Tales of a Professional Third Wheel
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Tales of a Professional Third Wheel

Why have a bicycle when you could have a tricycle?

Anyone who is the only single person in their immediate group of friends knows the simultaneously rewarding and isolating experience that is referred to as "third-wheeling." As someone who has never had a legitimate boyfriend, let's just say I'm practically a professional third-wheel at this point.
Maybe I should write that on my resume.
Regardless of what self-deprecating remarks other third-wheelers make about their "unfortunate" role, there are definitely some pros to being the last wheel on the tricycle.
Take my experiences, for example. My college roommate (we're going on three years as roomies) has been dating her high school sweetheart for almost five years now. As someone who went to an all-girls, Catholic high school, the thought of having a boyfriend since 10th grade seemed like science fiction to me.
So when he visited for the first time, I didn't know how to act. Luckily, he and I clicked immediately.
Although I didn't quite know where to look when they occasionally kissed across from me in the booth of the sushi restaurant we were dining at, the general vibe of our time together felt more like three best friends hanging out rather than a couple and their super-duper single friend.
Two years later, I consider my roommate's boyfriend to be one of my own friends. In fact, he's been a great friend: he bought me a birthday present, and also treated both my roommate and me to Pirates game tickets (which are fairly expensive, mind you).
Granted, there are times when being a third wheel makes me feel like a stage-five clingy friend. Balance is key: hang out with your friends and their significant others sometimes, but also know when to give them their space and leave them alone. No one wants to feel like they're a burden, and sometimes you have to remember that the couple in question is not dating you, too.
You may be wondering: does being a third wheel make me transform into a bitter college relationship hater?
Absolutely not.
While there are occasions when I'll see my friends holding hands with their significant others and become morbidly aware that the only thing my hand will be holding is my Solo cup or cell phone, I'm proud to say that I have never fallen into that dark void of desperation.
I admire my roommate's love and loyalty towards her high school sweetheart. I am also incredibly thankful for all of the things he has done for me despite only having met me a few select times.
However, I know that my time will come and that I, too, will meet someone that will possibly give my friends their own taste of what it's like to be a third wheel.
I just hope they can enjoy it as much as I do.

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Calling All High School Seniors

Wait, you have to do work in college too?

I don't know if you've been told yet but the end is near, and by 'the end' I mean high school. It's time to face facts, there's more to the world than high school drama. Trust me, that bubble you've been living in is about to get violently popped. No worries though, I'm sure the air is a lot more suitable than that soapy consistency you've gotten used to.

First thing's first, college is nothing like high school. Not only are you taking classes there, but you're literally living at school. Welcome home! With that being said, it is a cultural shock. You will get homesick. There will be times when all you want is to do is be a kid again. As long as you embrace that fact now, you won't be as surprised when you get punched in the face with a ton of nostalgia.

Another difference is the size. Even if it's considered to be a small college, it's still a lot bigger than your average high school. With that added size comes the distance that a high school lacks. Which diminishes the ability for cliques to be as noticeable and as "clique-y." If you think that you're going to graduate as Regina George and be Regina George in college, you're horribly mistaken.

There are no teachers in college, there are only professors. What does that mean, you ask? It means that in college, the professors will get paid whether you pass or fail. This is where accountability comes in. You are fully responsible for your grades and everything else that you do. YOU have to make sure that papers are turned in. YOU have to make sure that you've studied. YOU have to make sure that you understand your class.

This is your future, therefore, it's your responsibility and it rests in your hands. Be careful. SHOW UP TO CLASS. I know it's tempting to stay in bed, because technically you have that choice, but trust me, that extra sleep is not worth it. Not when it comes to your GPA. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Like I said before, the professor gets paid regardless of your grade, so grow some balls and raise your hand. I guarantee that there's someone else who's asking themselves the very same question, so just go ahead and help a fellow student out.

Lastly, let's talk about parties. I know it can be really easy to turn up every weekend, and I know that the idea of partaking in things that you aren't legally allowed to partake in seems a lot more fascinating than sitting in a class preparing for a future that adds dollar signs to your bank account, but you have responsibilities. There's a strong possibility that if you party every weekend you're neglecting your responsibilities and will end up flunking out of college and living in your parents basement. It's okay to have fun, but remember that there's a fine balance between work and play.

So, just to reiterate, your freedom is in the palm of your hand. Neither your parents nor your teachers have shoved this choice down your throat. It's time to be an adult. Procrastination really does kill your GPA and your bank account (college tuition is hella expensive). Money is never easily accessible, so please don't spend it all on illegal substances.

Oh and one more thing, diversity is a real thing, not just something you see on television, so get ready for those who speak, look, and believe differently than you. All in all, college is an amazingly euphoric and self-assessing place, no need to worry about it! It's a big transition that we all have to go through.

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10 Benefits of Bringing Your High School Relationship to College

As if great sex isn't enough of a reason to stay with your SO.

You rarely hear your friends mention any benefits of staying in their high school relationship through college, but you always hear their worries and complaints. These complaints are valid and probably accurate at the time, but when you look at the big picture you see the true benefits of staying in your relationship.

You have a piece of home to hold onto.
College is exciting, but it can also be scary at the beginning. You're thrown into a new place with new people and you're all alone. In my case, I moved to a big city and went to a school with nobody from my high school. Staying in my relationship gave me something from home. It was comforting to have someone who knew everything about me that I knew I could completely trust.

You avoid being a thot.
A huge benefit that goes unnoticed. I watched some of my closest friends hook up with boys and do things when they were blackout that they really regretted. The amount of times I had to bring them clothes and pick them up at boys houses the morning after was incalculable. Sure, I did a lot of stupid things and got a few of injuries when I was drunk, but none of them included hooking up with a teammate's boyfriend, waking up next to a boy at a completely different school, or getting STDs (yikes).

You have time to do your work.
Not having your boyfriend or girlfriend at the same school makes it easier for you to get a lot more work done because you're able to focus on your schoolwork without having to deal with one of the biggest distractions ever. Seeing my friends study with their boyfriends or guys that they're talking to is cute and all, but they end up complaining about how they still have to work on that problem set or essay because their study session turned into a hookup session.

You become a hella good friend and wingman or woman.
Without constantly dealing with the drama of trying to find a boyfriend, I realized how much of a good friend I became. I had SO much time for my friends and was able to be there for them through a lot of tough shit. I became a dependable friend they could go to for advice and a great wing woman at bars or at parties, for both my guy and girl friends.

You won't get sick of each other.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Not breathing down each other's necks and allowing each other to grow and live apart is healthy. In fact, it was really good for my relationship. It just proved that we were happy to be with each other despite everything. I never got sick of him, instead I replaced that feeling with just missing him. I would rather miss him rather than be annoyed with him any day.

Cost efficient.
Another benefit that goes unnoticed. My boyfriend mentioned to me how much money on food he saved while we were away at college. He's a finance major and I really love food (lol), and to his disdain, I ended up draining his bank account pretty quickly. I didn't buy him random things as much as I did in the summer or when we were in high school because I didn't really think it was a priority anymore. What mattered more was me getting to see him in general.

New friends.
Not only do you have your new friends at your new school, but you also have his. Visiting and facetiming you SO gives you the opportunity to befriend and meet new people. One of my best guy friends has his girlfriend visit our school often and her and I have grown closer with each visit. When I visit my boyfriend's school, I meet new people and form new friendships too.

Avoiding the shitty college hookup scene.
I've watched my best friends cry over how shitty the boys are in college and how they feel like they can't find anyone. No guy wants to commit, despite wanting consistent hookups. I watch boys toy around with my friends and lead them on. People always ask me if I get bored or want to hook up with other people and I have to say I just don't see the appeal. Maybe I'm just weird.

The sex is always great.
I am completely comfortable with my SO and he knows what I like, which takes time and trust. Why burn through a bunch of people trying to find great sex when you already have it? Not only do I not trust any of the boys at my school, but colleges are also home to STDs and boys who don't know what they're doing in bed. I'll pass, thanks though.

You have an unwavering support system.
He's stuck by me through my awkward teenage years and already dealt with meeting my parents. He's calmed me down with my psycho rampages where I question everything I'm doing with my life or when I've questioned our relationship. He's been witness to all my successes and failures and always been there for me to lean on. His support is truly unrivaled and without it, I don't know where I would be.

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Tales from a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

It's funny until it happens to you.

You know when you're really overprotective and you care so much that your SO calls you "psycho" but really you prefer to just refer to yourself as "caring"... regardless, here are five traits that are sure to get you put on the "psycho" list (even if they are all relatively common):

You get caught looking over his shoulder too often...
...which confuses me because you could just as easily catch me reading a total stranger's text fight with their boyfriend in line at the coffee shop. But apparently in a relationship, your nose belongs to yourself and not in your SO's phone screen.

If he doesn't say babe, does he even still love you?
He says babe in every good morning text and the first time he doesn't you're convinced that he must've found someone else and his love for you is over. In reality, he woke up two seconds before he had to leave and typed out as much as he could before running to class.

What's a "love you" without the I in front?
The "I" in I love you completely changes the game, and if your SO even dares to leave that very significant word out, they'll never hear the end of it. "Who loves me?!" is a question that comes out of your mouth far too often.

You're hot then you're cold.
One minute you're yelling his head off, the next you're giving him head. But ya know what they say, make up sex is the best sex.

You could have a career in stalking.
You always see when he follows someone new or gets a new follower. Just because he follows someone or someone follows him doesn't mean he finds them attractive. Look at your own follows list for proof. Except that VS model, even you think she's hot.

Jealousy is the best policy.
Just kidding, but you are pretty dang good at it. You get jealous when you see him talking to another girl or when you see someone constantly trying to get his attention. It's normal! Every guy thinks if they date someone new, the jealousy will go away, but it won't. It's just a sign of caring, really I promise.

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10 Reasons Not to Dump Your High School Sweetheart

Even though doing college in a relationship is frowned upon.

1. He's seen your 9th grade yearbook picture.And let's be real, braces and your awkward haircut do not add up to a winner. If he's seen you at your worst (literally) and still picked you, then chances are, he loves you for more than your looks.

2. Y'all were the IT couple.Homecoming king and queen, need I say more? You really wouldn't want to disappoint your whole class by breaking up, would you?

3. Your first two years of dating were in your living room.Your parents had to drive you back and forth on dates and family movie night was the usual. He loved you before sex was an easy option.

4. You have the same friends.I know this can get messy, but it's also the best combination. Your best friend dates his best friend? It can't get any better. Friend vacations are your future.

5. He trusts you.And if he doesn't, BYE. You've grown up together and by now, you ought to trust each other enough. Being in a long distance relationship can get tricky, but the reunions more than make up for it.

6. You have the same home.Home is where the heart is; if you're lucky enough to have both in the same town, count your blessings. Plus, holidays are so much easier when your families live within five minutes of each other. Trust me.

7. You knew about each other's dreams before they became reality.You know how important his basketball scholarship is to him, which makes you the best cheerleader. Sure, he's busy a lot, but you've seen him work for this for years and losing it just isn't an option. So, go sexy, go!

8. Date parties aren't awkward.Being tied together at the wrist can get kinda awkward if this is your first rodeo. Granted, alcohol helps, but so does being with the same guy that sings like a little boy in the shower. Ugh, so adorable.

9. You get to love each other a little bit longer.It's not hard to do the math. Plus, half of the stories you hear about your lover boy at his family events, you've not only heard a million times, but you also experienced them with him.

10. You're practically part of the family.They watched you grow up. And, let's be honest, half of the time you go to his house it's to see his mom and sister, not him.

So my point is: if you love someone and your relationship is working, hang on to them. Despite what everyone says, just because high school comes to an end doesn't mean your relationship has to.

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Why You Are Single and Alone

You're probably bringing yourself down.

Being single can be the greatest thing ever or a curse straight from hell. It can be a period of your life where you can take time to find yourself, or a period where you drown in your misery. It all depends on your perspective, and when it comes to dating and love, perspective is EVERYTHING.

But if you are one of those single and ready to mingle types that feel they just can't seem to get it right when it comes to dating, you're not alone. But feeling that way is a perfect sign that it is time for you to change your perspective. What better way to change your perspective than to do a bit of self-analyzing?

After a few years of being single and aimlessly drifting through the dating world as if I were lost at sea, I recently took the dive into a new relationship. I went from being single and alone to finding someone, but before being able to do that I had to change my negative way of thinking. You can do the same and here's how.

Your sense of humor sucks and you're boring.
Everyone loves to laugh. I know, it's a cliche as old as time, but cliches are cliches for a reason. Learn how to gauge how someone you like handles certain jokes. What one person finds vulgar and tasteless another person could find downright hysterical. If you can somehow manage to keep a girl smiling and entertained for just a few minutes, then you are in there like swimwear.

You should get off your ass!
Sitting at home in your Spongebob pajama pants with some wine and your cats while binge watching Orange Is the New Black is not an effective way to find love. You have to get out into the real world. Meet new people. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Surrounding yourself with the same people and doing the same things every day is a surefire way to end up a lonely old person. And no one wants to be a lonely old person.

Love yourself, you negative Nancy.
There's nothing worse than being around someone who is a negative Nancy. They are a constant source of negative energy, like a black hole that sucks in everything that gets close to it. I've had times where I was in such a slump that I didn't realize I was bringing everyone around me down.

You've got to love yourself before you can expect someone else to.

Be a selfish prick for a bit.
Isn't it sad when you a see a guy or girl invest all of their time and energy into someone else? Codependency can be cringeworthy, so avoid being "that guy/girl". Learn to get your life flowing in a direction that you feel is productive. Put your focus into bettering yourself in every way.

Nothing beats being around someone who seems to have it all figured out. It inspires those around you and gives them positive vibes.

Grow some balls.
And finally, the most cliche of all cliches - you have to be fearless and confident. You can't let fear of rejection control you. Start by doing things in your everyday life that cause you to face uncertainty. Try taking a different route to your morning class.

Push yourself to try something new and difficult, like learning a new language or signing up for a gym membership. Train yourself to always be at your best so the next time you see that girl or guy you've been crushing on, you'll have the balls to simply introduce yourself.

And maybe, just maybe, you won't be single and alone anymore.