Should You go to a Big University or a Small College? (QUIZ)
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Should You go to a Big University or a Small College? (QUIZ)

Does the size of your classes matter to you?

Are you trying to figure out whether you'd like a big university, or a smaller liberal arts college better? Take this quiz to give you a better idea!

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The Best Things About Going To School In a Small Town

Like nature. Remember nature?

Lots of schools are in rural areas, and get mad shit for it. Yeah, it may take us a few hours to get to a major city, but there a lot of benefits to going to school in the middle of nowhere.

You feel connected to your school.
When you go to school in a city, it's easy to get distracted by the hustle and bustle around you. At a school in a small town, the university is the main attraction, and you learn way more about it. Feeling connected to your school makes your whole college experience more engaging, so you know you're getting the most out of it.

The town loves the university.
In a small town with not much else to do, the community gathers around the college. You'll see families attending basketball games on weeknights and the whole town getting pumped for homecoming. This connection helps build a sense of community between students and the college's neighbors.

Your parents can't find you.
Well, they know where you are. But they can't bother you all the time. A rural school is probably at least an hour away from home, so you know your parents won't be showing up randomly on campus. That in itself gives you space to grow and some much-needed privacy.

It's safe.
A city school comes with all the risks of living in a city, most notably, higher crime rates. In a rural area, most of the community is made up of students, faculty members, and a generally older crowd, so crimes are much less likely (although not unheard of).

Rural campuses have the space for big fields, green grass, tons of trees, walking paths, and gardens. A rural school is the best choice for the outdoorsy and nature-loving, or those who just love to sunbathe on a big open quad.

You want to get involved.
Cities provide endless distractions from student life, but rural students avoid that problem entirely. Small towns compel you to get more involved in the university to stay busy, and that pays off big time when it comes to building your resume.

Things are cheap.
Living in a city, you pay a premium for everything, just because the cost of living is so much higher. Small university towns rely on students as their main customers, so prices stay low, and you save a whole lot of $$$.

Concerts come to you.
Have you ever tried to see a concert in a big city? Tickets cost an arm and a leg, and they usually sell out before you can even get your hands on one. Rural schools tend to be big, and so they attract big artists coming near the area. Schools usually subsidize these concerts too, which means you get to see Fetty Wap without having to dish out your whole paycheck.

You won't live in a shoebox.
People in cities often live on top of each other in apartments that are way too small and way too expensive, and city students are no exception. Small town schools mean more space and more housing options: houses, apartments, yards, patios, and lots of room to roam.

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Why I'm Thankful for My Big

They're the best teachers.

The Big and Little relationship is one of the most special bonds created in college. Throughout the years you will support, protect, and take care of each other. You'll go through a series of events to meet "the one". It's almost more important than finding the right man to marry. You're meeting the sister that was always meant for you, but was a bit too crazy to be born right into your life.

I owe my big my life... figuratively, and maybe literally. She was always there for the good, but most importantly, she was always there for the bad. Whether she realizes it or not, my college experience wouldn't be anything without her. Shout out to all the biggies out there that are doing it right... here's what they're teaching us:

Party Time
We thought we knew how to party, but we had no idea. Big will show us where to party, how to party, and who to party with. They've been around and done the trial and error before we even arrived on campus.

Hangover Meals
Biggie, biggie, biggie, can't you see... your scrambled eggs have saved me. Being an older sister means occasionally picking up the tab or whipping up the food. She always keeps us fed and has a kitchen of her own that we can borrow. She's basically our college mother.

Girls Rule, Boys Drool
Big sis is always there for the heartbreak. She can pick up the pieces and then tell that asshole off later at the bar. No matter the situation, she's on our side and we're always right. Hell hath no fury like a big scorned.

It can be a little scary being out in the world on your own at first, maybe even intimidating. Big doesn't let us sit in the corner and hide from the world, she encourages us to see it. Traveling, taking risks, and living for your own happiness are all apart of this life.

Family Tree
After your time together, you will realize you can go to her for everything. She has advice on everything and somehow you two just get each other. When it's time for you to pick a little and keep the family going, you will know exactly what to do... but if you don't, big is always one call away.

We love you!

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How Chill Are You? (Quiz)

Dude chiiilllllllllllll

Being chill is all about going with the flow. It's about not complaining, and being drama free. Sometimes being too chill will make someone seem lazy, but it's all about not really caring what people think of you. I mean, is there anything less than cool than trying to be cool?

Ever wonder how chill you are? Or how not chill you are? Take this quiz to find out your level of chill!

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Things People That Go to Small Schools Are Tired of Hearing

No, there are no corn stalks on campus.

A lot of times students from larger schools can't understand why I would ever willingly send myself to a school with less than 2000 students. Yes, of course there's benefits of a large school such as networking opportunities, larger campus, parties, etc...but that's not for everyone. Life at a small school is definitely a lot different than at a big university, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Here's what I'm so done with hearing from all of you large university students.

My high school was bigger than that!
Wow, cool. Did you not consider that maybe I realized during high school that I didn't like being in such a crowded environment?

Don't you know everybody?
Basically, yeah.

How is your campus so small?
When you only have so many majors, you don't need a whole city to fit your school! My school barely covered a street block.

Why don't you have lecture halls?
When there's only twenty kids (or less) in a class, that would be an awfully pathetic lecture hall.

Sports aren't really a thing here. Except quidditch.

Why do you call your professor by his/her first name?
Because I've had Ruth for three semesters in a row now, so we're at that level.

I wouldn't say there's none, but it's definitely not the point.

Don't you get bored?
No. Never.

How can you afford it?
The same was as everybody else. With loans, scholarships, and tears.

But WHY?
I just always knew I wanted a smaller, intimate college experience. Big university life isn't for everyone, that's why it's great that there's a lot of different sized colleges to choose from.

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Moving From A Small Town To A Big City

It is the best of both worlds.

The words small and big are kind of understatements for me. I went from living in the middle of nowhere with a graduating class of 48 students to attending a university with over 50,000 students. This sudden leap in size can be a bit of a struggle to adjust at first, but eventually you get the hang of it. Here are the ups and downs.

The struggles:
Crosswalks are a thing.
In a small town, you just walk right across the road and don't think anything of it because there is barely any traffic. But, that all changes once you go somewhere drastically more populated. Now there are cars, bikes, and buses everywhere, so you have to press a button and wait your turn to cross the street. I just find this so strange.

It's hard to find peace and quiet.
There are all kinds of noises in the city. Traffic, construction, people shouting, and sirens from various emergency vehicles are just a few of them. It is all so loud and distracting.

What you did back home is no longer normal.
Mudding. Country music. Bonfires. Driving aimlessly around. These basic things that you grew up with just don't happen in the city.

You will miss the stars.
It is such a simple thing that you won't think about it at first. Until one night, you will look up and see lights and buildings. There will be this feeling that something is missing, like the magic and beauty is gone.

The perks:
There is more to do.
Like, a lot more. There is actually a good variety of stores you can shop in. There is more than one restaurant. So many buildings with so many activities like gyms and bars. Cities just provide you with so many more options

You get to meet new people.
Back home, everyone knows everyone. From preschool to senior year, the people in my class stayed the same for the most part. There are so many different types of people and perspectives in the city. You will become friends with people you never imagined.

Food places deliver.
From Chinese food to pizza, it is all just a phone call or a click of button away. It is such a magnificent thing that you never realized you needed in your life. I mean who doesn't love food.

In the end, you really do get the best of both worlds. You get the beauty and relaxation from your small town. You get the excitement and possibilities from your big city. I call both home, and I wouldn't want it any other way.