The Power of Productive Procrastination
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The Power of Productive Procrastination

How to "do it tomorrow" the right way.

SO, I have a business law test tomorrow, and naturally, I'm doing everything but study for it, so I'm going to help you out here with something I like to call "Productive Procrastination".

Derived from Latin (pro, meaning "forward" and crastinus meaning "of tomorrow") procrastinating is postponing something and deciding to do less urgent and pleasurable tasks instead. (Example: Me writing this article instead of learning about Tort Laws).

So is "Productive Procrastination" an oxymoron? Essentially, you're putting off doing something that really needs to be done by doing something else instead, which also needs to be done. Basically stuff is getting done that otherwise wouldn't have been completed for days!

Another perk of productively procrastinating is that anxiety and stress caused by delaying tasks can be more motivational. Let's be honest, at some point in time, or for some of us on a daily occurrence, we have the internal debate of: "Do I have to do this RIGHT now, or can it be put off until later?

For example, if one has a paper due a week from now, it would be hard to find motivation to start when other enjoyable things are going on, like the annual Victoria Secret Fashion Show or finding fun cooking recipes on Facebook. The longer the delay, the less motivated you will feel, BUT on the flipside, the closer you are to realizing the goal, the harder you will work! Ya feel?

Another huge factor that comes into procrastinating is value. Determining how rewarding the outcome is will determine how motivated you will be to complete whatever it is that you're putting off.

As humans, we would rather have immediate satisfaction than enduring tasks. Go to the gym or watch Netflix? Make dinner or order pizza? In the moment, short-term temptations sound more attractive than long-term goals. Sometimes just thinking about how much work I have ahead of me is enough to turn me off.

Often times procrastination is synonymous with lazy, but completing small activities can help you get motivated to take on bigger tasks. Steer away from the silly games, watching TV or and try out some of these ideas on how to Productively Procrastinate:

1. Clean.
Clean something, anything, it can be something mundane like cleaning the hair out of your brush, wiping off your laptop screen, dusting your guest bedroom, vacuuming. If you can't think of something, try this.

2. Clean our your inbox.
It's yours, mine, and I bet everyone else's problem, having the little red circle above your email app icon saying you have 1,000+ emails. Clean it up.

3. Make food.
Prepare yourself a meal that you can look forward to while you complete the assignment you're trying to avoid.

4. Watch a TED talk.
Get inspired, learn something new.

5. Search for exciting job opportunities/internships.
Goals honey, have goals. "Don't let your dreams be dreams" - Shia LaBeouf.

6. Make a to-do list.
For you know... when you're done procrastinating.

7. Rearrange your room.
Switch up the furniture, color organize your closet, wrap lights around your bed frame.

8. Do the laundry.
And while you're throwing clothes in the wash, be sure to get your clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for the past week and put those away too. Double whammy!

9. Catch up with family.
Grandma loves that mid afternoon call interrupting her marathon of Family Feud. Check in and ask her about her daily Sudoku.

10. Rewrite your notes.
You don't have to be a perfectionist, but why not rewrite your finance notes instead of diving deep into doing a 30 question assignment calculating the return on bonds.

11. Pay bills.
Because honestly, we're never done owing money for something.

12. Unsubscribe.
That unpleasant conversation you have at the register where you have to give them your email before purchasing. You don't need all those discounts cluttering your inbox.

There ya have it. Now, go back to doing what you should be doing.

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Finals Week as Told by Hamilton


It's that time of the year again....I'm not referring to the holiday season (I wish I was...), but rather to the not-nearly-as-merry finals season. Students across the nation are preparing themselves for never-ending biology cram sessions, for 10 page APA essays, and for breaking the world record for most consecutive hours without sleep, caffeinated or uncaffeinated.

As a fun little study break, which in my mind is crucial in order to remain sane during exams, I've compiled a list of finals week moments that you'll undoubtedly experience or witness in the coming weeks....told exclusively through Hamilton gifs.

You stayed up until 4 a.m. studying for your 9 a.m. Bio exam, you're in need of caffeine in order to begin functioning, and the Starbucks line is out the door, down the street...

When you finally realize the extent to which you procrastinated on literally everything leading up to the end of the semester.

When there's that one freshman in your Advanced Stats lecture that somehow has the highest grade in the class and you ask them how on earth they've been doing so well, when you understand exactly nothing.

When you thought you were being proactive by starting your American Lit final essay early, but the professor changes the requirements after you've finished writing half of it.

That feeling when the professor says, "We won't be having a final during exam week."

When Einstein's in the library is closed and you feel personally betrayed by the one place that has always faithfully carbed up your study sessions.

When you're tutoring a failing student for their upcoming history exam, they STILL don't understand anything you've taught them, and you're slowly losing your patience and your mind.

When your Stats grade is posted and you see that your hard work actually paid off for once. #WORK

When everyone else is done with their finals and you have a test on the last possible time slot the Friday of finals week.

And when it's finally all over, you're going home, and you have no academic obligations for a whole month...

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Miracle Drug Helps You Get Your Ass Off Insta and Start Studying (Video)

Procrastinex may cause ugliness, but will help you get shit done.

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram at 2 a.m. instead of writing that 25-page paper that is due at 8 a.m.? Don't worry, we all have. Luckily, there's a brand new drug that will help stop procrastination so you can start getting shit done: Procrastinex!

Jk jk jk. This "miracle" drug is just a dream conceptualized by U Penn student Chaz Smith and his friends. Watch the parody video above to dream a little dream with me.

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Things All College Students Should Know, Part 1

Tips on managing time and being productive.

1. Procrastination doesn't pay.

Start your work early so you have the opportunity to get help from a professor, tutor, or TA if you hit a wall.

2. Every Sunday or Monday, make a rough sketch of how you're allotting your time for the week.

Set weekly goals, and make sure they're realistic.

3. Likewise, set daily goals, and every morning make a list of everything you plan to accomplish.

Once it's written down, do your best to stick to it.


4. Put things on a calendar so you always know what your schedule is and aren't taken by surprise.

As soon as you find out about projects, meetings, and events, throw them on your calendar so that you're always prepared.

5. Make use of all the time you can.

Study while riding a train or bus, while standing in line at Starbucks, or while waiting if you're early to class or a meeting.


6. When you're so tired that you are no longer productive, go to bed.

At that point, whatever you're doing will take three times longer than if you save it for the next day when you're more awake.

7. Set a time limit for indulgences like mindlessly scrolling through Facebook and binge-watching Netflix.

Sometimes you just have to get those distractions out of your system, and that's OK. Just make sure you don't waste all your time on them!

8. When it's time to get work done, put the distractions away.

Silence your phone, and close all social media tabs on your computer. Out of sight, out of mind.

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Five Definitive Ways to Prove How Unique You Are

This is just weird enough to work.

If you're ever bored, I mean ever, refer to this video. I would have never thought about trying any of these bizarre tricks, but let me tell you, they were a great time waster!

So next time you have a huge project coming up, or just really, really don't feel like doing anything, turn on this. Make sure you tweet at us if you are one of the lucky, unique people out there able to pull these tricks off!

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Back to School Pieces for the Lazy and Broke College Girl

We may be lazy but we're still pretty.

In college the whole back to school clothes shopping gig is pretty much non-existent because your parents are already paying tuition. Therefore, the chances of them buying your clothes are slim to none.

So here are a few pieces I found that are versatile and on the cheaper side. This way you can be comfortable, confident, not completely broke, and also not looking like a hobo.

Everywhere, everyday jeans


Why they rock: I have these and they are hands down my most worn pants. They look good with a chunky sweater when I'm running to class but they also look good with a cute crop and a pair of booties for hitting the bars. These pants are stretchy and extremely comfortable; they pretty much feel like leggings but look like you actually gave a shit and tried.

Versatile tank


Why it rocks: This top is cute and trendy enough to wear out but if you throw a big flannel or chunky cardigan over it, it can also be worn to class or the library. It also comes in a bunch of colors and is currently on sale. Sign me up!

Useful sweater


Why it rocks: Anthropologie is my go-to for reasonably priced, high quality sweaters. A nice light taupe sweater goes with absolutely everything. Jeans, leggings, shorts, a dress - this sweater goes over everything. It's extremely easy to dress up or down, plus it's comfortable.



Why they rock: These can be worn practically everywhere. Class, the bar, the library, lunch with your friends, these boots are worth it. They're cute but not over the top, which means you can wear them both out and to class.

When making purchases on a college budget, it's smart to focus on quality and not quantity. If you can find a few really good pieces that can be worn for a variety of different events and to the library but also a bar, you're doing it right.