The Spring Vibes Playlist
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The Spring Vibes Playlist

Songs to celebrate the season of darties, short dresses and dizzy bat.

Global warming may have turned up the planet's thermostat the past few months, but I think we can agree it's been a rather cold and dark winter. What with the deaths of stars like Tilikum (AKA Seaworld's famous killer whale) and Carrie Fisher (AKA the source of Star Wars fan's first boners), everything Trump presidency, and the Oscar Best Picture snafu that caused viewers across America to get the worst case of second-hand embarrassment they have ever experienced, this winter has left a lot of people feeling cold.

As always, the metaphoric and literal sun is starting to shine a little brighter. The temperature is rising, the days are getting longer, and girls' dresses are getting shorter.

Spring time brings a sweetness and optimism to our moods that matches the scent of all the blooming flowers. And even if you have terrible spring time allergies (that makes it look like you are either recovering from a meal of very spicy food or a horrific breakup), you bring on the pollen with a thumbs up.

Springs vibes are also some of the best vibes because of the events that occur during this time of year. There are the official holidays, like St. Patrick's Day and Easter, and, perhaps more importantly, the unofficial ones, like Spring Break, April Fools Day, and 4/20. Not to mention the darties, the campus spring concerts and fests, and all of the excuses to go outside and tan on the quad instead of studying in the library.

To match this carefree and optimistic aura, listen to the Spring Vibes playlist. Walk around outside, smoke a J on a porch, make a flower crown for an Insta (with the caption #flowerchild #reallifesnapchatfilter ), and just chill with these beats.

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Rap for Dummies Playlist

Like The Skimm but for rap music.

Humans are a species evolutionarily primed for showing off. Men and women alike think broadcasting how awesome they are at particular proclivities will ensure the continuity of their genepool.

And so, this is why I think when Darwin described his "Survival of the Fittest" theory, he was inadvertently explaining the current generation's need to prove how much someone knows about rap music.

Since it's somewhat recent inception, rap has enthralled basically anyone within earshot. Equally as enchanting is how rapidly the genre has evolved and branched off. Simply enough, rap is cool. A musical style that seems centered around the idea that you DGAF, and has real finesse while showing it.

Rap hits have held a prominent position on the top hits for the last two decades, prompting interest in the genre. More than interest, it's provoked people into show-off mode, eager to prove they know it best. Imposter and poser fans abound though.

If I had a dime for every white girl that announced she's really into rap and followed up by saying "Lose Yourself" is her favorite song, I'd have at least $4.70.

Truly "knowing rap" entails a nuanced musical taste to decipher and appreciate the varied genre. It also means having a vast knowledge of the countless greats in this library of beats. I'm not saying you need to know everything about rap to claim you like it, but you should at least try to BACK THAT INTEREST UP (and THAT AZZ UP too while you're at it).

That's where this playlist comes into play. Are you looking to become one of those rap guys' girlfriends? Or maybe just one of the "chill" girls who fucks with rap (who also wants to say, "I just get along better with guys than girls")?

Could you maybe be a frat bro who needs to flex his cool factor by showing off how well he knows rap music (who also wants to say, "Bro, hand me the aux, I got a fire playlist")?

This playlist is for all you rap fan imposters, wannabes, and try-hards. It's a mix of the classics, lesser known hits by the rap gods, and an eclectic mix of rhymes and beats. Take a spin!

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Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 Playlist

Get ready for year two!

With Okeechobee Music Festival's second year run just days away now, it's time to get all geared up for the music you're going to be presented with. This year's lineup is absolutely packed with talent from top to bottom, so we tried to get you a taste of a little bit of everything.

There's so many genres packed into this, you'll need to give it a few listens to really digest everything you're hearing. Get ready for OMF 2017!

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Overcast Moods Playlist

Music to match the weather.

There's this modern theory that music matches weather, and I can personally vouch for that. I cannot listen to a tropical beat on a gray, snowy day.

Sitting inside the campus library while rain just pours heavily on my mood, I need a playlist to match it. It doesn't necessarily have to incorporate sad music or anything depressing. Give me a calm vibe with a slower beat, and some soft vocals, and I'm content.

The weather this time of year makes us all want to crawl up and disappear for awhile. What better way to enjoy isolation than with a soothing playlist for your overcast feels? This honestly might distract you from studying and take you to another place. But it's okay, you'll be back soon.

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Your Second Semester Pregame Playlist

If you're looking for a banger, it's probably here.

It's time to pack up your books and say goodbye to the days of sleeping until 1 p.m. Because guess what, folks? Spring semester is approaching faster than you can say "Selena and The Weekend?!"

That's right, it's time to swap your days of embarrassingly long Netflix binges for embarrassingly long trips to the library.

But, of course, returning back to college isn't all that bad. Although we might have to start doing things like taking notes (seriously, I almost forgot how to use a pen) and getting over the fact that we still didn't get spring-break bod ready over winter break, there's a lot of ups to coming back to our beloved college towns.

Like alcohol.

And where there's alcohol, you know there's about to be a kick-ass pregame. It's only right to celebrate your return to campus by getting piss-drunk while hearing AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" at your buddy's apartment before hitting the bars and overly-crowded frat parties (ah, how I've missed you, low-quality jungle juice).

And if there's anything that my time in college has taught me, it's that no pregame is complete without a kick-ass playlist. I've dubbed myself the title of "Ultimate DJ" (whether my friends like it or not), which means that as soon as drinks are being made, my Spotify is up, running and bumping the best party shit.

Which is why I bring you the ultimate beginning-of-the-night playlist: "No Pain in a Pregame."

With 80 absolute bangers, you'll make sure that the party never stops and the music never gets old. This playlist has it all: the pop hits that we can't stop listening to, the classics that we grew up with, songs that we've all memorized more than our Bio vocab lists and anthems that make you want to get up on a table and embarrass your family name.

So grab that aux cord and give it a try! With a playlist like this, you're about to throw a pregame so great that you may not even make it out to the parties!

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The Best Spring Break Body Playlist

Because swimsuits, duh.

With spring break just around the corner, I'd be willing to bet that most of you are slowly growing more and more conscious of that holiday weight you've gained over the last month or so. You're counting down the days until you can sit your ass in the sand and dip your toes in the water, but you're also counting down the days until all of Cabo has to see you in a swimsuit.

I'd love to tell you that there's some magic pill to snap you into shape just in time, but the only way to look better and feel better is to hit the gym. While two months may seem like plenty of time to tone up and slim down, it'll fly by before you even realize it. Which means that saying "I'll start tomorrow" is going to end in you starting never.

Trust me, I get it. Forcing yourself to get up and workout in the midst of a presumably hectic student schedule can seem like a lot without the right motivation and the right playlist. Since I can't really help you with the getting to the gym part, I've decided to give you a little help for while you're there.

I've compiled a playlist full of all of the best songs to keep you going and keep you working. They'll pump you up and spark up that energy you needed to knock out 30 minutes on the stair climber.