The Best of Wednesday Night's Sports
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The Best of Wednesday Night's Sports

Soccer may have been more exciting than basketball tonight.

Well, it's humpday, people. We've had two relatively unexciting nights of basketball this week, and tonight was no exception, so here's tonight's best of the best:

Richard Jefferson turns back the clock:
Old man telling father time to f*ck off for the night! For reference, Jefferson's last Eastern Conference Finals were with a team consisting of Jason Kidd and Dikembe Mutombo.

Nagbe makes his first international cap/goal count:
Darlington Nagbe is a player that US fans have been dying to see make an appearance for the national team. He finally got the opportunity tonight, and in the dying moments of a Copa America tune-up against Ecuador, he netted this beauty of a volley to win the match.

Raptors ice cold on the road:
With no player on your roster scoring over 14 points, what did you expect? Just as I predicted, the Cavs absolutely slaughtered the Raptors tonight, 116-78, and even led 100-60 at the end of the third quarter. Here's the best recap I could find of the Raptors performance tonight.

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The Cavs Were Down 25 At Halftime And Won Because LeBron


The Cavaliers had a very bad start to their Thursday evening in Game 3 against the Pacers. It was one of those nights where you get ready to hang out with some friends, and you've got all these cool expectations, and then... oh god, someone dropped the entire case of beers, and... oh, no, something is ON FIRE WHY IS SOMETHING ON FIRE?!

Things devolved pretty quickly for the Cavs, as they fell behind the Pacers by double-digits after one quarter and by 20 points after 21 minutes.

By the end of the first half, Cleveland was trailing Indiana by 25 points, and things were looking extra glum. Like, historically glum:


And the Pacers actually finished with 74 points in the first half! They added two more just to be extra insulting!

By this point, I had given up on rooting for a comeback. The game had to be over, right? A 25-point lead was undoubtedly insurmountable. Like, there was just no way. I've watched LeBron do incredible things so many times, things I never thought he could ever do, but how could he will an underperforming Cavs team to out-score the Pacers by 26 points in 24 minutes, on the road?!


Well, he did it.

The comeback, admittedly, started slowly. After pulling within 15 points halfway through the third quarter, the Pacers proceeded to stretch things back out to 20 points with just 16 minutes left to play. Not exactly a great situation.

But the Cavs kept chipping away, complete with 13 points and four assists from their main man LeBron, who was scorching all night long. He finished the game with an eye-popping stat line: 41 points, 13 rebounds, 12 assists.

But the stats didn't mean anything until the Cavaliers were back in the lead, because LeBron doesn't really care about numbers scored anymore, he just wants trophies. So as the Cavs got closer and closer, he kept powering through the Pacers' defense, and then with the game tied midway through the fourth quarter, LeBron did THIS:


LeBron scored seven more points and notched another assist after that dunk to keep the Pacers at bay, but nothing really mattered. Because when he destroyed that hoop, he destroyed all of Indiana. The city is now a flaming pile of sad basketball fans.

So sorry, Indiana.

... oh, what's that, you need more LeBron stats from the ridiculous night? Alright, we'll give you one more to tide you over until the Cavs play again and Playoff LeBron rears his head to scare the bejeezus out of every other team:

That's right. LeBron scored 41 points, and dished out 12 assists, three of which led to three-pointers. Which means LeBron impacted 73 of the Cavs' 119 points on Thursday night, which is absolutely nuts.

We've loved the MVP race all season long between James Harden and Russell Westbrook, but... did we forget how good LeBron is?

Thanks to Thursday night, we're not about to go forgetting any time soon.

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LeBron Played So Well He Wanted A Mid-Game Beer

Gotta stay hydrated!

LeBron James, as we've discussed at length many times on this website, is very good at basketball. His Cleveland Cavaliers are facing the Toronto Raptors in the second round of the NBA Playoffs, a series which is entirely a formality because the Cavs are good and the Raps are not.

The two teams played Game 1 on Monday night in Cleveland, and LeBron had one heck of a night.

It began with this dunk, which... is there an athlete more impressive in the world than LeBron?

I've watched that dunk, on repeat, for 15 minutes. My answer is, no, there is not another athlete in the world more impressive than LeBron. He is, genetically, the perfect athlete. It's insane.

LeBron finished the game with 35 points on 23 shots, 10 rebounds, and four assists in 41 minutes, another incredibly dominating game from the most dominating player in the NBA. It was very fun to watch.

And, apparently, it left LeBron a little parched. Because midway through the game, he reached for a drink:

Someone needs to sit him down and remind him that beer is not a very good drink if you're trying to stay hydrated, because, you see, the alcohol in the bev--

Oh. Oh, he was making a joke.

I see.

Because this series is a joke.


In that case, keep it up, LeBron! If all it takes to get you to score 35 points a night is a joke about beer during the game, I'm all the way in. I'll even hold your beer.

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LeBron James Is Apparently Very Picky With His High Fives

LeBron and the Cavs had a good Wednesday night.

With five games left in each team's regular season, the Cavaliers and the Celtics were tied atop the Eastern Conference heading into a nationally televised showdown on Wednesday night.

Before the night was out, the Cavaliers had rightfully claimed their spot atop the East's standings with a huge win, thanks in large part to a tremendous game from LeBron James, who is still probably the best basketball player in the world.

LeBron came out with a focus like we've seen him conjure plenty of times, one very reminiscent of a certain Game 6 performance in Boston many years ago as a member of the Heat.

James tried to downplay the importance of this regular season game, but if you believed him, you're crazy: this was a playoff game to LeBron and the Cavs, and as we've said already, it seems they are (unsurprisingly) still the best team in the East by a wide margin.

Possibly the most impressive sequence of the game for James came in the first half, when he hammered home a dunk and the followed it up with this block on the other end. LeBron was so excited, he decided to high five a few fans.

He also ignored one.

I can't get over the framing of this shot. ESPN's camera people deserve legitimate awards (yes, multiple awards!) for how well this scene played out. It was so dramatic! This poor woman just wanted a high five, but what seems at first like a sure thing slowly fades into, "Oh... oh, okay, no it's cool, I'll high five you some other time..."

Thank you, LeBron. You are a gift who keeps on giving.

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LeBron James Did It

He brought Cleveland what they so desperately craved.

Forget 'The Decision.' Disregard Ray Allen's legacy-saving three-point shot. Toss out the two Finals MVPs James won in Miami.

Discard everything that happened in the career of LeBron James, up to Sunday, June 19th.

On February 18, 2002, Sports Illustrated called Lebron James "The Chosen One."

On Sunday, June 19th, 2016, LeBron James led the Cleveland cavaliers to their first NBA championship.


The Cavaliers led by one point after one quarter. The Warriors led by seven at halftime, and by one after three quarters.

Every time the Warriors started to pull away, the Cavaliers tossed a lasso to keep them within reach.

When the Warriors took an eight-point lead early in the third quarter, J.R. Smith rattled off a pair of three-pointers and Kyrie Irving slipped in a layup to tie the game at 54 points apiece.

After waiting six games for a close game, wire to wire, we finally had one.

When I realized there was going to be a seventh game on this Sunday, a day I had signed up to write about sports, I decided I would try my best to play the objective sports observer and give you the straight up facts and observations from tonight.

But as a LeBron James fan, and an associate Cavaliers fan, that is not possible.

I clapped all night long as LeBron made shots, missed shots, and turned the ball over a little more than I preferred.

I paced my girlfriend's backyard as they missed shots, and made shots, and did things I never believed they could do.

And when those final Warriors shots flew errant past the hoop, and LeBron James fell to the floor, I walked back past the basil plant and the fern in the ground and threw my hands up in exaltation.

LeBron has cemented his legacy in the annals of the National Basketball Association. He has asserted himself as one, at the absolute worst, five best players to ever play basketball, by scoring 109 points in the final three games of the most trying season of his career to win the first championship for his hometown.

This was a series full of players trying to define their respective legacies.

Stephen Curry wanted a second trophy, which would have made it hard to call this two-year stretch anything other than one of the best in history.

Kyrie Irving, who struggled in the first few games of the series and had to fend off criticisms of his game, was fighting for the respect allotted to a second-in-command.

And, of course, LeBron was attempting to push his way to one of the most dramatic championships in the history of professional American sports.

In the end, he did it.

He succeeded, in the face of everything.

And now, we have nothing to do but to cheer, pay our respects, and see what's next for one of the best basketball players the world has ever known.

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LeBron Should Ditch Cleveland

LeBron has to do what's best for LeBron.

When you do something no one thought could be done, you become a hero. And that's exactly what Cleveland Cavaliers small forward LeBron James is in Cleveland right now.

The Akron native faltered in his first two NBA finals with the team - one in his first tenure and again last year, when his team fell to the Golden State Warriors. But LeBron and the Cavs took the best of seven series from the Warriors in Game 7, giving the city of Cleveland their first major sports championship since 1964 - 52 years ago.

While he is a hero in the city no one thought could ever win, now might be the best time for him to move on.

Signed to a two-year deal worth $47 million last summer, LeBron's contract contains an opt-out clause for after the 2015-2016 season. He can opt out on July 1 and realistically, it would be dumb for him not to.

Even if he wants to play in Cleveland again, he should at least try to take more money from them. He has three NBA Championship rings and did Cleveland a huge favor by returning to the city and winning one for them. If anyone owes anyone anything, it would be the Cavs owing LeBron.

But knowing how LeBron can impact a game, other teams would be excited to know there's a chance they could sign him. The words Los Angeles (Lakers) and New York (Knicks) keep coming up. There's even talk of a potential return to the Miami Heat. As if Cleveland fans didn't burn enough of his jerseys the first time only to wonder how they could unburn a jersey five seasons later.

If LeBron were a student, he would have the opportunity to transfer to a handful of schools. And he may be receiving backlash from peers who want him to stay. But LeBron has to do what's best for LeBron, whatever that may be. It is his life, after all.

He could stay with the comforts of home and a loaded roster behind him. He could go somewhere else to build his legend and lore even more. He has the option.

Seeing how he has an opportunity to pretty much command whatever he wants on the open market and play for a few different teams, he should definitely at least look at his opportunities. Sure, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love give him guys to work with, but what he did in Miami worked out pretty well too - two championships in four seasons.