Weight Loss Tips For 2017
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Weight Loss Tips For 2017

Get ready for the slim-down!

It can't get much worse than 2016, so there's no where to go but up! Most New Year's Resolutions circle around fitness.

The New Year comes right after the holiday season where we chow down on pie and get a little too comfortable in our winter bods. Whether you want to lose 20 pounds, five pounds, or just turn some fat into muscle, I have some tips for you!

Make sure you aren't taking adderall, skipping meals, and simply hoping for the best. This will not keep the pounds off permanently! In fact, it may even pack them on later.

Skipping meals slows down your metabolism and won't give you the long term results you want. In 2017, start exercising, eating healthy, and putting in the work.

Here are some ways you can help aid the process:

At least eight glasses of eight ounces every day.

2. Cut back on alcohol.
Choose red over white and lose the sugary mixers.

3. Do a cleanse.
Tea-Toxes are my favorite!

4. Speaking of tea...
Drink more green tea on the daily!

5. Turmuric.
It supports natural weight loss, aids muscles and joints, and reduces inflammation.

6. Take a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning!
It's gross, but it works.

7. Flaxseed Oil.
It supports natural weight loss and fights cellulite.

8. Eat flat tummy foods.
Almonds, asparagus, blueberries, oatmeal, salmon, spinach are all great for that.

9. Never Skip Breakfast!
Ever ever ever!

10. Eat Throughout The Day
Six little meals are better than three big meals.

11. L-Carnitine.
It regulates how the body metabolizes fats and carbs.

12. Hit the gym.
Go at least three times a week & never go three days without it.

13. Mix up your workout.
Try boxing, cycling, pole dancing, etc.

14. Add lemon to your water/tea.
It makes it taste better without any extra calories.

15. Avoid processed foods.
This should be obvious.

16. Whole grains are your friend.
Avoid white bread, white rice, and potatoes.

17. Crank up the cardio.
The more sweat, the more pounds you lose.

18. Enjoy your food.
Eat slowly!

19. Get enough sleep & reduce stress.
You'll be happier all-around, also!

You have to start now, keep your goals in mind, and remember that it won't happen overnight. It will be a happy new year indeed!

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Pour Some Tequila On Me

Don't Eat The Worm

The automatic response to any question regarding shots is usually: "TEQUILA!" Just thinking about tequila makes me want to party. (I used to wear sombreros, but, cultural appropriation is a real thing, you guys.) There truly is something about it that can take anyone's mood from 0 to 100 in very little time. If you're a tequila lover like me, I may have some fabulous news for you: tequila is good for you.

Before you start throwing back margaritas, what I should really say is: tequila is great for you... in moderation. Moderation is something we have slowly learned over time, whether or not we always practice this elusive, fine art. Other than promoting a good time, tequila also promotes some pretty good benefits.

A tequila a day keeps the doctor away.
Tequila is linked to some pretty sweet health perks. A shot with your meals can aid in digestion as well as work up an appetite. Maybe that's why I'm always lying in bed eating an entire pizza after a night out. According to research, agavin, a type of sugar found in the plant that makes tequila, can even lower blood glucose levels in people with type 2 diabetes. A bit of tequila can also relieve stress and tension, although having too much may lead to a pretty gnarly headache. Rumor has it that it even has the powers to lower blood sugar and cholesterol. Thanks, Dr. Patron.

Tequila will always be your friend.
It's an alcohol that can goes with any occasion. Beach? Tequila. House party? Tequila. Birthday? Tequila. Dinner? Tequila. That bourbon won't go down nearly as smooth as tequila will when you're working up a sweat outside on Sunday Funday. If you find yourself at a bar with strangers, tequila can definitely bring you all together. Tequila is universal, like math, or mankind's love for pizza.

The Tequila Diet
Apparently you don't need some lose-weight-quick scheme, all you need is a shot of tequila on occasion. The same miracle sugar, agavin, that aids in type 2 diabetes patients also promotes weight loss. Pair that with some meal prep and gym time and you'll be Beyonce flawless before you know it!

Mas tequila, no mas hangover.
If I spend my night slamming bottom-shelf tequila, I'll definitely be hungover the next day. That's because I'm not having the really real shit. Real 100 percent tequila is PURE agave, and doesn't give you as wicked of a hangover as the cheap stuff.

Finally, a cure for insomnia.
At this point, sleepytime tea and melatonin just aren't cutting it for me anymore. Luckily, tequila has some serious powers when it comes to melting you into your warm bed and allowing you to fall right into your slumber. Take a shot of tequila, put in your retainer, and snooze away.

I feel like we've only hit the surface with this "I love tequila" campaign, but don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself. Keep in mind that moderation is key and limes were made for chasing. Warning: Tequila makes your clothes fall off. But we could count as yet another benefit.

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I Got Fat Sophomore Year

How I lost a little weight and regained a lot of control.

My sophomore year of college, I got fat.

I had always been a thin girl, and doing sports in high school meant I could eat whatever I wanted. When I made it through my freshman year without gaining that dreaded 15 pounds, I figured I was in the clear. That was the riskiest time for weight gain, right? I could maintain my high school weight no problem for the rest of my life.

Then, in the spring of my sophomore year, I went to put on my favorite pair of jeans from high school, and they wouldn't even go up past my mid-thigh. What the hell happened to me?

It's no surprise I didn't notice the weight gain, since I spent the whole winter in leggings (hello, strechy!), hoodies, and sweaters. It was damn cold! But when the weather got warmer and I put on those jeans, it was a wakeup call. It wasn't a huge amount of weight that I gained, but on my small frame, an extra 20 pounds felt like a lot.

Luckily, my identity was never based off the fact that I was thin. Honestly, my huge boobs for my frame were what people really noticed. But for some reason, that weight gain really got to me. I didn't feel like myself. I felt tired and slow. I had to figure out what happened, and the more I thought about it, I realized what had changed in my routine from the fall to the spring.

Number one: After my long distance boyfriend and I broke up, I got more involved in my sorority and was drinking a lot more. I was honest with myself that it probably wasn't going to change. Heh.

Number two: I was walking way less. I went from having classes all over campus five days a week to having my classes clustered in one section of campus just two days a week. On the days I didn't have class, I vegged out and did homework in my bed. I wasn't moving. That had to change.

Number three: I was really busy with the organizations I got involved with. This meant being on campus from 10 am to 10 pm. This meant eating at Panda Express in the student union way more than I went to the dining hall with my sorority sisters. I was eating unhealthy, fatty crap that was making me even more tired.

Once I figured out the three things that had changed, I got myself back on track, little by little. I kept drinking, but I tried to dance more at those parties. When I didn't have class, I hiked across the huge hilly campus to the library to do homework. When I knew I'd be busy all day, I'd grab a to-go salad or healthy meal from the dining commons so I could avoid Panda Express.

These weren't huge changes, in fact they were really easy to do, but they made such a big difference in how I felt. I was eating better, so I had more energy. I left my dorm more, so I saw more of my friends and built up better relationships. Before I knew it, I had lost a lot of the weight I gained, and I finally felt like myself again.

Looking back at that with more life experience, I realize that it wasn't really about the weight, it was about the routine. Yes, eating chow mein and staying in my bed three days a week caused some of the weight gain, but it was changing my routine that got me back on track. I only ended up losing about 15 of the pounds I had gained, but I didn't even realize it. Once my routine was back to normal, so was I.

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Why Kim K's Tweet About Weight Loss Is Problematic

Eating disorders are not a joke.

I can't lie, I am a big fan of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and following all the drama and escapades of that outrageous family. I don't think they're always the greatest of role models, but they are entertaining and for that reason have garnered a huge following.

That said, I am incredibly disappointed in Kim's latest distasteful tweet about weight loss tips.

The tweet has since been deleted, but it said that the flu was an amazing diet, and helped her drop six pounds before the MET gala. She followed up with this:

She immediately received a ton of backlash on twitter and with reason, which we assume is why she later deleted the tweet.

For one, it's absolutely horrible to glorify getting an illness as a way to lose weight, particularly from someone who is followed by millions of young girls and women. It is very likely that girls will see this as inspiration to catch the illness themselves, following in West's footsteps and down a destructive path to eating disorders.

That may seem like an outlandish statement, but when you consider the facts it's sadly realistic. The United States has an alarming rate of eating disorders, with 20 million women and 20 million men having a clinically significant eating disorder at some point in their lifetime.

These are only the reported cases, which are estimated to be much lower than the actual total. Women in particular are affected, with girls as young as age six admitting concerns about their weight or becoming fat, and up to 60 percent of all elementary school girls admitting the same.

Even if Kim wasn't directly telling her followers to "go out and get the flu", the way she casually discusses weight loss only contributes to the obsession our society and the media has with body image.

The fact that she adds "lol" to the end of the tweet shows her attempt at poking fun at the situation, but eating disorders are not a joke. An off-handed comment can be triggering to the many individuals who go to extremes and harm themselves in order to lose weight.

Despite the frequency of cases, eating disorders are in fact considered a mental illness. I can say from personal experience that having an eating disorder isn't something you can just talk yourself out of.

While it's taken me years to get to a point where I actively try to live a healthier lifestyle and am less critical of my appearance, there are still days when I hate how I look and am unkind to my body. It's impossible to know what will set off these feelings, but the media and thoughtless tweets like Kim's sure don't help.

Part of the issue is how much we've normalized these conversations focused on weight and appearance, making it seem almost customary to have an eating disorder or try out different weight loss fads.

However, as stated by Lauren Smola, director of helplines services for the National Eating Disorder Association, "Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness, so unintentionally causing more suffering can have deadly results."

At the end of the day, we all have a responsibility to change the conversation surrounding weight and appearance. It should start with celebrities like Kim who have the power and following to spread these messages.

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You're Gonna Be Fat in College, Relax.

It will all work out.

Oh college, the best four years of our lives, right? Some time is spent at the library, but a lot more time is spent with ALCOHOL. Lots and lots of it. And pizza. I don't think I've ever eaten more pizza in my entire life than during my four years of college. Literally the first 20 years of my life had less pizza consumption than the minute I walked into my first dorm floor meeting, and in the four years that followed.

So, I obviously gained weight. And I gained weight quickly. To be exact, I gain 25+ pounds. When I came home for Thanksgiving, my mom said, and I QUOTE, "wait, where's your chin honey?" She was not even trying to be mean. She was just genuinely confused. Hell, I was confused! Looking in my old home mirrors after four months away at school was... shocking. I sort of felt like Princess Fiona from Shrek when the sun goes down.

I beat myself up. It totally ruined a lot of my college experience. I always felt so unhappy because of my body. I cried a lot. I stayed in a lot. And I isolated myself a lot. Sure, I worked out hard at the gym, but of course it was never enough to combat the thousands of calories consumed from the crazy unhealthy college lifestyle we all lead. And hey, I'm not saying all girls go through this. Some can maintain their slender physique while pounding vodka shots every day, and bottomless mimosas Saturday morning. But, that just wasn't me.

Looking back though, I wish I knew what I know now - that you only have four years, that go by rather quickly, might I add. So, yea I definitely didn't look my best, but I let it affect me much more deeply than I should have. Once I graduated I lost all the weight. In fact, I'm thinner than I ever was. I wasn't the only one either, a lot of my friends lost their college weight too. I want you gals to know, it's all going to work out, I promise. Just have fun. Enjoy your college life. Be an idiot. Be stupid. Be "fat". Eat pizza. Also, study.

Then graduate and become a sober nun for like a year and you will look hella thin after.

Just remember while you're having all that fun, to take care of your body and treat it right.

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Why I Stopped Counting Calories

What I thought was healthy turned out to be so unhealthy.

When I was counting calories, I measured out everything I ate, ate only healthy things, and felt like a morally inferior person when I went over my allotted amount of calories for the day at all. While trying to be healthy, I was doing something unhealthy for my mind and self-esteem, and I realized it about a year into this habit.

I would weigh myself every day and then get frustrated when I gained any weight whatsoever. It was so bad sometimes that I weighed myself at least three to five times a day.

Sure, I did lose weight while doing it, but then I started comparing my stomach to other girls at the pool or wherever else a girl showed her belly. I started to work out so I could cut even more belly fat, but while doing that, I would overwork myself. And then eat some food. And then be sad about eating food.

Just a few weeks ago, I stopped counting my calories. I wouldn't even look at calories on the stuff I was eating anymore, and it was liberating. Have I gained weight again? Yeah, a few pounds, but I'm still in the BMI average and I still work out. I still eat healthy because it's good for you (and peas are the best!), but I don't feel guilty if I have a cheeseburger anymore.

Whenever we would go out to eat, I would be sure to get the healthier thing I could find, even if it wasn't my favorite thing. Now I get what I want, and sometimes, that may still be a salad. Honestly, I feel like I can enjoy food more now that I'm not worried about how many calories are in it. I can look at my belly and think it's cute rather than a beastly abomination.

With all that said, girls, you are lovely as you are. Do NOT feel like you need to have that perfect super model body to be perfect yourself.

I got to my goal weight of around 110. I still have a little belly and my fiance thinks it is adorable. You can still see the abs I've got, and I have belly rolls when I slouch. It gets bigger when I eat. Here's a secret: even if you are flirting with the line of being underweight like I was, you will always have a teeny pooch, and that is normal!

You have two choices: you can either be miserable about your imperfections, or you can stand up and admire what you've got. Would it be nice to have that perfect body? Let me tell you something, who says what the perfect body looks like anyway? I will never be that super skinny blonde bombshell with a C cup and huge ass, ok? I am a beautiful short brunette with a muscular frame and yes, I've got a tiny belly.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to get a snack now because I'm hungry. Peace!