Starbucks Frappuccinos For That Sugar Rush Life
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Starbucks Frappuccinos For That Sugar Rush Life

And that empty wallet life.

Everybody with a pulse knows what a Starbucks frappuccino is... mostly because they tend to make that pulse start racing with all of the freaking sugar you're drinking. They're yummy though.

It seems like Starbucks has been coming up with crazier and crazier concoctions for your consumption, with the recent limited unicorn frappuccino that took the internet by storm in April. Everybody was talking about it. Everybody.

The wildest part? It had, like, a million grams of sugar in it (the 16 oz. grande size had 59, to be exact). My pancreas hurts just thinking about it.

While the unicorn frapp may have been one of the most sugary drinks at Starbucks, two actually have it beat, and there's a whole array of other frapps that are probably just as bad (I'm honestly scared to check the contents).

Whether you're a frapphead or just plain curious, here's some wild frappuccinos that will definitely give even the biggest sweet tooth a sugar rush:

The Dragon Frappuccino

source: starbucks secret menu

Clearly nobody wanted to stop at the unicorn frappuccino, and some inspired baristas decided to come up with this bad boy (no, really, I'm kind of scared of it), and it's since been posted on the secret menu website. (Please note that the secret menu isn't real, and you have to order things off of it by recipe, not name!)

A modification of the green tea frapp, some clever berry swirl (made of white mocha and dried berries) and some other sugary stuff gets you this Insta-worthy drink. The board drawing above asks, "Can you tame the dragon frappuccino?"

No, no I cannot.

The Mermaid Frappuccino

source: starbucks secret menu

Another contender to go against its dragon counterpart, the mermaid frapp is a similarly colorful drink with some different ingredients. The Starbucks logo was originally a mermaid, so I mean, it works.

This one is even more intimidating than the dragon version, in my opinion. A modification of the vanilla bean frapp, you have to add dried berries and line the entire thing with green drizzle. If you were wondering, this is how you order the damn drizzle:

  • Eight pumps (eight!) of white mocha sauce
  • Three pumps of toasted coconut syrup
  • Three heaping (yes, the website says heaping) scoops of matcha

My stomach suddenly hurts. I commend the brave soul who risks their pancreas and overall well-being for this.

American Cherry Pie Frappuccino

source: delish

So this one was only available in Japan, hence the name, between April and May, but it blended real cherry compote into a vanilla frapp and then stuck a damn pie crust on top instead of using a lid. It looks... really good, so you'll have to decide whether the sugar crash afterwards will be worth the risk.

I haven't seen a secret menu dupe of this yet, but I'm sure one's coming.

Orange Honeycomb Crunch Frappuccino

source: delish

This guy was only available in Starbucks locations in Indonesia and Singapore. A blend of cream and orange sauce topped off with honeycomb candy and citrus drizzle, this supposedly tasted like a creamsicle. Yum! But also, wow, that sugar intake.

Like most of these frappuccinos, there's just cream and no caffeine, but oh my god, this one just feels so blatant about it. There was a mocha counterpart for the people who wanted to feel like they were at least getting something beneficial beyond a taste bud explosion, but I think the sugar content was high there, too.

Chocolate Crunch Frappuccino

source: delish

Japan struck again with this one, a coffee frapp with lots of chocolate sauce, cacao nibs, bits of biscotti and almonds, and some coffee-flavored whipped cream on top. Honestly, this one would be right up my alley if I didn't value my blood sugar levels.

I think I'm having heart palpitations just thinking about it.

Pokemon-Go Frappuccino

source: starbucks secret menu

So believe it or not, the unicorn frapp is not the frappuccino with the most sugar. In fact, it's in third place. The Pokemon-themed frapp that Starbucks offered around the holidays to get into the spirit of the mobile game had more.

It's a vanilla bean frappuccino with raspberry syrup, dried blackberries and some whipped cream. Well, friend, it has 69 grams of sugar in a grande.

Yup. You heard me. The funny sex number and also 10 grams more than the unicorn frappuccino. I'm in pain just looking at it.

Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino

source: starbucks

This startlingly normal frapp is available on any Starbucks menu, and has a big secret. Made with coffee, vanilla bean powder, milk, ice and whipped cream, it doesn't sound too bad in comparison to the others, right?

This frapp actually has almost as much sugar in it as the Pokemon one, boasting 67 grams in a grande size. Deceptive, if you ask me.

I'm disgusted.

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Nine Starbucks Hacks Baristas Don't Want You to Know

Tips from a former Starbs barista.

As a former barista, I have seen it all. Here are some tips I want to give all tired, broke college students to help you live a better, more caffeinated life.

1. A venti Frappuccino split into two cups makes exactly two talls. So before you pay $8 for two talls, get the $5 venti and politely ask for it split.

2. If you get a Refresher beverage, get tea in it instead of water. It is actually cheaper to get the tea with no water, sub Refresher juice and no classic sweetener. This only works if you don't mind not having the inclusions (they don't do anything but clog your straw anyway).

3. Refills on any iced/hot coffee and tea are 50 cents. They're FREE with a Starbucks gold card.

4. Cold brew iced coffee has 200mg of caffeine in a grande. A single shot of espresso has 75mg. A regular iced coffee 165mg. This makes Starbucks Cold Brew the best choice if you are trying to get the maximum bang for your buck.

5. Venti espresso beverages likely do not have more caffeine. A grande hot white mocha and a venti hot white mocha both get two shots of espresso. A venti iced drink gets three, while a grande iced only gets two.

6. The best thing you don't know about is the Starbucks doubleshot on ice. What is it? The best thing ever. Make sure to order it like that, or the barista won't know what you are trying to say.

It's basically an extra strong but cheaper latte. In a tall drink, you get two shots. You get three in a grande and four in a venti. The shots are poured over ice in a shaker and topped with milk in your cup. You can get it with classic syrup, or switch it up with vanilla, hazelnut or white mocha.

7. Order your breakfast sandwich double toasted for crispier bacon/sausage.

8. If you order something, pay for it, and then the barista tells you they are actually out of it, you can get anything on the menu for free. Example: you wanted a bacon gouda breakfast sandwich, you paid, they just found out that they're out. Congrats, you can get a far more expensive Panini now for the same price.

9. Mobile order on the Starbucks App to beat the line. All you have to do is verify your name and pick up your drink at the hand off plane. Magical, right?

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To Those Trying to Get Over a Tragedy

You can't rush it.

Everyone has gone through their fair share of shit; some have even gone through tragedies. It can take weeks, months, or even years to get over something bad that's happened, and some never get over it at all.

I've had a bad run since I was 14 years old. My teen years were not easy, but then again most aren't. Things got better for a few years, but then something traumatic happened to me at the most inconvenient time.

They never do have good timing, do they? As soon as I felt like a new chapter in my life was beginning, I felt as though everything I had once known was collapsing in on me.

I had gone through a traumatic experience once before, but it was a much different situation. I had lost a best friend to cancer and was still feeling the after effects of the loss every once in a while. This time, I lost two people who I loved, and who I thought loved me. They didn't actually pass away, but what they did to me was too unforgiving; they might as well have.

Months later, I thought I was finally over everything. Then, the other day, I had a complete break down. Everything hit me at once, all over again. Why was my best friend taken from me so soon? Why did these people who I thought I could trust hurt me so badly? Why had other things in my life gone so wrong?

It's hard to get over certain things in life that happen to you, but you can't rush it. Sometimes a memory or a familiar feeling will hit you out of the blue and the worst thing you can do is push it away and pretend it isn't there just because you don't want it to be. It's hard, and you don't want to admit that it still bothers you or even let it affect you, but the best thing to do is give in. It isn't giving up, but letting yourself heal. Your heart, mind, and soul work in mysterious ways; you can't question it, but accept it.

So, to anyone who's trying to get over a tragedy, no matter how big or small, don't rush the healing process. Allow yourself to be mad at whoever or whatever hurt you. Some days your body will feel sad and you'll want to cry; don't put on a brave face and act strong.

Let the tears fall and for your heart to ache at whatever you've lost. Let your body heal how it has to; don't try to control what you think of or how you feel. It's going to be hard, and it's going to hurt. Tragedies and traumatic events that happen in life aren't meant to be easy to deal with.

I would like to think that this will be the last of them, and that I'll be okay for a while, but we never know what life is going to throw at us. This event has taught me a lot about life, other people, and myself. Maybe that's what they're supposed to do for us.

I wish I could tell you it's going to be worth it or that this will be the last of them, but I don't know what life has in store for you. I will tell you that you'll be okay, eventually, as long as you let yourself be. I hope you find comfort in knowing that everyone has their own story and has their own battle scars that made them who they are; let this one be yours.

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Unexpected Things That Happen When You Get Healthy

You taste the sugar in EVERYTHING.

When you decide to blaze the healthy trail, you may think that after it's all said and done, you will have boosted confidence and a flatter stomach. Granted, these are true, but there are a few other things that came about from being healthy that no one told me about.

You can't handle much grease anymore.
Not to be totally gross, but grease and your stomach have a fluid relationship if you ingest too much, so there are some fast foods places that you simply can't eat at anymore. They used to taste so wonderful and now you can't stomach that cheeseburger you used to crave.

You don't overeat when socializing.
Let's be honest, people tend to nonchalantly nom on whatever is close whenever they are at a party of any variety. Eating has become a social norm, I would boldly say as much as social drinking is. However, when you are used to only eating when you are hungry, you don't pick up those tortilla chips because you are content to sit and talk. Or if you are hungry, you pick a healthier alternative.

Eating healthy has become a habit.
Just today, I looked back on my normal eating habits from just a year ago and was shocked by how different my diet is now. I used to snack on Little Debbie's snacks (note, the "s"), chips, and I would eat out at fast food for meals a lot. Now, I snack on apples and crackers and eat stuff at home. Instead of soda, I read for a healthier alternative, like Bai, which has a ton of antioxidants and is much better for you.

When I was at a party not long ago, I naturally gravitated toward the celery sticks rather than the cupcakes.

You taste the sugar and aspartame in EVERYTHING.
I CANNOT have certain sodas anymore because the bitter and metallic taste of aspartame is way too strong. On the rare occasion that I do have soda, I can taste the crap ton of sugar that's in one can. Even in sugary snacks, I can taste it, and it will actually detract from the taste. There is absolutely such a thing as too much sugar once you've made the lifestyle change long enough.

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Starbae's Best Drinks

I'm here to help you with your coffee experience.

This is for those who haven't quite experienced Starbucks the way I have. I spend nearly all of my time there when I'm studying, so I hear a thing or two and I've tried nearly everything. I have a special bond with Starbucks, and no, it doesn't make me basic.

I'm learning a lot about coffee and espresso, and it helps me be a better barista at the other coffee shop where I work. As a youngin', I used to view Starbucks as an all-inclusive place to buy hot coffee, which I still don't prefer. But there are much better drinks that will actually change your life.

Iced White Mocha w/ Nonfat Milk

This drink is for those that enjoy the mocha flavor but aren't too crazy about the full-on chocolate taste. The white mocha is like a complete other class of chocolate. In fact, I often don't even consider it a chocolate. It's such a nice, thick espresso drink. I order mine with nonfat milk. (If you don't specify, they'll automatically use 2 percent.) You might think it takes some of the thickness out of it, but it still tastes the same.

Iced Green Tea Latte w/ Nonfat Milk and 3 Pumps of Sweetener

The ultimate green drink. I used to see people drinking this and thought it looked like soggy grass... which it kind of is. But try it, please. It tastes so pure and light; and it's got about 100 mg more of caffeine in it than an espresso does. I also order it with nonfat milk, because the sweetener I request has enough fat in it to even it out.

Iced Caramel Macchiato w/ Coconut Milk

A barista actually convinced me to use coconut milk in place of dairy once when I was ordering a caramel mach (he also didn't even charge me for my drink). Nonetheless, it added so much sweetness to an otherwise slightly bitter drink. Considering the espresso is the first thing you taste in a macchiato, the coconut milk helped balance it out.

Iced Coconut Milk Mocha Macchiato (seasonal)

This is actually a new Starbucks drink and just came out this summer. It's amazing though and very tropical, just as they advertised it to be. It's nice because it combines a mocha and a caramel macchiato, and lightens it up by using coconut milk rather than dairy.

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino (seasonal)

DO IT. I have no clue where on earth this got the name of the basic girl drink. IDGAF. It is autumn in a cup and every time it rolls around, I feel so warm and happy inside. Try it. It doesn't even taste like pumpkin. It's just October deliciousness.

Also, get whipped cream on top. Starbucks makes their own, and I swear it comes from the clouds of heaven.

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When You Don't Get the Sorority You Wanted

Learn to let yourself be happy.

I rushed and knew exactly what sororities I wanted. I knew what my first choice was, what my second choice was, what my third choice was. I was able to rank them all and was convinced I had to be in one of my top two or three choices.

When I entered rush, I felt confident in my chances and pleased with the conversations I had at each of my favorite sororities. I loved the girls I met, loved learning about their philanthropies and cool parts of each of their sisterhoods.

I was confident I belonged in those specific sororities, and I was so excited to be able to rock the letters of a nice group of girls with a strong sisterhood that I admired. Unfortunately, I ended up getting cut from so many different sororities that I wanted.

I was at a loss for words how after perfect conversations I could have been dropped by the two I was confident I belonged in. It was heartbreaking, and prior to rush, I didn't understand why people would be so upset when they were dropped. I used to think "it's just a sorority, chill" but after going through rush I understood.

When you love a sisterhood, and a group of girls and want to get to know them individually and be a part of their organization it is extremely difficult to accept that you were not asked back and you are out of chances. You wrack your brain wondering what you could have done wrong and where you could have screwed up.

It's hard, and it sucks so much. I'm not an emotional person and I can honestly say I shed a lot of tears.

It's important to realize it's not you, as cliche as it sounds. Shit happens from the other side, one little thing can go the wrong way and end up getting you cut. It may not have even been your fault, they maybe couldn't take upperclassman and you rushed as one.

There are so many reasons, but if an organization doesn't want you, you should be accepting of that and realize that there are other really special ones that do want you. It's hard, and these aren't easy words to hear or say, but it's extremely important to make the best of your situation and realize how lucky you are to even have the chance to be involved in something as awesome as greek life.

Not getting your top choice sucks. Not getting your top or second sucks more. But what sucks the most is not giving the sorority you ended up with a chance. There is most likely a reason you ended up in the house you did, whether you are aware of it or not.

Letting go of what could have been and accepting what is is extremely important. As is learning to let yourself be happy with the house you got, and realizing how lucky you are to not only have in general received a bid because others are not as lucky. You are so lucky to be going to a college and be allowed to join such an awesome organization, so don't forget that and let yourself be happy.