The Ultimate "Too Good For You" Playlist For Girls
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The Ultimate "Too Good For You" Playlist For Girls

Jams to make you get over whoever made you feel like less than the baddie you know you are.

We've all experienced it: you're feeling yourself, until some boy comes along and tries to make you feel like something less than the fine piece of a** you know you are. Trust me, I've been there.

Here's the thing: if a guy tries to make you feel inferior to him in terms of intelligence, appearance, or any other valuable quality, ditch him. You deserve so much more than someone who tries to tear you down right when you've finally developed amazing self-confidence.

In fact, you're much too good for him.

Luckily for you, I've curated a playlist of songs that are sure to revert you back to the baddie status you held before meeting that heartless guy. Now hurry up, grab some wine, and jam to these confidence-boosting tunes.

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Back To School Playlist

Pregame tunes, shower tunes, college tunes

It's the new semester. Time to get back to the days of pregaming music, shower music, Uber music, and getting ready music for while you do your makeup pre-party.

This playlist is good for every occasion, some upbeat and some chill music to get you though the long study days in the library or taking shots while super hungover.

Happy fall semester!

Care - Cade

Chill Bill - Rob$TONE

Cruel - Snakehips ft. Zayn

Rise N Shine - Poo Bear and Eva Shaw

I Just Wanna... - Elijah Blake

The Only One - Skizzy Mars and Ritual

For Free - DJ Khaled and Drake

Gone - Afrojack and Ty Dolla $ign

How I Feel - Roy Woods

Bedroom Trip - Luke Christopher

One Night Lover - Paul Harris and Dragonette

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Five Songs To Wake You Up For Morning Classes

Anything before 10 a.m. is brutal.

If you're anything like me, you prefer taking morning classes, but dread the act of actually getting out of bed when it comes time. But, anyone who does this for a long time will tell you that, much like starting a regular workout routine, it gets easier after awhile. Sure, you still roll out of bed, yawn like the undead, like the opening scene of Shaun of the Dead, feeling like death from partying the night before, but it becomes something of a discipline that has some pretty cool benefits. You learn time management, and if you play your cards right, you can get to enjoy a nice wake-n-bake while watching the sunrise.

So, what's the secret to shapeshifting from a nightcrawler into an early bird? In my experience, I've found these two things that give me the motivation I need to start my early class days right. First, I like to look in the mirror when I wake up and feed myself positive energy to boost my self-esteem. Positive energy comes in many forms, but I prefer a mantra; something like "I'm gonna make today my bitch!" The second thing I do is listen to my morning playlist. Nothing gets me more pumped than a dope soundtrack.

I can only help but so much with the first one because truly loving yourself begins and ends from within, but I can give you a few of my favorite songs that have been kid-tested and Satan approved to jumpstart your day off just right.

Soulja Boy Tell 'Em - Turn My Swag On
This song... is dumb, but also strangely amazing. There's definitely a positive message in this song about waking up and being the best person that you can be. I always think of Tom Haverford from Parks and Rec which always makes me giggle like a schoolgirl when this song comes on.

Rage Against The Machine - Down Rodeo
If it were up to me, this entire list would be nothing but RATM songs, but that would make this article pretty lame for those of you who don't care. If the hook to this song, "I'm rollin' down Rodeo with a shotgun/ These people ain't seen a brown skin man/ Since their grandparents bought one", doesn't get you even a little bit excited, then you need to check your pulse.

Big Sean - I Don't Fuck With You
No matter where you go, what you do, who you hang with, there will be haters. They lurk in the darkness with gnashing fangs, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to destroy you. They thrive off of the attention. So, take this pearl of wisdom from Big Sean and don't fuck with 'em. They probably have bird brains anyway, regardless of who they are.

Pink Floyd - Another Brick In the Wall
The Gods of psychedelic rock wrote this song more so as a critique on the education system, but there's also a focus on anti-conformity and the importance of individuality. Us students obviously see the importance of a formal education, despite it seeming trivial at times. But it's easy to fall into a mindless routine and lose sight of who you are and what you stand for. Don't just be "another brick in the wall"!

Sublime - Smoke Two Joints
And, finally, we end with a classic for all of my fellow day trippers out there. Anyone who has puffed the magic dragon would know this gem, but for those that don't often, or at all, this song is best known for the lines, "I smoked two joints in the morning" and "I smoked two joints at night." During the second verse our ska lord and savior Bradley Nowell shares with us words of wisdom, which was passed down to him by a stranger who said, "Hard work good and hard work fine, but first take care of head." That could possibly be the most important lyric in this whole article.

Now that your cell phone's playlist has gone from 0 to 100, go out there and give the world hell, kid!

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10 College Football Players With Famous Parents

It's in their blood.

Not only are they good at football, but they also have some pristine blood.

Football players tend to have some genetic advantages whether it be natural size or speed. But some college football players -- by chance -- are celebrity's kids. Here's a look at 10 college football players with some famous parents.

Jesse Bongiovi (SR) -- Notre Dame
Famous Parent: Jon Bon Jovi
Who would have thought Jon Bon Jovi's kid would be a Division 1 walk-on cornerback? Figured with that background he'd be making music or something. But he's seen the field for Notre Dame. How many people can say that?

Brad Kaaya (JR) -- Miami
Famous Parent: Angela Means
You might not know the Miami Hurricane's starting quarterback's mother by name. But maybe this will jog your memory a bit.

Yes. She was Felisha in Friday.

Trey Griffey (SR) -- Arizona
Famous Parent: Ken Griffey Jr.
Griffey? That's such a baseball name. Damn right it is. Ken Griffey Jr.'s son is an Arizona Wildcats wide receiver. And he has been contributing since his freshman year. So yeah, the Griffey's don't just play baseball anymore.

Torii Hunter Jr. (SR) -- Notre Dame
Famous Parent: Torii Hunter
Yup. Another baseball dad. He also plays wide receiver and, like Griffey, is an impact wideout. It's also worth noting Hunter also plays baseball for the Fighting Irish.

Nico Marley (SR) -- Tulane
Famous Parent: Rohan Marley
Who would have thought one of Tulane's starting linebackers would be Bob Marley's grandson. Considering his dad played for the Miami Hurricanes and in the CFL, it wouldn't surprise me either. Rohan is kind of famous too -- as the founder of Marley Coffee. Talk about spiking your coffee.

Thaddeus Moss (FR) -- NC State
Famous Parent: Randy Moss
Play for an FBS team. Check. Take that dad. Thaddeus already did something arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL didn't do by playing for a Division One FBS team. He's contributed a little in games too, which doesn't happen too often in the ACC. But he's not quite his dad... yet.

Barry J. Sanders (SR) -- Oklahoma State
Famous Parent: Barry Sanders
Don't call him Barry Sanders Jr. That's incorrect. But he is a college football running back -- like his dad once was. He transferred from Stanford to Oklahoma State for this season. But opportunities have been scarce for him compared to the past.

Michael Irvin II (FR) -- Miami
Famous Parent: Michael Irvin
Speaking of Hall of Famers with sons not named Jr., Dallas Cowboys legendary running back Michael Irvin's son is a tight end at Miami. He's even played in a game already -- as a true freshman. Maybe there's something good here.

Christian McCaffrey (JR) -- Stanford
Famous Parent: Ed McCaffrey
OK, so you probably know Christian as the best player in college football. His dad was a pretty good football player too. He was a Pro Bowl wide receiver. So yeah, Christian isn't the first guy in his family with NFL potential.

Nigel Warrior (FR) -- Tennessee
Famous Parent: Dale Carter
Carter was an All-American back in '91. And he went to to have a great NFL career. He was named to four straight Pro Bowls from 1994 to 1997. Now his son, with an awesome name, will see what he can do at his father's Alma matter.

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Reasons Why Most Nice Guys Are Single

Because girls in their 20s want someone unpredictable.

All the pretty girls in their 20's know about this type of guy. This type of guy is dying to be with her. He opens doors for her. He sends her flowers. He texts her every morning. He is willing to give her the world. He's classified as "the nice guy".

However, there's one problem. You would think that most girls would be appreciative of even being in the presence of this type of guy, right? Wrong!

Most young girls want someone different. They want someone who is unpredictable. Someone who ignores them sometimes. Someone who they feel like they can have fun with. In their minds, a nice guy can't do that. They feel like most nice guys will do whatever a girl wants and think nothing of it.

This is why nice guys usually can be found somewhere in the escapable place called, "the friend zone". Once a guy is placed in the "friend only" category when he never intended on being placed there in the first place, it never usually ends well.

She'll tell him her problems. She'll ask his opinion on other guys. She'll even say this famous statement, "Any girl would be lucky to have you". He'll smile and say thanks, but deep down he's dying inside after he hears these words.

Most nice guys will not only give a girl what they want, but they'll sometimes forget to show that they can be leaders. They'll forget that they should be catered to also--it isn't just about the girl.

This is how most guys were raised though. Their parents probably raised them to be respectful and courteous to all people. Especially to girls. T

hey most likely grew up to be intelligent, funny, and probably even successful. They just aren't cocky about it.

So, pretty girls, please give these guys a chance. They may not live the most exciting lives right now. They may not drive the fastest cars, but they are going to be great fathers to your kids and great boyfriends to you. Who knows, they might even make a great husband who you can take those cute Instagram wedding pictures with.

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The Perfect Upbeat "Catching Feels" Playlist

High energy, upbeat jams that will make catching feels a little less painful.

Have you ever met that one person that lights up your entire world?

No? Well, some of us can at least imagine what that feels like.

Shockingly, sometimes catching feels doesn't have to be such an angsty, revolting experience. There's no shame in seeing the good in someone, whether that "good" is their good looks or their killer personality.

Instead of trying to shove those butterflies deeper into your stomach, embrace your newfound attraction with these uplifting, catchy jams that will make falling for someone a slightly more enjoyable experience.

If you really want to start dropping hints to this new crush of yours, try playing some of these tunes when you're with that special someone. Maybe they'll catch your flow, and if not, at least they've listened to some bomb music.