The Struggles Of Being A Medical Student
01.11.2017 | College Life Source: @rjkhemlani

The Struggles Of Being A Medical Student

What they don't tell you about being a med student.

So you want be a med student? That's wonderful. As someone who currently holds the title of "med student", I just want to enlighten you on the amazing things no one ever talks about before you start your journey.

1. Applications will run your life.
You have to apply for practically every program out there. That's right. You have to survive several rounds of elimination from other program wannabes.

After that, you'll sit in front of several people that will question your life skills, fortitude, and personality. It's like the Hunger Games of Health except there is more than one winner and nobody dies...hopefully.

2. Get ready for paperwork.
Let's say you survived the grueling cut. Congratulations! You now have to fill out enough paperwork to make a lawyer cry. I'm not joking.

After all the interviewing there is still a ton they need you to fill out. Everything from patient privacy policies to background checks to parking agreements are all in your future and must be completed immediately. Enjoy your victory with some good, old-fashioned writer's cramp.

3. Drug tests and physicals will test your patience.
So you want to party and have a good time to celebrate your amazing achievement right? Just keep it clean because drug test, physicals, tuberculosis test, bloodwork, and a butt ton of shots are in the not-so-distant future.

If you hate getting poked and prodded like I do, then this is going to make you so happy. Oh, and it has to be done before you can even set foot upon campus. Good times.

4. The textbook prices suck.
I understand that textbook prices in general are terrible, but these med books that no one has a used copy of or can even find are insane.

Odds are you'll knock down over $200 to learn from Power Point slides and lecture notes. Glad I sold my leg for that book; really worth the investment.

5. You shall not sleep.
A lot of people say they have to pull an all-nighter to pass some final for a class they never paid attention in. You don't sleep because you honest to God have no idea what the actual heck is going on in the classes you religiously attend and study for.

This is especially true if you want to maintain some tiny amount of a social life.

6. It is hard.
The classes are long, the teachers are strict, some subjects are impossible, and who can remember the spelling for half this junk? PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS IS A FREAKING WORD PEOPLE. Have fun remembering the spelling on that one.

Even with all this crap that you have to deal with, one thing stays very true...IT IS WORTH EVERY SECOND OF IT!! There really is no better felling than helping those who need it. The patients find a way to tug at your heart through all the chaos of school.

So grab your coffee, bring on the debt, and get ready for the struggles that are headed your way for an amazing career.