Social Media Destroys Duke After Loss
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Social Media Destroys Duke After Loss

It wasn't pretty.

The Duke Blue Devils tore through the ACC tournament, winning four games in four days to become champions of the nation's toughest conference. They seemed to be a lock for a final four spot in Phoenix.

Yet, here we are with just 16 teams left vying for a title, and it seems arch-rival North Carolina has gotten the last laugh...

Duke's 88-81 loss to the seventh seeded South Carolina Gamecocks on Sunday night was something more people should've saw coming. The game was being played in Greeneville, SC making it practically a road contest for the Blue Devils. They struggled with the crowd noise on college basketball's biggest stage for most of the night.

Also, this is not the first time Duke has been knocked out of the tournament in the early stages. The Blue Devils are actually very vulnerable to upsets in March.

In 2012 and 2014, Duke was stunned by underdogs in Lehigh and Mercer. Both of these upsets came in the first round. However, for many college basketball followers the Blue Devils were too irresistible to pass up on. The reaction by most after the game...

The trolling didn't stop there. Social media decided to have a field day because of the Blue Devils blunder.

If your bracket happens to be busted because of this, I wouldn't sweat it. After all, the best part about March is the unpredictability. There is simply not a better script that could be written for such a hectic tournament. This time of year is magical and the games are just heating up.

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Soft Athlete Of The Day: Duke's Mike Krzyzewski

Welcome to Duke, where indefinite suspensions are only one game.

Time to talk about Duke!

So Coach K is taking a four-week absence for back surgery recovery starting Friday. But after the Elon game, Grayson Allen had been indefinitely suspended after tripping the fuck out of countless opponents while at Duke.

So, of course, after one game, Coach K reinstates Allen before Duke pounds the living shit out of Georgia Tech. Only makes sense, right?

This isn't really soft but it definitely pisses me off. You don't make a statement to a spoiled pussy like Allen by suspending him until you lose a game to a decent Virginia Tech team and reinstate him like a bitch. Sure, it's logical. But it's not going to get the point across to the basketball world that Duke doesn't tolerate scumbag behavior.

Clearly, Coach K was shitting himself when he announced his leave of absence and needs as much help as possible to get through ACC play while he's

Over the recent years, Coach K has had a few moments where it has become easy to hate the guy. He's been such an asshat to reporters in press conferences, and with yet another absence, it might be time for the "legend" to hang up the whistle.

He's 69, which is nice, but his program is becoming a weird combination of one-and-dones and the Christian Laettner era. Mikey's just continuing to rub us the wrong way, and could be losing some legacy respect in the process.

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Grayson Allen Sucks

He deserved to be suspended.

Grayson Allen probably lost a lot of fans last night.

The Duke Blue Devils junior guard might be one of the top players in college basketball but in a game against Elon, anyone watching probably couldn't care less about that. Their attention is more likely on his inexcusable actions. In case you missed it -- or if you just want to see it again, here it is.

Yeah. Umm. You can't really do that. In case you were wondering what that was, here's the best song to describe it.

It wasn't a technical foul and he did not get kicked out of the game, like he should have. So what did he do? Blow up at the guys on his own bench and his coaches.

Oh, and then after the game he was sad.

You can only imagine the look of excitement on ESPN's face when they saw this too. They probably needed something to fill the 30 minutes of SportsCenter where they're not allowed to talk about LeBron James and here it is.

Seriously though, Grayson needs to be suspended or something. Guys can't just go around blatantly tripping one another. That's how people get hurt.

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How Mad Are You About March? (Quiz)

It's that time of year again.

It's backkkkkkkkkkkk! Today is the first day of March, meaning it's time for the basketball to get real. And crazy.

There will be heartbreaks, excitement, and surprise. Get ready for the tournament with this quiz. Let's see how well you know the big dance.

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Grayson Allen Has Some Personal Problems

Treat others how you want to be treated, little boy.

Here is the latest in the "Grayson Allen is a bitch" series:
Allen must have always been picked last on the blacktop and now he's here to show everyone how tough he is. This shove comes right after his much-too-short one game suspension after tripping an Elon player. Unlike anything Grayson Allen does, the Florida State assistant coach took it like a champ, saying:
"Grayson Allen did not make a dirty play," Gates told ESPN on Wednesday morning. "That was not a dirty play. He plays hard, he dove after a loose ball. I should have been sitting down, but I wasn't. My intent was to absorb the contact. His hip hit my hip and that's what people aren't looking it. That's a basketball play. Not a dirty play."
At the time of this shove, which is clearly not a "basketball move," Duke was losing 75-61 with six minutes left, so poor wittle Gwaysun must have been a wittle upset. This game comes a year after Allen tripped Xavier Rathan-Mayes, so you know he was pretty pumped to beat the Dookies.
"This one was personal for me. Ever since he did that, I've been waiting a long time to see him again," Rathan-Mayes, who led the Noles with 21 points, said of Allen. "It was good to finally see him again."
Honestly, this quote makes him seem like a psychopath and that the next time he saw Grayson Allen, he was going to chainsaw murder his ass. Instead, he just put up a cool 21 points right in Grayson Allen's face which is so much better. Besides, Grayson Allen was the only psychopath on the court last night. This guy should probably join Coach K and take a little break from basketball as he needs to get some personal things worked out.
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The First Annual NCAA Tournament Sneak-Peak

Finally, the NCAA does something right.

The NCAA Selection Committee announced today that they will reveal their top 16 NCAA Tournament seeds in mid-February as sort of a Selection Sunday tease. Obviously, these seeds aren't set in stone, and teams will jump up and down during the last few weeks of conference play and eventually conference tournaments.

I know, Roy! I love the move too.

As it stands now, college basketball undoubtedly owns the sports landscape during the month of March. This February 11th reveal is an NCAA attempt to grab the sports world right after the Super Bowl, rather than waiting for conference tournaments to roll around in early March.

Sure, maybe this is "unnecessary," but what's the downside? Worst case scenario is it's a failed attempt to create more buzz around the tournament and then life goes on as if they hadn't done anything at all. Success would mean much higher ratings during the stretch run of conference play and an eventual increased interest in the Tournament itself.

At the absolute very least, the early reveal serves as an argument baseline for sports nerds (me) who love to banter about potential tournament seedings. It's no different than the College Football Playoff releasing their top-four teams every week for the last month of the season.

There's no way this goes poorly for the sport, and I for one am excited to get a sneak-peek at where the committee's head is at immediately after football comes to a close.