Steph Curry's Career Is Over
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Steph Curry's Career Is Over

It was a good run.

Well, that's all she wrote for Steph. It seems like just yesterday he was on top of the world and the best player on his own team (flame emoji). Now, he's getting shit on like he's some walk on from Mercer.

I don't care how the rest of his season goes. He's officially an afterthought. The Warriors are now Kevin Durant's team and the NBA belongs to Russell Westbrook. Facts are facts.

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Steph Curry And Russell Westbrook Get Into It

Where was Kevin Durant to mediate?

"Oh, it's getting physical! It's getting physical!"

Well, isn't this cute? Little Steph Curry has a little fight to him after all. It was when he started pushing and shoving with Semaj Criston when Russell Westbrook decided to get involved in the dust up as well.

I know the Thunder think that this is a newfound little rivalry, but to the Warriors, they're just another team. It's too bad Durant was still sidelined for this game or he could have been a nice mediator between his current teammates and his former teammates.

To really stick it to the Thunder, Steph hit this little guy at the halftime buzzer to sprinkle a little bit of insult to that injury. This is just what Steph does. He is not bothered by anybody because he continues to stab daggering shots into people's backs.

If that scuffle was physical, what does that make the fight between Kobe Bryant and Chris Childs where Childs delivered two punches to Kobe's face? Don't piss off the mamba.

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Steph Curry Sends Rudy Gobert Spinning In Circles

Absolute filth.

Now we have all seen some great crossovers before, but I don't think I have ever seen one player get spun around twice on one play.

This is absolutely filthy and so aesthetically pleasing that it is just hard to look away. Props to Rudy Gobert for trying his hardest to stay in front of Curry, I am glad he didn't sprain another MCL in the process.

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Chef Curry Serves Up The Best Pass Of The Season

But was it a travel?

The Golden State Warriors have been rolling as of late. They've won 12 in a row, in large part due the performances of back-to-back MVP Stephen Curry. He's been on a tear and the reason why the Warriors have been able to cope so well with the loss of superstar Kevin Durant.

Chef Curry was at it again last night against the Timberwolves. This time he delivered the dirtiest dime of the season

After watching the replay numerous ties, I couldn't help but notice a blatant travel. Even a Timberwolves player on the bench was signaling Curry's infraction to the ref. I understand it's the NBA and the refs rarely call travels but does this undermine the greatness of the play?

A rule is a rule, but in this scenario, it didn't have any affect on the outcome of the game because the Warriors were cruising. They demolished Minnesota 121-107 and kept their hot streak going. Can the Warriors ride this winning stretch all they way into the playoffs? Only time will tell.

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The Only Game 7 Viewing Guide You'll Need

Legacies are on the line Sunday night.

Hey, you. Yeah, you. Heads up: there's important basketball being played tonight. Like, very important basketball.

Game 7 of the NBA Finals tips off at 8:00 p.m. on ABC. The game pits the Cavs against the Warriors. Odds are good your social media timelines will be flooded with reactions, GIFs, and general #content about the game.

In preparation, here's a primer on what you may have missed, and what you have to look forward to.

Tell me about the sports part!
This has been the series to end all series, in terms of drama, but basketball-wise? Not all that competitive. Both teams have put up inspired stretches of basketball, but rarely have they matched up. No game has been decided by fewer than 14 points.

In Game 1, the Warriors won so handily that All-Stars Steph Curry and Klay Thompson didn't have to do hardly anything to win by 15 points. In Game 2, Golden State more than doubled that margin of victory, toppling the Cavs, 110-77.

It was getting bad, fast.

But LeBron wasn't going quietly into the night just like that. He scored 32 points, the Cavs won by 30 (!), and all of a sudden we had a series.

Kind of.

Game 4 swung back in favor of the Warriors, who won by 21 points to take a 3-1 lead. (Golden State has won three games in this series by an average of 19.6 points per game, which is not normal for a series heading to Game 7.)

BUT, HARK! WHAT GOES THERE? It appears to be... the LeBron-and-Kyrie revolution!

In Game 5, with Draymond Green suspended because of an interesting altercation with LeBron, the Cavs got 82 points from Kyrie and the King, lifting Cleveland to an 112-97 win and bringing the series back home.

Then, in Game 6, LeBron scored 41 more points -- with Draymond playing -- and Steph Curry was ejected late in the game for weaponizing oral hardware, and POOF! We have Game 7 on the horizon.

Internet highlights? We've got your internet highlights.
For starters, this dunk from LeBron in Game 5 set the internet ablaze.

As did this dunk in Game 6.

But the most enduring parts of this series' internet highlights have been the non-basketball topics.

Since the Wall Street Journal wrote an article about Curry's shoes getting roasted online, the Cavaliers have won two games by a combined 29 points and Curry has shot 39 percent from the field while earning his first ejection since 2013. Coincidence?

Meh, probably.

It probably *isn't* a coincidence that since Draymond Green, and then the rest of the Warriors -- and then Skip Bayless -- decided to take the casual sexist route against LeBron James in/after Game 5, he has played some of the most inspired basketball of his career.

In a career full of missteps, Bayless's decision to call James an historically demeaning term for a woman -- on top all of the tremendously obvious shortcomings of that decision, which deserve their own post -- simply added fuel to the fire burning inside a man, James, who has spent a decade proving Bayless's hot takes wrong with systematic efficiency.

LeBron's put on a damn show on the offensive end, as we've already talked about. But his defense has been equally impressive, and led to delightful internet fodder, like this chiding of Steph Curry after a particularly vicious block late in Game 6.

And, of course, Steph Curry's wife, Ayesha, decided the NBA was rigged -- for money! -- after the Warriors' superstar was ejected for throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd after fouling out.

So, yeah, a lot has happened on the internet.

What's left to be said?

With a second NBA Finals trophy, Steph Curry can both cement this two-season stretch as quite possibly the most dominant individual stretch since Michael Jordan's second three-peat with the Bulls. He has turned the league on its head, and two championships in two years would go a long way towards immortalizing this already sterling stretch of basketball.

Elsewhere, there's the storyline of team-versus-team. We've seen an already enticing rivalry take another step, turning into a tantalizing, towering two-team tussle. If the Cavs win, the two will be tied at one apiece. If the Warriors best Cleveland again, Golden State will inarguably be the greater of the two. So the legacy of this rivalry (for now) is effectively on the line.

In the end, though, this series has been about LeBron James, as is so often the case in this league.

He has dominated the stat sheet and dictated play, as shown above. He has rallied his team from a two-game deficit, forcing a Game 7 in the Finals after trailing 3-1 for the first time in decades.

And now, he has a chance to become the most beloved man in Cleveland since Jim Brown by winning the Cavaliers their first NBA championship. The circle can complete itself, LeBron transitioning from chosen one, to rued betrayer, to prodigal son returned, all the way to leader-in-excelsior.

One man's prediction? The Cavs pull off the comeback, and LeBron launches his bid for Mayor of Cleveland in the postgame locker room.

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Steph Curry's Dance With Oracle Security Guards Is Amazing (Video)

His pregame rituals are almost better than the actual game. Almost.

We all know Steph Curry's pregame routine. From the outrageous handles to the ridiculously deep threes with ease, he is a spectacle even before the ball is tipped.

New developments in his routine have made it even more intriguing.

Steph is known for interacting with the numerous security guards at Oracle Arena, and having a good relationship with them. This week, a video surfaced of him and some guards dancing and singing a song. After some digging, the internet found that the song is from Jones Good Ass BBQ and Foot Massage, a fake commercial put out by Chicago comedian Robert L. Hines about six years ago.

Simply amazing.

So many questions here. Where did Steph get a hold of this? I had never heard of it before this, but I wish I had. There's more parts to the comical series, which can be found here and here.

In all honesty, barbecue is probably my favorite type of food, and I love a good foot rub. Get yourself a place than can do both.