Soft Athlete Of The Day: Duke's Mike Krzyzewski
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Soft Athlete Of The Day: Duke's Mike Krzyzewski

Welcome to Duke, where indefinite suspensions are only one game.

Time to talk about Duke!

So Coach K is taking a four-week absence for back surgery recovery starting Friday. But after the Elon game, Grayson Allen had been indefinitely suspended after tripping the fuck out of countless opponents while at Duke.

So, of course, after one game, Coach K reinstates Allen before Duke pounds the living shit out of Georgia Tech. Only makes sense, right?

This isn't really soft but it definitely pisses me off. You don't make a statement to a spoiled pussy like Allen by suspending him until you lose a game to a decent Virginia Tech team and reinstate him like a bitch. Sure, it's logical. But it's not going to get the point across to the basketball world that Duke doesn't tolerate scumbag behavior.

Clearly, Coach K was shitting himself when he announced his leave of absence and needs as much help as possible to get through ACC play while he's

Over the recent years, Coach K has had a few moments where it has become easy to hate the guy. He's been such an asshat to reporters in press conferences, and with yet another absence, it might be time for the "legend" to hang up the whistle.

He's 69, which is nice, but his program is becoming a weird combination of one-and-dones and the Christian Laettner era. Mikey's just continuing to rub us the wrong way, and could be losing some legacy respect in the process.

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ACC Hoops Roundup: Week Of 1/16

Breaking down the nation's premier conference.

This is the ACC Roundup. Every Monday, I'll be breaking down the previous week and previewing the coming week. As the season winds down, analysis will include ACC and NCAA tournament implications.

Most impressive week: Notre Dame
Sure, the Irish didn't get a marquee win to match the big home wins scored by Louisville, UNC, and Florida State. But winning on the road has proved to be difficult for everyone in the ACC, so winning at Miami and at Virginia Tech made for an impressive week for a Notre Dame team that is quickly exceeding expectations.

Least impressive week: NC State
Duke contended for this position, but I'll give them a pass since both losses were tough road games without Amile Jefferson. For NC State, things are going downhill fast. NC State wants to be a tournament team, but losing to Boston College and Georgia Tech (at home) will do serious damage to those tournament hopes. NC State will have to turn things around quickly to save not only their postseason hopes, but also coach Gottfried's season.

Best player: Jamel Artis
It's tough to give this to a player who was a part of two losses, but Artis deserves some recognition for keeping this Pitt team competitive. He put up 43 on a stingy Louisville defense, and while he followed up with only 15 in the Miami blowout, he still had a very efficient week worthy of respect. He's going to have to keep filling it up to get Pitt back in the win column.

Best play: Matt Farrell steal and assist to finish off Virginia Tech.
Not the flashiest play, but I love the creativity, hustle, and importance. Some will pin this play on the Hokies, but I think very few players could make this happen. Credit to Farrell for literally laying it all out on the floor to not only get the steal, but also for making a great pass rather than forcing a contested layup.

This week's five best matchups:
5. Miami at Duke (Saturday, 8:15 p.m., ESPN)
By the time Duke takes the floor for this matchup at Cameron, it will have been over two weeks since they've won a game. A tight game shouldn't be anticipated, but assuming that Amile Jefferson will still be out, the Blue Devils will need to prove that they can beat a solid team without him on the floor. Miami is coming off of a blowout win at Pittsburgh, and should they win at Wake Forest on Wednesday, they will certainly have more confidence than most teams coming to Cameron.

4. Virginia Tech at Clemson (Sunday, 6:30 p.m., ESPN)
While Virginia Tech has looked far better than previous years, their road woes have persisted so far in ACC play with blowouts at NC State and Florida State to get things started. Clemson has looked great at home, taking UNC to overtime and falling narrowly to Virginia. Both teams will be hunting for a win to take some pressure off to keep their records looking pretty.

3. Clemson at Louisville (Thursday, 9 p.m., ESPN)
This should be a win for Louisville, but as previously mentioned, this is a week low in Top 25 matchups for ACC standards. Clemson will eventually need to win a big one to solidify their resume. Louisville has already fallen in ACC play at the KFC Yum! Center, so this may be Clemson's best chance at a signature road win in ACC play.

2. Louisville at Florida State (Saturday, 2 p.m., ESPN)
Arguably a more intriguing matchup than Florida State's weekday showdown, this matchup should be kept close due to each team's length and athleticism. This is the last of six consecutive ranked matchups for Florida State, and should they win both matchups this week, the Seminoles should solidify themselves as a legitimate contender for a NCAA Tournament top seed.

1. Notre Dame at Florida State (Wednesday, 7 p.m., ACCN)
Surprise! After unexpected great starts in conference play for each team, their combined record coming into this matchup is 9-1. Neither was considered to be in the top tier of the conference to open the season, but this matchup may solidify one of them as a legit ACC title contender. Notre Dame looks to remain the lone undefeated in ACC play, while FSU looks to bounce back from a loss in Chapel Hill.

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Duke Athletes in Rio 2016

Who from Durham helps make up Team USA this summer?

The 2016 Summer Olympic games are finally upon us. Team USA is finally set and ready to head to Brazil to compete in the games. But who are the athletes on Team USA this year?

Here are the five athletes from Duke who qualified and are headed to Rio:

Kyrie Irving, Basketball

A photo posted by Kyrie Irving (@kyrieirving) on

Abby Johnston, Diving
Ibtihaj Muhammad, Fencing

Stefanie Fee, Field Hockey
Shannon Rowbury, Track & Field

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Grayson Allen Sucks

He deserved to be suspended.

Grayson Allen probably lost a lot of fans last night.

The Duke Blue Devils junior guard might be one of the top players in college basketball but in a game against Elon, anyone watching probably couldn't care less about that. Their attention is more likely on his inexcusable actions. In case you missed it -- or if you just want to see it again, here it is.

Yeah. Umm. You can't really do that. In case you were wondering what that was, here's the best song to describe it.

It wasn't a technical foul and he did not get kicked out of the game, like he should have. So what did he do? Blow up at the guys on his own bench and his coaches.

Oh, and then after the game he was sad.

You can only imagine the look of excitement on ESPN's face when they saw this too. They probably needed something to fill the 30 minutes of SportsCenter where they're not allowed to talk about LeBron James and here it is.

Seriously though, Grayson needs to be suspended or something. Guys can't just go around blatantly tripping one another. That's how people get hurt.

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How Mad Are You About March? (Quiz)

It's that time of year again.

It's backkkkkkkkkkkk! Today is the first day of March, meaning it's time for the basketball to get real. And crazy.

There will be heartbreaks, excitement, and surprise. Get ready for the tournament with this quiz. Let's see how well you know the big dance.

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Dennis Smith Jr. Looks Like THE Guy

Can the talented ACC guard continue success in the NBA?

Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium is the most storied court in the country, and easily one of the hardest places to play. The students are essentially on top of you on the court, screaming in your ear and filling your head with noise for 40 straight minutes.

Tonight, Dennis Smith Jr. shut all those voices up. In NC State's first win at Cameron since 1995, Smith completely and utterly balled out all on the Blue Devils, dropping 32 points, along with four rebounds and six assists in the two point win.

Smith put on an absolutely dazzling display, with plays like these further impressing NBA scouts:

The question remains if Smith can prove this at the NBA level. Some have raised concerns about his jump shot and his defense, but his driving and ball handling are pretty insane for a 19 year old. He's projected by many as a top five pick in the upcoming draft, with some comparing his game to that of Chris Paul and Derrick Rose. This draft may be deep with guards, but Smith is one of the top ones.

P.S. Grayson Allen hatred video!