Step Back Metro Boomin, This Dad Is Next Up
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Step Back Metro Boomin, This Dad Is Next Up

2017: The year of the dad?

2016 was a wild ride, and not necessarily in the best of ways. This dad producing a straight up FIRE beat on a simple app is just the pick-up we needed to start the year off well. There is absolutely no sarcasm in this post... are you listening, Kanye, Future, Kendrick, etc.?

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Lil Dicky's New Music Video Has To Be Seen To Be Believed

Brain gotta poop.

On Lil Dicky's debut album, he released a song (or story) titled "Pillow Talking" in which he discusses everything from the war to aliens to midgets with a girl with whom he has just had sex. Fans have been hysterical about it, because it will have you laughing through nearly all 11 minutes.

Today, he released the music video, and it has blow away expectations with its incredible visuals, and putting a sight to the song we've all adored. You should probably be high for full effect, but this video is not one to miss-- especially with the cameo from his own brain.

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Rob Gronkowski Lives The Best Life

A music video? What's next?

Everything just keeps going great for Rob Gronkowski. He just signed a new deal on Tuesday that could pay him up to as much as $10.75 million this season, and if that's not enough he's got models eating freaking sushi off his chest in a new music video.

Gronk appeared in 3LAU's newly released music video for their song "On My Mind." The real question I have after watching is if this is just a regular day in the life of Rob Gronkowski. Hot women, partying, pillow fights, and the occasional soy sauce facial just sounds like the kind of baller shit Gronk is up to these days.

And with OTAs in full swing, football just seems to be a side project for Gronk these days. First WrestleMania, now acting in music videos. What's next for Gronk? I wouldn't be surprised if we see him in the next Avengers movie.

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Dad Leaves Behind An Emotional Surprise For His Son's 16th Birthday

Grab your tissues.

Warning: If you do not want to mess your makeup up or look soft then do not watch this video!

Full Story from his sister's Facebook post, according to Reddit: "So today is my little brothers 16th birthday, and his first birthday without our dad. But, dad was always filled with surprises. About a month ago I dropped J off at his guitar lesson, and one of the amazing instructors told me there was something I should see. When she showed me I just dropped to my knees, I just couldn't believe it. But I had to keep it a secret until his birthday. So this morning I woke up and picked up my brother from school and blindfolded him. Drove him to the music center and this is the outcome. A big thank you goes out to the music center, who helped keep my dads dream alive."

I'm not crying, you're crying.

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Luke Walton Has It Made Next Year

Not to mention his dad is basketball royalty.

New Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton has been living large, and his life is about to get larger. For the remainder of the Golden State Warriors season, Walton will be a part of their coaching staff; a staff he was in charge of in place of Steve Kerr for 43 games this season. During that 43 game span, Walton was 39-4.

The ironic part about Luke Walton's hiring is the fact that a monkey could have done his job. A drunken bum could have done it. Sitting on the sidelines watching Steph Curry nail 10 threes a game doesn't look too tiresome.

The fact is, Luke Walton, the son of legend Bill Walton, the former Laker himself, who by default lead the Warriors to a great run, is going back to the city of angels to coach the most famous team in all of basketball.

How can somebody get so lucky to be hired as the head coach of the Lakers at the age of 36? Luke Walton has it made, and he has the opportunity to become a Laker legend. At 36, Walton has a chance to bring the Lakers back to the top, with young talent and high draft picks ahead of the team. Walton will shortly be cruising around in his brand new convertible, sunglasses on, being praised as the new golden boy in LA.

The greatest thing about Walton's life will be that Kobe Bryant is finished his illustrious career. The headlines of the Los Angeles media can focus primarily on the face of Luke Walton. Other than the dump that Kobe left Walton, his life should be pretty smooth.

D'Angelo Russell is a young talented point guard, and in a guard's' game, his game should begin to thrive. There's nothing better for a brand new coach than a couple of recent high draft picks, along with a possible top three pick this summer.

Unfortunately for LA, if that pick is outside the top three, it goes to the Philadelphia 76ers, in which case Luke Walton should just pack his bags and leave the Lakers, because they're going to need all the help they can get, Luke Walton or not.

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Chimpanzee Quarterback: The Best Video Of 2017

Maybe the Browns should take a look?

This is the best video that 2017 has presented us, without a doubt. So it looks like a chimpanzee flings his shit at a crowd watching -- and it absolutely DRILLS an innocent Grandma in the face.

Like holy shit, this video is perfect. The commentary has made me laugh for a solid five minutes: "It got Grandma!!!"

I really don't blame the chimp. It's gotta be real shitty (lol, literally) to be trapped in an enclosure -- let alone one that includes a group of annoying ass humans watching your every move. This chimpanzee finally got his revenge, unfortunately on a Grandma, but nonetheless I don't think you could create a better video than this. All the elements: an incredible play from an animal, and a poor elderly woman getting slapped by some shit.

You might have a tough start to the week, but at least you're not this Grandma.