Clemson's Win Over Alabama In Tweet Form
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Clemson's Win Over Alabama In Tweet Form

The celebrating and heartbreak didn't just stick to the field.

Last night was more than deserving of all the hype as Clemson and Alabama faced each other for the second year in a row for the College Football Playoff National Championship. The game was a mindblowing nail biter, as Clemson dethroned Bama with a touchdown with one second left on the clock.

Oh, but the celebrating and heartbreak didn't just stick to the field. Fans went absolutely wild on Twitter last night. There were times when I truly didn't know what was more exciting to follow.

As always, ESPN was ready to set the tone of this long-anticipated rematch where no mercy would be shown.
During the game, Bama fans were pretty confident about a victory with plays like O.J. Howard's 68-yard touchdown that absolutely burned the Clemson defense.
But the reigning champs couldn't stop the Tigers, or should I say Deshaun Watson, who was by far the driving force last night, totaling 443 yards when it counted. And he knew he'd be bringing this A-game, as fans flocked to his twitter and pulled up this beauty BACK FROM 2012.
And when sportscasters noted this stat.
He might've made it look easy, but Watson still got tossed up a bit.
Even Pro Players weighed in on their opinions and admiration for these insanely talented athletes like Bo Scarbrough, whose third quarter injury definitely had an impact on the game.
The fanbase immediately tanked.
But for the Clemson fans, this victory was long-awaited, and the team busted out some hamstring poppin' moves to celebrate.
Who am I kidding, the whole South is pretty damn happy about this victory.
As for what the future will bring, well...
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Deshaun Watson Got Kicked Out Of An Alabama Bar

Needs some pretzels with that salt, Tide fans?

Deshaun Watson, National Championship winning quarterback and top NFL prospect was kicked out of a Tuscaloosa bar on Friday.

Someone is salty. The guy beats your hillbilly school in the National Championship game so obviously you have to get back at him. Alabama logic is to kick the National Champion quarterback out of this toothless, Alabama dive bar. Roll Tide, am I right?

They are doing Deshaun a favor. Why would you want to associate with these backwoods folk? 'Bama football baby.

'Bama is basically saying you can take our National Championship trophy, but you damn sure better not step foot in our local watering hole. The $2 PBR draft is for locals and locals only. Roll damn tide.

The audacity that these simpleton have. That bar probably smells anyway. Really smells. If Copenhagen Wintergreen and WD-40 mixed smells, then that's probably what this bar smells like.

It's really pathetic how serious some people take collegiate sports. Leave Deshaun alone. Boo the shit out of professional athletes. At least they can get kicked out of bars and go back to their million dollar mansions.

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College Football Week 7: Games To Watch

Alabama-Tennessee? Sign me up.

Six weeks down and just over 13 more to go for the 2016-17 college football season.

If you read last week's column, you were probably a very satisfied individual as Tennessee-Texas A&M lived up to the hype as the No. 1 game to watch. The Vols shook off yet another slow start and tested their luck once again in the fourth quarter, somehow managing to erase a 14-point deficit with less than three minutes remaining in regulation.

Unfortunately, the magic ended, as they lost in overtime 45-38 and fell to 5-1 on the season, while the Aggies improved to 6-0 and have officially become the real deal -- they are now the biggest threat to dethrone Alabama in the SEC (though Auburn looks to make a run, too).

Now that we've hit Week 7 of the 2016 campaign, conference play is in full swing and every game matters. Here are the top 10 best games that you should be watching this weekend:

Arizona State at Colorado - Saturday, Oct. 15, 8 p.m. ET (PAC12)
Both teams enter with a combined 9-3 record, which most would consider to be above any preseason expectations. Either way, coming out on top would catapult the winner into first place in the Pac-12 South, making it a prime contender for the division.

Nebraska at Indiana - Saturday, Oct. 15, 3:30 p.m. ET (ABC/ESPN2)
I was one of the few to pick Nebraska as the Big Ten West favorite this past August and even had the Cornhuskers in my preseason top 25. I'm not 100 percent sold on putting them in my top 10 just yet -- much like the AP has done -- but a strong performance in Bloomington would help push me in that direction.

NC State at Clemson - Saturday, Oct. 15, noon ET (ABC)
If it weren't for a heartbreaking Week 2 loss at East Carolina, Dave Doeren's NC State crew would be sitting at 5-0 entering this contest with undefeated Clemson. Instead, the Wolfpack are 4-1 with back-to-back wins against Wake Forest and Notre Dame. Is this a trap game for the Tigers?

Ole Miss at Arkansas - Saturday, Oct. 15, 7 p.m. ET (ESPN)
These teams totaled 105 points during last season's overtime barn-burner in Oxford, which resulted in a 53-52 win for Arkansas. Watching the scoreboard hit triple digits is always fun, and there's potential for a repeat performance on Saturday night.

Wake Forest at Florida State - Saturday, Oct. 15, 3:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Wake Forest is 5-1. This is not a drill; I repeat, Wake Forest is 5-1. Do I have your attention? The Demon Deacons haven't won five games in a full season since 2012 and need just one more to become bowl eligible for the first time since 2011. The program hasn't been this hot since it started 5-1 in what resulted in an 11-3 Orange Bowl appearance a decade ago. Beating Florida State on the road probably isn't where it earns win No. 6 this season, but still ... Wake Forest, y'all.

UCLA at Washington State - Saturday, Oct. 15, 10:30 p.m. ET (ESPN)
Mike Leach has Wazzu in position to compete with Washington for the Pac-12 North and UCLA desperately needs a win to stay in contention for the South. This game has some seriously underrated value.

West Virginia at Texas Tech - Saturday, Oct. 15, noon ET (FS1)
Dana Holgorsen vs. Kliff Kingsbury. This one could hit 80 points ... by halftime.

North Carolina at Miami - Saturday, Oct. 15, 3:30 p.m. ET (ABC/ESPN2)
Even with the heartbreaking, 20-19 loss to Florida State, it's clear that a storm is brewing in South Beach under coach Mark Richt. But how Miami responds after getting beat to its most hated rival for a seventh straight year will be key in determining how the rest of the season plays out; the Hurricanes are 7-9 after FSU week since 2013.

Alabama at Tennessee - Saturday, Oct. 15, 3:30 p.m. ET (CBS)
This one needs no explanation. A win would give Alabama its 10th in a row against Tennessee; a win for the Vols would put them back in contention for a College Football Playoff run. You're not missing this game, plain and simple.

Ohio State at Wisconsin - Saturday, Oct. 15, 8 p.m. ET (ABC)
Ohio State is trying to make its case for being the No. 1 team in the country, and beating a stout Wisconsin team on the road would add some padding to that argument. The last time these two met (also on a national stage) didn't go over so well for the Badgers when they were completely overwhelmed in the 2014 Big Ten Championship Game, 59-0.

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Alabama Separates Itself From the Rest of the Country

There is no stopping the Tide.

Every year during college football season the same debate is made: Could Alabama beat the Browns? While the answer is no, it seems like there is no collegiate team that could take down the Crimson Tide.

If you haven't already, go check the box score of the Alabama game and see how destructive their 49-10 victory Saturday afternoon. Tennessee isn't overrated; Alabama is just that damn good.

With Alabama's huge win against Tennessee, it marks its 10th win in a row against Tennessee and its largest regular season win against an AP top 10 team. Alabama, as a whole, looks unstoppable and unbeatable this year. Bama has not been vulnerable since week three of the season when it pulled off a comeback victory against Ole Miss.

While many people thought that Tennessee would be Bama's toughest test of the season, we all saw how that went. Freshman Quarterback Jalen Hurts was the star of the day. While he is only a freshman, it looks like he's a senior based on his reactions and decisions he makes on the football field.

Even though Alabama is ranked number 1 in the polls, no matter who is ranked second, they are still very far behind the Tide. There have been jokes already on what the college football playoff should look like after this decisive victory by the Tide.

It really isn' fair how good Alabama is. If you didn't think the Tide were ahead of the pack before today, I hope you realize that it is now. The Tide still have to play Texas A&M and LSU in Baton Rouge, but who knows if those teams will compete with them. No matter who is on the other side of the field, Nick Saban and Lane Kiffin always find a way to destroy them.

Like every year, it won't be a surprise to see the Tide win the National Championship and then lose half of its team. Most of the starters right now didn't even play last season. It just shows how good Saban is at recruiting and coaching. But also don't be surprised to see Saban holding up yet another trophy in January.

Hopefully, Alabama will find some competition down the road and possibly look weak against some teams. But, if the Tide keep blowing out their competition like this every week, it'll be hard not to imagine them winning the title again. Nick Saban may be on his way to being the most hated coach in college football, but if that means winning year after year I'm sure he'd be ok with it.

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Five Best College Football Programs

Some schools just dominate on the gridiron.

Saturdays in the fall would not be what they are if it weren't for college football.

Loyal fan bases come out to support their teams and the top games are aired nationwide, creating national audiences for the top teams.

Who exactly are those top teams? Well, here's a look at five of the best.

2016 Coaches Poll Ranking: No. 1

Alabama is the school everyone thinks of: one of the best sports colleges around. Let's face it: the Crimson Tide have to be the best. They're 72-10 this decade and without an NFL team in their state, they are the college football program to watch. Nick Saban is a coaching legend and all of the top recruits want to play for him.

2016 Coaches Poll Ranking: No. 7

The Harvard of the west, Stanford gives its athletes a top-line education while giving them the opportunity to compete for an FBS school. It has made them quite an attractive option for young athletes and as such, they are 66-15 this decade.

Notre Dame
2016 Coaches Poll Ranking: No. 9

Yes, Notre Dame is one of the top college football programs in the nation this season. But for this school, history is key. They are tied with Alabama for 12 National Championships recognized by the NCAA. And Rudy Ruettiger played for them, so there's that too. They have also won 39 games in the past four seasons, keeping their winning tradition alive.

2016 Coaches Poll Ranking: No. 6

Every single year of this millennium, LSU has been in some sort of a bowl game. Sure, they don't have Nick Saban anymore, but Les Miles has kept the team to the same high standard, leading them to a BCS National Championship win in 2007. It also helps that their stadium is called "Death Valley" and their motto is "Where opponent's dreams come to die". Ruthless.

2016 Coaches Poll Ranking: No. 3

Oklahoma runs the Big 12. Ever since Bob Stoops took over in 1999, they haven't had anything but winning seasons. And their history is quite remarkable with just five losing seasons since World War 2 ended. Plus they're probably the biggest attraction in their state, so there's that.

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Best College Sports Teams of 2016 (So Far)

What teams were the best so far this year?

College sports are so much more than just wins and losses. Sure you can hold up a trophy at the end of the year, but college sports are more than that. It's because of the tradition, fun, prestige, and unpredictability that we love college sports.

Here are five of the best teams of the year (so far), with a solid mix of Blue Bloods and underdogs.

5. Coastal Carolina Baseball Team
While I still can't name a single player on the team, I sure know that this team is special. A few months ago, anyone who watches college baseball would've scoffed at the idea of the Chanticleers winning the College World Series.

But, somehow Coastal defied expectations and actually made a run in the College World Series. On their way to their huge victory, they knocked off college baseball favorites such as LSU and Florida. It was an amazing underdog performance by this team and is now the best college baseball team in 2016.

4. University of North Carolina Basketball Team
One shot is all it took to crush the dreams of Tar Heel fans across the country. As a Heels fan myself, I still can't shake off that buzzer beater loss to Nova; it still haunts me and other Heel fans from across the country. UNC looked like the total package this year.

With Marcus Paige finally stepping up and a great supporting cast, UNC looked like a dominant force and was a lock to get to the Final Four. UNC may also be known as one of the college basketball Blue Bloods and they showed why this year. A great recruiting class year after year leads the Heels to March Madness every year along with a high ranking as well.

Finishing the year off 33-7 after losing in the finals of March Madness has proved that the Heels are one of the most dominant forces in all of college basketball. Even though Brice Johnson and Marcus Paige left, the Tar Heels should be able to rebound (pun intended) and make another run in March.

3. Clemson Football Team
The Tigers showed their doubters up this year, proving that they are one of the best football colleges out there. Clemson was ranked No. 1 most of the college football season and with good reason. Yes they do play in the ACC, but that shouldn't really take into the fact how impressive Clemson is. Led by Quarterback DeShaun Watson, Clemson was undefeated going into the National Championship against Alabama.

After destroying Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, it looked like Clemson was going to win it all. However, after a breakdown in the National Championship, Clemson came up short by five points. But, losing to Alabama in the title game is far from alost season. Returning a lot of starters, including Watson, Clemson will be able to show the college football world why they're one of the top five colleges with football programs.

2. Villanova Basketball Team

I would be remiss if I did not mention the team to knock off the Tar Heels to win the March Madness Tournament. This pains me to say it, but Villanova is the best college basketball team in the U.S. right now. No matter what anyone says, whichever team holds up the title in April is the best college basketball team. Now if they can do that again is a different story for a different day.

The fact is that Nova outlasted 67 other teams in the tournament to crown themselves as the best college basketball team. Even though they play in a weak Big East conference, they still finished the season with a 35-5 record and were constantly ranked in the top 10, even the top five. It seems like a daunting task, but will Villanova be able to ride this momentum into next season a repeat as champions?

1. Alabama Football Team
Nick Saban is a terrible NFL coach. As a head coach for the Dolphins, Saban went 15-17 and missed the playoffs both years. But, as we know, the NFL is much different from college football. Saban is probably one of the best college football coaches of all time. He has over 150 wins all time and has led Alabama to four championships in seven years. If that isn't a dynastythen I don't know what is.

Since taking over as the head coach, Alabama has been one of the top colleges for football. This past year was no different. The Alabama football team held a record of 14-1 and won the National Championship against the number one ranked team, Clemson.

Besides winning the title, Alabama had seven of its players drafted in this past NFL draft. Even though Alabama lost a lot of talent, its recruiting class can definitely make up for lost ground. With such a dominant defense, it will be hard to see Alabama not repeating as the best college sports team in the country in 2017.