Trump Addresses The Manchester Attack In Classic Trump Fashion
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Trump Addresses The Manchester Attack In Classic Trump Fashion

It's exactly what you'd expect.

After the explosion in Manchester Arena yesterday evening, Trump gave an address from Israel sending his condolences.

It was nice in the beginning.

After stating that the U.S. stands in solidarity with Manchester, Trump briefly laments the tragedy, the lives lost and the people injured. Key word: briefly.

It takes about 30 seconds before our president launches into the main point of his address: those responsible for this attack are losers. He won't call them monsters, no, they'll like that too much! They're bigly old losers, don't forget it, and we'll have more of 'em.

If you're watching the video above, feel free to take a shot every time he says "losers". (Hint: four. Throw in "monsters" for five.)

I don't disagree that the people who committed the attack are awful, but realistically, it would be amazing to see him be able to speak, extend his condolences and mourn the victims without immediately fear-mongering and throwing around childish, hateful speech. This was a concert that kids were at.

Maybe it's just the straw breaking the camel's back, but the video was nauseating. Is it so much to ask for a minute or two of sincere sympathy? Maybe a little dignity thrown in there too?

Something about the president yelling about losers in the wake of a tragedy involving so many people and children just doesn't sit right.

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Republicans are Planning a #delegaterevolt

Expect the unexpected.

It comes as no surprise that Trump has rubbed many people the wrong way. He has made a slew of offensive comments during his campaign that have been targeted at race, women, ethnicity, religion - the list goes on and on.

He has been lauded by supporters for speaking his mind, but for a presidential candidate that may not be the wisest choice, especially if he plans to govern a diverse nation of over 324 million people.

Although he is currently the only Republican left in the running, many GOP delegates are incredibly unhappy with being represented by the former Apprentice celebrity. Many believed his campaign would collapse on its own, but with less than a month left until the Republican National Convention, Trump shows no signs of stopping.

The solution for this unhappy faction of the Republican party? Form an all-out delegate revolt at the RNC in Cleveland.

Confused? You're not alone.

The delegate revolt, or "Convention of Conscious" as coined by members of the Republican party such as Bill Kristol, is an idea being heavily considered, yet debated due to the lack of experience with an event or "emergency" like this in the past. Most likely, the revolt will consist of delegates casting their vote to back a candidate that already has dropped out of the race, who they feel would better represent the ideals of the party.

This is where it get's more confusing, even for the Republican delegates themselves. There is wide debate as to whether a delegate is legally bound to vote for a candidate at the convention. Voting laws vary from state-to-state, which also adds to the confusion.


Kendal Unruh, a Colorado delegate who was bound to Ted Cruz, told ABC News that she plans to introduce a clause to the rest of the GOP Rules Committee that would permit delegates bound to "vote their conscience" rather than their bound candidate, who for many is Trump.

In response to her seemingly radical proposition, Unruh said "All I'm doing is adapting to the circumstances. I certainly believe Trump's demagogic racist comments are hurting him."

The current rules require that the convention secretary record only bound votes, even if a delegate casts a ballot for a different candidate. To have Unruh's clause passed, 112 delegates from the Rules Committee would have to approve it to bring it to the floor, followed by a majority vote. In sum, it is a whole lot of work.

Even RNC Rules expert Jim Bopp stated "I would put money on no rules changes that would affect the outcome of the nominating process."

Whether the #delegaterevolt is effective, or even a wise move is largely attributed to the timing. Pivotal members of the Democratic Party, including President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Elizabeth Warren all have publicly supported Hillary Clinton and criticized Donald Trump. A more unified Democratic Party poses a serious threat to the increasingly divided GOP, with Republicans conflicted in endorsing Trump partly because they disapprove of his unfiltered comments.

This 2016 election has already been filled with it's own share of surprises, and this #delegaterevolt stands to create a serious plot twist to all the hype and drama. I think the ultimate takeaway from all of this is, expect the unexpected.

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The 10 Steps Of Getting Through A Panic Attack

It's not your fault.

Although I am not a doctor, here are tips that have been known to help others who suffer from anxiety attacks.

1. Remove yourself from any overstimulation.
Panic attacks cause hypersensitivity so when a panic attack first begins, remove yourself from any unnecessary sound and motion which will only make the situation worse. When a panic attack begins or you feel one coming on try to get to an area that's quite or a place that you can be alone.

2. Orient yourself to your surroundings.
Panic attacks cause an out of body sensation. In order to orient yourself to your surroundings, get in touch with your senses. Find something you can see, something you can touch, something you can hear, and something you can smell. This will ground you.

3. Drink a glass of water.
A nice, cold glass of water will help put your uneasy stomach to rest, ease your breathing, and make you less dizzy or hot.

4. Find a quick distraction.
A mindless distraction is best. Watch a show, read a book, or even color. Choose a distraction that is mindless, one that doesn't cause you to think about your anxiety or stir up any anxious thoughts. But, be sure to avoid activities that are competitive or full of pressure. The goal is to become calm and distracted, it is not to accelerate bad thoughts or your heart rate.

5. Have someone you can call.
Panic attacks can often make you feel like you are quite literally going to die, and sometimes it can soothe a panicked mind to know that if a medical emergency were to happen there is someone who knows what is going on and can help. A word of advice for your anxious mind: it's scary to admit having anxiety or suffering from panic attacks, but if you're honest about it 99 percent of the time people will understand and help. The alternative is not telling anyone and randomly disappearing to deal with your attacks, which to those who don't know what's going on, may come across as flaky or rude, triggering more anxiety on your end.

6. Understand the science behind what's happening.
Once you understand what anxiety is, and what is actually happening, the situation becomes much more manageable. For example, it's not a cardiac emergency causing you heart pain or a lung deficiency causing you shortness of breath, it's your bodies sudden over-exaggeration of the fight or flight response.

7. Avoid becoming sedentary.
Try to keep the secluded distraction phase of coping with a panic attack to a maximum of thirty minutes. There's a fine line between responsibly taking time to yourself to fix the issue and feeding into the anxiety, inevitably making it worse. After about 30 minutes, resume what you were doing. Every time that you continue on after a panic attack rather than become secluded and sedentary for the rest of the day, the next panic attack becomes easier to get through.

8. Accept that it may happen again.
Once you're feeling well enough to resume what you were doing, understand and accept that you may be having an off day and that it is very possible that you may have to repeat these steps later on in the day. That is okay and normal. Anxiety comes in waves.

9. Truly believe that this isn't your fault.
This isn't something you're doing wrong. In fact, science can explain why it is happening. All you can do is follow these steps and improve each and every time you get through it.

10. Let yourself be proud for getting through it.
Getting through a panic attack is an accomplishment. Avoid getting frustrated and angry that one happened and be proud that you did it. Anxious people often beat themselves up and have a hard time with self-love, but trust me; this is one thing you should definitely be proud of.

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Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon Have Conversation Solely in Song Lyrics

Is it too late now to say sorry?

If you aren't usually a fan of what we like to call the "giant toddler that is Ariana Grande", then you might have passed up this viral video. I know we almost did. (I have much beef with Arianna: The donut debacle. The ponytail, always with the ponytail! The hackneyed role on Scream Queens. I could go on.)

But I made an exception for this vid, and you should too. And double points for incorporating Mike Posner's I Took a Pill in Ibiza, an epic tail of one man's mercurial rise, and subsequent fall, in Hollywood. It's a true spiritual journey.

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Fake Bomb Forces Old Trafford Evacuation

Thank goodness that's all it was.

Manchester United's season has not been a kind one to fans and some wished that the season would just end.

For the fans that attended United's last home game on Sunday at Old Trafford, they were just lucky to be alive after a bomb scare postponed the team's match.

A fake bomb left behind during a security exercise led police to evacuate fans from Old Trafford on May 15, disrupting the final day of the English Premier League season and provided further embarrassment to one of the biggest sports teams in the world

According to the Associated Press, police initially described the device as "incredibly lifelike" as United's planned match with Bournemouth had to be postponed, to boos from some fans, and a controlled explosion was carried out.

Hours later, bomb technicians reported it was a fake. Local authorities said in a statement that the device had been inadvertently left in a toilet during an earlier training exercise involving sniffer dogs.

First off, a huge sigh of relief that it was just a fake bomb. Secondly, how do you forget a FAKE BOMB at one of the biggest and most recognizable venues in all of England?

The extra caution and heightened security in the soccer world had come as a direct result of the Paris bombings in 2015 during a soccer match involving the French national team. There was a match between Germany and the Netherlands that had to be canceled in November after police said they received a bomb threat. Luckily no explosives were found.

The Premier League rescheduled the match for Tuesday, May 17. United still has a shot at finishing in the top four, which would get the club into Champions League qualifying. Unfortunately, they have to outscore Bournemouth by 19 goals to qualify. Otherwise, they will qualify for the Europa League, a sort of second division tournament to the Champions League.

To highlight how nearly impossible that is, the largest margin of victory was in 1995, when United defeated Ipswich Town 9-0.

Rescheduling the match was not an easy task for the league. The Premier League had to take into account the FA Cup final between United and Crystal Palace at Wembley Stadium in London on May 22.

The Premier League did apologize on Sunday for the inconvenience the postponement of the game caused to fans, some of whom had to travel thousands of miles just to see a Manchester United game. The organization did try its best to help some of those fans, such as giving tickets to another big match.

At the very least, fans are just glad that no one got hurt in what could have been a dark day in soccer.

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Kanye Said He Would Have Voted For Trump

He didn't vote... but still expect him on that 2020 campaign.

We know Kanye West is known for making outrageous statements. That's part of what drives his mass appeal and why I personally love him. However, last night West might've dropped his biggest bomb *Kanye voice* of all time!

"I told y'all I didn't vote, right?.. but if I would've voted, I would've voted for Trump."

West boldly revealed his political preference during his concert at the SAP Center in San Jose, California and the crowd was NOT pleased. We're talking a stadium filled with shocked boos.

Typically not what you want at your concert, but clearly even celebrities can't escape the political madness. West had been quiet about his support of either candidate leading up to the election, but he made his opinions loud and clear during his performance on the Saint Pablo Tour, taking breaks between songs to declare what Billboard referred to as a "lengthy political speech."

My personal frustration with his preferences aside (I'll get over it... maybe), I'm more concerned with the fact he didn't vote. C'mon Kanye, you're a citizen and a pretty influential one too.

After coming out and saying you wanted to run for president in 2020 (which we first took as a joke), you then reiterated this to be fact at your concert. But you didn't even vote?

The simplest way of being involved in an election, in our government, and in four years you want be in control of all that?

I may not be qualified to give out political advice, but that's just not a very smart place to start your campaign. Not only that, but your potential "constituents", aka us young people, and all your adoring fans -well we're not happy.

Look no further than Twitter. He is currently one of the top trends because people are heated!

I'm also wondering how Kim is feeling about the whole situation given her public endorsement for Hillary.

Although Kanye tried to be civil about his announcement by telling the audience his concert "is a safe space for both" Hillary and Trump supporters, the majority of fans wanted none of it. For those interested in the following the craziness that beset last night's concert, we can thank Twitter user @RaptorJesuss for live tweeting the whole event.

The grand finale?

*mic drop*