Clemson's Win Over Alabama In Tweet Form
01.10.2017 | Entertainment Source:

Clemson's Win Over Alabama In Tweet Form

The celebrating and heartbreak didn't just stick to the field.

Last night was more than deserving of all the hype as Clemson and Alabama faced each other for the second year in a row for the College Football Playoff National Championship. The game was a mindblowing nail biter, as Clemson dethroned Bama with a touchdown with one second left on the clock.

Oh, but the celebrating and heartbreak didn't just stick to the field. Fans went absolutely wild on Twitter last night. There were times when I truly didn't know what was more exciting to follow.

As always, ESPN was ready to set the tone of this long-anticipated rematch where no mercy would be shown.
During the game, Bama fans were pretty confident about a victory with plays like O.J. Howard's 68-yard touchdown that absolutely burned the Clemson defense.
But the reigning champs couldn't stop the Tigers, or should I say Deshaun Watson, who was by far the driving force last night, totaling 443 yards when it counted. And he knew he'd be bringing this A-game, as fans flocked to his twitter and pulled up this beauty BACK FROM 2012.
And when sportscasters noted this stat.
He might've made it look easy, but Watson still got tossed up a bit.
Even Pro Players weighed in on their opinions and admiration for these insanely talented athletes like Bo Scarbrough, whose third quarter injury definitely had an impact on the game.
The fanbase immediately tanked.
But for the Clemson fans, this victory was long-awaited, and the team busted out some hamstring poppin' moves to celebrate.
Who am I kidding, the whole South is pretty damn happy about this victory.
As for what the future will bring, well...