Vanderbilt Football Team Makes Spot On Sorority Rush Video
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Vanderbilt Football Team Makes Spot On Sorority Rush Video

Rush VF!!!

The Vanderbilt football team may absolutely suck at what they're supposed to be doing, you know, playing football, but damn, they know how to make a sorority rush video. So, without further ado, let them convince you why you should join the VF sorority.

You can't tell me you wouldn't want to join VF. I would join that sorority in a heartbeat.

My favorite part is when the human pyramid tumbles down. That is quintessential sorority rush video. Also, they nailed the music. And the slow motion. They really got every part of this thing spot on. Pretty impressive to be honest. Here is Alabama's Alpha Phi rush video for comparison.

I mean, c'mon. How good does the Vanderbilt video look now? It's practically the same thing with a bunch of football players.

This has made me realize how much bullshit sorority rush videos are. No way they do anything like this in the sorority house. I imagine it more as the pillow fight scene in Animal House when John Belushi has a ladder up against the window. But maybe that's wrong too. It may just be a bunch of girls gossiping, eating, or bitching to one another how Mike stillllll hasn't called.

I hope this dispels some stereotypes about football players. These guys have a lot of balls to make this video and post it for the world to see. Football players aren't just big sweat jocks after all. At least not at Vanderbilt. But maybe that's why they can't make a bowl game.

And just for laughs, here is a 2009 rush video for FIJI at UVA, which closely resembles a sorority rush video, if you ask me.

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When You Don't Get the Sorority You Wanted

Learn to let yourself be happy.

I rushed and knew exactly what sororities I wanted. I knew what my first choice was, what my second choice was, what my third choice was. I was able to rank them all and was convinced I had to be in one of my top two or three choices.

When I entered rush, I felt confident in my chances and pleased with the conversations I had at each of my favorite sororities. I loved the girls I met, loved learning about their philanthropies and cool parts of each of their sisterhoods.

I was confident I belonged in those specific sororities, and I was so excited to be able to rock the letters of a nice group of girls with a strong sisterhood that I admired. Unfortunately, I ended up getting cut from so many different sororities that I wanted.

I was at a loss for words how after perfect conversations I could have been dropped by the two I was confident I belonged in. It was heartbreaking, and prior to rush, I didn't understand why people would be so upset when they were dropped. I used to think "it's just a sorority, chill" but after going through rush I understood.

When you love a sisterhood, and a group of girls and want to get to know them individually and be a part of their organization it is extremely difficult to accept that you were not asked back and you are out of chances. You wrack your brain wondering what you could have done wrong and where you could have screwed up.

It's hard, and it sucks so much. I'm not an emotional person and I can honestly say I shed a lot of tears.

It's important to realize it's not you, as cliche as it sounds. Shit happens from the other side, one little thing can go the wrong way and end up getting you cut. It may not have even been your fault, they maybe couldn't take upperclassman and you rushed as one.

There are so many reasons, but if an organization doesn't want you, you should be accepting of that and realize that there are other really special ones that do want you. It's hard, and these aren't easy words to hear or say, but it's extremely important to make the best of your situation and realize how lucky you are to even have the chance to be involved in something as awesome as greek life.

Not getting your top choice sucks. Not getting your top or second sucks more. But what sucks the most is not giving the sorority you ended up with a chance. There is most likely a reason you ended up in the house you did, whether you are aware of it or not.

Letting go of what could have been and accepting what is is extremely important. As is learning to let yourself be happy with the house you got, and realizing how lucky you are to not only have in general received a bid because others are not as lucky. You are so lucky to be going to a college and be allowed to join such an awesome organization, so don't forget that and let yourself be happy.

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Overheard At Sorority Rush

Rush conversations are statistically proven to involve at least 95 percent of these exact phrases.

I went through rush four times. Four fucking times. Once as a prospective new member, or PNM, and three times as the affectionate and caricatured version of a sorority girl.

With a three percent margin of error, rush conversations are statistically proven to involve at least 95 percent of these exact phrases. To make all of these quotes even more real, say it in your head with a voice that is slightly higher pitched and on the cusp of being lost.

Chapter 1-- "Nice to Meet You":

"Sorry about my voice! I'm totally losing it from all this singing and screaming!"

"How is it all going? How are you liking rush?"

"So, what's your major and where are you from?"

"Are you so tired from running to all the houses?"

"Is it what you imagined?"

Chapter 2-- "Getting to Know You (in a confined amount of time and weird social situation)":

"So, why do you want to join a sorority?"

"So, what's it like living in the house?"

"Living in the house is the best experience ever. You get to live with your best friends. You always have something to wear and someone to watch The Bachelor with."

"Why did you go Greek?"

"How do you balance school and greek life?"

Chapter 3-- "Sorority Life is so Awesome":

"I'm obsessed with my pledge class."

"Our philanthropy means so much to us."

"All the sororities are actually so supportive of each other."

"I never thought I'd say this, but they are like my real sisters."

"I never had a sister, and now I have 100 of them."

"Living in the house is like having 30 closets to pick from."

"Greek Week/Derby Days is such a fun bonding event!"

"These girls are honestly like my best friends for life!"

"It's like you always have a friend to go to the library with."

Chapter 4-- "Let Me Tell You Bout My Lineage":

"Big Little Week is so much fun!"

"Omg, I'm literally obsessed with my big/little/lineage"

"I'm so excited to get a little this year"

"I am in love my big/little. We do everything together."

"My big has been there for me so much. She's seriously like an actual big sister."

"I know I can always call my big when I need her. She's helped me through some really hard times."

"My fam is so excited for a new little to join the lin."


Chapter 5-- "Imma Let You Finish, But MY House is the Best House of All Time":

"We have the highest GPA of all the sororities."

"Our New Member Ed is so awesome, and she has so much planned for the new girls!"

"Our Social really kills it."

"I just know you're a Theta."

"You should obviously do what's best for you, but I just think you're a really good fit here."

"I'm not just saying this - I really think you would be happy in Pi Phi."

"Choosing Kappa was the best decision I've made so far in college."

"I'm not trying to bad talk the other sororities, but ADPi is definitely something special."

Chapter 6-- "Parting Words" :

"So at this point, what are you thinking?"

"I remember being in your position not too long ago. I was so confused about what to do."

"My Rho Gamma helped me so much."

"I wish we had more time to talk - you seem so cool."

"All I can say is, go with your gut."

"Trust the process."

"Everything works out."

"I really hope I get to see you soon."

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The Cold Hard Truth About Life Without a Sorority

"What house are you in?"

For some students entering college, Greek life is a major determining factor when it comes to what school they choose. If the university doesn't have good houses or good Greek life, they probably won't choose that school. And for some, getting into the best of the best is all that matters.

I had friends at my university that, after rushing, transferred schools because they didn't get the house they wanted. Rush was intense, outfit choices took three hours, and the stress was high for about two weeks. And I didn't understand any of it.

Before coming to college, I actually didn't even know the details about Greek life. I knew there were frats and sororities, but that's about it. I didn't know what a Rho Gamma was, what the rush process meant, how to rank your choices, the rules, the secrets, the pairings, and so on. I felt like everyone else was preoccupied in this world of made up standards and things that were supposed to matter, and I was just watching them stress over not being accepted into a certain friend group.

I know there are a lot of other girls who also say they were never interested in Greek life, and sometimes they only say that because rush didn't go well for them. When someone asks me if I'm in a house, I always say that it wasn't really my thing. And they hesitate to believe me and begin to act sorry because I was supposedly rejected from that sought-after lifestyle. But I'm not kidding. It. Never. Crossed. My. Mind. Being in a sorority looks like so much work. I'm sorry, but I don't want to socialize with a hundred other girls 24/7. That would get real old, real quick. I can hardly stand being fake-girly to girls at a party.

I also just don't want to be seen as a collective whole. Other girls see someone's letters and think "Oh yeah, she's definitely a Zeta. I understand why they picked her." And I'm like "Huh?!" How and where did these standards come from? And why? They can literally pick out the sorority the girl is a member of by how she acts, dresses and portrays herself. That's not how I want to be identified.

I will say that Greek life as a whole certainly has the upper hand in terms of party planning and networking. They've got the house and the people that want to show up. But I don't want things to come as easily as that. I don't want to be popular because I live in a house full of the same girls that drink with different frats every weekend. I want someone to know me because of my unique individuality, something they've never seen before. It's raw and it's daring, and I'm glad it's who I am in the college world.

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Greek Life Exposed: What Do You Think? (Survey)

Can Greek life continue as is?

Greek life seems to be a huge topic of discussion recently. We're constantly hearing news stories regarding deaths associated with fraternities or sororities. It feels like every story paints Greek life in a very negative light.

As if that isn't enough, sites like TSM and TFM and viral videos like Jimmy Tatro's YouTube videos seem to perpetuate Greek life stereotypes. Granted, those sites or videos are a joke, but still, they leave a lasting impact on some. And not a good one at that. No wonder people are having a hard time seeing the positive qualities of joining sororities and fraternities.

But, do those news stories and sites or videos do a good job representing Greek life IRL? Seriously, think about it. Whether you're a member of Greek life or not, this is definitely a topic that affects a lot of people.

Taking that a step further, do you think that Greek life will change because of how it is portrayed. Moreover, do you think it could change as a result of the evolving societal norms and movements?

Whatever your thoughts are, we'd love to hear. Seriously, take this survey, and share with us your thoughts.

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Conversation Starters for Sorority Recruitment

First impressions are everything.

There are so many "awkward moment" horror stories when it comes to sorority recruitment. First impressions are everything, so you don't want to lose your rush crush due to a silly question. We're young, college girls who can relate so much when it comes to parties and boys, but unfortunately those are two subjects we are asked to avoid during recruitment.

You want to get to know the girl in front of you while remaining as real as possible. Don't make her feel belittled or stupid by coming across too fake. I've compiled a list of conversation starters that avoid talking about her latest hook-up, daddy's money, or Fireball shots...

1. Did you travel anywhere this summer?
2. Have you looked into any majors yet?
3. I'm hoping to have a career in ______, what about you?
4. What's it like in ______? (find out where they are from first) How many people did you graduate with?
5. Did you do any extra curriculars in high school?
6. If they answered yes to the above question, find out if they are doing any sports or clubs in college.
7. Did any of your friends or family go to school here?
8. What do you like about the campus so far?
9. What are you looking forward to seeing/doing on campus?
10. What's your favorite place to shop?
11. Have you been to any of the boutiques or restaurants around here yet?
12. Did you do random roommate?
13. What classes are you taking this semester?
14. Do you have any friends from home going here too?
15. Have you been to any concerts recently/what's your favorite concert you've been to?
16. Are you a coffee drinker? (tell about coffee shops nearby, how you've grown to love it, etc)
17. What's your favorite type of food? (give local suggestions based on answer)
18. Did you go to a senior prom? (Talk about similar campus events)
19. Have you checked out the gym yet?
20. Which dorm are you in?

These questions will have a domino effect in the conversation and leave room for plenty to talk about! It's kind of like speed dating, but for the perfect addition to the sisterhood. May the odds be in your favor!