The Drive 2 Parody Trailer Starring Fake Ryan Gosling is Hilarious
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The Drive 2 Parody Trailer Starring Fake Ryan Gosling is Hilarious

I drive.... Uber.

Comedic actor and writer Joey Thompson and his crew have put together one hell of a great parody movie trailer.

Thompson, who basically gets his kicks from look slightly like Ryan Gosling (some might say he looks more like Cameron from Ferris Bueller's Day Off), took advantage of his celebrity look-a-like status and created a parody sequel of the movie Drive.

He plays Ryan Gosling's character, who is a retired getaway driver turned Uber driver. Need I say more?

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Ryan Reynolds Interviews Hugh Jackman At The Eddie the Eagle Junket (Video)

"Tell me about the last time you experimented with drugs ..."

Ryan Reynolds isn't the first celebrity to hop in the interviewer seat, ahem Sean Penn. Thankfully, though, Reynolds takes the intensity down about 1,000 notches and sticks to his goofy and super hot persona. They talk about sex scenes, drugs, and Reynold's wife Blake Lively even gets to ask a question. Kind of.

I mean, Hugh Jackman may be the star of Eddie the Eagle, but you might suspect otherwise after watching this clip. In other words, Reynolds stole the show. With his humor and his face. Ugh, I'm crushing. Hard.

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Dad Teaches Daughter How to Drive (Video)

Snapchat is not the first thing you do when you get into the car

We've all had to sit through long, rambly driving lessons from one or both of our parents. For some reason, seeing their kid behind the wheel of a vehicle sends parents into a whirlwind of emotions. One minute they're fine, giving you props for merging onto the highway without killing them, then, suddenly, they're grabbing onto the side of the car, bracing for their lives' because you came a little too close to the car next to you.

This hilarious dad captures what a driving lesson between dad and daughter is like. "Now there is only ever three reasons to honk your horn, someone is being a jackass, the Steelers won the playoff game, or your mom is talking to Sue for too god damn long." You can never get too much advice from dad.

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McDonald's Worker Strikes Back

Sweet tea isn't always sweet.

Look, if you're gonna intentionally be a douche, expect people to get angry. Especially if the person you're going to be a douche to is: 1) handling your food, and 2) probably already hates their job.

Check it out above, and take notes, because if you're gonna prank someone, you should probably take a little precaution.

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Nick Jonas Releases Movie Trailer For His New Movie

GOAT - A behind the scenes look at rushing/pledging a frat

Nick Jonas stars in GOAT. If you ever wondered what being in a fraternity is like, you should probably go see this movie. Even from just watching the trailer, everything looks pretty accurate and realistic. Who knows if the movie will end up being good when it comes out, but the trailer made it seem brutally real.

Also, good for 38-year-old James Franco playing a college student.

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Drive Through Lemon Magic Trick

"I think there's a hole in my water bottle."

YouTube's Penguin Magic has released their latest trick, and it's kind of ridiculous. This guy goes through drive throughs and only orders a water bottle and a cup of lemons.

He then complains of a hole in his water bottle and proceeds to magically put his lemon into his water bottle without opening the top. OK, the magic isn't THAT impressive, but all of the drive through employees' reactions are priceless.