Tips for Staying in Touch with High School Friends
08.06.2016 | College Life Source: michaeljung

Tips for Staying in Touch with High School Friends

It's hard, but it's worth it.

As an incoming college freshman, I know I'll be on a new campus soon enough, making new friends. From what I've gathered, it's perfectly OK to not stay in touch with every single friend from high school.

It's just not reasonable if you want to make new friends in college and not spend every waking minute on iMessage or Snapchat. But, if there's a few friends from high school you'd like to stay in touch with, here are some tips for making that happen.

Tip #1
The first step in staying in touch with high school friends is choosing the friends who you really want to remain in your life. These are the select people who will be there to hear all about your freshman orientation, the crazy stories you have from college, and the ones who you can talk to about anything. This may very well mean cutting ties with old friendships because, let's be honest, not all friendships are forever. It is very difficult to do this, but sometimes it's for the better. And, always remember, nothing is forever.

Tip #2
If you want to have someone your life or be involved in their life, you have to make it a habit. If you don't get in a routine of communicating with someone, chances are, you won't. You won't get to hang out with them in person that often, so find a way to effectively stay in touch.

Tip #3
The most common way to stay in touch with people is through social media. It's easy to see what people are up to via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. However, you don't have to rely on social media to stay in touch. Remember that you can call or FaceTime your high school friends on a weekly or biweekly basis. It'll feel very comforting to hear their voices, almost like you're with them in real life!

Tip #4
Write letters. This may seem like an ancient way of communicating, but it is an extremely fun and personal way. It's very exciting to receive mail at college, and writing letters can be a great destresser. Buy some cute stationery and colorful pens to send letters. Exchanging letters does take time, so you won't have the pressure to immediately text or call someone back.

Tip #5
Send care packages. If you have some extra time (and money), send your special high school friends some love in the form of their favorite candy or food, a picture, and apparel from your college. This will truly make their day and show that you really do care for and miss them.

Tip #7
Visit your high school friends at their schools. This way you can temporarily be a part of their present lives. I know I'm looking forward to visiting my best friend from high school and going to basketball games at the Carrier Dome with her!

Tip #6
When you are home, make sure you set aside time to spend with your high school friends. This is your opportunity to hang out with them in person. Summer in particular is a great time to plan a weekend getaway or road trip.

Staying in touch with distant friends is a challenge no doubt, but it is possible - and well worth it.