Our Generation Doesn't Know How To Date
01.07.2017 | College Life Source: sheknows.com

Our Generation Doesn't Know How To Date

What happened to dating?

Our generation doesn't date. We "talk"," hangout", "Snapchat", "Netflix and chill", but we don't date. Today, if you are interested or attracted to someone there is very little face to face interaction.
You might follow them on one or more social media platforms, like their photos and posts, and possibly slide into their DMs, get their Snapchat, or get their phone number... as opposed to just going up to them and asking them out. Of course, that can be very nerve-racking and awkward, and rejection always sucks. However, it's genuine, and can absolutely work in your favor.
That type of dating is normal, and it's the way it used to be before this wave of new technology we have today. Why? Because you had no other choice! There wasn't a constant stream of communication. You could call someone, but other than that you were face to face, and we should go back to this.
There are many problems that arise with our non-dating generation. People will be "talking", which is a title or status now, as opposed to just dating. "Talking" is exactly what it sounds like, though-- people talk over text and Snapchat or whatever it may be, and they rarely hang out.

The problem is, you don't really get to know someone too well until you're together in person several times, and even then it's questionable. After that, you start to get the sense of who they really are and whether you like them or not.
The issue is if you don't like them, which is totally fine and normal, you're an asshole. You apparently led them on, and shouldn't have started "talking" to them in the first place. But how are you supposed to know whether you like someone and want to be exclusive until you really get to know them?
People are attracted to each other, it's human and only natural. But that doesn't mean you're soulmates and meant to be together. That's why people date, to better get to know the person. Maybe things will work out, and if they do, that's awesome, but if they don't, it's not a big deal. You just don't click on that level and that's fine.
We need to go back to dating. It doesn't have to be some big extravagant, well planned date, but what ever happened to a simple game of mini golf and some ice cream after? Maybe a walk in the park? Dating is genuine and personable. If things don't work out, it's fine. That's what dating is for!