The Spring Vibes Playlist
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The Spring Vibes Playlist

Songs to celebrate the season of darties, short dresses and dizzy bat.

Global warming may have turned up the planet's thermostat the past few months, but I think we can agree it's been a rather cold and dark winter. What with the deaths of stars like Tilikum (AKA Seaworld's famous killer whale) and Carrie Fisher (AKA the source of Star Wars fan's first boners), everything Trump presidency, and the Oscar Best Picture snafu that caused viewers across America to get the worst case of second-hand embarrassment they have ever experienced, this winter has left a lot of people feeling cold.

As always, the metaphoric and literal sun is starting to shine a little brighter. The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, and girls' dresses are getting shorter.

Spring time brings a sweetness and optimism to our moods that matches the scent of all the blooming flowers. And even if you have terrible spring time allergies (that makes it look like you are either recovering from a meal of very spicy food or a horrific breakup), you bring on the pollen with a thumbs up.

Springs vibes are also some of the best vibes because of the events that occur during this time of year. There are the official holidays, like St. Patrick's Day and Easter, and, perhaps more importantly, the unofficial ones, like Spring Break, April Fools Day, and 4/20. Not to mention the darties, the campus spring concerts and fests, and all of the excuses to go outside and tan on the quad instead of studying in the library.

To match this carefree and optimistic aura, listen to the Spring Vibes playlist. Walk around outside, smoke a J on a porch, make a flower crown for an Insta (with the caption #flowerchild #reallifesnapchatfilter ), and just chill with these beats.

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The Best Lil Wayne Features Playlist

AKA Mr. make you wanna jam to his songs.

Lil Weezy. Tunechi. Birdman Jr.. Weezy F. Baby. Mr. Carter. Dr. Carter. President Carter. Lil Tune. Young Tune. Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. I'm talking about the man with (probably) the most nicknames in music biz. I'm talking about Lil Wayne.

With as many monikers as he boasts, he has even more songs that he appears on as a featured artist. In fact, Lil Wayne is the most featured musical artist of all time, with hundreds of songs he adds a little something to (in second place is Elvis).

It makes sense that he is often asked to accompany artists on their beats (and make it all the more better to listen to) based on his track record of success. Although his first record, True Stories, debuted in 1993, he started getting real nods of approval in the industry as a featured artist and member of Hot Boys in 1997, and eventually in 1999 took off on his solo career with the release of Tha Block is Hot. Over time, he has accumulated awards, fans, and recognition as a top emcee.

As far as talent goes, though, I can't quite say what is particularly attractive. Like the way I felt about dancing at high school dances (frequently to his songs and features), I knew I liked it, but wasn't entirely sure what it was that I liked about it. His voice is raspy, he often repeats his own lines, and he can sometimes strike you as predictable. That being said, there is some kind of bounce in his rhythm and humor in his lyrics that keeps you hooked. Let's just say, whenever I hear his songs or features, I feel the need to rap along. Maybe it's just because we are not the same, he is a martian.

As the most featured artist of all time, it was hard to narrow the list. Despite the difficulty, I've mixed a playlist of some of the best songs he appears on as a feature that will leave you wanting to rap, dance, and hang out with friends. Thanks Lil Wayne, AKA Apple Eagle Weezle, for pumping up so many songs with your flow.

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Spring Relaxation Playlist

Let yourself sit back and enjoy the sounds of spring.

Now that it's consistently warm out, there's only one thing you can do to enhance your time out on the back porch soaking up the sun: music.

Even when your days aren't the brightest literally, this playlist is designed to bring out the metaphorical light, so that you're unable to forget that the sun will be back out soon after, whether it's tomorrow, the day after that, or the one after that.

There are few better artists to keep that fact firm in your brain than the ones included on this list -- John Mayer, for one, is one of my personal favorites, but that should not take away from the diversity that this playlist provides. With a wide range of contributions from artists across all genres, such as GRiZ's funk, Madeon's electronic sound, Frank Ocean's R&B, and Kendrick Lamar's hip hop, your tastebuds will be more than satisfied.

Sit back, soak in some warmth, and let the sounds wash over you.

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Cinco De Mayo Musica Playlist

A playlist for Cinco De Drinko

The 5th of May (guys, that's what Cinco De Mayo, yeah, I'm basically fluent in Spanish) is on our heels. And you can bet my Espa?ol (and margaritas) will be rolled out when one of my favorite holidays of the year comes around.

It's not just me who loves Cinco De Mayo -- it's America. In fact, America celebrates it more widely than Mexico. And it's also not just me who doesn't know the reason why Cinco De Mayo is celebrated -- it's also America.

FYI, it's not Mexican Independence Day. It's a celebration of the victory over France at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. A year earlier, Spain, Great Britain and France had all invaded Mexico. At this particular battle, France was the last man still standing on Mexican territory, but Mexico was able to unexpectedly defeat it's much larger enemy force, and claim back their land! Hoorah!

So, there you go. I'll bet that will come in handy at a Trivia Night sometime... or at least to be used as a tool to call someone the fuck out.

Either way, Cinco De Mayo comes but once a year, and you should take advantage of this prime opportunity to celebrate the heritage of our beautiful southern neighbors, drink Jose Cuervo and Dos Equis out of festivus duty, honor the upside exclamation and question marks used in Spanish, and pay extra for that guacamole without any remorse (although does anyone ever feel bad about paying the extra?).

Use this playlist to ring in the holiday by way of dancing, drinking, eating, saying pantelones, and playing games on repeat. I mean repetir. While the list is not exclusively Mexican artists, it's a good mash-up of Latin beats (many of which you could find playing at any given discoteca in Mexico). So, vamos! Ayayay!

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Songs For Getting Political: The Protest Playlist

We gonna fight, we gonna charge, we gonna stomp, we gonna march.

Regardless of political opinion, I think we can all agree that one of the things that makes America great is our ability to speak up. We have the freedom to voice our opinions, even when those opinions diverge with our elected officials and government, our family, neighbors and teachers.

On top of speaking, we can act on our words. Any of us Americans have the right to protest and petition and lobby and run for office. Don't ever take these freedoms for granted, my fellow citizens, they aren't shared by everyone in the world.

In the past year, what with elections and shifting political dynamics, a lot of us have opinions. More than opinions, many of us have been moved to be heard, make changes, or preserve endeavors we feel passionate about.

Although recent current events have been effective in their ability to move people, it's important to keep up the momentum. No matter what political party you represent or which type of cause you are endorsing, political activism needs to be consistently and passionately fueled.

And trust me, there are many great things about America, but we are in no place right now to let our voices or actions come to a quiet halt.

To help sustain the effort, blast this Protest Playlist. Let it play on the way to a rally, use it as background music in a club meeting, listen as you write an email to your elected official.

These tunes will have you feeling inspired and feeling that in this moment, you are part of the larger American narrative of people who work hard to make things right. From the flappers to the hippies to the millennials of today, music can get you a little political.

So, listen on and keep moving and shaking.

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The Casual Seduction Playlist

They'll never see it coming.

Let me set the scene: sexual tension has been building for a while now. It's mutually felt, but not referenced, leaving both of you with a tinge of doubt about the other's motivations.

Maybe you fed them the, "want to have another drink at my place," the "want to go back and smoke," or the "want to go play Battleship in my room?" lines and they happily accepted (side note: the Battleship line works 10 out of 10 times, with Strip Battleship working 12 out of 10 times).

And now you're both in your room ready to rip each other's clothes off. Despite all the meticulously placed hints, though, you want it to be chill. The mood doesn't want to feel forced (and definitely shouldn't be). You want the object of your desire to have their heart pounding equally as hard, but for them to also still be slightly unsure if the hang out will feature a happy ending.

And that's where this playlist enters. It's casual and unassuming; seemingly random-with different artists and genres-it creates the illusion you just popped your whole Spotify library on shuffle.

Somehow, though, a similar feeling emerges throughout the eclectic mix. They're all sexy and cool, and coax you into subconsciously envisioning the person next to you naked.

There's no overt "fuck me" lines, but it still has you feeling low-key seduced. The songs will work as background music or as talking pieces. Plus, it's gender neutral; girls and guys of any sexual preference will find these songs libidinous AF. Tested and approved, I assure you this is an effortlessly sexy playlist for a casual seduction.