Spring Break One-Piece Guide
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Spring Break One-Piece Guide

Screw paying for separates.

Spring Break is fast approaching, which means it's time to get down to business making sure all the essentials are covered, like your swimsuit. I don't know about you, but my main bikini from last year has definitely seen better days.

I'm currently in the market for a new suit because I don't care how toned and sculpted your butt is, a saggy pair of bottoms can really bring down a look (lol).

Websites and magazines constantly advertise bikinis, but the other day I went shopping and decided to try on a one piece. The results? I looked and felt great!

I decided to browse for more one-pieces online during my work breaks, and WHO KNEW!! There are hundreds, probably thousands, of super flattering one pieces out there to choose from.

Why don't we promote one-pieces more often? My suspicion is that the bathing suit industry just wants to make us pay more for the "separates." I mean REALLY, do you think I'm about to go out commando?

That said, here's a list of eight solid styles to choose from that are sure to make your Spring Break (and Insta, who are we kidding) a hit!

Attention Grabbing
Nothing says fun in the sun like a cheeky (ha) and attention grabbing phrase on your one piece.


Tropical Print
This topical print is the definition of simple, yet sexy with the deep plunge.



Only the daring should try this one. You may have some interesting tan lines afterwards, but you're sure to turn heads in this colorful cut-out one piece.


Stripes are always a classic, and this nautical take is sure to have you ready for the high seas!


Again, who says one pieces can't be sexy? Dare we say the detailing makes this suit look classy and smoking at the same time.


Mesh Paneling
All the allure of a two piece... yet in a one piece. Genius.


Technically this is for surfing, but it's cute enough to wear without any intention of hitting the waves. Maybe you just got too burned after day one, thanks to not seeing the sun for three months straight.


If you're a lifetime member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee like I am, fringe is a great way to bring some volume to the area.


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10 Commandments of Spring Break

The more beads, the less class.

You only get four spring breaks. Only four wild, drunken, and (hardly) memorable trips with your best friends. You have to do it right, which is why I've compiled for you the 10 Commandments of Spring Break (not to be confused with the actual 10 Commandments, which you'll probably revisit after said spring break, tbh).

1.Thou shalt not flash anyone on the beach. If you don't get this point immediately you've clearly never participated in a spring break somewhere like Panama City Beach or Cabo. Or maybe you're just completely clueless as to what beads around a girl's neck means. Here's how it works: When a girl flashes her tits at a guy, she gets a one-cent plastic necklace. Great trade off right? The more beads, the less class. Nothing says trainwreck like taking your top off all day. Don't be that girl.

2.Thou shalt always wrap it before thou tap it. Considering I wrote a previous article about the dudes you'll sleep with on vacation, I'm fully aware and actually in full support of you getting yourself laid. I also realistically know the guy you end up fucking will probably be a stranger. I'm saving you from the worry of an STD or pregnancy scare from a guy you'll probably never see again once the week's over. Not to mention there are a hell of a lot of scumbags out there and who knows what they're carrying around with them. Genital warts are not a great souvenir, just saying.

3.Thou shalt never go out alone. Never ever ever ever. While going out alone is never a great idea, doing it in a wild party town you aren't that familiar with makes this bad idea a worse idea. Not only are you not familiar with the area, you also don't know the people around you or their character. If you're going to hit the town, at least bring one trusted friend along for the ride.

4.Thou shalt always be ready for a party. It's fucking spring break. If you're committing to the party, commit. Part of the fun of college spring breaks is the complete disregard for responsibility for just one short week a year. So live it up while you can, my friends.

5.Thou shalt always stay hydrated. Yes, I had to throw a couple of mom tips in here, just bear with me. I just want to help you make the best of your vaca and I know for a fact after one day of binge drinking and no water you will wish you would have taken my advice. Take a break from the PBR's and Takka every once in awhile and treat your body to a little H2O. You--and your hangover-- will thank me later.

6.Thou shalt always say yes to adventure. No vacations will ever be what a college spring break is. You have four years of your life where you can party as hard and as much as you do. Spring break is that times ten. SYou have four years of your life where you can party as hard and as much as you want. Make all the wild memories you want--ya know, within reason.

7.Thou shalt always remember sunscreen. Last time I go mom on you, I swear. This is just some advice from a girl who's been there, done that. Frying yourself your first day on the beach makes the rest of the week hell. I don't care how drunk you get or how many fun things you have planned, you will not want to do them. Who wants to spend their whole break dreading having a good time just because it literally hurts to do anything? Trust me, 30 SPF and up, my friends. It will save you.

8.Thou shalt not overpack. This is just a burden. All you need is a couple swimsuits, a dress or two, a pair of shorts and a couple tops. It's not a runway, it's a beach. Go low maintenance for a week to make your travel easier.

9.Thou shalt always make it past the pre-game. Do not, I repeat--do not--outdo yourself. Spring break nights are some of the best nights of your life and you want to at least remember a couple of them. Committing too much to the pre-game can lead to you missing out on some pretty great memories.

10.Thou shalt make it one for the books. This commandment needs no further explanation. I'll let you take it from here.

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Spring Break: Expectations vs. Reality

It's not like the movies, kiddo


It's that time of year again, when everyone relieves the stress of midterms with saltwater and tequila. You've been counting down for months for the day to come where you flock to that year's spring break destination with the rest of your school.

You may call it a getaway, but in reality, you're simply bringing your entire campus to a sunnier location for the week. Don't get me wrong, spring break will contribute to some crazy times, but it's never exactly the five-star vacation you daydreamed about during the semester.

The Hotel: You got quite the deal for the week at the hot spot on the beach with all your friends, and couldn't be more pumped. The pictures you saw online looked amazing, but upon arrival, you realize those pictures must have been taken 10 years ago. There's barely enough bed space for the six of you that split the room. Plus, it smells like urine. The place might be a dump, but for the next five days, it's YOUR dump.

The Night Life: You planned on slipping into your little black dress and hitting up the beach clubs every night. You decide to splurge on the million dollar, week-long pass that'll get you into "VIP" at all the good spots. Newsflash, everyone is a VIP. You'll do more standing in line than clubbing. It's inevitable that someone in your group will get kicked out; another will get their ID taken; and just pray you aren't the one getting a citation at 2 a.m. But the pregame and the afterparty will hopefully make up for it.

The Tanning Sesh: I know you thought you'd come home a bronze goddess, but it's looking more like Casper or Larry the Lobster. There is no inbetween. That's life. You can always get a spray tan before classes start, right?

Extracurricular Activities: Some of the lucky ones will get in some banana boating or parasailing, but I wouldn't hold your breath. You'll spend so much time fantasizing about the group activities you can conquer while you're on vacay until you realize that shot circles and burger runs is as far as that goes. You can always resort to the twerking contest down the beach. Besides, I'm pretty sure you have to be semi-sober to operate a jet ski and you blew that by noon.

Sunset Dinners: For your sake, I hope you get one decent seafood dinner in before you head back to reality. Most nights, you'll be lucky to remember to eat something, or even just shove something in your mouth on the way out the door, which sounds a lot like your dinner practices back home. Getting everyone to attend your reservation is one thing, being sober enough to look presentable and navigate to the restaurant is another. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Hot Hookups: It's a classic fantasy: Girl goes to the beach, girl meets boy, and he sweeps her off her feet and rides her into the sunset aboard his yacht. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's great to have dreams, just be prepared to settle for making out with either the Phi Delt from back home or the pina colada in your hand. At the very least, there will be tons of opportunity to shameless flirting.

College spring breaks are made for bad decisions like crappy motel rooms and ass tattoos. Some things you'll cringe at more than others, but it's all part of the experience. There will be plenty of time for romantic getaways and family vacations later, but for now enjoy the feeling of the sand between your toes and the taste of bottom-shelf vodka on your lips. SPRANG BREAK!

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Why You Should Avoid the Typical Spring Break Hotspots

The case for the anti-college spring break.

I love to party as much as the rest of you. I can shotgun a beer in record time. I'll throw back just about any shot you put in my hand. And I can drink a grown man under the table. Once a year, however, I like to take a break from my typical college shenanigans and frat dudes, from the sweaty parties and $2 Tuesdays.

Yup, when it's time to start booking spring break trips, I'm planning the anti-college spring break. I'm packing a book, my passport, and all the essentials for a chill spring break. Here's why.

They tend to be dirty. If I had to write a list of the top vacation spots I have no interest in visiting, it would probably be pretty similar to a list of the top spring break locales. You know the ones--Panama City Beach, Daytona, Cabo--where, during spring break, you'll find yourself shoulder-to-shoulder with sweaty strangers, on crowded beaches, and in small, cheesy tourist towns. No thanks. Whenever I see my friends spring break pics, all I can focus on are the overabundance of tank tops, beer cans, and trash in the backgrounds. Count me out. I like my vacations with at least four stars, if you know what I mean.

I want to relax. This doesn't mean I spend the week turning down alcohol and fun. What it means is instead of partying at a country concert in Florida, I'll be leisurely sipping on a pineapple mojito in a peaceful destination, somewhere where I share the beach with no more than 10 other people. That's the kind of vacay I'm going for.

A break from school means a break from the people there. If I spend a majority of my year with you already, I'm not going to follow you to the same city the rest of our college is going for spring break, as well. A break from school means a break from everything that comes along with it, including the people. If anything, I'll go on vacation with my BFF from another school or my family--people I don't get a see a whole lot during the school year and want to catch up with.

I want more of an adventure. This isn't to say that you won't have fun at one of these typical spring break destinations, but you'll be having a different kind of fun, a drunk kind of fun. The vacations I always enjoy the most are ones that involve zip-lining, tubing through a tropical forest, snorkeling, exploring ancient sites, or hiking mountains. I know that may sound like a Pinterest quote, but I don't care. You have the whole year to get shitfaced with your friends; isn't it nice to have a week where you can have experiences you wouldn't get partying on the beach?

It's a great time to detox. Between the cheap alcohol and greasy food you'll inevitably be scarfing down on a traditional spring break, you're pretty much throwing away the hard work you've been putting in to prepare for that swimsuit. Pick a destination where you can treat your body right. A more low-key spot will offer way more food options that expand beyond Hooters and dive bars. While it is vacation and you should treat yourself a little more than usual, you should also stay conscious of what you're putting in your body. That's pretty hard in a party town. Go somewhere you can juice in the morning, go for a safe beach run in the afternoon, and sushi for dinner.

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Seven Reasons Why Spring is Detrimental to a College Student's Motivation

It's nice out, don't make me study.

We've been waiting for spring since probably the first day of winter; and it's finally on the horizon. It's all sunshine and blooming flowers until we check our grades. Let's face it: our GPAs don't welcome spring as willingly as we do.

Spring Break drowns all motivation.
One bad thing about SB (besides what it does to your bank account) is that it takes every bit of your focus and drowns it in the ocean. A break is great, but it's hard to get back in the groove after a week of fun and sun. The seven-day hangover following SB definitely doesn't help, either.

March Madness brings drunken gladness.
What's better than basketball every night? Having an excuse to drink for weeks straight is a total win--unless you consider what drinking every night instead of studying and multiple mornings of hangovers does for your GPA.

Quad "studying" becomes the norm.
Everyone loves studying on the quad. But studying turns into gossip, then flag football, and ultimately, afternoon naps in the sun. Your studying may suffer, but at least you're getting your daily dose of Vitamin D.

Is sitting in a dark classroom worth missing a pretty day?
Despite what your tuition bill may say, nope. Nothing (especially your monotoned chemistry teacher) is worth missing a nice day outside, especially when you've been cooped up inside all winter long.

There's a lot of drinking-themed holidays.
Spring is jam-packed with holidays. There's St. Patrick's Day, Easter, April Fools, and Cinco de Mayo. That means a whole lot of festivals, fools, margaritas, and partying. If you think you can keep your focus on school during all of this fun, I'll cheers to you tonight.

Hello, aller(geez).
Pollen is the nosiest of all of us; and every spring it welcomes itself. It's near impossible to convince yourself to go to class when you wake up with a nose so stuffy that you can't breathe and a sinus headache from down under. So what do you do? Take a 0 on your quiz or go to class with a tissue shoved up your nose? (Your choice, but personally, I'd take the 0 over my ego.)

Summer is so dang close.
They say to finish strong because you're almost done, but that's so much easier said than done. School work is annoying af any day, but having to go to class and do homework when it's warm outside and summer is weeks away just isn't an option.

So, hello spring and R.I.P. to my GPA.

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7 Pieces All Fashion Interns Should Have In Their Wardrobe

You'll be lost without them.

When it comes to fashion internships you can pretty much wear whatever the hell you want as long as you aren't showing up to work naked. With that being said, there are some major essentials you should definitely pick up before the gig starts.

Check out my list below of all things a fashion intern should have this summer.

1. White Sneaker
A white sneaker is an absolute must have for everyone honestly. For fashion interns they're even more important. They're comfy and allow you to be on the go without blistering feet. Style tip: Stan Smiths are over. If you really want to impress the people you're working with, opt for a less obvious choice like these Nike Air Force ones.


2. Mom Jeans
Between running samples, organizing showrooms, and whatever else you may be doing, you'll soon find that being a fashion intern means you're constantly on the move. A pair of wearable and non-constraining jeans is just what you need.


3. Fashion Track Pant
Comfort and style-wise these are another step up from the already practical and fashionable mom jean. There is no limit of movement what-so-ever on these and they are so on trend you'll look cool without even trying. I suggest pairing with a slip top and sneakers.


4. Tote Bag
You're obviously going to need something to lug around your laptop, look books, and whatever else you may have on hand. A simple leather bag will carry you through the years.


5. T-shirt Dress
Sticking with the whole comfort is key thing, but still keeping you on trend -- this T-shirt dress is a must. You'll stay cool and be a able to move with ease all day.


6. T Shirt Bodysuit
For days you're looking for a tucked in look, but know there is no way you could keep an actual T-shirt looking smooth and tucked all day -- look no further. This simple basic will carry you through the entire summer and it's so versatile you'll surely be buying more than one.


7. Slides
Any veteran intern knows that a pair of slides in your bag is a must. Even sneakers can become painful after hours on your feet. Having a chic pair of shoes to throw on if need be in the middle of the day will be your saving grace.