The Something Wonderful Festival Lineup Is An EDM Fan's Dream
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The Something Wonderful Festival Lineup Is An EDM Fan's Dream

The festival opens up for a second day.

In just its third year, Something Wonderful festival has made some major changes.

First, the event is opening up to become a two day event as opposed to just one. It falls on the second weekend of Coachella, April 22-23.

Second, they've managed to produce an absolutely incredible lineup, despite knowing that many artists would be at Coachella! This is a way more affordable festival as well, so fans won't need to break the bank the same way they would need to for Coachella, which is absolutely perfect for college students.

The event is held at the massive Texas Motor Speedway.

I was in disbelief at some of the names on here! This is a weekend you should definitely consider heading to with your friends, especially with their ticket deals!

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Mysteryland Announces 2017 Festival, Releases Aftermovie

Let the hype begin.

Mysteryland USA just announced that they're going to be back at Bethel Woods in 2017, bigger and better than ever. Which is pretty wild, given this year's lineup is hard to top.

FlockU sent me this past June and it was pretty dope (understatement of the century). Seriously, a guy in a bear suit pushed me on these spinning swings, it was pretty surreal. Check out the Aftermovie of the 2016 festival.

You can order your earlybird tickets here.

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My Fake ID Adventures: Part Two

So I was at a music festival... and really wanted a 21+ wristband....

So, some things you should know before getting into this story: my fake is relatively new, and after the confidence boost I gained from using it at four bars (as explained in part one), I felt like I could get away with anything. So I went to a pretty small country music festival in California called Pozo Stampede.

Needless to say we were tailgating before going in, and my goal was to drink as much as possible before walking into the one-time-entry venue, to avoid buying $12 cups of beer.

With alcohol and confidence surging through my veins, I chugged my last screwdriver and walked in.

My best friend, who also has a fake from Florida, went in before me and got a wristband no problem. So, I walk up to the guy with the shortest line and when he gets to me he takes my ID and just fucking stares at it. He asks me to take my sunglasses off, which I didn't think much of because I had blonder hair in the ID photo. He then asks me my name, and literally every. Other. Question. That could be asked on the ID. I'm talking name, city, address, birthday, age, zip code and even the fucking state.Thank god I had spent a good chunk of my time memorizing all the details.

He then asked me to see an alternate form of ID and I gave him my debit card with my name on it. He keeps flipping the ID around as he asked me something like, "How old are you? You have one chance." I confidently stated 21. He then asks if he took it up to the cops (who were standing about 20 feet away) if they would think anything of it. I replied no, and acted confused. He's like, "Okay, why are you in California?" "Um, I go to school here." "What year are you in school?" "I'm a senior."

Finally after asking me literally everything. He goes, "You know what I hate about these Florida ones?"

Me: "What?"

Him *picking at the sticker, which if you look close enough you can see on the white card and that's how you can tell it's fake AF* "You can just peel this sticker right off."

SOURCE: Molly McNerlin

But to my surprise, he hands my fake back to me and goes, "You know what, I really admire your confidence and your enthusiasm, so I'm going to go ahead and give you a wristband."

No fucking way.

I thanked him and went in and bought myself a $12 beer as a reward. So, a tip for all of you with fakes, fake it till you make it and confidence is fucking key. And for guys like that wristband guy, thank you for being a team player because the struggle of being a youngin' is fucking real.

Also, Florida is the cheapest ID on ID God so I have no idea if the others are better than these, but I'm assuming they are since they are $100+ and mine was $50 for two copies and I have had some fun with it. P.S. they're scannable and black-light-friendly, the only obvious thing that shows it's fake is that sticker, and that the scan bar is upside down on the back (but no one ever notices that).

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Okeechobee Music Festival 2017 Playlist

Get ready for year two!

With Okeechobee Music Festival's second year run just days away now, it's time to get all geared up for the music you're going to be presented with. This year's lineup is absolutely packed with talent from top to bottom, so we tried to get you a taste of a little bit of everything.

There's so many genres packed into this, you'll need to give it a few listens to really digest everything you're hearing. Get ready for OMF 2017!

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Your Festival Wristband is Grosser Than You Realize

Please take that thing off immediately after the festival.

Summer is festival season, and anybody who's somebody has been to one in the last couple months. The proof is in those colorful little paper wristbands that everyone keeps on for weeks (or months...or years...ew) after the fest. Yeah, they make great bracelets to jazz up your cute summery outfits, and they're probably good conversation starters, but it turns out that they're actually super grimy, and you should definitely not keep them on after the festival is over.

Take a look at what happens when you wear your wristband for too long - spoiler alert, they become scary zoos of bacteria, and it's pretty disgusting.

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FlockU's Coachella 2017 Playlist

Essential tracks from artists featured on this year's lineup.

With Coachella's announcement of the 2017 lineup, the metaphorical flood gates have opened for festival season. Now we won't be able to see this super-stacked lineup in action until spring time rolls around, but a kid can dream, can't he? That's why I've compiled a playlist of essential tracks from almost every artist on Coachella's recently announced lineup.

Radiohead, Beyonce, and Kendrick Lamar were epic choices for headliners of the 18th edition of this mega-festival, but as you scan the sunny concert poster you discover the heart of the lineup.

Mac DeMarco will be joining Friday's company and will likely be bringing a new album with him. Electronic legends such as DJ Shadow and The Avalanches will be heating up the Sahara tent throughout the weekend. Lastly, newcomers like The Lemon Twigs and Blossoms will surely be prepped to make an impact on the early crowds hungry for fresh sounds.

Check out the entire list of artists playing this year's Coachella, and listen to our picks of their best tunes below.