, but what ever happened to a simple game of mini golf and some ice cream after? Maybe a walk in the park? Dating is genuine and personable. If things don't work out, it's fine. That's what dating is for!
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11 Reasons You Should Date Hockey Players

Enough soft dudes.

Mhm. Jonathan Toews. Sid the Kid. Lundqvist. CAREY PRICE. If the NHL doesn't convince you that they're just the hottest breed of guy, here's a few more reasons to get you to switch teams. (From baseball to hockey, that is.)

1. Lettuce.
Ugh, that long hair. You know what I mean, ladies. You can literally tell a guy is a hockey player by his haircut--and probable facial hair. I'm about it.

2. Speaking of lettuce, their slang.
Muck. Beauty. Wheels. Lettuce. How the fuck do they come up with this stuff? Dating a hockey player will definitely expand your vocabulary.

3. They can take a hit.
I am so tired of bitchy dudes. Maybe this is sexist--I'm not sure--but I just can't deal with another soft guy. Hockey players are the toughest out there. They're like football players, but they actually have brains.

4. They know about... love.
I always joke, "I wish I loved anything as much as hockey players love hockey." But it's true. They are SO committed, loyal, and frankly, in love with their sport. The attitude carries over into relationships.

5. Hockey itself is dope.
If you date a guy who plays, you'll be watching a lot of hockey. That's what I do anyways...

6. Their insults are HILARIOUS.
Or "chirps." They make up some hilarious slew of insults and throw "bud" on the end of it. Amazing.

7. Speaking of chirps, they can fight.
It'd probably never come to this, but you know that he could totally kick the shit out of someone if you needed him to. Hot.

8. They're the oldest kids at college.
Years of juniors have made hockey players older than the rest of their grades. As freshmen, most of them can buy booze; that's enough to date one.

9. They have fun.
Maybe too much fun, which is problematic if you're trying to wife one up. But they're a blast and their friends are, too. They're never too serious about anything. It's cute. These big, manly men are kinda stuck in boyhood.

10. GEAR.
You're gonna steal your boyfriend's jersey no matter what, so why not have the coolest kind: hockey jerseys. It's always dope. DID I MENTION YOU CAN WEAR IT TO THEIR GAMES?!

11. They could end up in the NHL.
Lock 'em down before that, you know? Being a NHL wife would just be so cool. I'm pretty sure wife health care benefits include shit like laser hair removal and tanning.

All athletes are pretty cool; hockey players, though, are the coolest. Now that you know WHY to DATE one, you just gotta figure out how. Hmmm. I'll figure it out and get back to you. #tinder

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A Blind Date as Told by Tom Hanks Movies

They're like a box of chocolates...

Maybe you've hit something of a dry spell. Maybe your friends are tired of hearing your whining. Maybe things have become so desperate you finally agree to meet your Grandma's friend's co-worker's great niece who also happens to go to your school.

Whatever the origin story, the facts are the same: you are about to go on a date with someone you've never even fucking met. Fear not! Mr. Hanks is here to walk you through it.

The Rude Awakening - Captain Phillips
Your love life has been hijacked. You are no longer making the decisions, and it's definitely a little scary. Things might go terribly, terribly wrong. But it's out of your hands. Your buddies sit you down, grab your phone, and text the girl from your phone saying you can't wait to meet her.

Waiting for the Response - Cast Away
Fucking Greg! Did he have to use so many emojis? No wonder she isn't answering, you seem like a try-hard loser. Maybe you should send her another text? Maybe you should call her? Maybe you should delete her number? You have all of these thoughts racing through your mind and making you feel like a crazy person. Find a volleyball and talk this shit out.

The Initial Texting - Sleepless in Seattle
This girl is funny! You guys are killing the flirty banter and you are excited to go out with her. Are you starting to fall for a girl that you still haven't technically met? Tom and Meg would approve!

The Date - Forrest Gump
You're nervous and simple and maybe spend too much time talking about your mom. You try and tell her all of your best stories, you offer her chocolates, and you eat a lot of shrimp. This is the moment it's all been building to! Be yourself.

If It Goes Well - Toy Story
You started out skeptical and now you owe your friend. But you don't care! You have a girl that you're crazy about!

If It Goes Poorly - Cloud Atlas
You don't know what the FUCK happened on that date, but you're confused and wasted your time and just want your money back. Better luck next time!

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The Stages of a Bad Date as Told By Amy Schumer

Get your wine ready.

God fucking bless Amy Schumer: a true hero, icon, and inspiration of our time. Her wit and grace truly embody what it's like to be a millennial. She's the voice of our generation--and the voice of shitty dates.

He comes to pick you up for your dinner date; you're all done up, feeling flirty, and ready for the night. You don't want to seem too excited so you keep it calm and cool with a breezy hello and a soft smile.

Uh oh... is he actually trying to talk to you about sports? Like at the beginning of the date? Really? Quick! Think of a favorite team!

By now you've realized that you're going to need a couple of drinks to get through a conversation with him. It's pretty much continued to spiral downward since the sports talk and at this point all you want out of this night is bottomless pinot.

Thank the fucking heavens he seemed to take the hint. You needed that wine more than you've ever needed anything and are hoping to have at least two glasses down by the time the entrees come, and 4 to 5 down by the time the check comes--the only two things that will come tonight, tbh. Hope he's rich, because you're planning on drinking your way through this tragedy.

OK, apparently he didn't get the hint because he's still talking about shit you don't give a damn about and pretty much dominating the conversation. Your wine isn't kicking in fast enough and you're considering switching to something a little stronger. You're in serious need of a little saving grace--time to start plotting a way out.

OK, fuck it. You don't even care at this point what he thinks of you. You're getting the check and you're getting it right now, with a to-go box for your filet because that shit is not going to waste. Maybe a to-go cup for your wine, too?

Apparently he's a little offended that you asked for the check in the middle of the meal. Sorry, buddy. Try not to suck so much next time. You're off to bigger and better things. *Grabs glass of wine and storms out with to-go box in hand to wait for the Uber you called mid-dinner.*

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Expiration Dating

Is it the best way to date?

Expiration dating: [v.] to date someone with an end date in sight (i.e. graduation, moving away, etc.)

This isn't my first rodeo dating someone with the end in sight. I did it in high school... twice. But for some reason, this time it's different. Maybe I'm more mature, maybe this particular guy is more mature. It's a calm, normal, incredibly happy, and fun relationship. No drama. No games.

No talk of our tragic demise. It could not be going better. When he walked in my life, I truly was reminded--or maybe taught--what a healthy relationship felt like. And as quickly as I found one, I'm going to lose one. In eight weeks.

Once I did this in high school, it was heart-wrenching. We started dating a month before school let out. All nighters to cherish the time we had left, a dramatic cross-country road trip, the tragic notion we'd make it work at colleges six hours apart, talk of marriage and fate and soulmates.

Everything about it was maladaptive. At the time, though, I was on board. Lotta tears and a lotta mixtapes. (The mixtapes are dope, though. I still drive to that shit.)

The other time I expiration dated was the opposite. It was quietly understood and never discussed. His mom would talk about the rides she and I would take up to Bumblefuck, Vt. to visit him and watch his games.

He and I would reply with a silence that spoke for itself. At a mention of the future, we'd both run away with our tails between our legs. It would've never worked for us. So, we never acknowledged it. And when school ended, so did we.

I've seen two extremes, but now I'm somewhere in the middle. It's amazing. I'm smiling all the time, going on adventures, learning about someone else and, even learning about myself. But even during the other extremes, I still think it was better than a real relationship and break up. I guess I'm trying to sell you on the idea that this is the best way to date. (Maybe, I'm trying to sell myself.)

Think about it. Every person you date you will either break up with or marry. So most dating is sort of "expiration-dating" - you just don't know when it'll expire. It's like a silent, ticking time bomb just waiting to suddenly shatter your entire existence. Instead of a truly personal and devastating breakup, or having to break someone's heart yourself, you can have a planned and mutual ending.

How often do relationships actually end civilly? This is a nice change from that. There are no hard feelings, just a sort of mutual heartbreak you suffer through together. You know it had to be this way. It's nice.

I'm not saying to go out of your way to start dating with graduation around the corner. I'm just saying don't avoid it, either. So many people I know have feelings for someone who is leaving--or is leaving him or herself--and just think nah, nevermind. I won't bother. But give in. (What do you have to lose?)

There are no games; you don't have the time wait around for a text or ignore someone for a weekend to seem "disinterested". You'll be honest about what you want and so will they. Have the graduation talk once. That's it. And then don't let that change how you act with him or her.

The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson coined the famous phrase, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all." I guess that's what I'm getting at. You don't go into a normal relationship with the thought of the relationship's demise, even though, statistically, you'll probably break up.

So go into expiration dating the same way. Don't think about it. Just enjoy it. We take loved ones for granted; this way, you won't.

P.S. Listen to Bob Dylan's Blood on the Tracks. It's full of expiration dating songs: You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go, Simple Twist of Fate, and [my favorite song ever] If You See Her, Say Hello. Hank Moody called it "the classic heartbreak album."

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Surviving A Blind Formal Date

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a bad blind formal date.

After attending five proms in high school, I considered myself a pretty good formal date. I could drop it low to Usher's "Yeah" and maintain interesting limo-ride conversations. When I went on my first blind formal date in college though, I realized all of those sober chaperoned dances had left me totally unprepared.

First semester of freshmen year, before rushing a sorority or knowing a lot of people, I was set up with a boy for his Christmas formal. When I arrived, he greeted me with: "I've already booted twice, so I think it's going to be a fun night. It's great to meet you!"

Sitting down at our dinner table, I was very aware I was the only freshman, with all the older sorority girls curiously observing me. One of the table games included dropping wine corks into another person's drink when they weren't looking, which would mean they would have to chug their drink once they noticed. That person would then get a turn with the cork. As the only freshman, I was an easy target, consuming more wine than I wanted and offending people I didn't know by choosing them as the next corked victim.

During dinner, one of my date's friends came over to drunkenly joke around. My date went to kiddingly punch his friend after an insult, but in an inebriated state misshot and punched me right in the face. Everyone at the table erupted with laughter, while I was forced to laugh along and pretend my face wasn't burning.

Later, all of the fraternity brothers left the room for some kind of brotherhood tradition. I was left alone in a room full of predatory sorority girls trying to dirty rush me. I listened to several girls drunkenly tell me, "those girls are seriously my best friends" and "I'm literally obsessed with my big."

My date finally returned, but missing one of his front teeth. Without offering an explanation and with blood coming from his mouth, he announced, "let's dance!" We danced to the live band as blood from his uprooted tooth smeared on my dress.

When I realized he wanted to hook up, and I most certainly did not (and not just because I didn't want blood in my mouth), I Irish exited, walking a mile uphill back to my dorm in a dress and heels.

At this point, I've had extensive experience getting set up on formal dates with strangers. There are the horror stories, but most blind formal dates get the thumbs up. There was the boy who would go on to seduce me with his dirty talk and someone who ended up being a great friend.

Being set up with a blind date for your formal or someone else's can be a really great experience. If you cannot find a date or are cancelled on last minute, recruit a blind date.

If you are up for something exciting or want to meet someone new, be a blind date. Maybe your sorority, fraternity or some other social group, plans a blind date formal, like "Screw Your Sister," where you are more or less forced to be set up with someone.

Whatever the reason, take advantage of chances to be set-up with a stranger. If you are nervous or want to make sure to get the most out of your night, here are some handy tips:

1. Prepare beforehand.
If you are nervous about conversing with someone new for a long time, mentally prepare questions or conversations to bring up. If things take a really disastrous turn, have an escape route planned. If you are going to someone else's formal, find out if you have friends who are also going to help ease into the night or act as a buffer.

2. Don't pregame too hard.
I get you may be seeking "liquid courage," but do not go overboard. I've had blind dates where I blacked out and forgot what we talked about, making me look like an asshole later.

On a different occasion, I got kicked out of the restaurant for throwing sushi at other customers, and then proceeded to throw up on the date I had just met. Don't be that girl. If you are going to drink, set a limit.

3. Be yourself.
You shouldn't attempt to act a certain way to be liked. You want someone to like you for you. And if they don't like you, you never have to see them again. I mean, they really are just a random person.

4. Go into the night with a positive attitude.
Be optimistic that you will enjoy your blind date's company and the night. Even if this person isn't a future S.O, you might find a fun hookup or friend. If things get off to a rocky start, don't immediately dismiss them. Give the person a chance to redeem themselves.

5. Don't feel obligated to do anything.
Do not feel pressure from your date to do anything, like drink or smoke. Do not feel obligated to stay long, particularly if you do not get along well with your date.

Do not feel like you have to hook-up with the person you find yourself set-up with. Always do what feels right to you.