The Best of Wednesday Night's Sports
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The Best of Wednesday Night's Sports

Soccer may have been more exciting than basketball tonight.

Well, it's humpday, people. We've had two relatively unexciting nights of basketball this week, and tonight was no exception, so here's tonight's best of the best:

Richard Jefferson turns back the clock:
Old man telling father time to f*ck off for the night! For reference, Jefferson's last Eastern Conference Finals were with a team consisting of Jason Kidd and Dikembe Mutombo.

Nagbe makes his first international cap/goal count:
Darlington Nagbe is a player that US fans have been dying to see make an appearance for the national team. He finally got the opportunity tonight, and in the dying moments of a Copa America tune-up against Ecuador, he netted this beauty of a volley to win the match.

Raptors ice cold on the road:
With no player on your roster scoring over 14 points, what did you expect? Just as I predicted, the Cavs absolutely slaughtered the Raptors tonight, 116-78, and even led 100-60 at the end of the third quarter. Here's the best recap I could find of the Raptors performance tonight.

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The Cavs Were Down 25 At Halftime And Won Because LeBron


The Cavaliers had a very bad start to their Thursday evening in Game 3 against the Pacers. It was one of those nights where you get ready to hang out with some friends, and you've got all these cool expectations, and then... oh god, someone dropped the entire case of beers, and... oh, no, something is ON FIRE WHY IS SOMETHING ON FIRE?!

Things devolved pretty quickly for the Cavs, as they fell behind the Pacers by double-digits after one quarter and by 20 points after 21 minutes.

By the end of the first half, Cleveland was trailing Indiana by 25 points, and things were looking extra glum. Like, historically glum:


And the Pacers actually finished with 74 points in the first half! They added two more just to be extra insulting!

By this point, I had given up on rooting for a comeback. The game had to be over, right? A 25-point lead was undoubtedly insurmountable. Like, there was just no way. I've watched LeBron do incredible things so many times, things I never thought he could ever do, but how could he will an underperforming Cavs team to out-score the Pacers by 26 points in 24 minutes, on the road?!


Well, he did it.

The comeback, admittedly, started slowly. After pulling within 15 points halfway through the third quarter, the Pacers proceeded to stretch things back out to 20 points with just 16 minutes left to play. Not exactly a great situation.

But the Cavs kept chipping away, complete with 13 points and four assists from their main man LeBron, who was scorching all night long. He finished the game with an eye-popping stat line: 41 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists.

But the stats didn't mean anything until the Cavaliers were back in the lead, because LeBron doesn't really care about numbers scored anymore, he just wants trophies. So as the Cavs got closer and closer, he kept powering through the Pacers' defense, and then with the game tied midway through the fourth quarter, LeBron did THIS:


LeBron scored seven more points and notched another assist after that dunk to keep the Pacers at bay, but nothing really mattered. Because when he destroyed that hoop, he destroyed all of Indiana. The city is now a flaming pile of sad basketball fans.

So sorry, Indiana.

... oh, what's that, you need more LeBron stats from the ridiculous night? Alright, we'll give you one more to tide you over until the Cavs play again and Playoff LeBron rears his head to scare the bejeezus out of every other team:

That's right. LeBron scored 41 points, and dished out 12 assists, three of which led to three-pointers. Which means LeBron impacted 73 of the Cavs' 119 points on Thursday night, which is absolutely nuts.

We've loved the MVP race all season long between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, but... did we forget how good LeBron is?

Thanks to Thursday night, we're not about to go forgetting any time soon.

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LeBron Played So Well He Wanted A Mid-Game Beer

Gotta stay hydrated!

LeBron James, as we've discussed at length many times on this website, is very good at basketball. His Cleveland Cavaliers are facing the Toronto Raptors in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, a series which is entirely a formality because the Cavs are good and the Raps are not.

The two teams played Game 1 on Monday night in Cleveland, and LeBron had one heck of a night.

It began with this dunk, which... is there an athlete more impressive in the world than LeBron?

I've watched that dunk, on repeat, for 15 minutes. My answer is, no, there is not another athlete in the world more impressive than LeBron. He is, genetically, the perfect athlete. It's insane.

LeBron finished the game with 35 points on 23 shots, 10 rebounds, and four assists in 41 minutes, another incredibly dominating game from the most dominating player in the NBA. It was very fun to watch.

And, apparently, it left LeBron a little parched. Because midway through the game, he reached for a drink:

Someone needs to sit him down and remind him that beer is not a very good drink if you're trying to stay hydrated, because, you see, the alcohol in the bev--

Oh. Oh, he was making a joke.

I see.

Because this series is a joke.


In that case, keep it up, LeBron! If all it takes to get you to score 35 points a night is a joke about beer during the game, I'm all the way in. I'll even hold your beer.

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The Atlanta Hawks Lost To The Cavs, But Stole My Heart

What an effort it was.

NBA fans owe a big thank you to the Hawks bench tonight. The Cavs entered halftime up by 10 ready to coast to a 1-0 series lead. Al Horford was already considering his free agent options.

Que the bench. Dennis Schroeder boasting pure unadulterated german efficiency starts to mount the comeback. He put Atlanta on his back with a sweet 3 for 3 from the field with two of those attempts coming from downtown. And all of a sudden ...

The Hawks have life. We have a game worth watching. All because of this young gun with flow that should've earned him a cameo in Dope.

Every hero needs a lovable side kick, and tonight Schroeder found his in fellow benchie Mike Scott. Scott played your spark plug bringing life back into the Atlanta's defense.

LeBron James no longer seemed to be instilling his will. All of a sudden Paul Millsap is cleaning up the glass. Scott, a relative jobber, will forever have my love for those six minutes he gave in the third quarter. If that isn't enough he deserves it for being the biggest apple fan in the league. (I mean why is apple not paying this man money. Look at those tats.)

The third quarter ended with the hawks back within four points of the Cavs and made us think just maybe the Eastern Conference isn't the cakewalk it was chalked up to be. Alas, it was all too good to be true. LeBron turned on the muscle and it was pretty much over.

All of a sudden the script seems back on track. Cry not Atlanta, for Schroeder brought hope even if just for a quarter.

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Just Like Old Times in Cleveland

It's like LeBron never left.

Although the Cleveland Cavaliers haven't ever won an NBA championship, they got one game closer on Sunday. They beat the Hawks 100-99 for a four game sweep. This is the old Cavs we were so used to seeing for years. The departure of LeBron James in 2010 was a shock to Cavs fans and they did not exactly react well.

But now he is back and after their sweep of the Hawks on Sunday, they look better than ever and are giving Cavs fans hope that they can finally clinch a title with their new big three of LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love. Check out LeBron being clutch in game 4 and proving he is in top form and ready to bring a title home to Cleveland.

The Cavs will be making another Eastern conference finals appearance facing either the Toronto Raptors or the infamous (in Cleveland) Miami Heat. LeBron hit plenty of clutch shots in the series sweep of the Hawks, including that shot to give the Cavs a three point lead late in game four on Sunday, leaving the notoriously hilarious Hawks Twitter account to post this picture, representing their feelings towards the Cavs.

The Cavs shot 16-for-37 (43.2 percent) from downtown in game four, which, if sustained, would make their offense almost unstoppable. Game four was actually their worst three-point-shooting performance of the series. They made 77 out of 152 triples, or 50.7 percent, of their attempts from deep. It doesn't seem too sustainable, but if they did it for four games, who is to say they can't keep it up?

This fact should scare those other teams:

For the Cavs to win their first NBA Finals, they will have to go through Toronto/Miami then if they beat the winner of those teams, they will face either San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Golden State, or Portland. I feel confident they can handle OKC and Portland without too much trouble, but it is likely they will face either the Warriors or the Spurs, in which case, we are in store for a hell of an NBA Finals this year!

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Dwyane Wade is Still Out There

And that should have us all feelin' blessed.

Thank you, Dwayne Wade. Even when Miami and Toronto have attempted to take us to a bizarro worlds where the pre-game x-factors were Bismark Biyombo the 2016 version of this man.

Even when your team shoots 6.7 percent from three. You still have found ways to make this a series. With 38 points last game and 30 tonight, Wade has started to challenge reality. In fact, I'm convinced that Wade lure other aging stars to Miami before the playoffs to steal what was left of their left of their youth Space Jam style. He continues to dominate the playoffs with vintage Wade circus shots. I mean how do you stop this, and why can Wade still make these plays at 34?

While Wade's reverse aging is a significant reason for a Miami's win, Toronto's stars deserve just as much credit. Lowry and DeRozan needed a big night with Valan?i?nas out of the lineup with injuries. Instead they looked like this...

It was as if the ghost of Hassan Whiteside was still prowling the Raptor's shooting lanes. There was a lot of cringe worthy basketball played tonight, by both teams.

Yet, everything is right with world. The series is tied 2-2. More importantly we get to see Wade continue his wizardry, which is at this point is pure fantasia level.