The Realistic College Summer Diet
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The Realistic College Summer Diet

For the fresher you.

When I returned from nine months of eating pasta, pizza, gelato and cannolis on the daily, I wound up donating nearly all my shorts and pants, because they wouldn't fit over my butt.

Shocker. 'Freshman fifteen?' More like 'Florence fifty.'

While I was away, I wasn't happy with my appearance (who ever really is?), but I was not going to sacrifice the tantalizing European cuisine. I told myself I would enjoy the food while I could and return to a healthy exercise and eating plan when States-bound.

I researched diets on Pinterest and wrote out strict workout schedules to help me drop some of the weight I inevitably gained. VS Model Bod, here I come was my mentality.

I've been home for just over a month now, and I have miraculously lost 15 pounds within that short time frame. However, it didn't happen the way I anticipated it to. I didn't pay any attention to the diets or workout routines I picked.

Instead, I found my own diet: trying not to eat anything that comes out of a plastic bag in addition to exercising when I can.

I'd call this diet "The Realistic College Summer Diet."

Eating food that doesn't come out of a plastic bag (a habit I picked up in Italy due to their presence of munchies at the smaller grocery stores) is not as hard as one might think. It involves indulging in lots of fresh fruits and vegetables which replaces Cheezits, Lays and Goldfish. Avoiding preservatives has become a priority, and the results have me feeling much better about myself and my diet.

I also haven't been eating as much red meat. I gravitate more towards fish, chicken, pork, beans and nuts to get my protein fix. In addition, I stray away from the sodas and juices, sticking mainly to water, tea and coffee.

As for the exercise, it really comes down to timing.

I work eight hours per day five days a week. Sometimes I don't have the energy at the end of the day to work out, and sometimes the weather just doesn't cooperate. If you miss a day, don't stress out. Yes, you should always try to find time to exercise throughout the day, but obsessing over a tight workout schedule isn't going to make you any more fit.

Most people have their own views on how to be a healthy eater or maintaining a 'balanced diet.' Some work better for others. But if you're looking to try a new style of eating this summer, try this one. It's very easy to follow, and you don't have to think much about it.

Your local farmers' market will be your new go-to. It's nearly impossible to stay away from some sweets, so don't be too hard on yourself. An ice cream cone, a Sex on the Beach or a chocolate bar once in awhile isn't going to kill you.

Try eating as fresh as you can and keeping a positive attitude. You'd be surprised how far it'll get you.

Here are some food ideas to get you started:

Salads: there's a plethora of combinations with vegetables, cheeses, protein, dressings, etc.
Snacks: carrots, dried fruit, nuts, celery with peanut butter, baked apples with cinnamon.
Yogurt parfaits: fresh fruit, granola, Greek yogurt, honey.
Toast: avocado on toasted bread from the farmers' market with a sunny side egg on top? A layer of peanut butter topped with sliced bananas and raisins on toast? Hellz yes!
Smoothies: what's in your green machine?
Dinners: roasted vegetables with garlic, rice or couscous and grilled salmon.

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Seven Things That Will Ruin Any Girl's Freshman Year

...besides the herp.

College is not like the movies and God bless your na?ve self if you think it's going to be a joy ride. While it may seem like college is the best four years of your life, other phases in your life will probably be just as good, if not better. (Hello, first job/paycheck!) And let's be real: Peaking in your late teens and early twenties would honestly suck. In college, you'll learn that some guys are assholes and there are a lot of fake-ass people out there. You'll should have a hell of a time if you avoid these seven freshman year killers.

1.Unrealistic social expectations: You might not be besties with your roommate; you won't (and shouldn't be) going out every weekend; and if that girl down the hall seems like bitch, she's probably a bitch. Not everyone is going to be your best friend and you're pretty lucky if you leave freshman year with a couple solid friends. Just let things happen--don't force it.

2.Starting school in a relationship: I'll let this one slide for those who have been in a committed relationship for over a year. However, for the rest of you: Do not go to college in a serious relationship. I repeat: DO NOT GO TO COLLEGE IN A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP. This is toxic to your college experience and extra baggage that you just do not need. I know you think you're in love and that nothing can break you two up. But honey, that's bullshit. The beginning of college is the ideal time to explore yourself and new things a little further. It's a time to experience, learn, and grow. Those are nearly impossible to do with a significant other competing for your attention. Not to mention the sea of new people. You may think you and your high school boo are meant to be, but DAMN that boy in your calc class is fine.

3.Clinging on to high school friends: I'm not saying ditch your longtime besties, but here's the deal: Going home every weekend to spend time with them is going to do serious damage to potential of making new friends. How are you expected to get to know new people if you spent every waking minute with old ones? They always say you'll change friend groups three times in your life, one of those times being when you ship off to college. Embrace the change. There are always breaks and holidays to visit your high school girls.

4.Being dead set on joining Greek life: This will literally destroy your freshman year. People transfer schools over this shit. Having your mind dead set on something you really can't control is a ticking time bomb. Maybe you won't get into a house, it happens. Maybe you won't make grades or maybe you'll discover you don't quite fit into the Greek life mold. It's not the end of the world; and if you feel like it's the end of the world, chill the fuck out. Life will go on, the Earth will keep spinning, and you might have a hell of a lot more fun getting a house with a group of friends.

5.Being dead set on a certain house: If you do make the choice to rush, don't be so set on a certain house. As much as you may love a group of girls, sometimes the connection just isn't mutual. It's nothing personal; another girl may just fit the house better. Don't go home crying because Kappas didn't pick you or your time at Tri Delta didn't go as expected. It's OK, you'll find your fit.

6.Expecting a thriving love life: It is not like the movies. You will not go on a million dates and you will most likely not find love at a frat party. You've got to be kidding me if you think college guys are looking for "The One." They're looking for a blowjob and good time.

7.Husband hunting: This one is for all you jersey chasers and girls hanging around the business school.You aren't paying $20,000 a year for a fucking MRS. Degree, so take a deep breath and go to class. This isn't to say you won't find your future mister in college, but no need to make it your mission. Make your mission to graduate, get a job, and kick ass.

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The Eight New Year's Resolutions Every Girl Made...One Month Later

Let's be realistic here...

Every girl makes them--unrealistic New Year's resolutions. This year, You vowed to:

1.Stop comparing your body.
You may be envying that girl's flawless abs, meanwhile all she's thinking is how she'd kill for some regular-sized nostrils like yours. Every girl's got something they don't like about themselves, so even though your "nail beds SUCK" and you've got "man shoulders", the girl on the other side of the room is ogling over your perfect [fill in the blank]. You swore you'd see yourself through those eyes this year, which you did, at least for the first week of 2016 until you scrolled through the slew of winter-break-in-Barbados pics. Good God, come on! She can't be THAT thin and have THOSE boobs! That's just not fair!

2.Stop drunk texting.
For many of you, the consumption of alcohol may lead to dietary choices to be immediately regretted come morning. Or you may be like me, and when your cheap alcohol content runs high and your inhibitions low, your preferred vice is the drunk text, paired nicely with regrettable dietary choices. Well STOP IT. You realized if you were waiting to text this guy until your body was in the state where peeing your pants and hugging strangers is normal behavior, it was better left unsent. Funny thing is, resolution No. 2 was much easier when snuggled up in your hometown suburb... then came the first week of classes and 5 shots in, just one "heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyzyyyyy" didn't seem like such a bad idea after all.

3.Rein in that online shopping.
Yes yes, I know Tobi is having a sale, but honestly when are they not? You put your foot down this Jan. 1: This would be the year of a perpetually loaded bank account. But... but... the annual New Year's sale, you earned it after that hangover! Martin Luther King Day Sale, come on, you had no choice, it was for the sake of MLK! The Third Tuesday of the Year sale, how could you resist?! After all, if Econ 101 taught us anything, aside from how to muffle your cries in public, it's that a healthy market needs consumers. We were just doing our civic duty here.

4.Stop putting the effort in with people who aren't doing the same.
Freshman year taught you that making new friendships takes effort, and a lot of it. But when the dining hall dates, conversation initiations, and ugly Snapchats were solely coming from your end, you knew to leave that could-be-bestie in first semester. Time to put energy into two-way relationships where you're appreciated and your presence enjoyed. But Beth has really good connections and how were you expected to land a winter formal date without her masterful liaison? Being overly nice never hurt anyone, right?! That's a better resolution, anyway.

5.Take the interesting class over the easy A.
When you break it down, each course you take in college will cost you hundreds, even thousands of dollars, depending on where you go. So while, yes, a pristine GPA may be the goal, you wanted to put (at least a few of) those big bucks to use. This was your year to consider a course that may challenge you, interest you, at the very least allow you to use some critical thinking. It sounded nice anyway...until class registration came around and everyone knows you can't get into med school without a 4.2, let's be real. Sure, you got a 5 in AP Spanish, but you can never be too well prepared for an introductory level course, right?

This bears repeating. (See resolution No. 1.) In case you already forgot, which you probably did, you really vowed to stop doing this--especially if you spent your eve at one of those clubs where a BMI 18 was required along with the cover charge (and somehow you managed to slip in past the bouncer.) Still working on this one.

7.Go to office hours.
Your professor wants to put a face to the name and you want him to get to know you better than just the girl who he occasionally catches watching baby animal videos in lecture. Last semester you had no idea what the fuck was going on in class; and chances are, the professor did. This time around, you decide it can't hurt to pop in. You were going to anyway, you really were, but as it turns out, the material isn't the problem anymore, your professor is just an asshole...In which case, hitting up that senior kid who doesn't wear socks but offered his 24/7 tutoring services proved the superior route.

8.Read a book.
When was the last time you read a book that was not assigned? Chances are, it was sometime between 3rd and 6th grade. So maybe it's time to peruse your recommended page on Amazon for a Kindle book to read. You can even download it instantly... so, there's really no excuse. Believe it or not, the new year has included lots of leisurely reading time thus far between the extra course load, new part time job, planning of your sorority's annual fundraiser, and applying to internships. [Insert sarcastic laugh here.] This post will surely meet this year's reading quota... right?

This was supposed to be your year! You rang in the year of the dragon! Or is it the rat? You sought out to learn something interesting, tuck yourself into a good page turner, and flaunt what you've got... but January had different plans for you. Perhaps it's time to make some more realistic expectations for ourselves next year.

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How Dangerous is Pot?

Seriously, how bad is it for you?

I recently read an article that said that William Shakespeare may have smoked weed. He's been dead since 1616, and although they didn't exhume his body and do tests to find trace elements of THC, they did find a few 400-year-old Elizabethan pipes with marijuana residue on them. Can we take a leap of faith and assume that if people back then were blazing, that could Shakespeare have been one of them?

So if guys of this magnitude and intelligence have been smoking that wacky weed for hundreds of years, how dangerous could it possibly be? For starters, we know that marijuana isn't killing anybody. There have been deaths "related" to weed but none from the weed itself. When compared to other drugs the number of deaths isn't even close.

Number of deaths from drugs
(based on data from the CDC)

Tobacco> 480,000 deaths annually
Opioid Painkillers22,767

So let's all pick up and move to Colorado, right? Well.. not so fast.

It's not all good news for cannabis. Because of the way marijuana is smoked, you inhale more smoke and hold onto the smoke longer--and in doing so, expose your lungs to toxic chemicals longer than that of cigarettes. Studies show that these toxic chemicals can lead to chronic bronchitis and emphysema, just like tobacco. Chronic cough, chest infections and even pre-cancerous cells have been found in chronic marijuana smokers. Of course, it's difficult to determine how much is due strictly to weed, because some stoners also smoke cigarettes. Here's the takeaway: in general, inhaled smoke from marijuana is potentially dangerous, but 400,000 times less deadly than tobacco.

And although the studies are small in number and short on data, experts say you should still get high with caution. Until more research is done and more information is available, we really don't know what the longterm effects of marijuana on the lungs and heart may be.

And to all you Dead Heads and Phish followers out there, consider yourself forewarned: The potential side effects of weed could be a lot more dangerous than just getting the munchies.

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The Diet of a Stressed-Out College Student: A Survival Story

Counting calories just leads to more stress.

In high school, eating was one of my favorite pastimes. No, a hobby. Further yet, a lifestyle. I had the time and metabolism to consume whatever my little heart desired. But as I entered college, food became less of an enjoyment and more of a way to simply survive a lifestyle of procrastination and mismanagement of priorities. Now, as a junior in college, I feel I have adequately mastered this diet plan. Here's the diet all those Instagram models won't tell you about:


Breakfast: Nothing. You're lucky if you get out of bed for class. You're so wrecked by the sorrow that is the beginning of the week, you forget you have an appetite all together.

Lunch: You remember your appetite. You get a bowl from Chipotle and eat the entire thing, but convince yourself you made a health conscious choice by not getting a burrito.

Dinner: You tell yourself you're still full from the burrito and will instead just treat yourself to a small amount of dessert. You eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's and cry yourself to sleep.

Calories: 2000

Grade: C


Today will be better, you tell yourself.

Breakfast: One egg white. Coffee, black. Self-satisfaction.

Lunch: A Caesar salad. Look at you, you little health conscious freak! You're on your way to looking like a real life attractive human!

Dinner: You make a healthy dinner of grilled chicken and vegetables. However, you realize that you are incapable of performing any sort of domestic task including cooking and burn everything. It tastes awful. You salvage the night with a twelve count nugget from Chick-Fil-A because "it's all protein so it's healthy".

Calories: 1800

Grade: B-


You have exams today and may not even have time to eat, you tell yourself. Everything that goes into your body is fuel for mastering the art of multiple choice.

Breakfast: Coffee, black. 20 mg of Adderall. It will suppress your appetite, anyway. Cheers to productivity.

Mid-morning snack: More coffee. Black. You're not a basic bitch. You don't need all that fancy milk, sugar and flavored syrup! You have a deep appreciation for the quality of a roast. The Adderall is still in your system and you begin to think about the perils of impoverished Colombian coffee farmers and the economic constraints behind fair trade coffee. You forget you are hungry.

Lunch: You were wrong. The Adderall has worn off. You are hungry and want more than black coffee. You are moody af. You need a salted caramel mocha from Starbucks ASAP. And more Adderall. Throw in some chocolate covered coffee beans. Your heart will be fine for sure.

Dinner: Ok, so maybe you consumed too much caffeine. You should definitely attempt to counter the heart palpitations with as many instant mashed potatoes you can fit in the one pot you brought to college.

Calories: 800. All carbs.

Grade: A- (what? it's not that many calories)


You plan to go out, because you're not a fucking boner and you drink alcohol on Thursdays. So you decide not to eat during the day.

Dinner is some variation of a Long Island or some shitty beer from a frat. You eat drunk pizza on the way home.

Calories: 1500

Grade: B


Seriously, today you're going to look good in that fucking crop top. You're not eating anything. Only liquid calories for you!

Breakfast: Your own tears while you stare at Instagram models' pages.

Lunch: A single leaf of iceberg lettuce.

Snack: Tequila

Dinner: Tequila

Late Night Snack: Tequila

Fourth meal: Probably crying. And hoe shit. And then more tequila.

Calories: ???

Grade: Since you probably threw most of it up, we'll be generous. C-.


It doesn't fucking matter. You're too hungover to care how many calories are in McDonald's breakfast. As long as you have above ten dollars in your bank account when the week ends, you're ready to start the whole thing over again.

Calories: :(

Grade: F. Fail. Do not pass go. Do not collect hot body.

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Ways To Make You a Better You This Summer

We all need a mental cleanse.

In case you are tired of doing the same things each day, or want a little change in improving your overall health and wellness, here are just a few ways to help make you a better YOU! It only takes a few quick tips and moments to turn your bad day into a meaningful one.

Eat cleaner.
When you eat healthy food, you feel good too. Try swapping out chips and salsa for apples and peanut butter. Or trade a diet coke for a strawberry and banana smoothie. When you eat better, you feel better. It's true. And when your craving a little something sweet, have a piece of dark chocolate after dinner.

Dark chocolate contain nutrients such as fiber, and minerals including iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese. Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants which positively effect our health.

Go for a walk.
If you're not into exercise, that's okay. You don't have to start going to the gym for three hours everyday or start running six miles a day. It can be as simple as going for a walk. Get a step counter such as a FitBit or use your Health app on your phone to see how far you walk each day.

Start to challenge yourself to see how far you can walk, and maybe soon that walk will become a light jog.

Clear your mind.
Take some time out of your day to close your eyes and think about yourself. Concentrate on your breathing, and try to forget about the stressful things in your life. Don't think about tomorrow, just focus on the present moment.

Drink tea.
Start your morning off with a relaxing warm cup of tea. Coffee can give us the jitters or make us feel like we need to drink it in order to get through our day. Tea is just as good a substitute and leaves us feeling ready for the challenges ahead, without the coffee breath. Tea is also great after you return back home. A nice vanilla chai, lavender aroma, or chamomile tea is just what your body needs to unwind before bed.

Write things down.
All it takes is three to five minutes to write down a few things that you are grateful for. Write down things that made you happy that day. Write down people that help make you a better individual, and write down those who made you smile that day. Writing down the little things that make you happy will open your eyes and heart to what you are truly grateful for.