The Five F's to be F'ing Thankful for This Thanksgiving
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The Five F's to be F'ing Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Why not go in for seconds? And no, we're not talking about turkey.

1. Family
If you're like me, the last words you uttered to your mother as she tried not to break down in front of you some three months ago when she dropped you off at school were "See you at Thanksgiving!" (Hopefully there have been a few phone calls between now and then.)

Well, that time has come. Now you can sit back, be surrounded by people who want nothing more than to hang on your every word, and tell you (rightfully so) how smart and talented and beautiful you're getting. And when having a curfew and living under mom and dad's rules again starts to cramp your style, just remember that you only get to be with your family for a few days over the holidays, and these people are putting you through college, so be a little grateful. So indulge them when they ask you about how your roommate is for the 70th time. And spare them the details about holding her hair back.

2. Friends
Sure, first semester is full of meeting new people, but three months is nowhere near enough time to build those friendships that will be waiting for you at home this holiday season. Maybe you didn't do the greaaatest job of keeping in touch, I mean, hey, you had a new life to start! So Thanksgiving is the time to get the first inside scoop on what your friends have been up to without your ever-so-insightful advice or shoulder to cry on. Be thankful for these gals who took you in when you had braces and sported those layered A?ropostale tanks--Because if you don't put in the effort now, they could be out of your life as soon as the leftovers are gone.

3. (Old) Flings
The leaves have changed, a light snow is falling, the Thanksgiving Day football game is on TV, and something about your ex wrapped in that scarf you bought him last Christmas has you wondering why you broke up in the first place. So why not go in for seconds? The most fun hookups are the ones that you know you shouldn't be doing--but this time, no harm no "fowl." You'll be hopping the next flight on Sunday morning, and any possible regret will be erased from memory as soon as you're resurrected from your food coma.

4. First times
If the ex is too emotionally risky for you, why not try something(one) new? It looks like college worked wonders on that kid you were lab partners with in chem sophomore year. The high school stigma is gone, no one will know, and no one will care. Why not pursue this freshly blossomed cutie, or even a crush you never quite had the courage to pursue before graduation? If sparks fly, maybe you'll even secure yourself a nice FWB to cuddle with over the long winter break in the not so distant future. Just planning ahead here.

We can't forget what the holiday is truly about--and don't be mistaken, it's not friends, family, or even the freakin Pilgrims. It's food, people! What better way to break the long stretch of dining hall meals than with the best food ever. Speaking for myself, I know I will be VERY grateful for stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin cheesecake this November. Today is not the day to hold back, fill yourself to the brim with home cooking while it's readily available, and have some leftovers for breakfast while you're at it.

As they say, it's the most wonderful time of the year. (That's about Thanksgiving, right?) So indulge yourself, and be thankful for the delicacies and amazing company, because it'll be back to school--and time for finals--before you know it.

Give freakin' THANKS.

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How to Not Fuck Up This Break

G-Ma does not need to see you hammered.

It's finally time for a break. You've made it through the first semester of school and are finally heading home for Thanksgiving. You'll be able to see all of your high school friends again and take a well deserved rest from classes, midterms, and whatever else you hate about being in college. But whether it's your first Thanksgiving break or your fourth, it's always important to remember one thing: Don't Fuck Up. The rules and lifestyle of college is way different than the rules and lifestyle of your hometown, and it's always good to keep a few things in mind over breaks in order to not fuck up.

Respect Your Parents House
You're no longer in your college dorm room. Maybe in college it's cool to throw huge pregames in your room and play loud music until your heart's content, but things are different at home. If you're under your parents roof you really should respect their rules.

Be cool, don't smoke weed where they can smell it or show up to dinner high, it's pretty rude. Don't throw a party if they are not cool with it, just don't.

Follow the Laws of the Real World
Are you 21? Yes? Go wild. Are you 21? No? Go not as wild. We've all experienced the college climate where campus security officers are more concerned with the kid passed out on the couch vomiting than the kids who are being loud and clearly drunk. Real world police are not as lenient as campus security on these things. Don't be that guy who gets arrested the night before Thanksgiving.

Don't Try and be "College You"
So you're a sick college kid now huh? You shotgun beers with your friends before going out to work a buzz and then continue drinking throughout the night. You rip shots like no other kid on campus and are sure you can outdrink any of your high school friends no doubt. Don't be that kid who tries to be "College Me" by bragging about how much you can drink or how much you can smoke or what your body count is-- no one gives a shit and you come off like a dick.

Chill with the Fam
They missed you, and we all know you missed them no matter how epic your semester was. Hang out, play games, cuddle with the dog. The best part of break, is taking a break. You don't have to go so hard all the time.

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Things to Thank Your Older Siblings For as Told By Full House

It's nice to have a partner in crime.

For those of us who grew up with big brothers and sisters, we know that back then, it felt like there were a whole lot more costs than benefits. Try to put the tattling and petty fights aside for a minute. There are a few things you should thank your older siblings for.

They took the brunt of your parent's wrath.

You know what I mean here. Just like there are probably 50 times more baby pictures of your older sibs than you, your parents were way harder on them.

By the second, third or fourth kid came around, your parents were probably tired and much more lenient. So go ahead, sneak out. Your parents are so tired they may just sleep straight through it.


They gave you their rockin' hand-me-downs.

Love that cool sparkly skirt your big sister rocked at her middle school dance? Great, you can wear it for your 7th grade class pictures. I lived for the days when my older sibs would clean out their closets. One older sister's trash is a little sister's treasure, am I right?


They had your back.

Remember the first time your SO came over to meet your parents? Thank God for your older sibling who had been through it all before. They provided a nice barrier between you and your overbearing parents. Or that time there were FOR SURE monsters under the bed? Thank goodness you shared a room.


They call you on your bullshit.

It's nice to have someone close by who's been through it all before. As adorable as your hissy fit about that cute boy at school is, your older siblings will be there to tell you when it's time to chill out. Older and wiser... most of the time.


They'll cover for you.

Thank goodness your older brother agreed to play dumb that time you smashed your mom's favorite frame. Who did it? Oh, I don't know, the cat probably knocked it over. It's nice to have a partner in crime...


They gotta love you.

It's nice to know that no matter how bad you screw up, you've got someone in your corner. They were there for you when you forged your mom's signature on your report card and got grounded for a month and they'll be there when you get dumped. It's pretty comforting to have somebody looking out for you.


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Thanksgiving Dinner Survival Guide

"So dear, how's your love life?"

You're enjoying your time on campus, having fun with your friends not caring about the outside world. Oh, look it's fall, the leaves are on the ground, it's getting chillier. Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means you'll have to go back home and deal with your family for one really long dinner on Thanksgiving with all your crazy aunts and uncles, asking you weird questions about what Snapchat is and whether or not you've met that "special someone". But! You can survive and thrive mis amigos. Read on:

Just let it happen. This sounds weird, but let's be honest, it's one, maybe two long dinners a year with your family. Just endure their craziness. Yeah, they'll keep asking you about if you're dating anybody and they'll keep on your case about changing your major to something real. Just soak it in. Enjoy the weirdness. Think of it as a fun experience. Can't do it?

Answer Briefly. You'll still have to talk to them, but if you just answer them quickly and dryly, there's nothing they can do. "Yeah, I'm still single", or "I'm not in a relationship" can just end the conversation. Will your family push harder than that? If so, tell them you're celibate, stick a fork in the turkey, and walk out.

#favoritemen #singleforlifemom #stopasking

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Deflect. Don't talk too much about you, or what you're doing, they'll ask you even more dumb questions. You just push it on to somebody else. Have any dirt on your cousins or siblings? Use that to your advantage. "I'm single, but I heard Jenny is dating her TA." "I'm still going to stick with literature as my major, I mean Uncle Bill's unemployed and he majored in finance." Still have the heat turned up on you?

Sit next to the crazy relative and preemptively get them riled up. Sit your ass right next to the insane aunt or uncle. (You've graduated from the kids' table, right?) and just slowly slip in stuff you know will get them riled up. "Did you hear about gay marriage? What about that Donald Trump, huh?" And then just sit back and watch the fireworks. Pretty soon, nobody will care about who you're having sex with. And the best way to experience a family dinner where you're not on the hot seat is:

If you're over 21, or have cool parents, drink. You're going to love being drunk with your family. It's one of the best kinds of drunk. You'll have less things to worry about and hell, you might even connect with some of your relatives. Plus, at least you'll really enjoy being tipsy and watching people argue and yell.

Think this is too much for you?

Bonus tip: Skip it. There's still time for you to plan something else. It's Thanksgiving right? Book one of those trips where you help others. Plan a road trip with your international friends that don't have family in the US, and would love to visit the country. Your family will probably grumble, but they'll have a hard time bitching you out if you have some other legitimate plan.

Happy Turkey Day--and good luck.

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What To Do--and What Not to Do--Over Break

Besides getting sloppy drunk at t-giving dinner... don't do that, please.

Thanksgiving break is here, and that means home cooking, your dog, Netflix, and all the comforts of home. Right now you're thinking, 'I have all this time to catch up on studying, that lit paper, and my chem assignment...but I'll wait until Tuesday and take today off.' That will happen the entire week and ruin your break. Save yourself the anxiety and either finish your work day 1 of break or consign yourself to finish it back at school next week.

Don't allow that work to cloud your mind and distract you from your break. It is a break, and you'll waste all the benefits if you just worry about studying the whole time.

This is me, running away from my responsibilities. Kidding. Don't do that, either.

Once you get all your work done, try these tips for resetting your brain so you're recharged and ready come next semester.

Chill out. Be productive. Whichever you choose. Oh yeah, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Word to your flocker

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Thanks Mom and Dad

Something we don't say it quite often enough.

Dear Mom and Dad,

Have I told you thank you lately? I wouldn't be surprised if I haven't. You helped me grow up, and you raised me into the person that I am today. That took a lot of work, and it's something I took for granted as a child.

Sometimes we all take our parents for granted, but with growth you realize how much they've done and still do for you, even if you didn't as a kid.

It can be tricky getting along with your parents growing up. Hormonal teenagers are raging with emotions and parental decisions don't always make sense until you can look back on them with a level head. I know I've had my fair share of arguments with my parents over choices they've made for me. Even today, I still disagree with some, but for the most part they were doing the best they could as parents, and astonishingly enough most of their choices were right.

College, and not gonna lie - some much needed time away from my parents after the many turmoils of high school, has given me time to reflect on what it was like to grow up, and has made me realize that parents are just like anyone else, they make mistakes, too. But they are doing the best they can while somehow always managing to put your needs before your own.

So thank you, mom and dad. Thank you for driving me literally everywhere before I had a license or access to a car, even though you had 6 other kids to drive around too. Thank you for buying me food or coffee after doctors appointments and thank you for telling me I have time to figure out what my major is back when I couldn't decide.

Thank you for finally laying off with crazy rules when I got home from college for the first time, a curfew at that point would not have been chill.

Thank you for supporting my internship opportunity and making sure I would have a way to get there this summer, even when one of the options was to give me full access and allowing me to take the car I share with two other siblings to another state all for the sake of my career (luckily we found an alternative - my grandma's old car!)

Thank you for driving four to five hours EACH WAY to pick up my friends and I from college for breaks before any of us had cars at school. You had to spend the entire day in the car and that probably sucked.

This one can't relate to my parents specifically, but thank you to any and all parents who will pick up their drunken kids and their friends and drive them home after a night out.

Thank you for telling relatives off who told me I should've figured out my entire life and career by now (when I was a freshmen) because who the fuck knows that at 18.

Thank you for being there for me when I just needed to call home and talk, and ask for advice.

Thank you for everything you've ever done... because the list would be too long to write!