The Childhood Movies With The Biggest Plot Holes
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The Childhood Movies With The Biggest Plot Holes

But some will make you laugh.

1. Cinderella.
Cinderella's fairy godmother granted her the opportunity to dwell among the socialites for the night, under the condition that all of it would disappear at midnight. So riddle me this: how was the slipper still there?

Also, even if the slipper didn't disappear, c'mon, there had to have been another girl with the same sized feet, let's be realistic here.

2. Hercules.
Hades instructed Pain and Panic to feed the mortality potion to Hercules in order to be able to kill him. Hades is the god of the underworld, and has every dead person's soul swimming in his pool of the deceased.

So why, then, in the 20 years Hades has assumed that Hercules had been dead, did he not check in the pool for his soul? Even once? Don't you think he'd want to mock the soul of his obnoxious brother's son? Seems a little fishy to me.

3. The Little Mermaid.
The only way Ariel can get to Prince Eric is by making a deal with the sea witch Ursula and trading her voice for legs. When she's on land, Eric asks for her name, but she can't talk. But why couldn't she mouth it? Or write it? And honestly, the most questionable part is when they eat dinner.

The server announces they're having stuffed crab, and Ariel's just totally down with that. Um, hello? Your best friend is a crab! You can't be doin' that shit.

4. Pocahontas.
British colonizers have infiltrated Pocahontas's homeland, and John Smith has bonded with Pocahontas. How the heck does Pocahontas speak English to him? There's no way in her native land she spoke English.

This is not adding up, people!

5. Snow White And The Seven Dwarves.
The seven dwarves decide to take Snow White under their wing - as long as she agrees to cook and clean for them while they're off at work. The dwarves mine jewels for a living (we're talking diamonds, rubies and emeralds here) yet they live in a hut?

Also, why do they live together? I feel like they'd definitely be able to pay for individual homes if they were bringing home all these jewels. Also, they'd would 100 percent have sugar babies. These jewel miners would not be single.

6. Mickey Mouse.
Goofy, one of Mickey's best friends, is a dog, and Mickey also has a pet dog named Pluto. So, if they're both dogs, why can Goofy speak English and Pluto can't? Why is one enslaved as a pet and the other one free? That's just not right.

7. Toy Story.
Buzz Lighter continually makes it clear that he's a real space ranger and not a toy like the rest of the characters in the movie. However, Buzz always freezes like the rest of the toys when a human comes in. 'Fess up Buzz, what's the deal? Are you real or not? What's with the identity crisis?

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Best Homes Of Childhood Characters

I wish I were a TV character.

1. Spongebob - The Pineapple
Ah, the pineapple under the sea. Spongebob never had to Febreeze his house.

He could take the largest dump, the worst, most painful, smelliest shit of his entire life, and all he had to do was open one of those small port holes and boom, he'd get an immediate, beautiful breeze filled with the aromas of the ocean floor with tints of tropical, pineapple tang.

Plus, pineapple is supposedly good for making sexual bodily fluids taste more enjoyable. So yeah, let's just say that Spongebob's house is the ultimate wing man.

Also, who wouldn't want to live in a pineapple under the sea? You don't even have to worry about fruit flies.

2. Blue - Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
I mean, the house was sick. It seemed like it was never ending: every room had a wondrous, new feel, and the entire home was filled with (imaginary) friends. What more can a lil monster ask for?

Also, the home itself had that amazing, nostalgic victorian feel that is just the perfect touch of that restrained-royalty vibe. Don't even get me started on that first room - that great, big, old, pink room with the massive staircase and the constant buzz of flying, sliming, and smiling weirdos. The place was perfect.

3. Hannah Montana - The One with the Weird Leg Table
You know exactly what leg table I am talking about. But seriously, Miley's house in that show was every little Disney Channel viewer's dream.

The place just seemed like the place I wanted to be buried at, the best of both worlds. Nobody's perfect, and trust me, no one has the perfect house, but Miley was pretty damn close with that place. It was so sad to see them move in that last season. #singletear

4. Zack and Cody - Hotel and Cruise Ship
Need I say more? You got to live with your best, biological friend in a motherfucking hotel and then in a motherfucking cruise ship... for free. Disney really fucked up my expectations for the future and my understanding of money, mortgages and even life with that show.

5. The Wild Thornberrys - The RV
Unfortunately, I spelled "Thornberrys" correctly. Nickelodeon has never really been into grammar. However, Nickelodeon arguably created the coolest portable house in all of television.

Not only did the Thornberrys get to travel the world together, but they got to do so in a hella cool RV that fucking floated. I want a bus that can float - not one of those weird ass duck mobiles that you find in port cities, but a replication of the Thornberrys RV.

Also, can we talk about the retro funky decals on that bus? So cool, so hip, such a vision and such a fashion-forward show.

6. The Jetsons - A House in the Sky
The Jetsons' home is arguably the coolest take on how children's television can interact with both science, tech and the future. I may be giving the show too much credit, but think about it.

The Jetsons always had sunny weather because they could move their home above the clouds. They got to travel to friends' homes and to school by flight. And, most likely, each room had the most incredible, panoramic view. I hope to one day live in a home, even if just for one night, that can slightly compare to the Jetsons' aesthetic.

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The 15 Best TV Show Theme Songs From Our Childhood

They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Recently, I heard a few old Nickelodeon TV show theme songs, and, besides being totally impressed with myself for nailing all the lyrics (and instrumental sounds...ya heard Rugrats fans?), I was amazed how good they all were.

Like, good enough that I would casually listen to them for shits and gigs and not feel embarrassed if they came up on shuffle in front of other people.

While our parents might fight us on this because they had some pretty rad TV show theme songs back in the day (I watch TV Land sometimes, OK, guys??), I'd say the opening tunes from the shows of our youth take the cake.

In fact, they (and the shows they intro) are so good, sometimes I feel bad for my future kids for missing the golden age of theme songs.

Disagree with me? Well, you're wrong. And with this countdown of the 15 best theme songs from our childhood shows, I will prove to you just how wrong you are.

15. Zoey 101

A little poppy number from the pop princess's little sis.

14. Big Wolf on Campus

An angsty intro that made you want to jump up and down on the couch.

13. Cousin Skeeter

All the soul and feels coming from a Nickelodeon show featuring a trouble-making puppet.

12. So Little Time

An alternative chill diamond song among one of the many jewels of the Olson Twin franchise.

11. As Told By Ginger

Without touching upon the fact that the poor redheaded protagonist's name is Ginger, Macy Gray kills this track.

10. Kim Possible

It's appropriate that the absolute babe that is Kim Possible has a theme song by another babe, Christina Milian.

9. Proud Family

A Solange Knowles number that reminds us that family is the best (especially her family...).

8. Drake & Josh

A fun pop rock song for a show where we could laugh... and swoon at Drake (no offense Josh... you're a really nice guy).

7. That's So Raven

A little singing here, a little rapping there, this theme song captures all the fun that was That's So Raven.

6. Malcolm in the Middle

Heisenberg's show (before he started dealing) features a pretty dope intro beat, no?

5. Laguna Beach

Hilary Duff's classic "Come Clean" couldn't be more perfect for the opening sequence to a show about rich white kids living it up in California.

4. The OC

The song responsible for introducing not only a great show, but also for quoting in any California vacation Instagram/Snapchat captions.

3. All That

You can fight me on this, but this might be one of TLC's greatest songs.

2. Kenan & Kel

Coolio, the rapper who made Gangsta's Paradise, raps this theme song, so's cooler than any other intro song you've ever heard.

1. Fresh Prince of Bel Air

DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince set up a song that can have anyone chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool.

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7 Childhood Shows That Still Hold Up Today

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

And, let's be honest, I still watch quite a few of these whenever they're on TV...

1. Zoey 101
You'd be lying if you said you weren't living vicariously through Zoey and her friends as they attended pretty much everybody's dream school. I mean, their school was basically right on the ocean, and they dressed like it was perpetually 70 degrees outside.

Their campus was GIGANTIC, and this is a high school, mind you! Zoey's room was at least double the size of my college dorm room. PLUS they got their own bathroom! Like, what? If I ever got the opportunity to go to PCA, you best believe I would take it.


2. Drake and Josh
This show was funny when I was 12, and it's still funny now. It's just that classic humor that people of all ages will enjoy. The thing that I love most about this show are the running jokes, such as Josh's need to "repeat things for emphasis" or Megan's clever tricks on her brothers.

Not gonna lie, Megan was kind of my hero, and she made me wish that I had older brothers that I could torment.


3. Hannah Montana
How this girl managed to be a full-time popstar AND a full-time student, I'll never know. I remember wishing how I had that huge, rotating closet that Miley/Hannah had (and, to be honest, I still want it).

This was just a great show overall with a great plot, great characters, and light-hearted humor. My friends and I still sing the "Cheese Jerky" song. Remember that catchy little number? If not, I highly suggest you YouTube it ASAP.


4. Wizards of Waverly Place
This show was my shit. Seriously. My Harry Potter-loving self became obsessed with this show.

Do you know how jealous I was of these characters and their wizarding abilities? And honestly, kudos to them for keeping their wizard secret on the DL, I honestly don't think I could have pulled that one off.


5. Full House
Whenever I'm flipping channels and I see that this show is on TV, I never hesitate to watch it. It's such a great, wholesome, feel-good show for the entire family. More than the other shows previously mentioned, this show was pretty relatable in that it depicted a pretty normal family.

What kept it interesting, however, is that it depicted this normal family in a bit of an unusual situation: a single-father raising his three young daughters with the help of his brother-in-law and his best friend. This show just makes my heart happy, OK?


6. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody
As much as I appreciate the brilliant wordplay in the show's title ("suite" referring to a hotel suite and "sweet" as in something that's cool... ha ha, get it?), this show was just entertaining as hell. We've got a great cast of characters; the overbearing but somehow lovable hotel manager, the witty and intelligent candy counter girl, the stuck-up yet kind-hearted heiress, and of course the stars of the show: the two wily twin brothers.

I can only speak for myself, but I always thought it would be "suite" (see what I did there?) to live in a hotel. Although, I'm not a pre-teen boy, so I probably wouldn't be able to come up with all of the clever antics that Zack and Cody get into. So, I'll just watch the show instead and live vicariously through them, while also wishing I had London Tipton's wardrobe.


7. Spongebob Squarepants
I've saved the prized jewel for last. Yes, I do have a bit of a bias toward Spongebob. But, come on, the only people who don't like Spongebob are the people who've never seen it, right? This has to be the most quotable show to ever exist, at least according to our generation.

I cannot stress how rare it is, at least in my experience, to come across someone who doesn't recognize a Spongebob reference. I am twenty years old, and I can still spew out Spongebob quotes like there's no tomorrow. Spongebob is a classic, and always will be.


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Is Rotten Tomatoes Killing Movie Reception?

Or should studios just make better movies...

So, this past Memorial Day weekend's movie showings flopped. Big time. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Baywatch came out and nobody cared. Apparently this was the worst Memorial Day weekend for theaters in 20 years. Whoops.

In response to these flops, producers are supposedly blaming the website Rotten Tomatoes for film failures. It's reported that the site is "increasingly slowing down the potential business of popcorn movies" and that these movies "weren't meant for critics but rather general audiences." Sure enough, audience reviews of "Baywatch" are at 70% compared to the critics score of 19%.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson took to Twitter over the Rotten Tomatoes scores for Baywatch, criticizing the website for scoring it so low.


I guess if I were in a movie, I'd be upset if it did poorly, but c'mon. Us darn millennials don't care about the Baywatch franchise and probably don't remember it in its heyday. I sure as hell don't. If anything, apparently The Rock was the one keeping the movie afloat, but whatever.

Personally, I think the Rotten Tomatoes scores definitely affect how much people are willing to look into a movie--but only if they didn't have much interest in it in the first place. I've read terrible reviews for movies on there that I really wanted to see and ended up going to see them anyway. If I don't care much about a movie everyone is talking about, then I'll check out the scores and am likely more easily influenced by them.

In this case, nobody cared about Baywatch. I don't think I saw a second of promotion for it anywhere. As for Pirates of the Caribbean? The first three movies were sick, but the fourth one sucked and I did not care about this one even a little bit. Let the franchise be laid to rest, tbh. They did a good job with making a successful film (and debatably trilogy) but it's only been a shipwreck ever since.

What Hollywood should really be doing is making better movies instead of shaking their fists and blaming those meddling kids at Rotten Tomatoes for "ruining" their movie profits. Nobody wants to see the fifth installment of a series or another reboot. We have sooooooooooo many of them. People want original material, less stuff based off of books, TV, games, past movies, comics... You catch my drift.

Producers are so willing to milk cash cow franchises and source materials dry, then they are confused when nobody wants to see their films. There's definitely exceptions to this (namely the new Wonder Woman movie or Guardians of the Galaxy 2), but Hollywood needs a healthy dose of inspiration--and they need it now.

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The Newest Princess Movie Is Teaching People To Bodyshame

And people are not having it. Do better.

"Princess" movies, especially in recent years, have gotten a pretty bad rep. Some say that the main characters are oversexualized, some say that the plots are contrived, and some even say that movies involving princesses are downright bad for feminism.

So, whenever a new princess movie is set to be released, most consumers hold them under close scrutiny. South Korean director Sung Ho Hong is responsible for the newest announced princess feature, Red Shoes and the 7 Dwarfs, which is slated for a late-2017 release.

At the outset, this film seems to be a fairytale princess story that would fit into the modern era: instead of having the typical "damsel in distress," the eponymous seven dwarves are actually princes who have been punished with the curse of miniature stature. Only a kiss from the most beautiful girl in the world can break the spell, which leads the princes on numerous adventures, and ultimately, to the idea of finding "true beauty."

Is there a flick more aimed at the "inner beauty" millennial generation? I mean, Chloe Grace Moretz has even been tapped to play Snow White.

So why all of the fuss surrounding this film? Well, because the inner beauty message is completely lost and forgotten about after seeing the first minute of the pervy, fat-shaming trailer. The trailer begins with two of the dwarves stumbling into what's supposed to be Snow White's house.

The men are convinced that they have the wrong princess' abode--until they see her slim, dolled up portrait hanging on the wall. But, before the dwarves can investigate further, Snow White returns home, her slender legs accentuated by her prim, red heels.

To avoid detection, the dwarves hide under the princess' coffee table and, as if this wasn't bad enough, watch with glee as she takes off each layer of clothing, starting with her earrings, then her cloak, and eventually, her skintight bodycon dress. The longer this trailer continues, the less this movie seems like a family feature.

Within a minute's time, the trailer has effectively told children (especially young boys) that it's not only okay to 1) sneak into someone else's house, but 2) watch them get undressed without their permission. Snow White is beautiful, of course, but there's no need to sexualize her as much as this trailer already has.

What's worse is what happens once Snow White takes off those titular red shoes. The dwarves seem to reach the peak of their excitement once Snow White has undressed down to these pointy-toed pumps, but the shoes themselves hold their own secret. Once the shoes have been removed, Snow White turns into her "inner" self: an overweight, lazy princess. And the dwarves could not be more disgusted.

Aside from the overtly voyeuristic overtones, this trailer sends a message that "beautiful" and "fat" are mutually exclusive. If you ask me, Snow White is working it before and after she takes off her shoes, and clearly, I'm not the only one who thinks so. The movie's highest-billed star, Chloe Grace Moretz, is "appalled and angry" over the trailer and an additional promotional poster. B

oth the trailer and the poster are inherently teaching young kids that body positivity is all well and good--unless you're fat. Others not involved in the film have taken to social media to voice their discontent as well.

With tons of mainstream media still pushing "thin is in" mentalities, this marketing strategy is callous, and quite frankly, dangerous. In my opinion, it's time this body-shaming film took a bite of a poisoned apple.