Wearing A Neon Sports Bra Improved My Workouts
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Wearing A Neon Sports Bra Improved My Workouts

A little color theory never hurt anybody.

My favorite sports bra in my closet is black camouflage.

It goes with all of my workout tops and compression pants and isn't too distracting when I wear it into a crowded gym. It's comfortable... a little too comfortable.

The same could be said for my workout style in general. Back at school, I worked out in our brand new gym as much as six times a week. I loved how in shape I was, and how the flexibility in my schedule allowed me to go work out as much as I wanted.

Back at home however, it was a different story. My parents' old and trusty treadmill had died an unceremonious death before my spring break, so I was facing the prospect of reactivating my membership at the local YMCA or hitting the road running as much as possible.

I chose the latter option, but I would always find excuses not to go for a run: it was too hot, too cold, it was raining, I was tired, etc. After a few weeks, I began to feel the effects of my lazy workout style.

My running stamina wasn't at all what it used to be, and the abs I was beginning to sprout at school began to disappear.

Most telling was how tired I'd get after a day of work at a local day camp. I work with four year-olds, and I could barely keep up with them. Something needed to change, but I wasn't sure what.

I tried keeping a schedule, changing the time of my workouts, changing the intensity. Eventually, I was getting back into the shape that I was accustomed to at school, but something still wasn't clicking.

As a last ditch effort, I looked into some random articles on color theory regarding clothes, and got an idea. I have never been one for bright colors. Ever since I was little, I liked everything to match and go together. Why would I spend money on a bright pink shirt or a neon yellow dress to wear on special occasions, when I could get five times as much use out of the same item in black or white?

But, at this point, I was desperate to feel good again after a workout - you know, not like I wanted to lay on the floor and wait for the sweet release of death.

So, I reached into the back of my closet and pulled out a day-glo rainbow tie-dye sports bra. The thing was garish, ugly and not something I liked to wear on a regular occasion. But hey, you never know unless you try, right?

I threw on the sports bra and went for a run, hoping for some sort of sweaty miracle.

Now, I'm not gonna lie to you and say that wearing this sports bra turned me into an Olympic sprinter or anything like that, but I did feel like something was different. It was a little easier to push myself up the hills around my neighborhood, and my ankles didn't seem as achy afterwards.

I'm not a scientist by any means, so I'm willing to assume that this was a case of "mind over matter," but that's not to say that this experience was any less significant. If all it takes to feel like my workout was more productive is some brightly colored underwear, I'm willing to throw some clashing colors into my ordinary orderly life.

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#Squatyourdog For Your Next Workout-Sesh

Who needs a gym when you have a dog?

If you love dogs and exercise than you probably already know about the #squatyourdog trend on the internet. The hashtag couldn't be any more literal.. you just put your dog on your shoulder, or hold him or her and squat that ass! Check out these adorable dog and owner squat-seshes.

Some dogs are chill af...

While others are not so happy about it

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Either way, it's a fun and creative way to get fit!

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Group Workout Class As Told by a Basic

What did we get ourselves into?

So, it's 9 a.m., you've gotten your morning Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte and you're ready to take on the day. First up on your to-do list is a morning workout class to get your blood flowing. After texting your girls, you all decide to roll up, squad deep, to the 10:30 a.m. class. Here's a breakdown of what to expect.

But first, here's the lingo you should know.

RPM: riding to the rhythm of the music, aka the speed you should be hitting
Gear: the resistance added to the bike; good for mimicking the incline of a hill
Base level: the gear at which you aren't exerting a lot of effort, your base pace

10:30 a.m. Shit, this seat is really hard. Like, I don't think my ass is meant to sit on a seat like this. Will this do permanent damage?

10:31 a.m. As the instructor begins the class, "Alright, everyone turn your gears to your base level. This should be somewhere around 12 or 13."

10:31 a.m. WTF is this girl thinking? This is the warmup? Wait, what RPM did she say we had to keep? 95? My legs are like stuck in mud. I'm barely making 55 RPM. Should we just leave?

10:45 a.m. Your first real hill has come and gone, you've moved onto sprints. This class is supposed to be 45 minutes long, but you don't think you'll make it past the 20 minute marker. Holy shit, is that my sweat pooled there on the floor? What, in my eye, is that sweat too? I thought those were tears.

10:48 a.m. *Finally noticing how much this music sucks.* This instructor has chosen the worst playlist. I mean if I wasn't working out this playlist wouldn't piss me off as much. But, what, does she expect me to hold a sprint at 110 RPMs while listening to Miley Cyrus's The Climb?

10:52 a.m. Great, her music has now become a ballad of motivational phrases. As if that wasn't enough the instructor has actually started to repeat the really inspirational ones. "Keep on movin', keep climbin', keep the faith baby, it's all about the climb. Don't give up guys, move this mountain!"

11:00 a.m. Alright now we're really in the groove. The instructor has actually gotten off her bike and is walking around the room letting people know if they need to boost their gear level based on their RPM speed.

Me: I can feel here behind me, peering over my shoulder. I know it's coming.
Instructor: Come on, I know you can put another gear on there. Nevermind, make that two! We're here to sweat!
Me: I hate you.

11:05 a.m. This might be it for me. I'm shaking. I think even my eyeballs are shaking. Why did I do this to myself? This isn't normal.

11:15 a.m. I'm sorry for calling you all of those names in my head during the workout. I'm not mad at you anymore. Well, at least until next class...

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Female Celebrity Fitspo

These stars just don't shine, they sweat.

Everyone seems to be on health kicks these days, and if you're like me, getting stuck in boring routines won't make me want to stick to them. Just like there are ways to spice up your meals, there are ways to spice up your workouts! Laying on the mat at the gym staring up at the ceiling sucks the life out of you after a while, you need a change of sweat.

1. Adriana Lima
This Victoria's Secret Angel is part-time model and part-time badass. She confessed that the lifting weights and hitting the treadmill weren't for her and she had to find a way to get in her workouts elsewhere. This brought her to turning to boxing and jumping rope. I was inspired so much by her that I decided to give it a try and I can vouch that boxing is the best stress reliever and workout of all time! I've never been much of a runner either, so switching to the jump rope allowed me to get my cardio in while being creative in various jumps. There are other celebrities that have taken up boxing as well such as Gigi Hadid, Mandy Moore and Pia Mia.

Never mess with LIMA ???????

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2. Hilary Duff
If you haven't seen her since her Lizzie McGuire days, then you definitely need to scroll through her insta for fitness and style inspiration. She's added hour long yoga and Muay Thai sessions to her workouts. Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand using fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Don't mess with, Hil. It must be working for her because she's been landing magazine cover and starring roles on new shows such as Younger.

Greeen machiiiiine

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3. Jessica Alba
Alba is obviously naturally drop dead gorgeous, but she works hard for her bod. Other than casually dabbling in kickboxing and CrossFit, she has taken up work out classes for special self defense techniques. Her studio for this training comes from Krav Maga Worldwide in Santa Monica. There seems to be a trend in the rise of forms of combat in the fitness world and the results themselves kick ass. Strong is the new sexy!

Werking it out in #NYC -excited for my @honest baby spring event @ladureeus later today #honestlovesparis

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4. Rumer Willis
You may know her better as the oldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, however, Rumer herself is an actress, singer, and all-around badass. She keeps toned by hanging out. From the ceiling. She's taken to aerial training! It may sound straight out of the Ringling Brothers circus, but it actually is an elegant and fun way to get in shape. Her trainer, Mark Wildman, describes this particular workout as a complex, total body strength, and endurance activity.

Finally made it back in the studio w/ @themarkwildman

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5. Demi Lovato
She stole the show recently with her tribute to Lionel Richie at the 2016 Grammys and now she's stealing hearts with her killer fitness results. She's getting her results from one of the most difficult, but most rewarding workouts trending recently: cycling. The wheels on the bike go 'round and 'round and the tummys go flat. Demi attends cycling at a popular chain facility known as SoulCycle.

6. Izabel Goulart
Another supermodel?! Yep, they have to work hard for their bodies just like everyone else. Iza may be one of the most fit models, or human being in general, that there is. One quick scroll through her instagram and you will suddenly want to step away from the pizza. Her special fitness journey includes pilates and TRX training. The instagram videos she posts of her workouts will have you speechless and inspired.

Celebrities may portray these glamorous lifestyles that we've dreamed of attaining since our first Britney Spears concert, but they are just as human as we are. If they want abs, they have to do the same planks that we do to get them. Instead of wishing you were them, get up off the couch and work just as hard as them. You have the same 24 hours in the day that they do!

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Thoughts Every Girl Has in a Workout Class

Daaaamn Danielle, back at it again with the matching Lululemon.

When you walk in and it's just been one of those days...

It's not too late to turn around and get back in that car. You can still make a run for it.

But then you see at the front desk that they just got new workout gear in...

If you can make it through this, you can treat yo' self to one thing. Maybe two. We'll see.

And then you see your favorite friends you met in class...

Daaaamn Danielle, back at it again with the matching Lululemon. OK, tell me everything about your week before class starts.

After the "warmup" is over and you start scanning the room...

Literally no one else is sweating. Their faces aren't as red as yours. Pull it together.

When it gets really intense and you start reevaluating your life decisions...

That whole bottle of wine last night might not have been the best idea. Never agai--who am I kidding? It'll probs happen again tonight.

But things start looking up when your favorite song plays...

I literally feel like Beyonce in those Ivy Park ads. Speaking of which, I need to order some of those clothes ASAP.

And then the instructor slides in those extra reps at the last minute...

You. Little. Fucking. Bitch.

Or when they start yelling inspirational shit in their peppiest voice and it's too damn early....


After class when the instructor compliments you, you're back to being besties...

OMG thank you so much! We need to do brunch or something sometime! (LOL it'll never happen but let's act like it will.)

Walking out of the class looking like hell but feeling fabulous...

I feel like I just stepped out of the shower but also like I can accomplish anything. Also my legs are jello and I can't lift my arms and I need a nap. But I can accomplish anything.

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Five Workouts That Are the New SoulCycle

Let's get sweaty.

The way I see it, the best workout classes are like fashion shows: a bunch of fabulous and in-shape bitches dressed head-to-toe in overpriced clothing, all trying to look their best, work it, and have fun in the process.

For a long time, SoulCycle was seen as the Chanel of the workout world. It had celebrities flocking and a cult following. The classes were exclusive, expensive, on trend, and seemingly worth every penny. But in the famous words of Heidi Klum, when it comes to fashion and workout classes alike, "One day you're in, and the next day you're out."

SoulCycle is officially out, and has officially sold out. Here are some even better workout classes that I believe to be better than SoulCycle--they're less focused on celebrity endorsements and more focused on you.

Called the "Perfect Calorie Burner" by celebrities, athletes, and housewives everywhere, this workout tones every part of your body while you sweat your ass off. The rhythm of the rowing is relaxing, yet you leave feeling so energized that you could run a marathon.

Right when the hardest moment in the class hits, when you feel too tired to keep going, the class participates in some variation of a race or competition. These races are competitive, fun, and loud--exactly what you need to finish strong.

In my opinion, Indo-row is more fun than SoulCycle, a better full-body workout, and simultaneously relaxing and energizing. Plus, there is always a token hot guy that wins all the races who you can stare at for motivation. What more could you want?

This class is different than SoulCycle in that it is for toning, while cycling focuses on cardio. A typical Barre class involves ballet-type exercises and a whole lot of plios and squats while standing at a ballet bar. The ballet bar is used for balance and allows for deeper squats and more difficult movements.

Needless to say, if you want a nice butt and toned legs, this is for you. Barre may not sound as great as SoulCycle on paper, but rest assured you will wake up the next morning equally if not more sore than if you had cycled.

"Holy shit" are the words that pop in my head whenever I hear the word TRX because holy shit, this class goes hard.

Basically, everyone gets two bands that hang down from the ceiling with handles on them, and then they are used to do all kinds of badass resistance exercises. This class is the best for building upper-body and core strength, and by that I mean getting ripped.

The classes are fast-paced and upbeat, and you get to know the other members pretty well because of how close together everyone moves during the sessions. There are even TRX classes combined with other workouts, like yoga or pilates.

Barry's Bootcamp
While this class is currently only in major cities, it is growing fast and may end up all over the place eventually, similar to SoulCycle. This workout is intense, fun, and always different.

From the instructors yelling sexual innuendos to the the fact that your class will probably have at least one celebrity in your class, there is never a dull moment at Barry's. Not to worry, Barry's Bootcamp has a good amount of taste, so celebrities are treated like anybody else and aren't just there to promote the place.

The willPower Method
This is an aerobic, barefoot class that integrates dance, yoga, and pilates with more squats in an hour and fifteen minutes than you thought humanly possible.

The instructor teaches you a new mindset and, call me crazy, but you'll leave feeling like a superhero. It is called the "superfood" of workouts because of the class's ability to release a ton of endorphins in such a short amount of time.

This is more than a total body workout--it works out the spirit and the mind as well. Who wouldn't want to become a better person while they get a better body?