Summer Activities For Every Stoner
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Summer Activities For Every Stoner

You'll be high, but never bored.

Peanut butter and jelly, pen and paper, bread and butter, marijuana and summer, all these things just go together so perfectly -- especially marijuana and summer.

Think about it, the two most relaxing things put together in one. What could possibly be better? Summer is the time where stress seems to diminish, and weed just diminishes any stress in your life, period. Why not combine the two to have one of the most epic stoner summers of your life?

Since I am somewhat of a lover of the reefer life, I thought I would put out a list of fun summer activities to do while you're smoking the devil's lettuce.

So, without further ado, here are some activities to do while you're high, instead of just lounging around listening to Dave Matthews on your back porch all summer.Disclaimer: don't get so high that you fall asleep at any of these places -- not a good look, dude.

Go to the pool.
Just think about how cool everything feels when you're stoned. Now amp that up, dive into a pool and feel a whole new sensation you have surely never felt before.

Take a walk in nature.
This is an activity I suggest doing with your best buds. Not only do you get to enjoy all the glory nature has to offer, but surely some truly entertaining and deep conversations are to be had right in the heart of mother earth.

Play with puppies
OK, dogs are literally incredible at all times, but going to play with puppies while high makes you think about life in a whole new way. Like, why in the hell are we so lucky to be placed on earth with these angelic animals?

Attend Concerts
If you are anything like me, then when it comes to getting high, the playlist must be on point. However, what if your favorite band came to your hometown? Well, you better light up and jam out to some good ol' live music. Let's face it, nothing is better than being high at a live show surrounded by happy people.

Go to community festivals
Now, I'm not really talking about your county fairs, I'm talking about the arts fest, or, if your city was anything like mine, the local festival where all the hippies get together and sell their sh**. It's the best vibes, and you get to walk away with some cool new jewelry and probably some entertaining conversations with strangers.

Art Museums
I know not all of us are art fans, and may even think they are the most boring places to be, but trust me on this one, going to check out art while high is one of the funniest things you could ever do. All the colors look brighter, and a basic square takes on a whole new meaning while stoned. You may even shed a tear, you could feel so moved.

Record Store
Record stores are unfortunately hard to come by nowadays. When you find one, smoke some weed and march your butt into one. Chances are, the record store owner is a pretty damn cool and has a few stories to share with you. They can even recommend some of the greatest bands you may have never found on your own. 10/10 would recommend doing this.

Hang out with your friends on a porch
I know at the beginning of this article I warned against doing this, but sometimes, just being outside with all your best friends is all you need in life.

So, my fellow stoner friends, go out into the world and have one of the best summers you possibly can. Whether it's stoned or sober, go out and explore everything this world has to offer you.

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6 Things That Probably Won't Happen This Summer

Don't even make a Pinterest board of expectations

I totally get it; ever since middle school when I started watching Degrassi and Jersey Shore, I made it my goal to have unique and fun-filled summers. I wanted to live the way they did, and apparently I thought I would have tan skin, neon tank tops, and flirting boys at my disposal all summer long. It has taken me 6 years now to realize that the things you wish would happen over the summer usually won't happen at all. Hell no.

You're probably not going to that amusement park with all of those friends on X day. Four of them won't have the money, two of them will have to work, and one of them will just flat out stop responding to the group text. And there's no way you're going to go with just Vicki and James, that would be awkward as hell.

Your friends probably won't come visit you, nor will you visit them. Yeah, you thought three hours away isn't too bad, and then you realized that it is. It is that bad.

You won't have summer flings with a guy from a different country. Because let's be honest, you won't even leave the house on the weekends long enough to see the sun set, let alone hook up with a guy after a night at the bar.

You won't get that 9-5 job with weekends off. As much as you think your resume looks good enough for you to be hired in place of a 42-year-old who needs a 401k, they aren't going to give you a chance. You'll be stuck working at the same place you worked at in high school. I know you want weekends off, but you know damn well you wouldn't be doing anything anyway. Might as well make that money.

You won't workout more. You'll workout less, actually. I always make it my goal to become a better runner, and every summer I am reminded of why I will never be a better runner. It's that damn heat, man.

You won't get as tan as you think. 1. Because you're either sleeping in till 1 pm or inside working all day, and 2. Because it's too fucking hot to sit outside and sweat, just to get a little bit pink.

You won't have a rager pool party that turns into a bonfire chill sesh. Most of the people you invite will be too awkward to let go and jump in the pool, and everyone will leave before the moon comes out. So there goes the bonfire.

Unfortunately, we all know these are way too true. Of course, there will still be a couple of incredible nights this summer that we will always remember, with people who just make it perfect. They will make us forget about the things that we wanted, and grateful for the things that actually happened.

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What to Do When You Have Nothing to Do

C'mon. Do something.

Somebody recently asked me what to do when they have nothing to do. Not because they were bored, just simply because they had nothing to really... you know, do.

What a rare and delicate miracle it would be to wake up, brush your teeth, trip over that goddamn box that's sitting in the middle of the room, and realize that you have absolutely nothing to do today! Of course, if you're like me, that would drive you nuts. Here is a list of possible adventures for your otherwise empty day:

Scrounge for change.
Not because you're broke, although if you're in college, you probably are. In that case, flip your couch and see how many quarters have stopped participating in our economic circulation! Become the Hulk, get angry! Turn that couch upside down and call it cleaning! Or gently slide it over because, I don't know if you've ever tried to relocate a sofa but they're quite heavy.

Go surfing.
On Youtube, obviously. Surf the channels and find a new favorite comedian! Discover an inspirational role model that will most likely turn into an obsession and make your own video! Not with the intention to upload it but, who knows, you may become the next Joe Santagato! Not really though, nobody can be Joe Santagato.

Go surfing.
But only if you live near an ocean.

Find your zen spot.
The best thing in the world is having a place to escape the harsh worries of life, or your parents. You may think you know everything about your town, and you're probably right, but nonetheless it is always exciting to discover a kickass coffee shop or even a new favorite tree to hang out under. A place that you can rightfully claim as yours. For example, my place is Starbucks. Like, all of them.

Do the thing.
You know that thing you started that one time that you keep telling yourself you want to finish but keep getting sidetracked by ridiculous encounters, such as exams and finals? Well, here's your chance to continue starting the thing you're never going to finish anyway but will certainly give you the illusion of being productive.

Try new drinks.
Make it a taste test type event! Whether it be beer, coffee, cocktails, or various bottles of water, broaden your horizons and find a new favorite drink! After all, it's the little things in life that help you get through an otherwise aggravating day.

But do it without a destination in mind, just to see where you end up. Get lost on purpose, it clears your mind like you wouldn't believe. If you aren't comfortable without a GPS, Apple maps can help you get lost in no time. Give it a try!

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Bored This Summer? Try These.

Try new things, it won't hurt you.

Summer is the season all college student look forward to, yes, even us try-hards. However, there may inevitably be days when you are bored out of your mind and don't know what to do. Here are some random things to do to try and kill a few hours.

1. Go to a bookstore and buy a textbook in a subject you have interest in. This may be more for the try-hard college people, but if you're into it, bring about 10 highlighters. At least.

2. Listen to a music station you wouldn't normally listen to on Pandora or a similar radio-thing. Try jazz, classical, screamo, or acappella music. You'd be surprised over the plethora of music on these stations. If you really want, you can dance along.

3. Go on Old Faithful (meaning YouTube) and look up how to do a new hairstyle, make an omelette, try a makeup style, do Pilates, etc. Learn a new skill. If you're ambitious (or super bored), learn about something pertinent to your major.

4. See what's going on in your local community and go to a concert, or festival, or whatever else is going on.

5. Pick up a video game. Play it. Love it.

6. Look around your house and take random pictures. Channel your inner photographer, my friend.

7. Give yourself a spa treatment. Take a bath, get some special oils, light some candles, listen to some calming music, and just soak.

8. Watch something on Netflix. (As if I have to tell you).

9. If your family is close, go see them.

10. Go to the local parks and see if there are any games going on, no matter what sport, and spectate.

11. Take a look on your university website and see what discounts are available. Maybe you can find a ticket to your new favorite thing.

12. Volunteer anywhere.

13. Go to a bar and try a drink you wouldn't normally try.

14. Similar to the last one, go to the grocery and get some food you wouldn't normally try. You may accidentally find something you like.

15. Pick up a coloring book and go nuts.

16. Walk or go exploring.

17. Go on They are an organization that gives away free rice to people in need of food, all for you answering some questions correctly.

18. Check Groupon for any deals. Be sure to be open to trying some new things.

19. Try out Sudoku or a crossword, be old school that way.

20. Look online and see if there are any crafts you can make to enhance your living space.

21. This could be emotionally dangerous, but go to a local humane society and hang out with the animals. Hanging out with animals can relieve stress.

22. Go to a thrift shop and see what interesting things you can find.

23. Download a workout app on your phone and see what exercise routines work for you.

24. Look through your closet and see if there are some things you haven't worn in about a year. Then, give them away.

25. Go out with friends to someplace you wouldn't normally go.

Still bored? Try writing your own list.

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Bored? Me Too

Why is there never anything to do?

Recently, a lot of my decisions and actions have felt very blah. I think sophomore slump came early. So, to keep from falling further into my pit of complacency, I've decided to mix things up this summer.

I can imagine a lot of students returning home for the summer or starting summer semester will find themselves in a similar predicament, especially when binge-watching shows becomes old news. Here's some ways to switch things up.

1. Take a new route to class or work.
For some reason, I've been taking the same route to work for the last year. No wonder I'm bored. I would suggest leaving early enough to take the scenic route or make a few random turns here and there. Just try not to get too lost. We still want to get to class on time.

2. Explore your town more.
If you're at school, get off campus. A different environment is a great way to get out of a slump. There's so much to see in the town that your home for four years. Even if you've lived in the same town for years, there's bound to be something new going on. The beauty of being away for college is that when you return, you get to rediscover your hometown.

3. Step out of your eatery comfort zone.
It may not seem like a lot, but believe it or not, changing where you stop for breakfast or lunch makes a difference. Food keeps you going and new options keep you from getting bored. Whether you're on campus or off campus, take a group of friends and go look for new options. It makes for a fun day outing.

4. Do anything out of the ordinary.
Repetition has given me horrible writer's block. Switching to expressing myself in a different medium, even drawing stick figures on my notebooks, has helped. If you're on campus this summer, take a class that has nothing to do with your major. Do volunteer work. If you're home and think your options are more limited, do something silly like going to the movie theater in the morning. Study a new language or brush up on an old one. Do something crazy and before you know it, you'll be out of your slump.

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Productive Things To Do This Summer Instead of Being Bored

Ditch Insta stalking for a new hobby or skill.

Even if you have a summer job or internship, you likely have a lot of free time in between shifts. Summer is great for chilling out, but lounging around watching Netflix for three months gets old. When boredom hits, here are some ideas on how to stay busy and feel productive.

Learn how to cook.
Or, if you can already cook, learn new recipes! If you're past the dining plan stage of college and you have a kitchen at school, you'll thank yourself next semester when you can whip up something good for dinner super quick. Being armed with a handful of recipes, and the skills to make them, will ease the frustration of coming home hungry after a long day and not knowing what to eat. Plus, it's easier to eat healthy when you cook for yourself - stop buying greasy burgers and eat at home!

Get in shape.
It's easy to fall into bad habits during the carefree summer months - sleeping til noon, laying around checking Tumblr for hours, going out for ice cream a bit too often - so challenge yourself to stay active and healthy by getting into an exercise routine. If you're a newbie to working out, start by researching different fitness routines and determining what kinds of workouts you enjoy most.

Do some freelance work.
Apply for a freelance job or two to make a few extra dollars, or at the very least, for resume-boosting experience. There are so many different options, like being a freelance writer, graphic designer, website builder, social media manager - whatever your talent may be, there's probably a market for it somewhere. There are tons of outlets for finding freelance work - I recommend searching the Reddit subreddits: r/forhire and r/hireawriter. Or, ya know, writing for FlockU.

Stock up on fall and winter wardrobe essentials.
Future you will be stoked that your wardrobe is ready for the fall semester. Hit the mall and go shopping for cold-weather items that are on sale. Nobody else is out looking for last season's sweaters, so go get em!

Be an alcohol snob.
No one has time to be picky about their drinks in college, you just drink whatever's in the keg, or the cheapest bottom-shelf vodka with soda. So use your free time to find interesting cocktail recipes, try new brands of your favorite liquors, and discover new craft beers. Volunteer to be the mixologist or bartender for your friends so that you'll have a better go-to than Natty Light next semester.

Discover new music.
Finding things to keep all those summer nights interesting can be hard. Take a few nights to skip getting trashed at the bar where you're a regular, and check out cheap local concerts. If you're in a super small town without much of a music scene, look around for coffee shops with open mic nights to see some truly local talent.