Vanderbilt Football Team Makes Spot On Sorority Rush Video
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Vanderbilt Football Team Makes Spot On Sorority Rush Video

Rush VF!!!

The Vanderbilt football team may absolutely suck at what they're supposed to be doing, you know, playing football, but damn, they know how to make a sorority rush video. So, without further ado, let them convince you why you should join the VF sorority.

You can't tell me you wouldn't want to join VF. I would join that sorority in a heartbeat.

My favorite part is when the human pyramid tumbles down. That is quintessential sorority rush video. Also, they nailed the music. And the slow motion. They really got every part of this thing spot on. Pretty impressive to be honest. Here is Alabama's Alpha Phi rush video for comparison.

I mean, c'mon. How good does the Vanderbilt video look now? It's practically the same thing with a bunch of football players.

This has made me realize how much bullshit sorority rush videos are. No way they do anything like this in the sorority house. I imagine it more as the pillow fight scene in Animal House when John Belushi has a ladder up against the window. But maybe that's wrong too. It may just be a bunch of girls gossiping, eating, or bitching to one another how Mike stillllll hasn't called.

I hope this dispels some stereotypes about football players. These guys have a lot of balls to make this video and post it for the world to see. Football players aren't just big sweat jocks after all. At least not at Vanderbilt. But maybe that's why they can't make a bowl game.

And just for laughs, here is a 2009 rush video for FIJI at UVA, which closely resembles a sorority rush video, if you ask me.

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Vanderbilt Baseball Pays Tribute To Fallen Teammate (Video)

Losing a teammate is the worst imaginable scenario.

Donny Everett, who pitched for the Vanderbilt baseball team, passed away Thursday night after drowning in a lake near the school. According to The Tennessean, the 19-year-old attempted to swim across Normandy Lake in Tennessee, but was pulled under about halfway through and never was seen again.

The Vanderbilt coaching staff informed the team of their teammate's death late Thursday night, less than 24 hours before they are scheduled to start an NCAA Tournament run.

Friday afternoon, Vanderbilt tweeted out a video tribute to Donny. It's a tragic, sad situation for anyone to be in. For this to happen during the season, right before the playoffs has to be emotionally draining to the team. Thoughts and prayers are with the Everett family and the Vanderbilt community.

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Conversation Starters for Sorority Recruitment

First impressions are everything.

There are so many "awkward moment" horror stories when it comes to sorority recruitment. First impressions are everything, so you don't want to lose your rush crush due to a silly question. We're young, college girls who can relate so much when it comes to parties and boys, but unfortunately those are two subjects we are asked to avoid during recruitment.

You want to get to know the girl in front of you while remaining as real as possible. Don't make her feel belittled or stupid by coming across too fake. I've compiled a list of conversation starters that avoid talking about her latest hook-up, daddy's money, or Fireball shots...

1. Did you travel anywhere this summer?
2. Have you looked into any majors yet?
3. I'm hoping to have a career in ______, what about you?
4. What's it like in ______? (find out where they are from first) How many people did you graduate with?
5. Did you do any extra curriculars in high school?
6. If they answered yes to the above question, find out if they are doing any sports or clubs in college.
7. Did any of your friends or family go to school here?
8. What do you like about the campus so far?
9. What are you looking forward to seeing/doing on campus?
10. What's your favorite place to shop?
11. Have you been to any of the boutiques or restaurants around here yet?
12. Did you do random roommate?
13. What classes are you taking this semester?
14. Do you have any friends from home going here too?
15. Have you been to any concerts recently/what's your favorite concert you've been to?
16. Are you a coffee drinker? (tell about coffee shops nearby, how you've grown to love it, etc)
17. What's your favorite type of food? (give local suggestions based on answer)
18. Did you go to a senior prom? (Talk about similar campus events)
19. Have you checked out the gym yet?
20. Which dorm are you in?

These questions will have a domino effect in the conversation and leave room for plenty to talk about! It's kind of like speed dating, but for the perfect addition to the sisterhood. May the odds be in your favor!

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Nick Jonas Releases Movie Trailer For His New Movie

GOAT - A behind the scenes look at rushing/pledging a frat

Nick Jonas stars in GOAT. If you ever wondered what being in a fraternity is like, you should probably go see this movie. Even from just watching the trailer, everything looks pretty accurate and realistic. Who knows if the movie will end up being good when it comes out, but the trailer made it seem brutally real.

Also, good for 38-year-old James Franco playing a college student.

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50 Thoughts You Have When Rushing a Sorority

"So, what's your major?"

If you haven't rushed a sorority or aren't in college yet, here are some thoughts that I had when going through the rush process. Especially going to a huge school, rush was definitely not the most enjoyable experience. Let's just say there was a lot of girl flirting going on...

1. Okay, day one. Let's do this.
2. Wait wait wait... I have to talk to girls in 18 different sororities just today?
3. Fuck.
4. This Panhellenic t-shirt is actually the ugliest shirt I've ever seen.
5. Whatever here we go. Open houses.
6. Holy shit every sorority suite is so fucking hot.
7. I'm sweating. I'm DRIPPING.
8. This ugly ass t-shirt is itchy af.
9. I hate this.
10. At least we only need to talk for five mins.
11. How many more sororities oh my god...
12. OK! Day one downnn.
13. Day round dos... dress cute... jean shorts and a cute top.
14. OK... so longer convo's today.
15. 10 minutes isn't so bad.
16. UM JK yes it is. It's really bad...
17. Wow, your philanthropy sounds really interesting.
18. But I'm sweating and can't focus I am so sorry.
19. Ohh this sorority is pretty.
20. Must. Girl. Flirt.
21. F*ck I'm trying too hard.
22. Sound chill. Be chill.
23. OK open houses were 18 sororities. Round two is 16 sororities.
24. There is no difference.
25. This is terrible, I just want to sleep.
27. I'm going crazy. Last one of the day.
28. Omg sleep. I can finally sleep.
29. Alrightyyy round three! Cute sun dresses!
30. Lol I would actually never wear this dress.
31. At least I won't be sweaty today! Only 10 sororities!
32. Nope. Definitely sweating.
33. Sororities are talking about sisterhood today...
34. This sounds so fake.
35. I'm dropping out.
36. No I'm not, but I want to. I want to so bad.
37. Alright I like most of these sororities just be yourself.
38. OK tomorrow is the last day.
40. It's pref night holy shit.
41. Heels and fancy dress.
42. Gotta look hot and cute and nice and cool and chill.
43. Only two sororities today. I love them both. What do I do...
44. I have a girl crush on this girl. Straight up girl crush.
45. Which one do I want!
46. What if the sorority I want drops me... fuck.
47. Okay, nervous sweating. Be cool. Be relaxed.
48. Rush. Is. Over.
50. I better get into my top choice.

While rush was definitely not my thing, and my thoughts may give it a bad reputation, it was DEFINITELY worth it in the end.

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How My Sorority Rush Experience Changed Me for the Better

I didn't get a bid to a "top tier house".

When I was a senior in high school, all I wanted to do was graduate and rush a sorority. I was fixated on the South, in particular SEC football games and Greek life. I wanted nothing more than to be a southern sorority girl.

So, when I graduated and geared up for my move to the South, I prepared myself extensively. I watched YouTube videos on sorority recruitment tips, looked on Greekrank to see which houses were cool and which ones were weird and prepared my letters of recommendation.

I thought I was set, I even had a few houses in mind that were "perfect" for me. LOL, boy was I wrong.

When rush started, a wave of emotions hit me. I was nervous, overwhelmed and excited all at the same time. On the first day, we were introduced to our Pi Chis and the other girls in our recruitment groups. For those of you who did not go through recruitment, a Pi Chi is someone who guides you through the process. They help you pick out your outfit, show you where your classes will be and, most importantly, listen to you and support you during the stressful, emotional process.

I didn't know it then, but my Pi Chi's ended up being my rock. When I ran to my group, I was taken back by how beautiful and welcoming they both were. I started to think about which house they were in, as a PNM (potential new member) you are not allowed to know your Pi Chi's, or any of the Pi Chi's, affiliations.

As the first few round of recruitment went by, I got asked back to some of the houses I thought were perfect for me, and didn't get asked back to others. I was OK with that, because although I wanted to be in those sororities, I didn't have my heart set on one in particular. However, as the number of rounds dwindled and I finally got my list back, I was shocked to see only two houses left. And, they were the "worst" ones.

I started to cry. I ran to my Pi Chi's and talked to them. They were surprised too. They asked me if I missed a party, I said no. They stayed with me and talked to me. In the end though, I decided to drop out of recruitment because I didn't have a connection to any of the houses I had left.

It wasn't because of their reputation, in fact, I ended up falling in love with one of the "middle-tier" houses. I knew I loved that house during the philanthropy round. All of the girls wore white dresses and cowgirl boots. The theme was red, white and blue. When I left that house after that round, I was sold.

Making the decision to drop was not easy for me, in fact, it was devastating. I didn't know what I would do at school. I didn't know if I'd make friends or even have a social life. So, as I sat in my dorm, by myself on bid day, I cried. I cried for hours. I waited for my roommate to get home. I hoped that she got the house she wanted.

When she finally got home, she was so excited. I knew as soon as she walked in that she got a bid to her favorite house. I was so unbelievably excited for her. We both laughed and jumped around like stereotypical srat girls, we planned to celebrate the next night. She didn't know it then, but that moment meant a lot to me. Even though I dropped I knew I still had at least one friend.

That night, I actually went to one of my Pi Chi's house and hung out with her friends. I finally found out which house she was in, Kappa Kappa Gamma. As you may have guessed it, that was the red, white and blue house.

A week went by. Then, I got a call from my Pi Chi, she was nervous on the phone, I could hear her voice trembling through every word. I was driving back to campus from lunch with my friends, and could barely hear her, so I told everyone to quiet down. Finally, after beating around the bush, she asked me, "Do you want to be my sister, for real?" "Would you accept a bid to Kappa?"

I'll never forget that moment. I said yes, of course. Annie started to cry a little bit, so did I. I was shaking, I hung up the phone. Everyone asked what had just happened and I told them. My friend turned around and said, "How fucking cool is that, that's awesome." I just sat there and said, "I can't believe it."

I learned a lot through my rush experience. I learned not to judge a house by a few girls in it. I learned how important friends are and how important keeping an open mind is. More so, I learned how to adapt. I was so set on being in a sorority, that, when it all crumbled away - I was lost. I didn't know what the fuck to do. I realized that I didn't need a sorority to define me, I was enough.

As for my Annie, my Pi Chi, she ended up being my big. She graduated later that year. I still talk to her everyday. She ended up being my best friend, my role model, and my mentor.

As for my sorority, I'm so glad I joined. I became a better version of myself there.

It just goes to show, you never know where the wind will take you.