This Teen Jumped Into Croc-Infested Waters To Impress A Girl
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This Teen Jumped Into Croc-Infested Waters To Impress A Girl

"Haters gonna hate."

I am absolutely in awe at the balls that Lee De Paauw has. This kid jumped into crocodile infested waters to impress a girl, and what happened? Yup, the crocodile got him, and he somehow survived. Check this out:

Honestly, good for him. Is he an absolute idiot? 100000000 percent. However, there are countless teens out there (including myself) sitting at home praying for a text back from a girl, on the off chance that maybe she thinks I'm somewhat funny.

Meanwhile, Big Balls McLoverboy over here is taking action right in front of her face, basically saying, "If I'm crazy enough to knowingly get my arm almost chewed off by a crocodile, you definitely don't want me crazy texting you at 3 a.m."

Say what you will, but it worked. they're going on a date. This kid is about to crush it too.

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Ginger Attempts to Steal Your Soul With Song (Video)


To many people's dismay, Natasha Bedingfield created one of the most instantly recognizable and hauntingly annoying pop tunes of the 21st century, which was the perfect song choice by one ginger teen to make everyone at a red light around him uncomfortable.

This rad dude is caught on camera sing-yelling the catchy hit at a passerby out of a moving car window. We're not quite sure what to make of him, but maintaining eye contact for 14 seconds while he's screeching "REACHING FOR SOMETHING IN THE DISTANCE SO CLOSE YOU CAN ALMOST TASTE IT" is one daunting and hilarious task.

I wonder what Lauren Conrad thinks of his rendition.

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Gael Monfils Jumped Over A Tennis Ball, And Now He's My Hero

Tennis player or kangaroo?

Last night, Gael Monfils jumped over a tennis ball.

You might be thinking to yourself, "Wait a second, I'm no tennis expert, but I don't think that's how the sport is normally played!" And, fellow non-tennis-expert, you would be very correct.

But look how fun this is and tell me if you think tennis should have...
A. More jumping
B. Less jumping
C. The answer is definitely more jumping

Yeah, tennis should absolutely have more jumping.

Monfils, 30, is the No. 11 in the world according to the ATP rankings, and this is just one example of why folks enjoy watching him: Monfils has long been known for his animated playing style.

He stands 6-foot-4 and weighs a paltry 180 pounds, meaning he is basically Gumby with a tennis racket: everything he does kind of looks super wild, his limbs flailing about and his long legs stretching to reach otherwise unreachable shots from his opponents.

I don't know a whole ton about tennis, but the game always benefits when Monfils does things like this and makes the game both impressive, athletically, and also super fun to watch. There's definitely a dividing line between impressive technical play and super-fun, everyone-can-enjoy-this fun play. Monfils happens to know how to get the best from both sides, which is entertainment gold when it works.

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Two Teens Attempt To Kill Girl Who Was Annoying On Snapchat

This is a little funny (it's not funny).

In Utah (so who cares) two teens attempted to murder a girl who they claim was messaging them too much on Snapchat. AmericaNow reports that the initial plan was to lure the girl to a canal and slit her throat, but they couldn't go through with it.

Then, they lured her back to the canal another day, and when they decided they couldn't go through with it again, one of the boys brought a gun, shot her in the head, and left her for dead. Luckily, she survived.

First of all, how the fuck do you get lured to a sketchy canal twice? That part is on you, sweetie. It's like a teacher telling you there's gonna be something important to hear in class on Friday, and you don't go, and there's a pop quiz, and the next time they say those exact words, you still don't go and fail another pop quiz. This part is solely on you.

Second, HOLY FUCK THEY WERE GONNA SLIT THIS GIRL'S THROAT. That is some cold blooded shit, even for a Snapchat annoyance. Admittedly, I'm not as surprised because it took place in Utah, and who knows what kind of psychopaths are out there, but either way teens slitting throats is nightmare fuel.

To play devil's advocate, though, girls who are annoying on Snapchat are the absolute worst. Seeing their name pop up on your phone 10 different times a day, with some stupid filter on their face, a meme that you've already seen (girls are horrendous at keeping up with memes), or just a picture of nothing is a waste of your time. Knowing they're teens and probably obsessed with Snapchat means this girl must've been over the top with it.

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This Guy Dressed In Trash Bags To Steal A Cash Register


Here's a new one!

A man in New Jersey (of course it was New Jersey) dressed up in a bunch of trash bags and burst into a (thankfully) empty convenience store in order to steal money, and eventually took the whole dang cash register.

No, that wasn't a Mad Lib. It's something that actually happened.

And because we live in the glorious year of 2017, when literally anything you can think of is on the internet for our consumption, there is a spectacular video of Trash Bag Man:


I have sooooo many questions, comments, and concerns.

1. Sir, did you not realize those trash bags might not make for the most agile outfit ever? There's a reason you're slipping and sliding all over the counter: you're wearing TRASH BAGS.

2. Did he not have enough trash bags while making the outfit? If you'll notice, the one on his torso is black, but the bag on his head (and the ones on his feet) look like the plastic bags you get your takeout in! Sir, if you don't own more than one trash bag, maybe you have bigger fish to fry in your life than stealing money.

3. Why'd you have to make such a mess on your wait out, man? That's just rude. You're already stealing their money, and now you're making a mess they've gotta clean up in the morning. Pretty whack.

4. Just... why? WHY? WHY TO ALL OF IT?!?

5. This video really got me thinking about the man in those trash bags, and his outfit choice.

I think I understand why he wore them: to make it very hard to identify him outside of the store, in the real world, where no one wears trash bags all over town.


What if the guy we're dealing with here is just some random dude who dresses up in the complete wrong outfit for every occasion? Like, he has no sense of appropriate attire at all?

He wears a full baseball uniform (Phillies, because he's from South Jersey) to the dentist's office, for instance, or he wears an inflatable sumo suit to go grocery shopping. He put on a suit jacket made entirely out of lettuce when he went to pick up his dry cleaning and didn't understand the confused looks.

Maybe we're just dealing with a terribly out-of-touch man who wanted to steal some money (stop doing that!) and thought the head-to-toe trash bag look was the most appropriate 'fit he could get off? Makes as much as anything else in this video, right?

In any case, this is my new favorite thing. If you'll excuse me, I have to go see if there are any trash bags left in my apartment...

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What Iconic Teen Drama Should You Binge Watch This Summer Based On Your Style? (Quiz)

Are you more Gilmore or Gossip Girl?

While summer is the time for adventure and activity, it's also a time for sitting on your ass with a new series, knowing you have no responsibilities for the next couple of months. If you're anything like me, your indecisive nature can make deciding on a new show quite the challenge.

Luckily, I've watched enough of Netflix to help you out. Take this quiz below to see what your summer style says about what show you should check out!