Steph Curry's Career Is Over
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Steph Curry's Career Is Over

It was a good run.

Well, that's all she wrote for Steph. It seems like just yesterday he was on top of the world and the best player on his own team (flame emoji). Now, he's getting shit on like he's some walk on from Mercer.

I don't care how the rest of his season goes. He's officially an afterthought. The Warriors are now Kevin Durant's team and the NBA belongs to Russell Westbrook. Facts are facts.

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Time For Steph Curry To Be Superman Once Again

It's the Chef's time to shine.

The Golden State Warriors' fairy tale march to the 2017 NBA Championship title finally has its first bump in the road.

Kevin Durant is going to miss a month of basketball after suffering a Grade 2 MCL sprain and tibial bone bruise, the team announced Wednesday. The Warriors said he is out "indefinitely," and he'll be re-evaluated in four weeks. The team also said he could theoretically return before the end of the regular season.

The Warriors, currently sitting pretty atop the Western Conference at 50-10, have 22 games left this year. Fifteen of those games fall under the four-week window the team has set out, a good chunk of action.

Which means it's safe to say Golden State is going to have to figure out a different identity for the next 15 games if they want to hold on to the No. 1 seed. The Spurs, after all, are only four games back in the standings at 45-13, and have played two fewer games.

How will the Warriors ever figure out how to survive without Durant? It's not like they did this for 82 games last season, with a very similar roster, including three danged All-Stars. And it's not like they have the reigning two-time MVP, who set the NBA record for most three-pointers in a season last year.

Boy, I guess the Warriors are just doomed.

Except they're probably not.

They're probably going to be just fine. The Spurs are great, and to write them off as threats to the top seed in the West would be foolish, but the Warriors are a true powerhouse. All this does is set Steph Curry up to be the hero he was all last season.

In fact, this could end up being a blessing in disguise for Curry and the Warriors. Because, in case you haven't noticed, while Curry's had yet another great season, he hasn't been the player he was last year. In part, that's because he doesn't need to -- he has freaking Kevin Durant on his team!

But if we get away from a to-be-expected decrease in points, rebounds, three pointers, and field goal attempts per game, there are still deficiencies in Curry's game that are a little surprising.

Like, maybe, the fact that Curry is shooting 40.4 percent from deep, the lowest mark of his entire career?

And also the fact that Curry is shooting 46.4 percent from the field, his lowest mark in five years?

These aren't exactly damning stats considering, for a shooter of Curry's style and volume, those are still really darn good numbers. Anything above 40 percent from deep on 9.8 attempts per night is stellar. But consider that Curry shot 1.4 more threes per game last season, and shot an entire five percent better!

Curry's mind-boggling excellence was the reason the Warriors were the steamroller they were last year, and it still wasn't enough to win a title against one of the three best players in league history in LeBron James. So the Warriors added Kevin Durant to take out any uncertainty, but with Curry receding in a few areas, that guaranteed ring wasn't looking particularly guaranteed.

With Durant is out for a month, this is the perfect time for Curry to return to his 2015-16 form. He'll have a little more room to operate in the offense, and if he can rekindle what he was doing last year, the Warriors will be totally set to dominate, maybe even better than they've been so far this season, when Durant returns.

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Steph Curry's Dance With Oracle Security Guards Is Amazing (Video)

His pregame rituals are almost better than the actual game. Almost.

We all know Steph Curry's pregame routine. From the outrageous handles to the ridiculously deep threes with ease, he is a spectacle even before the ball is tipped.

New developments in his routine have made it even more intriguing.

Steph is known for interacting with the numerous security guards at Oracle Arena, and having a good relationship with them. This week, a video surfaced of him and some guards dancing and singing a song. After some digging, the internet found that the song is from Jones Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage, a fake commercial put out by Chicago comedian Robert L. Hines about six years ago.

Simply amazing.

So many questions here. Where did Steph get a hold of this? I had never heard of it before this, but I wish I had. There's more parts to the comical series, which can be found here and here.

In all honesty, barbecue is probably my favorite type of food, and I love a good foot rub. Get yourself a place than can do both.

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The Thunder's Arrogance Might Be Their Doom

They're one loss away from an epic collapse.

Arrogance. Depending on how you look at it, it can be a positive or a negative. In the case I present to you here, it is just plain stupid.

I think choke would be an understatement to what Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook managed to do on Saturday night, and even worse if the outcome on Memorial Days sways in Golden State's favor.

Sure, they are still one game shy of shocking the world for a consecutive (unexpected?) playoff series win, but they are still one game away. I'm no rocket scientist or anything, but I believe their opponent, the best regular season team in NBA history, is just one win shy as well.

Westbrook and KD completely disrespected (disrepecked) the defending champion Warriors and their fearless leader, the first unanimous MVP, Steph Curry.

Russell Westbrook laughed at the idea that Steph's defense was underrated. Steph got the last laugh in Game 6 with a steal (that's defense right?) that put a dagger right through the heart of Oklahoma City.

Kevin Durant gave a better response, but definitely still a little too confident when he said, "he doesn't guard the best point guards."

One things for sure, with a 3-1 series lead, it's easy to lose focus; only nine teams in NBA history have ever come back from a 3-1 playoff deficit. But there has only been one 73-win Golden State Warriors team, and they are not everyone else.

Especially after cracking under the pressure and losing a second consecutive game, the Thunder and their dynamic duo, must win again in Oracle Arena, a place where Golden State has only lost 3 times the entire year (including playoffs), or risk letting their arrogance get the best of them.

Steph Curry is about as humble a superstar gets. LeBron James could not have been more respectful after finishing off the hard-fighting Raptors in Game 6. KD and Russ? They've got some work to do.

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Steph Curry Catches Mouthguard Mid-Play

It was pretty sick.

There's a reason why they call Steph Curry the best player in the league.

It was evident again on Thursday as his Golden State Warriors took a 117-101 win over the struggling Brooklyn Nets. Yes, they were expected to win that game and Curry only had 15 points, but he did something that people will remember.

That's right: Curry lost his mouth guard, caught it and dished out a one-handed assist. Pretty cool. It was one of his seven assists on the day. Let's just say it was probably his best, too.

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The Thunder Took It To The Warriors

Steph Curry and company are human, after all.

Sunday night, the Thunder did something no team in the NBA would've dreamt of doing during the regular season: they beat Steph Curry and the Warriors by 28 points.


And while that sounds insane because of how damn good the Warriors are, there were warning signs that this kind of thing could happen.

It went largely unnoticed because of the whole "best regular season in freaking history" thing, but when the Warriors lost in the regular season, they lost big.

Admittedly, the numbers are a little skewed because of Portland's 32-point drubbing of Golden State in the Damian Lillard Revenge Game(TM) in February, but in the Warriors' nine regular season losses, the average margin of victory for their opponents was 21.1 points.

Their postseason losses have been much closer, as postseason games tend to be: their first three losses of the playoffs were by an average of 6.3 points per game.

Then, of course, Sunday night happened.

Serge Ibaka got things jumping for OKC early on with this monstrous posterization over Festus Ezili.

Russell Westbrook was out-rebounding multiple Warriors players on his own.

Even Dion Waiters was doing things!

Thunder exploded for a 32-7 run to end the first half.

At one point, the run reached this level of fire:

The Thunder set a franchise record for most points in a postseason game. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook combined for 63 points on just 34 shots.

It was, in every sense of the word, domination.

Still, it's not all doom and gloom for the Bay Area bombers.

After each of the Warriors' five double-digit losses during the regular season, Steve Kerr's squad bounced back strong. They responded by winning the following games by an average of 14.4 points per game. When the Blazers beat them by 12 points in the second round, the Warriors responded with a seven-point overtime win the next time out.

All told, Golden State has yet to lose back-to-back games in 96 games since October. History suggests they won't start now, with the best player in the world and the 2015-16 Coach of the Year in tow.


Don't look now. The Thunder have a 2-1 series lead on the Warriors, with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook playing like the superstars they are.

If Oklahoma City wins Game 4, things will get very, very interesting.